Chapter 125 Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Chapter 125

Flapping edges -

The tree shook and swayed, and several birds smashed out and flew into the sky under the light of the flashlight. (Free full novel.

"..." Ajie stood still, his eyes seemed to be somewhat confused, and he patrolled around. The courtyard wall of the guest house is made of bricks and bricks. It is covered with holes and gaps. The sparse trees and shrubs extend all the way to the back hills, like black curtains with different shades between heaven and earth.

"Jie Ge?" The bodyguards under his hand whispered.

He couldn't see Ajie's expression in the dark, he didn't answer.

At the same time, the back of the courtyard of the guest house.

Qi Sihao kept the foot on the fence and stood still, his eyes were round and his mouth was slightly open, his back was close to the wall, and he felt the cold sweat drenching the coat a little bit along the back.

Just across the wall, the murderous devil is carrying a flashlight and standing on an open space less than three meters away from him.

He didn't dare to breathe, not even dare to make a heartbeat. After a long period of time, he moved his eyes, his eyes crossed the wall of a tall man, and the gray glass window on the second floor of the guest house reflected the moon and reflected a white light.

As long as the eyesight is good enough, you can see that the window is not completely closed, but it is slightly faint, leaking a gap wide--

Yan Yan back to the wall standing at the window, two fingers tightly hold the window sill, as long as he is a little loose, the already deformed window will automatically open in the sound of squeaking.

He turned his head silently, because the angle could not see the scene on the open space outside the window, but could capture the light of the flashlight in the night. In the courtyard, outside the courtyard wall, and in the upstairs room, there are so many people standing in the three places, but they are not heard at all, and the clouds cover the moonlight.

"...nothing, listen to it." Ajie finally opened his mouth and said, "Go back."

The stringed string is loose and the arrow is invisible and disappears into the air.

After the flashlight was shaken a few times, it was extinguished. The men got up and walked back to the main entrance of the guest house. After a few moments, the sound of walking and talking came downstairs. Someone coughed upstairs and the small open space outside the window was quiet.

Yan Yan finally released the two-inch window slit slightly, looking out to the outside, and the downstairs was completely dark.

It should be gone.

On the other side of the stairs, the horses who are going upstairs are getting louder and louder. Seeing that they are coming to the vacancy here. Just between the last few seconds of the gap, Yan opened a window and flew down from the second floor!


Yan Yan took the opportunity to land, could not make a little sound, but when he got up, he heard a light smile in the darkness behind him -

The wind is coming from the ear!

He didn't leave at all in the trough!

When it was said that it was too late, Yan Yanlian and her mother were too late to follow the landing and rushed to the ground and escaped AJ’s hand knife. There was no light at all around, but the true sense of the hand did not see the five fingers, but the strict sense of the senses was even more acute, he clearly felt that the professional killer was as close to the nightmare.

There was a thought in the mind of the lightning: I told him he had a gun!In fact, there is no need to shoot, even if only the flashlight is turned on, the glare will immediately shake the severe eyes, causing him to cause a fatal flaw, which means that he is finished.

Unexpectedly, Ajie’s first reaction was not like that. He lost his flashlight and smashed his throat to his throat. He bent his knees to the top of the wall—but Ajie seemed to be paralyzed when he was in physical contact. Next, the doubt in the nose: "Well?"

This kind of gaffe should not happen to his level of killer. Yan Yan did not let go of the gap in this moment, screwed Ajie's wrist bones and squeaked the sound, and when the other party shrank his hand because of the pain of dislocation, he turned and kicked a heavy kick, and hit the sternum in the middle. He smashed out!

"Who is there?"


Ajie collapsed the firewood, grabbed the flashlight that he had thrown on the ground, and shook it, just to capture the two-step flying up and leaping over the courtyard wall, and slammed his mouth: "I 艹It's you!"

Everything is clear when the voice is just falling.

He instantly landed, grabbed Qi Sihao and took out a word: "Run!"

"Jie Ge! How?" "What happened?!"

Ajie gritted his teeth and gave himself a wrist. It was cold and cold: "Drive the dog, chase!"

The headlights of the five off-road vehicles were lighted up, and they rushed to the dirt road. The shit rang again from all sides, causing the beasts of the mountains and forests to grow together, and the sound of the wind spread across the dozens of miles.

No one noticed that when this series of accidents occurred, there were two red lights flashing in the distant half-mountain road.

The red light is like a behemoth lurking in the foothills, finally being alarmed. After several times of silence, it is finally quietly hidden in the night.


