Chapter 122 Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Chapter 122

s provincial border, Tongshan. (Free full novel.

Yan Yan got off at night and took a bed for one night in the duty room of the county public security bureau. At the dawn of the next day, the chief forensic doctor finally arrived with the technical team. Just after the day was bright, a few people yawned and screamed in the spirit of the sky, followed by the only Santana police car on the police station swaying up the mountain.

Qi Sihao’s recent frenzied brain may have been chilled by the harshness of the mountains, and he said that he can stay at the local police station and wait for them to meet down. Although Philip did not understand why the Qizhi captain of Gongzhou would appear here, but he was very envious of Qi Sihao can stay in the hills to roast the fire, simply can not wait to change with the other side.

"I have such a thick layer of fat all over my body. I have been feeding them all over the spring, summer and autumn. They are so rewarding me! When I use it, I hate it!" The blanket is in the car: "Old Yan!"

Yan Yan sat at the open door and smoked: "What?"

"Is it really cold to wear this?!"

Strictly wearing the police scarf uniformly distributed by the Public Security Bureau, the fabric of the dark gray Slim trench coat is worth a lot of money. The exquisite tailoring outlines the delicate figure, and the words are casual: "Because the muscle density is higher than the fat density. Big, so the cold index is not the same."

Philip: "..."

Outside the car window is the steep winter jungle of Chongshan. The on-site technical team and local police, forest police and dozens of police dogs sneaked away and searched the mountain roads in all directions.

"I have always had a question," he said, using his ass to move closer. He said to the distance: "You said that our country is so big, there are so many high-risk unstable migrants like Teng Wenyan; if any criminal kills people The corpse was thrown into the old forests of the inaccessible mountains. If no one was offered for ten or eight years, would it never be found?"

Yan Yan gave him a strange look: "How come?"

Philip returned to innocent contempt.

"The unstable population of the floating population always has social connections. As long as there are traces left behind, it will inevitably be discovered by the disappearance. Besides, the corpse is thrown away. In the true sense, the ancient mountains and forests that are inaccessible to the general public cannot go there at all. Vehicles and manpower restrictions. Objective conditions such as corpses and ** will form a full range of constraints.” Yan Yan’s finger is holding a cigarette and pointing to the jungle of distant spit, “Like a drug-trafficking organization like money, people, fire crimes. The group, it is impossible to achieve a traceless corpse. You see where we are now, although it is quite biased, it is not a primitive jungle at all."

Philip snorted thoughtfully.

"The squad mark of the off-road team, the great destruction of the ground bushes, and the sightings of the local residents... The more the singer and the singer, the more traceable clues left." Yan Yan throws the cigarette butts under his feet. The foot is crushed out: "The crime that really has no trace is non-existent. It depends only on the extent to which the police force is invested and the stage at which the criminal investigation technology develops."

As if to confirm his words, suddenly the car walkie-talkie sizzled, and both of them turned back at the same time.“The attention of the teams, the attention of the teams!” The voice of the on-site inspector was heard in the channel: “The number 012 search area found the large-scale vandalism of vegetation at the 600-meter direction at three o'clock. Repeat it, number 012 search area Find the situation at 600 meters from three o'clock, please keep up! Finish."

Yan Yan and Philip looked at each other and copied the phone: "Understood, this will keep up!"


The morning sun between the trees slowly dissipated, and the skylight finally passed through the treetops, reflecting the gray hills. The police car parked under the hillside not far away. Several local policemen were holding the iron shovel in the middle of the open space and struggling to excavate the soil covered with semi-deciduous leaves.

"With, there!" I don't know who suddenly called out: "Forensic doctor, call the director to come over!"

In the pit, a corner of the fabric was looming, and the shovel stopped immediately, and Philip was busy with two internships. At this time, he also refused to be cold. He took the shovel and smashed it into the pit, slowly sifting out the hard objects under the floating soil. Sure enough, there was no shovel, and a hand that had already been ossified appeared in the crowd. In sight.

"Be careful! Gently lift it out!"

"one two Three!"

After three days of grievances, the two bodies were finally laid out and exposed to the broad daylight.

