Chapter 123 Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Chapter 123

Jiang stopped, the former captain of the Gongzhou Anti-drug Corps, the first-level police superintendent. (Free full novel. Sacrificed in the explosion three years ago, became the number one black police in the high-level system, but also suspected of murdering the former Gongzhou deputy mayor and Zhengzhou-level public security bureau chief Yue Guangping.

Last night, on a cold, cold winter night, his ghost appeared around the Hubin Community in Jianning City.

"I originally wanted to go to the deputy detachment of our city bureau, Yan Yan, went to the neighborhood and found suspicious elements. It seemed to be voyeuristic to monitor the building of his house. I immediately concealed it, waiting for the opportunity to secretly follow and discover the voyeur. It turned out that three years ago, it was suspected that I killed my old comrade-in-chief Yue Guangping, who had been identified as a 'sacrifice' by Gongzhou! And he also had the same party! I just wanted to call the rescue, but I did not think it was discovered by him. He was smashed by him in a hurry..."

In the single-person ward, the window was clear, and the leaders of the provincial public security department sat around the hospital bed, and several people were making notes in the bow.

Lu Bureau was weak and leaned on the bedside, hoarsely said: "Fortunately, winter | clothes are thick, my body is fat, not stabbing, but it was just fainting. Oh! Old age, no use!"

Overnight, his hair was a lot white, and the chubby and fat face was also disengaged. After all, it was a 60-year-old man who struggled for several hours in the rainy night. He could count back to life. Ignore it.

"What do you say in the Lu Bureau, who do you know?" The director from the provincial office quickly comforted: "The other party is a scum of a police officer who colludes with a drug dealer and is extremely murderous. It is up to us to bring him to justice. Take the law and avenge you!"

Lu Bureau was so embarrassed that he was so tired that he closed his old eyes.

The Director quickly stood up and said: "That is here today, can't bother the leader to rest. Lu, if you think of more clues, let people make a call, we are on call!"

Lu Bureau sighed and nodded to indicate that he knew it, and then waved and said: "Old Yu, send them."

Yu Zhu personally sent the people in the provincial hall, and went all the way to the hospital door. Seeing that they all got on the bus and left, they turned back to the ward and made a look at the Wei deputy bureau sitting in the nurse station.

Wei Wei hurriedly stood up and entered the ward with her in tandem.

Lu Bureau leaned on the pillow, and his face was yellow and yellow, and even his lips were gray: "How?"

"Prepare to set up a task force, cooperate with Gongzhou, and issue a notice of investigations throughout the country." Yu Zhu sits in the armchair next to the bed, then coughs and clears the voice, and the voice is thick. Worry: "Lao Lu, what the hell is going on? I don't believe what you said to the people in the provincial office, there are too many loopholes!"

The Lu Bureau wants to stop and look at Wei Wei.

Wei Wei met, and the Rush and Yu Zhu nodded.

"I have been colleagues for twenty or thirty years, and I am not yelling at you, just say it." Lu Bureau sighed in the gaze of the two subordinates and said: "I am not in the vicinity of Yan's home. Jiang stopped, but knew that he was in a strict home, so he went to visit specifically and wanted to attack him."As soon as the words fell, Wei Wei and Yu Zhu’s tone changed, and they blurted out: “What do you say?”

"incite defection?!"

Lv Bureau raised his hand and pressed down, and there was a bitter smile on the bottom of his eyes: "You don't bother, listen to me. I have considered this for a long time, but I haven't discussed with you because of confidentiality. Jiang has been secretly involved in the case of our Jianning City Bureau for some time, and it does not matter. If it weren't for him, Qin Chuan was not so easy to expose."

Yu Zhu suspected: "Qin Chuan?"

"Yes," Lu Bureau paused, and repeated the investigation before and after the investigation of the poisoning incident. He also confessed to the implementation of the arrest in the Qinchuan family that night, and heard that Wei’s deputy bureau was straight, Yuzhu Not much better than him, can't live a noticeable inspiratory sound.

"After this incident, considering the position and behavior of Jiang Su, I feel that I can take a risk, so I found him deliberately last night and made a very bold idea for him..." More concentrated: "I hope he can completely rely on the police, while pretending to be a black police, become a nail we nailed into the spade k criminal group."