The village is backed by the mountains, there is no road at all, and there are piles of grass on the ground. They can’t count how many they have fallen. In Cangjie, Qi Sihao couldn’t even see if the person who was dying to swear by himself was strict. He could only dazzle and climb with the back. Suddenly, the shoes didn’t know what stepped on, and suddenly slammed down, immediately The screams fell to the ground.

"Hey - Wang Wangwang!"

"Wang Wang!"

Strictly looking back, they are located higher, not far from the faintly visible flashlights and lights interlaced, dog barking faintly with the wind.

"Get up, they chased it." Strictly the iron-clad hand-like life smashed Qi Sihao: "Fast!"

Qi Sihao

The pain of the five senses was distorted. Fortunately, I couldn’t see it clearly in the dark. I barely jumped on one leg and said: "How can drug dealers and drug dealers come over? Ah?! What did you do at the orphanage, put them, Bring them in?!"

It is impossible to be an orphanage. It is very clear in my heart.

Even if the spades k feel that the orphanage is swaying, it is impossible to catch up with the southwest hinterland in just a few short hours, and they can also lock in the villages where they temporarily stayed. Yan Yan has been doing investigations for so many years. He knows that it is impossible to coincide with a certain degree of coincidence. According to the attitude of the village committee to respecting Ajie, there is only one shocking explanation - the whole village drug trafficking in Yongkang Village.This remote village is the hub of the spades, or at least an important transit point on the transport channel. It also explains why the local economy is still developing well. In the current social context, the family is 20 When the young people of old age did not even go to work in the city.

Judging from the dialogue between Ajie and the village chief, he went to the village overnight to arrest people, but according to the fact that he had lost his flashlight, did not shoot, and the politeness of the polite and unpredictable suspicion, One thing can be seen: he simply does not know that Yan Yan is in this village.

He has another goal that is both handy and very careful.

Who is that?

Severely gasping and gasping, a cold speculation emerged in my heart.

"Ah!" Suddenly, Si Si stepped on the air, screaming, and almost rolled into the crater of the village to catch the veterinarian. Fortunately, he was caught by the strict eyes.

The dust stone smashed down, and Qi Sihao kicked a few feet, almost hitting the hunter's homemade trap. Yan Yan gritted his teeth and pulled him up. Suddenly he saw a flash of light in the distance: "There is someone over there, stop!"

"..." Yan Yan whispered silently in his heart, and regardless of Qi Sihao crying and yelling at her mother, she violently forced him out of the pit and rushed into the woods.

Five cars, several dogs, and drug dealers all carry gun weapons. If it is not in this complex mountainous environment, there is no way to escape.

The mountains are grotesque, sometimes dense and sometimes sparse pine forests form a huge labyrinth. They just rushed into the woods, but they haven’t broken a few heads on the ground on the ground, and they’re both empty and empty. At the same time, it rolled over and fell!

This slammed in a whirlwind, hurriedly sternly only heard "hey!" a muffled sound, it was tumbling, he hit the trunk, almost squeezed the lungs out of the throat, the body hard to stop falling, half a drama The pain slowly wakes up from the limbs.

"I am..." Yan Yan swallowed the sweet blood in his throat, and he climbed up in front of his eyes and looked up. I saw that the place where they had just fallen was a steep slope. The moonlight just missed the slightest promise, and the huge slope of the rock was looming, as if countless monsters stared at them from a height.

"Old Qi," Yan Yan gasped: "... Lao Qi?"

Qi Sihao was sitting in the grass, sitting up hard and listening to the sound and falling: "I can't do it, I really can't move..."

In the distance, there was a vocal shit again, and Yan Yan urged him: "Get up! Don't worry!"

"No, no..."


Qi Sihao was born and stunned. When he was not standing still, he made a heartbreaking scream. Immediately after the dislocated ankle hit the ground, he immediately threw himself down and almost slammed Yan Yan.

"Wang Wang Wang!" "Wang Wang Wang!"

Between the gaps in the top of the mountain, the general chasing soldiers of the bones are approaching again, and even the dog’s snoring is faintly audible. Yan Yan once pressed Qi Sihao's ankle and found that he had folded a terrible angle and immediately sank.

How to do?

How to do? !Yan Yan’s bones are naturally suffocating and fierce, and the more they are suppressed, the easier they are to be excited. In the dark, I saw only the wolf-like bright eyes smashed up, the back molars bite tightly, and spit out two words lightly and coldly: "Hidden."

Qi Sihao was terrified, and he didn’t respond. What did it mean? He only saw him take a step back and took a breath, and rushed to the hillside!

In the face of a large number of drug dealers, even if they are calm and then have plans, the first reaction is to run in the opposite direction. Only he dares to rush to the muzzle. This kind of bloody bravely takes Qi Sihao Town. I have to worry. Sure enough, the next time the dog shook, the drug dealer immediately found him: "Found it! There!" "Mom, don't run!"