I don't know if I was deliberately posing like this before or after my death. Teng Wenyan and Wang Rui put their hands on the plastic cloth, and the whole body was covered with mud. The hollow hole looked straight into the gloomy sky. The clothes they wore have been ruined. Only Wang Rui’s tops can barely see blue. Teng Wenyan wears a reclining dress with an incomprehensible color, and the feet are rotten and sneakers.

After the criminal camera smashed and wiped the photo, the profit-making people paved the survey board, so that all non-technical personnel stayed in the pit and did not come in, and then put on a new pair of gloves and took the forensic box brought by the assistant. He checked for a moment in Wang Rui’s body.

"The victim's head was hit. The corpse of the corpse has a concentric circle and a radioactive fracture line. It is a typical comminuted fracture feature. The center point of the concentric circle is very clear, there is no staggered truncation between the radiation, and the road is extended. To the top of the head; therefore it is presumed that the weapon should be a stone or a metal blunt, and there is only one hit."

Kenli gestured to help the forensic doctor to help him turn over the body. He looked up after a few moments and said: "Although there are 6 to t1 vertebral spinous process fractures, it should be caused by the victim's being pushed to the ground when the victim is pushed. The cause of direct death is still the skull. Brain Injury."

As he checks, the assistant records quickly. Test

There are so many people at the corpse, but there are no people walking or talking around except for the birds in the forest.

"The murderer's attitude towards the victim is quite rude. Immediately after hitting the skull, the pit is pushed into the pit. It is either very confident that the victim is on the spot, or that he does not care about the possibility of alive." Philip stood up and sighed: "All in all, one The murderer was cruel and cold and had great arm strength. From the length of the foot and the length of the cheekbones, it was estimated that the height of the victim was one meter and seventy-three, and then the height of the murderer should be estimated by the angle of the attack... um...""Not less than one meter eighty-five, eighty kilograms, is a rare two-handed fellow." Yan Yan faint.

Philip "Hmm?": "How do you know?"

Yan Yan’s eyes were gloomy and there was no answer.

He not only knew, but also made three hands with the perpetrators.

When he saw that he didn't want to say it, he shrugged and stopped asking. He went to Teng Wenyan's bones and squatted down. He first sampled a part of the dirt and fabric attached to the bones, and suddenly snorted.

"what happened?"

"...very clean, too clean."

The local police at the scene did not understand, and each showed a confused color.

"The skull is intact and the possibility of being beaten is ruled out; the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage are intact, and they are not killed. The ribs, long bones, pelvis, etc. are not obviously damaged." Philip looked at Teng Wenyan's body and foxhole. "She was not pushed down the pit like a male victim, but was carefully transported to the bottom of the pit and gently flattened on the ground."

The assistant couldn't help but ask: "What is the cause of death?"

苟 Use the pliers to carefully open the attachments and indicate to the bones of the bones: "Hey."

The assistant stunned - the round hole was clearly a bullet hole.

“The murderer’s murder of female victims and the way they deal with corpses are distinctly different from those of male victims.” Philip shook his head and said, “It’s really weird, probably the most weird mentality I’ve seen. The murderer is in the top three."

Not at all weird, sternly thought, but the face did not show the slightest emotion.

For the spades k, the male image of the execution casts himself—the one who is disgusted, regretted, and hoped to be destroyed, and the executioner is the substitute for the youthful stop.

He carefully selected beautiful young girls to perform dramas that filled his inner imperfections. It is normal to have an emotional connection with the actors who play Jiang Zhan, even if Teng Wenyan’s failed substitutes are the same.

But the most critical question has not been answered: Why did Teng Wenyan be selected?

At this point, the shampoo girl with only elementary school culture coincides with the image of the end of the spades.

“How old is it?” Philip said, “What do you say now?”

Yan Yan returned to God: "You have a clue to look around and there are no clues. It is best to leave the bullet shells at the bottom of the pit. I will call the bureau to report it."

Philip flicked.


It may be that the number of calls with the Lu Bureau has increased during this period. Recently, the contact has pulled down a row of the extension number of the director's office. Yan Yan did not think much about it. This task was personally explained by the Lu Bureau. Now it is nothing to report directly to him. It is directly dialed out. Who knows that the long blind voice has turned to voicemail.

"?" Yan Yan thought about it, and then dialed the telephone number of the Secretariat and asked: "Is the secret?"

