Chapter 120 Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Chapter 120

Father of spades k?

Yan Yan blurted out: "Grass flower a?"

Lu Bureau obviously stunned: "What a?"

The two face each other, and Lu’s reading glasses came with a suspicious look, and suddenly they realized that Lu’s nickname was not known to the father of the spades. (Free full novel.

In other words, the internal understanding of the spade k in the public security system is very poor, even to the point where even this detail is not known!

At that moment, Yan Yan’s ear rang in the guest room of Gaorong County, and Jiang stopped to align with what Sihao said:

"The family of the spades k is a criminal group. His fathers and even his grandparents are not clean... He was called the spades k on the southwestern border in his early years because his father used to be called grass flower a, which evolved... ..."

"What's wrong?" Lu asked. "How do you know the code of his father and listen to what Jiang said?"

Yan's gaffe only appeared for a short while, and then returned to normal, as if the stagnation was just an illusion: "Oh, this is not. Just I see that their group has a spade k, there is a square piece j, then It’s normal to have a plum a, so guess it.”

Lv Bureau picked up the eyes that were not big, and the line of sight was more sharp and concentrated, and stared straight on Yan Yan’s face.

However, the latter's tough face was not touched, and he looked back at Lu.

"..." Finally, the Lu Bureau nodded thoughtfully and slowly said: "We know very little about the inside of the spade k drug trafficking group. On the one hand, because their home base is in Myanmar, it is a transnational drug organization outside the country; On the other hand, because of the explosion of the plastics factory three years ago, we lost a lot of senior police officers and excellent undercover, which is a very painful loss..."

Yan Yan silently licked his nose.

"So, if Jiang Su once mentioned anything related to Spades k to you, please be sure to report it to us immediately, because it is very important information and clues, and it may not be except him. Someone else knows." Lu Bureau paused, and asked in a meaningful way: "Do you understand?"

Yan Yan’s eyes lifted and he looked straight at Lu.

The two men's eyes collided and exchanged in midair, but their faces were not stable. After a few seconds, he bowed his head and said, "I understand, Lu."

Lu Bureau sighed, leaning back against the back of the chair, taking off the reading glasses and slowly wiping.

"The news released by the Ministry of Public Security, I only told the old Wei, your Yu team and several deputy directors of the political commissar, you must pay attention to confidentiality after you go out. In addition, you are the only one in the public security system. Police who have played twice in front, but can still survive to this day, they may want your life very much. Be careful."

Lu Bureau waved his hand and palmed inward, which meant that he could go out.

Yan Yan stood up, but did not leave immediately. His lips moved, and finally he couldn’t help but ask: "Lv--"


"Do you believe that Jiang stopped?"

Lu Bureau thought for a long time, finally put on reading glasses and looked at him seriously."You asked me this is useless, strict. I am still saying that we do not believe in others in criminal investigation, or even believe in ourselves. Police police, police are in the first place, we only look at the evidence."

Yan Yan silently speechless, half a bow and a dagger, turned and left the office of the Secretary.


Zhou Hui was just scattered, Ma Xiang took advantage of this time to fly downstairs to buy a few buns, while gorging and rushing back to the large office of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, just turned around the corridor and ran into the narrow hair text Hey, hey two steps: "Hey, Yan Ge!"

Yan Yanyi looked up: "Oh yes, I have to go out for a temporary job today, and I will not come in the afternoon. You can help me with the team."

He said that when he pulled out, he would go downstairs. Who expected Ma Xiangfei to rush to the ground and dragged him: "What kind of field? Why don't you bring me out of the field now? The last time you lasted with you was Han Xiaomei. I can't compare with that girl? I am still your intimate little cotton jacket? Yange?!"

It happened that Han Xiaomei came out of the elevator while eating the buns. He just bumped into the face and was scared to retreat three steps. He was so busy that he left the buns behind him.

"Go and go, don't give it, take care of the land consultant to pick you up." Yan Yan quickly pushed Ma Xiang away and greeted Han Xiaomei: "Take him back to the detachment, I will not come in the afternoon, there is a phone call. Contact Ha."

Ma Xiang is sad and sad: "Yan brother - don't abandon me, Yan brother -"

Ma Xiang stalked in the north wind, two lasagna tears fluttering behind him, and he hurriedly ran down the stairs. Until his dark gray windbreaker hem disappeared into the entrance of the corridor, Ma Xiang stunned his tears and turned his face: "I won't come in the afternoon."

Han Xiaomei: "Well?! What are you doing?"

"Cooperate with the next-door anti-drug detachment to carry out the task." Ma Xiang calmly said, biting off half a buns in Han Xiaomei's eyes and squinting into the big office door of the criminal investigation detachment.



"Hey," the phone came over and the steady sound of the river stopped, with an unobvious hoarseness, and asked, "What happened?"

That little bit of dumb made Yan Yan's heart slightly warm, but he did not show it, passed through the Jianning City Bureau parking lot, opened the Phaeton car door and went in and asked, "What are you doing at home?"

From the movement over there, Jiang Shu should have stretched a long lazy waist: "Sleep."

"Sleep well, the last time the doctor did not say that you should rest more, there is congestion in the brain.

benefit. Did you exercise today? ”

Jiang stopped coma for too long, muscles have not shrunk, it is hard to get, strength and agility are not as good as before. The doctor's advice is to slowly rehabilitate, do not worry, avoid fatigue and strenuous exercise, this life is basically impossible to return to the level before the coma; but Jiang Su always wants to go to the gym with Yan Yan to focus on assault, strict every time only Can make an excuse not to take him.

