Chapter 121 Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Chapter 121

Phaeton slowly stopped at the entrance of the Yazhiyuan community. Almost at the same time, Qi Sihao’s car rushed and slammed, and the team leader could not wait to jump out. (Free full novel.

In just a few days, Qi Sihao had thinned a lot, and looked at him with his eyes up and down. He still asked: "You... haven't eaten yet? Would you like to have a meal first?"

Qi Sihao was full of anger: "Oh, what else to eat, I blame you for nothing to let me check this. Who knows that the Jiang team used to live in such a ghost place! When Wang Xingye jumped from the building, I shouldn’t come over. Now how can it be? I’ve done it, I’ve got a lot of drowning, I know I’m not going to help you...”

Yan Yan is impatient: "You give me a province, reselling ‘white goods’ is what I can't do for you?”

Qi Sihao immediately shut up and looked around nervously.

Yan Yanhu suspected: "What the hell are you going on?"

"..." Qi Sihao slammed his hands, as if only this would ease his tension: "...the police service is now upgraded."


"Now, just use the siren to log in. If you query the resident information, you will leave a record." Qi Sihao swallowed hard: "There will be people in the background who have checked the address of the Jiang team's 'before', and... and the same as the 701. In the community, I can't wash it thoroughly."

Yan Yan raised his eyebrows and smiled a little. He shook his head and patted Qi Sihao's shoulder:

"So why did you smuggle ‘white goods’ at the beginning?”

Qi Sihao was as earthy, and Yan Yan turned and walked into the community.


The place where Wang Xingye "jumped" last time was a district b building. The blood and minced meat had been washed clean, and the green slate was flooded with light. It seemed to be full of blood, and it was uncomfortable in the shade. Moist breath.

The uncles and aunts who are doing nothing in the community are walking their dogs in the distance, and they all avoid this place with ulterior motives.

Yan Yan is still an old problem with dry criminal investigation. He took a few photos and continued to move forward. According to the topographical map posted at the gate of the community, he passed through the fountain in the middle of the first and second districts, and passed through the public grassland where the bear children screamed and ran. The one near the back door of the community should be the six districts.

Sure enough, Yan Qian walked to the front, the gray residents downstairs the door closed, the number plate said: six districts.

Have you passed?

Yan Yan retired a few steps, Qi Sihao did not know so follow him, I saw the card hanging under the other residential building in front of the building is: six district b building.

“Hey?” Qi Sihao looked around and found that it was wrong: “A building?”

Yan Yan vaguely felt something. He walked around in the vicinity of the b building. As soon as he saw the house number, he went over and looked at it. However, the southern end of the lawn was two buildings in the five districts, and the door number in the north was replaced by seven. District, they have turned around for a few laps, but they did not find where the six district a building is.

- But how is it possible?

The address of the police stop on the Internet is clearly the 905 room in Building A, District 6 of Yazhiyuan Community. How can the entire building disappear?"Hey, may I ask my aunt," Yan Yan stopped by a woman who had just bought food and pointed to the residential buildings in the six districts: "I came to see my colleague. He said that he lives in Room 905, Building A, District 6. How can I not find a place everywhere?"

"Six-zone a building?" Aunt looked a little strange, shook his head: "We don't have a building in the six districts here, just b and two buildings."


"I don't know why, anyway, no, your colleague told you something wrong?"

"Impossible," Yan Yan muttered. "How could it not?"

"Then you have to ask the property! We have never had a six-zone building here. Who knows why there isn't it! The property is also a slap in the air. It doesn't matter if the car is parked everywhere. There are people who have decorated the sound for three days..."

Yan Yan quickly walked away, and turned back to Qi Sihao, even the voice was tight: "Call the property, fast!"

"What, six district a building?"