More than ten hours ago -

"Reverse meter?" Jiang stopped his hands in his trouser pockets and leaned his left shoulder against the wall of the living room. He seemed to hear a particularly ridiculous joke: "Call me to pretend to be honest with the spades, go deep into the drug trafficking group, risking my life and the police. Should it be external?"

The squeaking of the soup in the kitchen continued, the hot steam was warmed up in the room, and the white foam appeared on the floor-to-ceiling windows. Lu is sitting on the large white leather sofa in the living room. After reading glasses, his eyes are sharp, and he is staring at the handsome young man in front of him who is handsome and acupuncture: "Yes, it is really risking to live, but this is true. You are the best way out."

Jiang stopped his eyebrows and put his hand into his trouser pocket. He smiled and asked: "-but why should I sell for the police?"

"Because you are still alive, the secrets of your life have been known to more than one or two people. For the police to sell their lives, there is at least a possibility to keep a life back, but if caught by the police? More than a dozen explosions in the plastics factory Hey, police, your actions, enough to sentence to death?"

Jiang stopped his eyes and sank instantly.

Different from his sharp attitude, the Lu Bureau is like a cotton wall. It absorbs and resolves all attacks without any sensation. The end is soft and hard, and there is nothing to be done:

"Do you still want to appear in the sun someday in the future? Do you want to live in the name of the dead and live in the gutter for a lifetime?

Jiang stopped, Yan Yan is not Jianning now, I only need to call out a phone call, you can't even leave this community today. ”

"Think about it yourself, think clearly." Lu said a slight sigh in the nose and said: "If you are caught by the police, I promise that no matter how many explosions the spade k makes, you can't take you from the detention center." Rob out!"

The living room was in a quiet state, and the river stopped silent for a long time. The stalemate frozen every inch of air into ice. After a few minutes, he finally slowly opened his mouth: "...I can't promise you."Lu Bureau did not expect that he would refuse, and immediately the face was pumped.

"There are two reasons. First, the spades know what kind of person I am, and I will never believe that I am willing to vote for him... as for the second."

Jiang stopped the voice, and the pupils reflected the bright lights in the living room. Just staring at the Lu Bureau, the lips gradually showed a strange smile.

"--then?" Wei's deputy bureau could not help but ask.

The ward was quiet and silent, and Wei’s deputy bureau and Yu Zhu seemed to be immersed in shock, and the Lu’s bureau was heavily sighed:

"If the first reason is only a subjective factor, it can still be evaded. The second point is that I did not expect it, and I can never think of it. When he said this sentence, I realized that It’s a stupid decision to decide on your own, because he really can’t cooperate with the police and never stand in the same camp with the police.”

Yu Zhu unconsciously leaned forward: "The second reason is..."

Outside the hospital gate, a car parked in a hidden street corner, a clerk who was in charge of the transcript in the ward with the leader of the provincial office wore headphones, and the monitor instrument in front of it flashed blue light.

I don't know what the Lu Bureau said in the headphones. He took a sigh of relief and the heart jerked up and hurriedly looked around.

On the road, the car came and went, and the pedestrians in the distance were shoulder-to-shoulder. No one noticed the car with a normal appearance and a single-sided window film.

The eavesdropper sneaked out the headphones, stepped on the gas pedal, and ran straight in the opposite direction to the provincial hall.


Eighty kilometers away from Tongshan County, Yongkang Village.

After two hours of jolting along the mountain road, Qi Sihao felt that not only his own skeleton, but also the car shelves were about to be distorted. Through the window glass of the donkey, the dilapidated country brick houses in the field are gradually disappearing. Instead, there are large wasteland and dead trees. The gray-white slopes in the winter are endless, and the dry grass flutters on the rugged roads.

The sun has already passed through the sky. Qi Sihao was so hungry that he had a chest back, but looking at his grim and gloomy face, he swallowed and said nothing.

How did the rich family son go to the countryside to donate poverty alleviation?

Where are the warm welcomes and hospitality of the county towns and villages?

Finally, before Qi Sihao was hungry and fainted, the stunned car stopped, and the driver sent by the county magistrate yelled at the scorpion: "To 咧-"

Qi Sihao was savior and looked up.

