Chapter 124 Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Chapter 124

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On the top floor of the five-star hotel, the mirrored elevator door slammed open. Ajie strode out of the meteor, passing through the thick carpeted gallery, to the end of a guarded suite at the end, and immediately opened the door for him with respect.

Several Burmese people whispered in the study room, and they saw that the business had been talked about. The two suitcases were opened flat on the floor, and the two large bags of gold wrapped in black cloth in the box were dazzling. The spades k waved a bodyguard and whispered: "Close up."

The bodyguard came forward, and at this moment, Ajie walked in quickly: "Big Brother!"


When the Burmese saw him coming in, they couldn’t help but confide in their ears. Obviously they all knew such a top-ranking character. But Ajie ignored the locals. He leaned over the edge of the spades and whispered for a few minutes. The spades k-headed one pick: "Hey? He said so?"

"The news is from the people of Jianning who came back from us. Put the monitor, and the original words are like this." Ajie took a breath, mixed with unwillingness and fierce eagerness in the eyebrows, and the back molars were worn for a long time. I said, "That river is really a... it’s a monk."

Spades k gave him a look.

Ajie quickly asked: "What do we do now, big brother?"

The spades k tore a piece of paper and wrote an address. Ajie quickly picked it up.

“The old man used to have a handicap on the mountainside. One of the biggest shipments in the Southwest was the Yuanlongxia behind it. Six months ago, I was staring at several nearby villages. You personally took the past. Let me remember, no matter what happens, even if the old man tears his face," Spades K slowly said in Ajie’s bright eyes: "You know what to do."

Ajie turned and left.

"come back!"

Ajie slammed and turned and saw that the spade k smiled and smiled.

"Young people, remember the lessons of the past, don't be so sloppy. Do you understand?"

Ajie grabbed the short hair like a hedgehog, smiled and stalked out.


"Hey, I said, are you okay?"

Qi Sihao was sitting in a bumpy car, almost regretting that he had swallowed three big gimmicks in the welfare home. The rugged mountain road forced him to spit out all the things in his stomach. Throughout the road, he closed his mouth and swayed with the tumbling esophagus, but when the sky was dark, he finally couldn't help himself, and tried his best to make his own doubts in the driver's seat.

Yan Yan's side face does not look the same, but from the brow bone to the bridge of the nose, and even the drooping lips, it is like a piece of black rock carved by a knife, exudes a fierce and gloomy atmosphere.

Qi Sihao stole him. Now he really regrets that he did not sleep like a driver from the county government. He simply slept in the welfare home for one night.

"No, Yan team, you see that this day is really going to be dark. This road condition will definitely not be able to return to Tongshan County at night. It is too dangerous to drive the night train overnight. It is better for us to return to Yongkang Village for a night, and tomorrow, let's talk, ah?"Qi Sihao really can be said to be bitter, only listening to the wheels driving across the ground, making a loud noise, Yan Yan said nothing.

Suddenly, "Stabbing -"

The brakes pedaled to the end, the wheels almost slipped, and Qi Sihao couldn't help but slam forward, and was almost spit out by the seat belt.

Yan Yan did not look at him, directly transferred the front of the car, and drove to the village that had already opened.

Yongkang Village is located at the foot of the mountain. It is extremely remote and far from Tongshan County. However, it is unexpected that the economic development is still possible. Every household has built a cement house. It’s rare to see outsiders here, and Yan’s broken car just entered the village, causing onlookers, and the unfamiliar children sucked their noses and followed them, curiously exploring the brain.

Yan Yan took the county government's documents on poverty alleviation projects, and after greeting the village committee, he was personally arranged by the village head to live in the only guest house in the village.

Although the conditions are rudimentary, it is better to have a hard bed to sleep.

Qi Sihao has been pampered in the past few years, and he is not very comfortable with this simple environment. After he has washed the grass, he will sleep in a suit. Yan Yan slowly ate the meal, put on his coat and went out to the guest house, and sat in the yard with a heavy heart.

In the country, it is dark, and if there is no star and no moon, it is really not a little light. In particular, Yongkang Village is backed by the mountains and forests, and the wind blows the cranes and beasts. Besides, there is no one else. People who are used to life in the city can't imagine the extent to which they can reach out at night.

Yan Yan was wearing a windbreaker, sitting on the stone steps of the broken yard, and the red light of the cigarette between the fingers was clear.

"...I didn't have a guardian at the time, I lived alone in the old-fashioned building on the side of the school..."

“When I was able to investigate my files through various means, I discovered that the so-called “adopters” did not actually exist...”

The narrative of the river stop that night was accompanied by the sound of the river, and it was resounding through the ears, but this time he finally heard the irony and self-deprecation that had been suppressed for a long time.

Jiang Shu may not have lied, he said that the export is the truth.