Qi Sihao compiled the name of a household registration police officer. The property that answered the phone was quite attached. However, several people on the phone had not said anything about it. In the end, I found an old employee who was said to have worked for eight years and nine years. I finally thought of a thigh: "When Yazhiyuan was just developed, there was no six-zone a building. The place where the building was supposed to be built is now a public green space!"

Yan Yan’s thoughts that he was least willing to guess became true, and his face changed slightly.

"When the building was built, the foundation couldn’t be played. If you hit it, you would dig out a few broken coffins. You can scare people! The boss asked the seniors to come and said that this place is too heavy and can only be developed into a green space. Absorbing popularity, doing yin and yang neutrality, right when a building is this green space - oh yeah is the saying of Feng Shui, so the last six districts only b and two buildings. This kind of thing can not believe but can not be disrespectful Police comrades, you are right, after all, what the ancestors have left for thousands of years..."

Yan Yan and Qi Sihao looked at each other and bowed their heads to each other.

The six districts a - the wet grass is sparse, the soil exudes its characteristic slight odor.

"...Jiang team," Qi Sihao said, "When the Jiang team compiled the address... it was really not very particular..."

Yan Yan hangs up the phone, the brain is banging loudly, the river can't stop the six district a building?

Why did he make up this plausible address, where did he live?

Yan Yan looked up and looked around, the gray world in the early winter was reflected in his eyes, and then his eyes passed through the heavy residential buildings, locking in a certain direction in the distance - Yazhiyuan District b


The balcony of Room 701 is bare, and it is particularly conspicuous among the neighbors who are drying clothes, hanging sausages, and air conditioners.

Yan Yan pulled the leg and went there. No two steps were taken by Qi Sihao: "Strict team! You think twice!"

Yan Yan’s hand broke him away.

"You think about it again, think about it!" Qi Sihao flew in front of him: "The house is not like a seal of Yue Guangping's family. It is 24 hours of monitoring, and people are watching whenever and wherever." You are so embarrassed to find death?!"

"Step aside.""No! I can't let you go. You want to kill me too! Give me a stop!"

"Step aside!"


The two were in a stalemate, and the strict cell phone rang.


Yan Yan’s dark black eyebrows were full of anger, but I didn’t expect the phone to be the voice of Lu. The first sentence was: “There was something wrong with Qinchuan.”


"He ran."

Yan Yan’s forehead leaps: “What?!”

The two policemen knocked on the door with the look of the request. The Lu Bureau covered the phone and pushed a handwritten address on the table forward. He quickly whispered: "It is here. The head of the household is a 30-year-old. Male, you used to monitor this address, don't let him go out, no one is allowed to go to the door. It doesn't matter if you find it. He won't be embarrassing you, everything will wait until I personally say it."

The police nodded and understood that they grabbed the address and ran out.

“Qin Chuan claimed that he was willing to provide important clues to the June 19th serial kidnapping case. For this reason, the provincial government decided to personally take the person to the interrogation. The police car just opened the Jianning City Detention Center, and several cars on the roadside exploded at the same time. Then a group of motorcycle riders took him away in broad daylight." Lu Bureau made a heavy sigh of gas, saying: "At that time, Ma Xiang of your detachment, and several other people in the anti-drug detachment were there. Far away, no injuries."


The phone was silent for a moment, and suddenly the head of the head came out with a word: "The other party really wants to save him? Is it not to kill him?"

The Lu Bureau is awkward.

Yan Yan was sensitively aware of it and suspected: "Is the city council not thinking about the possibility of criminals intending to force their annihilation?"

- Of course, I thought of it, but it was the case that Qinchuan took the initiative to escape from prison as the primary direction of suspicion.

No one is like Yan Yan. The first reaction is that Qin Chuan may be killed.

"I have already considered this possibility." Lu Bureau converges on the look, showing no clue: "But according to the dictation of the police in the car at the time of the incident, and the move of Qinchuan to let his former colleague stand far before the explosion, We are more inclined to know that someone will be jailed."