The bullets hit the trees and rocks, splashing a few lights. With the cover of the night, Yan Yan rolled and flew out on the spot. After attracting everyone's attention, it was like a string of arrows that rushed to the back of the slope.

At this time, the drug dealer only had one goal in his eyes. He did not expect that Qi Sihao was still hidden after the rock on the hillside, and he immediately followed all of them!

Outside the woods, Ajie is standing by the open door and raising his head sensitively.

"Jie Ge, found, in that direction!"

Ajie cold smiled a little, from the back of the waist, he took out the gun and held it in his ear. He rubbed the bullet and said: "Chasing."


Cang Lin is awkward, but the cold is pressing, but this time I feel completely cold. Yan Yan’s ear was only screaming in the wind, his own breathing and the chasing of the soldiers’ screaming into a piece, and gradually there was a rushing sound of water in front of him – there is a river?

The flashlights of hundreds of meters are interlaced, and the shadows reflect the front of the scene. I saw a few tens of meters of mountains and steep turns. There is actually a river in the valley, in extremely dark visual conditions.

The next time you can't see the other side of the river, judging from the sound of the water, the river situation should be quite complicated.

Jumping to escape?

No, the dangers of wild waters are unimaginable, and the chances of survival are not greater than those of drug dealers.

Yan Yan quickly looked around, and suddenly the corner of his eye glimpsed the messy stone sarcophagus on the bank of the river, and his heart moved slightly.



Several people rushed to the dog, and the flashlight swept around, only to hear someone shouting: "He jumped over the river!"

"Go into the water to chase!"

This group of people is obviously not the bottom of the drug trafficking group. They are professional desperados. They immediately take off their coats and take off their shoes to jump down. However, as they prepare to launch the water, they are not far away but they sternly stop: "Stop!"

The men turned back: "Jie Ge?"

Ajie broke through the foggy night, the boots crossed the thorns, leaped down the rocky beach, and strode to the river bank. He squatted down and tried the water temperature on the river beach. He narrowed his eyes thoughtfully, and then searched for a few laps in the vicinity of the sound of the water. He suddenly found something and sneered:

"The kid didn't get into the water."

He flashed a flashlight, and there was a vacancy in the rocky slabs of the river. The rocks and rushes of the river were rushed to reveal fresh soil and moss.Ajie got up and looked around. The hungry wolf-like eyes swept slowly from the forest and whispered, "He is hiding nearby."

The men face each other, and there are few people with unscrupulous fierceness on their faces. They whispered: "How do you do Jie Ge now, set fire to the mountains?"

Ajie is impatient: "Do you think this is in Myanmar?!"

The man stunned.

"By the kind of the sliver, the inland is not the inland of the 1990s." Ajie grinds his teeth, cold and cold: "Call everyone, surround this open space, give me around Tomorrow morning - I don't believe that he is really iron, can die here!"

The vocals spread out, and soon the forest surrounded the riverbank. The sounds of guns and shit went straight up the air.

At the top of a towering tree, the back is leaning against the trunk, and the teeth are slowly sitting on the branches.

His palms, arms, back and even his calves were smeared with blood. The extremely tense strength passed, the pain gradually recovered from the nerve endings, and even the breathing was a little hard, even if it was a real iron body. Unbearable.

Yan Qiangqiang wrapped his coat, tried to keep his body temperature, and found out the phone in his pocket - so the bumps didn't even fall, but there was no signal, and the battery was almost at the bottom.

"Fuck..." He whispered almost silently, just about to shut down, suddenly suddenly paused.

He couldn't tell why he was, and the ghost made the album on the home page.

This is his personal mobile phone. The photos in the photo album are very messy. Recently, some of them are work-related scene maps and data maps, and then turning them forward is a handful of pictures taken in life. Yan Yan's photo technology is generally not to pay attention to lighting and composition. Some are full of accomplishments after making a table at home. Some are self-portraits after shaving, and there are a few narcissistic glasses in the gym. Show muscles.

But more pictures are a few unclear close-ups: two hands that are close to each other, a white, elegant neck, or two feet that lie on the sofa and on the coffee table.

Even if the album leaked out, the outsiders couldn’t see why, but only when they knew exactly what time they recorded.

He can't stay in the river to stop too many photos, there is only one in the whole mobile phone, and I haven't been willing to delete it until now.

It was one morning, and the sun had just penetrated into the bedroom from the gap of the light golden curtains, reflected in the messy big bed. Jiang stopped his side with his side, his cheeks were white and his eyes were black, and he was slightly stunned and wanted to say something, his lips were kissed red.