The tin door has already changed color in the wind and the sun. With the wind sizzling, two gray two-story cement houses were smoked and smouldering, standing on the weedy "playground". A group of grotesque mud monkeys squatted on the second floor of the wooden fence and looked straight at their car. They couldn’t see human beings from far away.

Yan Yan got out of the car and raised his eyes in the sand.

There are five rusty words in the Damenkou Hongri Welfare Institute. Each word lacks arms and legs. The paint that has been lacquered on the iron gate is still faintly discernible. It is a semi-circle that fades into a light red. It is cut off from the horizontal line by a horizontal line. Several radiations that symbolize the sunlight are intermittent, radiating outward from the semicircle, which constitutes a perfunctory meaning. Sunrise landscape.——The pattern behind the bones of Teng Wenyan and the yellow coat of blood when Jiang stopped his childhood, finally crossed the time and space at this moment and gradually coincided.

Several men and women in bloated suits stood outside the tin door and piled up their smiles and hurried forward.

The "warm welcome" that Qi Sihao has been waiting for for a long time has finally arrived.


"Yes, the county government should have already notified you. It is a poverty alleviation project of our company in the province of s. Each fund and task will be implemented in various regions. Of course, I will do a field visit before signing..."

Yan Yan walked through the "playground" under the leadership of the welfare home, and the children with nose and dust covered them.

"It's not easy!" The dean was about forty years old this year. He shook his head and sighed: "Most of them are girls. If you give birth, you will lose it. You can't blame your aunt, the country has no way to fine, no son." Can you do it? Ken Fei’s effort to throw it away is still a good heart! The male baby can count it out with one hand, and there are not a few hands and feet. It’s really ill, and I’m lost. In the hospital, the hospital sent us back to us - this environment you have seen, it is really difficult, the national finances can not be eaten!..."

Qi Sihao was really hungry, and he followed the staff to eat a small stove. The dean, Yin Qin, invited Yan Yan to the office door and handed him tea.

The Dean's Office may be the best place to decorate the entire welfare home. At least it is tiled and air-conditioned. It is much better than the cave-like dormitory. Yan Yan looked through the glass window and looked at the dusty and black-walled dormitory building outside, and saw another scene in the daytime:

A thin child runs happily in the afterglow of the summer evening, and is screaming at the black short hair. He crossed the plains and crossed the fields, like an agile little deer slashing through the rice fields and heading for the end of the star-studded blue sky.

Don't go in the past, the sound of the heart is weak and weak.

Sound, more and more clear: don't stand, come back -

But no one heard it.

The little boy bathed in the skylight of the night and the night, and flew away to his only friend of his childhood.

"Mr. Yan, that... Mr. Yan?"

Yan Yan returned to God, only to see the dean holding his cuffs, his eyes smashed: "The thing that donated money..."

This is not difficult to do. Before Yan Yan came to consider this problem, he first greeted the county government through the annual poverty alleviation project of his family group. All the signature procedures were completed quickly, and the red-headed documents were sent out on the same day. In his hand, there is absolutely no part of the fake play.

"According to the number approved by the county people's congress, I will return to it..." Yan Yan paused, and the ghost made a difference: "...more than 50%, repair the dormitory building a year ago, otherwise it's too cold."

The dean was overjoyed.

Yan Yan said: "I will let people see it years ago."

The dean's smile from the bottom of his heart immediately faded, and then strongly guaranteed: "That is of course! Of course!"These tricks are clear in my heart, and he doesn't have the unrealistic idea that all the money can be used. As long as some of them can work, it can be done. The dean did not expect him to be so happy, and enthusiastically took out the documents of the welfare institution management charter and the target plan to introduce it. Yan Yan listened to him and said that he had said it for about ten minutes before he chose an appropriate opportunity to interrupt. "Institutions like yours, when children come in and go out, should they always have a record?"

The dean said, "Yes, yes, there must be. We are the only welfare institution in the area, so it has been several decades since the 1980s..."

"Can you show me?"

The dean did not expect that he would have such a request, and he stumbled: "What are you looking at?"