Yan Yan pressed the inner complex feelings, no snoring.

"In short, the situation is very serious now. Qinchuan, as the deputy detachment leader who has a lot of internal information, undercover situation, informant information and so on, has fallen into the hands of drug dealers. This is the worst situation. We must do the worst possible at once. Preparing for sexual encounters."

"I understand." Yan Yan finally forced all the thoughts down and coughed: "I will leave the criminal investigation detachment and do all the matching work, and -"

"No," Lu broke him. "I need you on a business trip."

Strictly suspected to live.

Lu Bureau said: "Qin Chuan confessed to Teng Wenyan's burial ground."

Teng Wenyan, 16 years old, a shampoo girl at a third-rate beauty salon in Lingzhou City, the province, has no real name and family background. Together with the next-door hairdresser Wang Rui, she joined hands to become the first victim of the June 19th serial kidnapping case.Unlike Li Yuxin and Bu Wei, Teng Wenyan of the elementary school culture has nothing in common with the “executor” template in the heart of the spa.

It is precisely because of this that her experience and background have become the top priority of the investigation work, but so far the needle can not be found in the haystack - the city bureau did not know where she was buried, Wang Xingye died of "sinning crimes."

“The Tongshan area around the province should be in a forest reserve. The nearest county police have started to search.” Lu Bureau stood up and packed up the briefcase and strode outside the office: “You are now In the past, I will arrange for Xiaoyan to take the forensic and trace inspection to keep up, and immediately reply to me after confirming the body. As for the criminal investigation detachment, there is no need to worry too much. Your team has already arrived. It should be no problem to support it for the time being. ”


"What do you want to be?"

Yan Yan held the mobile phone in one hand and licked the painful temple in the other hand. He finally said hoarsely: "Qin Chuan once stopped the killer on the river. If he and the people of the spades are in Jianning, I am afraid……"

Lv Bureau was not surprised, he knew that he would say this, and said directly on the spot: "It doesn't matter, I have sent someone to protect your home!"

"But if I don't come back in person -"

"You don't have to come back in person!" Lu said, he opened the door and smashed the iron: "I go in person!"

Outside the office, the anxious Wei deputy bureau and Yu Zhu turned their heads at the same time.

"That's it!" Lu Bureau no longer followed Yan Yan, hung up the phone.

"Who is this? Yan Yan?" After all, Wei Wei looked at Yan Yan and grew up. He was very familiar with his voice and immediately asked the sentence sensitively.

Lu Lu nodded, while pushing the phone into the briefcase and going to the elevator.

Wei's deputy bureau hurriedly asked: "He is in trouble again?

Is the suspect organization arranged? This kid is still like a dozen or twenty years old. After Qinchuan’s accident, I immediately told him that there must be a sense of proportion and boundaries, but he still--"

Wei's deputy bureau eagerly followed behind, and Lu Bureau turned a deaf ear. In his mind, he suddenly sounded a stern and sloppy question: Did the city bureau think about the possibility that criminals intend to forcibly destroy it?

"..." Lu's face of aging sighed and sighed: "The sorrow of the heart is too soft."

Wei's deputy bureau obviously did not understand what he meant.

The elevator slammed into the floor, and the Lu Bureau suddenly turned his back to the door that was slowly opened. He looked back and forth at the Wei Sub-bureau and Yu Zhu, who were full of doubts. The line of sight passed over their respective white horns and crow's feet, and gradually emerged. Complex and unspeakable emotions.

Yu Zhu was a bit worried by him: "Lao Lu, are you?"

“Nothing,” Lu said with a smile: “I suddenly felt that we have been working together for twenty or thirty years.”

Both Yu Zhu and Wei Wei are very confused. I don't know where he said this.

"I don't know until now, we can't get lost with these old bones. No one has lost. It turned out to be such a difficult thing." Lu said that they patted them separately. The shoulders, shouted: "It's good, very good."The two of them looked at each other, but the Lu Bureau had a cough and fell into the elevator.