The pajamas neckline slipped down from the collarbone, revealing a deep neck. He knew that Yan Yan was shooting him, and it seemed to be a bit funny, and the half-squinted eye flashed slightly.

What happened at the time?Yan Yan was a little embarrassed. He remembered the first night of taking this photo. They were in the middle of the night. When they took a shower, Jiang’s legs were so soft that they couldn’t stand, and they insisted that the workload was too big. Call him to the city bureau to have a case to solve. Yan Yan said that he would give him red bean purple rice milk porridge to drink, so when he woke up the next day, the first sentence of Jiang stopped blinking was: "How do you stay here with bed, not to make breakfast?... ..."

This may be one of Yan's favorite photos. I have tried to delete it several times. I occasionally took it out and looked at it. It seems to be some kind of spiritual power to support him.

The cold wind screamed and ran from the treetops to the sky.

Yan Yan’s heart seemed to have a place where the wind was leaking, and it was filled with coldness and bitterness.

- The most ironic thing is that in such a desperate situation, when he saw this photo, he could still feel the uncontrollable love in his heart.

In fact, it is fake and it is all fake. How many perfect words are used to no avail, the moment of warmth is only built on the sandcastle above the guard, gently push and fall apart, even the last bit of false trust can not stay.

Yan Yan blinked red, hurriedly gasping, the thumb shook a little while on the deletion option, and then slammed his teeth and pressed it down.

Then he didn't give himself any regrets, and he clicked on the deleted album, as if he was opposed to a weaker Microsoft in his heart, shaking his hand and slamming it all out.

Until he had done all this, he was completely relieved, and the last of his heart

A little support was taken out in an instant.

Yan Yanran leaned up on the trunk and covered his face.

In the mountains, the sorrows and sorrows, the sorrows and the long shackles entangled in the wind, and floated in all directions in the night.

It wasn't until a long time ago that he made a cry of horror.


The invisible pointer in the void turns one minute and one second.

Half past five in the morning.

The thick ink before dawn was gradually weak, and the oriental scorpion revealed the duck egg blue, but the dark misty night in the forest had not yet dispersed. Ajie sat in the creaking bonfire and ordered a cigarette, and suddenly raised his hand and recruited.

Immediately before the man: "Jie Ge?"

"After another half an hour." Ajie handed a few points to the higher terrain around the valley, whispering: "When the day is bright, people occupy these places, staring at the nearby canopy with a high-powered telescope. The kid is not far away, he may climb to the tree, and once I find the change, I will set it on fire."

"Yes!" He got up and went to tell others.

"--and many more."

The man stood still.

"After discovering the tree, don't panic, don't panic. A few people go back to the village and ask them to keep the 'bun' such as 'stumps'. The big brother said that it is not wrong, the surname Jiang will definitely come when Jianning is out. Here, take him when you catch it..."

Ajie’s eyes were unremarkably cruel, and slowly said: “Let him watch me ignite.”

His men don’t understand why he is doing this, but these desperate people are well-informed, and they don’t feel weird at all.

What did Ajie want to say, suddenly raised his head sensitively.In the depths of the forest, it seems that there is some kind of movement, and then countless birds suddenly stunned and flew up with countless twigs and leaves, and smashed the sky of the mountains.

What happened?

Ajie got up in the smoke and stood up, just listening to the distance at the moment - hehe! !


"Jie Ge!" Another small drug dealer flew up and said: "Someone! Someone drove in and drove in front!"

"-How much? Who?" Aijie immediately asked after a brief surprise.

"I don't know, the movement is very big! I can't see it too far!"

Is it the police support called the grandson named Yan, or is the grass flower finally found the movement here?

The men around the river bank were alert and got up. Ajiesi squatted for a few seconds. When he made a decision, he pointed out a few men: "You are here with me, others are driving to explore, go now!"

At the same time, the height is in the canopy.

Strictly scolded the pupils and stared at the movement of the riverside. The heart flashed the same question as Ajie: Is it the police support that Qi Sihao called? Or are other drug dealers rushing to eat black?

But no matter what kind of time, there is no time to think about it - as long as the day is brighter, Ajie can look up and find the target hidden all over his head all night, when the tree shrews and branches are hidden. The sun will expose everything.

At this time, the drug dealers seemed to be very nervous about the unidentified intruders. The crowds on the river beach were scattered and scattered. After only a few minutes, there was only Ajie himself and a few men around the campfire!

It is a godsend!

Yan Yan took off his coat, only the shirt, wrapped the police scarf around his arms around the circle, and gasped and grabbed the trunk.