"Photo album materials, paper records, children's files, etc., I only need the part between the eight and the nineties." Yan Yan smiled at the director's strange eyes and said: "It doesn't matter, my wife used to be a child." I stayed in the orphanage of the province for a few years and was adopted. I made a donation this time, just want to visit the welfare homes of that year, try to find clues from his biological parents from the adoption information of the year, and help him. Complete the long-cherished wish to trace the source."

The dean suddenly realized: "Oh oh oh oh"

From the expression, the dean probably added a series of dog blood dramas in an instant. From the eight-point domestically produced country to the popular Korean drama in the 1990s, he turned a few round-trips, and the eyes of Yan Yan were also rich in meaning. Yan Yan was too lazy to explain what, coldly mentioning the mouth of the mouth, only to listen to the president immediately enthusiasm several times: "OK, no problem, I will go find it for you!"

The dean immediately went out and screamed, and took several staff members to open the archives. The management of the welfare homes in the countryside is obviously backward. The archives of the old age are not a light-hearted job. After a long time, the dean came back. "Oh!" Put the file bag on the table and slam the dust. Splashing, relief: "All here!"

Yan Yan’s heart was a little surprised - these materials were more than 20 years ago, even more than he thought.

However, if you want to come, there is no waste paper in this broken place. As long as there have been no accidents such as fire and flood, the paper information is estimated to be piled up in the corner, and no one will be lost if it is not moved.

The files are stacked in chronological order, and the strictness is very clear to the specific year. It is not difficult to find. While coping with the horror of the dean, he was able to cover up the sorrows of the gossip, and he rummaged through the texts of the year when he stopped at the age of ten. He suddenly turned to a yellow-yellow leather notebook and opened all the old photos that were posted inside. .

In an instant, the stern look is condensed in a corner of the album -

On a black and white group photo, a dozen gray-splitting children stood in a row from high to low. The background was a new welfare dormitory in the same year. The paint's sunrise stick figure was clearly on the two iron gates.

The children were all dull and ignorant, wearing the same round neck short-sleeved sweatshirt, looking at the clay doll carved out in the same mold, except for the third boy from the left who was slightly twisted and stared.At that moment, the camera recorded that he had a little curious and shy smile, and then sealed it in the corner of time. After more than twenty years, he screamed and screamed in front of him.

"...this child," Yan Yan pointed at the photo, and the tail was a little strangely trembling: "Is there such a big boy in the welfare home?"

"Ah, yes." The dean came over and explained, "It may be that it is a bit sick, so no one is willing to adopt it, or it has just been sent, and has not had time to go out. In those days, everyone's living conditions were not good. It is not easy to find a big child with memories. If you are two or three years old, four or five years old, it will be much easier!"

Strictly licking the roots and spreading the taste of the slightly sour sputum, he swallowed hard and pressed the hot stuffy pain in the chest.

"Have he been adopted later?"

"Hey, I came here seven or eight years ago. I have to check it out." The dean picked up his sleeves and looked at the pile of archives for a long time. He finally found a job record and took a picture. Brain: "Oh, that's it!"

The dean licked the dust on the record: "This is the adoption registration of the year, but some are missing. The management at that time was not as standardized as we are now. We treat the children very carefully, take great care, and resolutely implement. National policy on helping children’s welfare..."

He squinted and looked at Yan Yan with his eyes slanted, apparently extremely curious about this unusual young rich.

The action of Yan Yan’s reading stopped.

On September 18, xx, the adopted children, Jiang stopped.

A few lines of faintly colored pens in the district have recorded the most crucial moment of reversing the fate of the river more than 20 years ago.

Yan Yan did not waste time studying the adoptions. The one that looked at it was the fabricated information. His eyes fell on the picture on the page. A man with a small, gloomy look, about 40 to 50 years old, is facing the camera and standing in front of a black car at the entrance of the welfare home; on his left hand side is the thin and shameful river stop, and on the right hand side is another face that is white and wears. Sophisticated little boy.

The boy was obviously one year younger than Jiang, but his body was significantly higher. He consciously avoided the camera like his father, slightly leaning his face and looking at the river with a smile.

At first glance, it’s just two little guesses, but the darker and deeper meaning behind the smile is like a needle-punching instant piercing the harsh heart.

He knew that he saw the spades k more than twenty years ago.

Jiang stopped and did not say the complete truth.

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