- Only the part he did not say, but it can subvert all hypocritical appearances.

The so-called adopters do not exist, because "grass flower a" as a drug dealer in Myanmar cannot be adopted for adoption through real information, and it is also clear that Jiang Su’s heart after growing up. That is to say, when Jiang stopped showing nothing about his past experiences, he actually understood very clearly what kind of complicated connections he had with drug trafficking groups over the years.

Well, he really

Is it the "sliding gear" into the Gongda?

It is a coincidence that he has become the most promising newcomer in the southwestern region.

It is impossible for fate to set up so many mistakes in the case of a person who is completely ignorant and ignorant, unless the person follows the already scheduled rhythm every step of the way, but the surface does not reveal the slightest clue.

And the turning point of Jiang’s fate--the 1009 bombing three years ago was really sold out by the police inside? Or is it a carefully prepared script?

For the first time in his life, Yan Yan’s heart suddenly rose a shudder."The reason why you hide is not because you are afraid of being involved in this drowning, strict, but because I don't believe you-"

If a person can't trust his trust after several years of life and death, then all the tricks of the Arabian Nights are eliminated, and only one possibility is left:

He knows that he can't afford the same amount of trust.

In the distance, what suddenly flashed in the darkness, Yan Yan subconsciously looked up, only a few kilometers away from the mountainside, there was a faint light spot, as if it were rows of lights.

In such a dangerous place, there are still people who drive night trains, either car skills or really do not die.

He breathed a sigh of relief, his temples leaping and screaming, and he was not in the mood to think of anything else. He threw the cigarette butt into the grass and got up and walked back to the guest house.

I didn't look carefully when I was staying in the evening. This time I saw the two sons of the same house of the guesthouse of the guest house recruiting several young people of the same age, sitting in the hall and playing games. When Yan Yan passed, they smelled the smoke and came up to discuss the smoke. Yan Yan had some Nahan in his heart, but he still lost half a pack of cigarettes and turned to the building.

The thin walls and door panels couldn't stop Qi Sihao's snoring. Yan Yan just wanted to push the door and his hand was paused.

So many young people in the village who are 20 years old are at home, do not go to work in the city?

There was a slight suspicion in his heart, and it felt that this was not in line with the status quo of the village that was common to him. However, if he thought about the high degree of agronomy in the village, he would not carefully ponder and directly push the door into the house.


The temperature in the mountains is extremely low at night, and the tap water is cold and biting. Yan Yan washed his face with a hose, and sat on the edge of the bed, holding his own mobile phone. The whistle of the north wind came from behind the window, and the wind blew through the window.

The moonlight finally emerged from the dark clouds, passing through the glass of the chamber, reflected on the half of the face, and his face was blue.

He looked at the words "Lu consultant" in the mobile phone address book, and the eyes were bright and shining.

Qi Sihao's snoring stopped next door, probably turned over, the bedboard screamed and screamed, and then the snoring sounded again.

Yan Yan took a deep breath and his thumb slowly extended to the dial button, and at this moment he stopped slightly.

I don’t know when the roaring sounds in the distance, the movement started very slightly, and it was very far and near. It was very clear in the quiet night of the mountain forest, and I followed the mountain road to the village head.

- It turned out to be the engine of several cars.

Yan Yan forced the press of chaotic thoughts, and the upper body leaned back, approaching the window sill that did not know how much dust had accumulated, and squinted and looked out. The night was deep and heavy, and from the distance of the distance, nothing could be seen clearly; few of them saw the end of the winding road in the village, and several large headlights flashed at the same time!

Yan Yan’s eyes were stunned by the high beam and immediately turned away.For a moment, the engine sounded loud and it was a shocking start. There were hundreds of dogs in the countryside, and the dogs were screaming in a row. The distant lights also lit up in the distance. The people from the village heard the door screaming. After a few minutes, the movement was slightly calmed down. The vehicles were turned off one after another. The short riots had been pushed away to open the rust-solid window and look out of the gap.

The lights of the village committee next door lit up, and a few quite good off-road vehicles were parked on the dirt road in front of the gate. The headlights complemented each other and the small open space was illuminated as white. A lot of figures got out of the car door and walked around, and Yan Yan was a rough business, and he didn’t even have ten people.

... What are you doing in the middle of the night?

He did not say anything, and continued to peep at the edge of the window. I saw that the gangs seemed to be familiar with the locals and they were very open. They talked, shouted, talked and walked around, and so on, and they couldn’t hear the accent. About a cigarette has passed, and the ten people’s movements have been small and they have formed a group of guest houses to go to this side.

The dark clouds are silent, and the white moonlight casts on the Qingshiban road, reflecting the figure of the first two or three people. It is no stranger to the old man who is at the forefront of the road. It is the village chief who has just seen it late.