The province is rich in mountains and mountains, and the Tongshan area is at the junction of the province and Gongzhou. Although the road was difficult to walk, but Qi Sihao hesitated again and again, still reported a field, but must follow the strict one.

The reason why Qi Sihao is a soldier is because he just went to the police to check the address of Yazhiyuan. Now it is just when he is in the middle of the heart, he needs to find a sense of security. Therefore, Yan Yan did not stop him too much. The two men moved on the road overnight. The car could not be opened. They bought a train ticket for immediate departure. They were prepared to contact the local police after the border of the forest reserve, and then went up the mountain with the police car.

"I can't go back tonight, there is something to go out of the house. Uh... Are you eating? What have you eaten?"

Yan Yan leaned against the corner seat and shook slightly with the roar of the railroad track. The first-class car was brightly lit but it was very deserted. Qi Sihao leaned on the other end and was sleeping with his eyes closed.

"Take a soup and wait for the meal to be eaten." The phone came to the river and answered quietly, then asked: "What about you?"

"There is a face on the train. This ghost weather is cloudy, wet and cold. I see the wind blowing the trees outside. If you stay at home, think about your big bone soup."

Jiang stopped seemingly silently and said, "Come back."

The short three words are like the hot springs, and they pop out from the bottom of my heart. Yan Yan’s lips were slightly raised, but when he looked out the window, he saw his fascinating face through the dark glass of dark ink.

"...Jiang stopped."


Where did you live in the first place, Yazhiyuan District 6 Building?

Or is it that the red heart q has appeared, and left a fingerprint of your 701?

Yan Yan closed his eyes and swallowed the difficult-to-export question. He briefly smiled: "Nothing. Do you miss me?"


"Ask you?"

"I really think about it." Jiang stopped slowly. "I want you to go home now."

Severe eyes open, warm white fog on the window glass is fleeting.

The railroad extends infinitely westward, and the train roars forward, leaving behind the rolling hills, rivers and villages behind.

"I really thought about it." Jiang stopped low and repeated.

Jianning, a few hundred kilometers away, the lakeside community, the warm light reflected in the kitchen, the bone soup on the stove was white and tumbling, and the hot air was screaming.

The doorbell finally rang - hey!

Jiang parked his mobile phone and sighed in the smoldering fireworks atmosphere without any sound.

He turned off the fire and walked to the entrance door. He didn't even look at the cat's eye and opened the door directly.

The police officers who had been guarded for one afternoon outside the gate really disappeared. Instead, they were a serious, servant, old man with a briefcase under his armpits.

Lu Bureau.

"Qinchuan escaped," he said.The two of them looked at each other across the door frame. Jiang stopped his hand and took the spoon. After a few moments, he raised his eyebrows. "I have already reminded you to prevent him from jailbreaking. Now people are running, what is the use of guarding me? Can I catch him back?"

Lv Bureau smiled happily: "This is modest. You Jiang really wants to do something, can you still do it?"

Jiang stopped intently and stared at him.

"Oh, yes, I haven't had time to tell you. Strictly, he has to take a task for the time being, actually it is about..."

"You don't have to edit it, don't want to know."

"Good, that's good." Lu Bureau seems quite happy: "In fact, I have not had time to compile it."

It is convenient to deal with smart people, and the response to each other can basically be found one by one. Some things do not need to be noticed.

The two of them stared at each other for a while, and the air was coagulated and stagnant. They only listened to the soup in the kitchen. The sound of the soup was particularly obvious; after a few tens of seconds, Lu Bureau spread his hand and finally said His real purpose: "I have something to talk to you, can you please let me in now, Captain Jiang?"

Jiang stopped his eyes flashing, and finally he took a half step.

"Please come in," he said faintly. "Tea is mine, soup is strict, nothing to entertain you. Forgive me."

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