Zhang Mi is the first secretary of the Lu Bureau. I don’t know why the voice officer on the phone sounded a bit nervous. He said: "Zhang Mi... Zhang Mi has something to go out."

"What about the Lu Bureau?"

"The Lu Bureau did not come today."

--not coming?Yan Yan was a bit stunned and asked: "Wu will go out for a meeting? When will I go back to the office?"

"No, I don't know." The phone answered the question and asked: "What is the matter of the Yan team? Must you say it now?"

In fact, it is common for Lu to go out to meet with a secretary, but I don’t know why a certain nerve in the depths of my mind is moving gently, and a mysterious heartbeat gradually spreads.

", nothing." He coughed and said, "I will fight again later."

The opposite operator immediately hangs up the call.

Yan Yan was sitting in the car for a while, repeatedly rubbing his mobile phone, and some abnormal feelings were uneasy. Through the window, I can see that they are busy around the pit. The police dog is screaming by the police, and no one notices it.

He hesitated for a moment and sent a WeChat to Jiang:

are you awake? what did you eat?

After a few minutes passed, Jiang stopped without answering.

"Old Yan -! Found!" Philip straight up, waving to the police car far away.

Strictly look at the time, it is less than nine o'clock in the morning, maybe the river has not yet started.

He sighed, deleted the WeChat, put the phone back in his pocket, and drilled the door.


"Mineral water bottle." Philip was holding his stomach on his waist, and the fine-knit sweat was on his forehead. He stood up at the bottom of the pit and lifted up an empty plastic bottle that was covered with mud and had turned yellow. He slammed: " Sure enough! The 'signature' of the murderer may be late, but not too--oh!"

Although he was embarrassed, the local police did not know the details of the June 19th serial kidnapping case. Looking at the empty water bottle, they were very rare. Philip also did not explain much, put the plastic bottle into the physical evidence bag to indicate the assistant save, continue: "No warhead, no shell, forest weather and humidity

The site caused a lot of damage, and there were no footprints and biological samples with identification value. No way, you come over and two people to help me carry the bones up, and then go down the mountain and do further autopsy. ”

The police station of the local police station responded quickly and cried and went down several people. Yan Yan took off his jacket and picked up his cuffs. He also wore a glove and a shoe cover and went down the pit. He commanded the police to carry a few corners of the plastic cloth and tried to lift Teng Wenyan’s bones.


As soon as the plastic cloth moved, the dust and sand fell down, and the eyes closed unconsciously on the clothes on the surface of the bones. Suddenly the whole person glanced: "Wait."

The police did not hear it and was still moving forward.

"Wait! Stop!" Yan Yan said: "Put her down!"

Everyone turned back, the police were taken aback, and they were overwhelmed and put the plastic sheets back on the ground.

苟利吭哧吭哧来: "What's the matter with you? - Hey! What are you doing!"

Yan Yan is going to turn the body and get rid of it, and almost give him a slap in the face: "You die! What do you want!"

"Take her over to me, fast!"

苟利 is completely unknown, but see Yan Yanmei cold, immediately let the assistant forensic doctors carefully turn over the broken bones, revealing the back.When Yan Yan called back and called, Philip had already roughly seen the back of the corpse, and cleared the surface of the floating soil, leaving only the dry and condensed mud. Therefore, after the corpse turned over, the back of the clothing was exposed to the public. And the sternness of the sudden tightening of the eyes -

Teng Wenyan's dress is two-piece, with a light-colored round neck and short sleeves on the back, and a light red pattern that is almost illegible on the back.

- It is a semi-circular cover on the horizontal line, and a few red lines are radiated from the semicircle.

Even for the most versatile adults, this is just a child's stick figure about the rising sun. However, while the eyes touched, Yan Yanran closed his eyes, and another identical undershirt appeared in the depths of his mind. After Ajie slammed the 502 poisonous scene, the children’s blood clothes remained on the scene.

The clothes that Jiang stopped in the orphanage.

"What happened to you, old, have you found out?"

Yan Yan chest under the shirt slightly and hurriedly ups and downs, he waved his hand to indicate that he was fine, took a few pictures of the bones and then went to the pit without saying a word. Philip is quite worried, chasing after the loud question: "You are fine, feed!"