He stared at the head of Ajiewuhe, calculating his own pace and the speed at which he slid down the tree. He was like a professional hunter, and when Ajie smoked his cigarette and turned back to the bonfire under the tree, he suddenly jumped down –

The wind whistling, and suddenly changed, Ajie suddenly noticed that it was wrong, but it was too late to turn around.

He only felt that the heavy object flew from the top of his head and was immediately thrown down by the air, hehe! A chin slammed into the ground, when the eyes were black and green, and then the neck was smashed from behind!


Several drug dealers rushed to the sound, and the guns slammed on them, and they screamed: "Who?!" "Stop!"


The voice just stabbed the drug dealer, and I saw that Yan Yan used the scarf to succumb to the throat of Ajie. When he made a force, he lifted him from the ground and blocked him in front of him like a bunker:

"Let's take another step, Lao Tzu twists his neck!"

This shock came too far, and several of the gunmen did not dare to move. I saw that Ajie’s face quickly turned from blue to purple, and the throat had a horrible crisp explosion.

If the face of so many people is strangled by the police scarf, it is a very good ending for the professional killer who runs the China-Myanmar region and is full of evil.

However, the state of strictness is not good.The last time he had been eating and eating, it was several hours ago. The forest horror added to the night and the cold, and lost the spiritual support. Now the physical strength has reached the end of the strong, only the anger and fierceness of the soul deep in the soul to support the action.

"..." Ajie trembled and clenched his fists. It was the last strength of the sudden death, and the elbows were topped with ribs!

A bloody sputum trachea recoiled the throat, Yan Yanran let go, the bow body coughed back. Ajie broke free from the situation, but he was completely unable to win the pursuit. The first reaction was to squat down on the chest and vomit. This time, he almost squirted his lungs from his mouth and replaced himself.

Those few men were not stupid. They immediately caught up on the spot. Two people guarded Ajie from the left and the right. The other people rushed to Yan Yan and pulled the trigger.

Yan Yan

Conditional reflexes cling to the head to dodge, only to hear the gun ringing in the ear, oh!

boom! !

...Is it shot? He subconsciously thought.

But the pain did not arrive as scheduled.

It seems that after two or three seconds, it seems like two or three hours, and Yan Yan looked up and opened his eyes.

The gunman who was closest to him fell to the ground with a gunshot. He had a hole in his chest and blood rushed out.

Then, the jungle began to sway, eight | nine people who also armed with local costumes rushed out!

Yan Yan didn't realize what it was. Ajie, who had rich experience in black and black, reacted, and he was embarrassed: "Move... hands-on! cough and cough-"

The bodyguards held him to the nearest bush, and the sneak attacker spoke without a shot. When the two groups just met, they handed over the fire. One party was prepared, and the other party rushed to the battle. The gray riverside in the early morning suddenly burst into flames!

"I am ¥≈......" Strictly rushing to the woods, but the hand in the battle | the gun is not long, the presence is obviously no one cares about his life and death, the bullets are close to the feet and hit the ground, flying in the fire Take out a large piece of gravel.

He reacted quickly, his hands clasped his head and rolled, and a shuttle bullet just rubbed his body and swept the river bank out of a fan-shaped pit!

- Where can this fucking hide? !

Death passed by, and almost caught the strict corner of the clothes. Just in Nasu, he suddenly heard the sound of the river behind him, and then a pair of cold hands hugged him from behind.

At the beginning of the millennium, there is only one thought in Yan Xin’s heart: lying in the trough, is there really a ghost in the world? !

He subconsciously bent his knees, but then his dead face, his face, his heart and other dead parts were protected by his body, and he was dragged and dragged down the river!


The icy river was not topped, and Yan Yan was caught off guard, and even poured a few mouthfuls of water.

The temperature has changed drastically and suffocated, and the average person has lost his ability to act at this time. However, Yan Yan is a person who is extremely aggressive in the bones. When the turbid bubbles block all the sights, he fumbles and grabs the other party, and no matter whether it is a ghost or a ghost, he first grabs it. Human throat!

Unexpectedly, the other party did not struggle.He felt the man lean forward, and the next second, the soft touch covered his lips and slowly breathed a sigh of relief.


The bubble gradually dissipated, and Yan Yan blinked, and I saw the darkness of the bottom of the water, reflecting the familiar figure of Jiang.

The fierce exchange of fire, the scream of dying, the chaotic bullets on the water... The world collapsed, everything turned into pieces and they went far and wide, and finally there was only Jiang’s sad gaze.

He seemed to smile in a hurry, then stepped forward again, gently looking up and printing a kiss on his lips.

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