And behind him, he was dressed in black, with a hand in his pocket, and smoking a cigarette without saying a word -

Yan Yan’s eyes changed.

It’s Ajie!

This was changed to anyone else, and it was sure that the brain would be blown up at the time. The first reaction of Yan Yan was: I am!

Then he reacted with lightning, and these people came to him!

Through the documents submitted by his family's poverty alleviation project, the procedures went all the way from the provincial party committee to the county town, and then went to the welfare homes hundreds of kilometers, and turned over the image data of more than 20 years ago to investigate. How many people passed through this way? How many eyes and ears, can not be calculated. As long as the spades k deliberately inquired, this thing is absolutely unstoppable, it is reasonable to look at it.

But why come so fast, how is it possible? !

Yan Yan was innocent and thought, quickly got up in the cloak and grabbed the car key, opened the door and rushed to the next door, and took a few shots: "Old Qi! Wake up!"

Inside the door

Qi Sihao snorted and there was no sign of waking up.

Yan Yan said that I am practicing | your ancestors, there is no time to hesitate, grabbed the door with both hands and put a foot against the force. The posture was at the police school textbook level. Only the dull squeaking sounded, the bolt was cracked by pressure, and then he pushed the door and smashed in!


Qi Sihao finally woke up, and the half-word that was lost was exported. He was held up by the giant force and almost sighed: "Hey!... Hey?!"

Yan Yan's index finger arrived at the lips, it was an extremely harsh snoring action, and then released his hand in Qi Sihao's horrified gaze.

"You are this..."

"Shut up and follow me." Yan Yan lowered his voice, and each of the following words made Qi Sihao scared: "The people of the spades are coming."


"Two days? There was really no one passing by in these two days. I didn't see the car coming over the mountainside. We have a good family business here..."The door of the guest house was open, and the village head nodded and invited the group to enter, and the boss family greeted them. Ajie wore the boots of the hard-soled booties across the threshold. When he just entered the house, he took a sniff and said: "It smells like a big smoke."

The boss’s son put down his mobile phone early, and he smacked out the cigarette case and smiled and respected the cigarette.

"I have said that the annual goods are quantitative. Big Brother said that there are so many so many. You are willing to mix or sell, which does not affect the amount that we can ship. This year the business is not good, Some roads in the southwestern region have been broken. Fortunately, you are surrounded by mountains all over the place... Hey," Ajie took two cigarettes and took a keen shot. He was keenly aware of what he was doing, and his eyelids were lifted: "- everyone in your village Pumped up the soft China? There is too much oil."

The village chief was trembled by his meaningful tone. He just wanted to argue. The young man who respected the smoke interjected on the side: "No, we dare to play tricks? This smoke is given by the people who live in the county today!"

There are always a lot of tricks on the shipping channels. Ajie was just scared to scare the house. Who knows the two words in the county, the look of the time changed: "Someone?"

He turned to the village head and frowned. "When I asked you, didn't you say that you didn't enter the village in these two days?"

"Yes, yes, it is not a living, it is the leader of the poverty alleviation project in the county, and it also carries the secretary." The village chief immediately explained: "It seems that the age is very light, and there is nothing to send, that is, temporarily staying one night, tomorrow is bright. Just leave, it doesn't matter!"


As if there was a sudden cold in the atmosphere, Ajie picked up his eyes and stared suspiciously at the village chief: "...What is it like?"

Ajie’s face is a bit of a Southeast Asian appearance, and it may have been mixed on the road for a long time. The eyebrows give a cold and fierce feeling. The head of the village was locked by his eyes, and there was a cold sweat in his back. He hurriedly made a stroke: "Probably... probably so high, especially high. In his thirties, he looks very tough..."

Ajie sighed silently.

Not to mention the appearance of "hard", this height can not be Jiang stop.

"The secretary is very old, wearing a pair of shoes on his stomach... Oh, the car they drive is still parked in the yard! Look!"

This appearance description dispelled Ajie’s last doubts, but out of caution, he followed the head of the village and saw the Wuling Hongguang parked outside the yard. He did not know how many years he had opened. The car body is splashed with mud.

The village chief stood uneasily and stood on the side. Ajie flashed his flashlight and swept his eyes into the old cab.

There was nothing, but his eyelids suddenly began to jump gently.

It’s so coincidental, Jiang stopped here to leave Jianning, where did the leaders of the county come to the county?

He stood in the same place without snoring, no one dared to move around, and only listened to the wind blowing from the middle of the mountain. After about a few minutes, Ajie finally moved and turned around: "Calling people..."


It was actually a very slight sound, but it was slightly noticeable in the silence, and Ajie instantly raised his head:

"who?"No one except him found that the air had solidified for a while. Under the eyes of the public, I saw Ajie holding the gun on the lower back, as if the smell of the beast in the dark night, gently stepped forward - gd1806102

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