"I have to call to confirm." Yan Yan said dumbly: "You are busy first."

My doubts and arguments quickly went away, and the brains were screaming in the brain. After walking to the police car in the distance, I found out the mobile phone. It was almost a conditional reflection, and set the number of the river stop.

Do you know that Teng Wenyan was born with you at the same orphanage?

Where was the kidnapped with the spades k, the information about the orphanage, how many more can you recall after so many years?

Numerous questions were turned into tears on the sulcus. However, the screen of the mobile phone just showed up and dialed, and the dial tone was not sounded. Yan Yan was suddenly awake by the pain of the forehead, and suddenly hanged.

The air seemed to freeze and freeze. I don’t know how long it took, the crowd’s shackles and footsteps permeated in general, and gradually came from afar.

Yan Yan hangs his sharp eyes, his eyes are cold, staring at himself on the surface of his mobile phone screen.

Half a sigh of his throat swayed, turned on the phone again, and called Ma Xiang from the WeChat list:

"Help me check if there are orphanages near the Tongshan area in the province of Ts 20 years ago," Yan Yan pressed the voice message button and said: "I found the detailed address and sent it to me."


The three-year-old victim's bones were lifted out of the pit, wrapped up, ready to be loaded and transported down the mountain, and went to the nearby county funeral parlor for further detailed dissection.苟利 tirelessly commanded the new internship to maintain a balanced balance, try to move as carefully as possible, and then personally covered the bones in the back of the car with a white cloth, read two Amitabha, and slammed the door.

The assistant rushed to the smoke: "Shantou, your phone rang!"

"How many times after the first time, add a child's voice!" 苟利噌噌 took off the glove and took the call: "Hey, Wei Bureau?"

The call signal in this place was very general, and the background on the opposite side was very noisy. Philip went a few steps around the open space and heard Wei’s deputy bureau screaming on the mobile phone: “Are you alone? Yan Yan is not at your side. ?"苟利踮踮望, I saw Yan Yan standing in a place more than ten meters away, his eyebrows locked tightly, don't know who to send text messages with.

"On the side, let me call him?" Philip went carelessly to the other side. Who knows that the voice just fell and was stopped by the voice in the phone: "Don't stop, you stand!"


Wei's deputy bureau took a deep breath and stabilized the unusually sharp tone:

"You remembered me. I didn't tell Yan Yan a word that I said below. Don't let him know before returning to the city bureau."

"I am in the hospital now, Lu Bureau has an accident."

Philiplee eyelids jumped!

“Lv was attacked near Yan’s hometown because it was remote in the vicinity of the incident. It was only in the early hours of the morning that the sanitation workers found the alarm. All of us are now in the hospital and just out of danger.”

"..." Philip trembled as soon as he opened his lips: "Who did it?!"

In the hospital corridor, the deputy director of Wei looked at the open ward door. Several experts from the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Provincial Department and Yu Zhu and others from the Municipal Bureau were around the bed. They looked at the Lu Bureau and slowly opened their turbid eyes, each face. They can't hide the anxiety.

Lv Bureau seems to be ten years old in the night, and the gray-faced edema is still wearing an oxygen mask. Every time a sound is emitted, a burst of white air is exhaled: "...I saw his face, no... absolutely no Admit mistakes..."

The voice did not fall and a cough erupted in his chest. Everyone was screaming. Several experts were white: "Who is it? Who is it?!"

"Call, call, call..." Lu Bureau gasped for a big breath, and he was stubborn and hoarse: "It is Gongzhou, the one that Gongzhou has died of drug--"

"That river stopped."

Time suddenly stopped, the pointer quickly retreated, back ten hours ago -

The world is full of rustling, and the remote back lanes reach out in the rainy night. The vehicles in the distant streets passed by, the blurred lights flashed, and the shining water ripples were instantly torn apart.

Jiang’s black coat swelled under the footsteps, and the icy white face was blocked under the black umbrella. When he turned, he only listened to “When!”

The folding knife that he often carried with him was thrown at the side of the rubbish bin, and the blade fell to the ground. A trace of blood slowly spread with the dirty water, and the shovel flowed to the sewer not far away.

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