After several disputes, Yan Yan simply bought a few fitness machines and placed them at home, claiming that he would personally go to the private training of the river in tens of thousands of dollars.

"No." Jiang stopped talking in a concise manner, "no spirit.""How come there is no spirit, love the novel network, is it because private education is not at home?" Yan Yan started the car, and the eyes unconsciously smiled: "If you go out to go to the tea room, I am That puts a good thing for you."

"..." Jiang stopped on the phone and raised his eyebrows silently, wearing home slippers into the tea room: "What?"

"Open the cabinet and see."

Jiang stopped to open the cabinet and said: "What are you -"

The Phaeton car slowly opened the city bureau, and the rearview mirror reflected the sharp corners of the mouth.

The second old Tongxing tea cake in the tea box has been dismantled, and Fang Fang is lying on the oil paper, as if he is afraid of being unfortunate. He was also smashed by a slashing knife and scattered two small pieces, scattered around. Every piece of residual tea clearly shows this: even if it is repackaged, it has no collection value at all.

"I wanted to cook the tea eggs that day, and I accidentally removed the bag." Yan Yan said with a smile. "If you take it apart, you will tear it down. Tea is what people drink. What value does it drink? Looking at the small tea cake in the cupboard?"

After a moment of silence on the mobile phone, I heard a sigh of laughter and laughter: "You are such a person..."

Yan Yan also laughed.

None of them spoke, and they only heard each other's breathing at both ends of the call, and they slammed "哎" and said: "Jiang stopped."


"Don't go back to Gongzhou, come to Jianning?"


"Hang a job at the police academy, nothing to help the city bureau to see the scene, run errands. The marriage in different places is difficult to maintain, Jianning wages are high, the price is low, warm and humid air is good, you say?"

Jiang stopped whispering: "Yes."

" Take time to go abroad to have a wedding banquet, please take care of our family, how do you say?"

Jiang stopped laughing: "How come you have so much today."

Yan Yan insisted: "I can't do it, huh? Ask you what?"

"Do you want to do a full house, just for you."

"Then you can promise, I remember."

"Well, I promised." Then Jiang stopped suddenly thinking about something, and added: "--but the tea cake you can't take the third one again! Just keep them under the tea cake, I I really don't drink this stuff!"

Yan Yan laughed and said: "You have more things."

The turn signal made a slight ticking sound, and the hand held the steering wheel with both hands, and the bottom of the eye reflected the car dragon lined up in front of the viaduct. Farther away, the sky was gray, the clouds were vast, and the wind blew the whistle into the compartment from the gap in the window.

"Where are you going?" Jiang stopped asking.

"Go to the scene, a bit far from the city. It may not come back tonight."


"May be busy until tomorrow morning, hey, it's really annoying." Yan Yan paused, swallowed and said: "- Eat well, call you at night, ah?"

Jiang stopped silently and nodded softly and said, "Okay."The turn signal is still ticking, and Yan Yan hangs up the phone. The smile that I didn’t even realize is not completely removed. The heart is filled with a ribbon of sore cold, as if the whole person was hanging on the cliff and not in the world. Without the ground, only the wind blew into the limbs from the soles of the feet.

The sound of the horns, hum, engine start and brakes suddenly became very far away, and the side mirrors showed a dark and unclear side face. For a long while, he finally opened the car Bluetooth address book and gently dialed another number -

"Hey, Yan team? Hello?"

"Old Qi." Yan Shuguang was depressed and said: "I am on the way to Gongzhou. I will inform you later, I will see you at the entrance of Yazhiyuan Community."


Jianning City Detention Center.

The sound of the shovel came from the end of the cold promenade. Ma Xiang, who was eagerly awaiting, and the other anti-drug detachment criminals stepped forward, and was stopped by the guards: "That..."

"Understood," Ma Xiang touched the cigarette in the past, and the other party rushed to him and lost a look that could not help.

The city bureau sent people to pick up people at three days. However, when there are a lot of qualified criminal police, when there are many cases, they will go back and forth several times a week. It is a common practice to go to the middle of the night or early morning, and they are familiar with the prison guards of the detention center.

But at the moment, this situation is different from the past. According to discipline, they should not be here.

The detention center reflected upwards. Qinchuan had important clues to explain. After the higher level research, he decided to transfer to the provincial hall today.

The metal crash was getting closer and closer, and the shaking figure appeared suddenly in front of the window at the far end of the promenade. Qin Chuan was escorted by two prison guards and slowly walked toward the door.

"It is the Qin team..."

"Qin Ge!"

Qin Chuan did not seem to think that someone would come, and suddenly fell down, but the pace did not stop.

Ma Xiang is swaying to meet his gaze, and his tongue is full of bitterness, but

He forced himself to swallow it back. The brothers of the anti-drug squadrons around them were holding back heavy breathing. Only a small policeman who had just been turned positive by Qin Chuan couldn’t help himself. He ignored the guards and took a half step forward: “Qin team, you Is it being smashed! You talk!"

When he said this, some people couldn’t help it: "Yes, Qin team, I don't believe you will do this kind of thing!"

"You must be defamed, are you?!"

"You tell us if you are!"


Qin Chuan regained his gaze and wore the past from the encirclement of these people. Not far from the gate of the detention center, a van with a white blue text painted "Jianning City Detention Center" stopped under the steps, and the other two were loaded with guns. The police are waiting in front of the open rear door.

Ma Xiang finally could not help but hoarsely said: "Qin Ge..."

Qin Chuan stepped a little, and smiled back: "No."

Everyone is stunned.Qin Chuan stepped down the steps, and several people looked at him and passed by, far and near. The little brother who just graduated just had a red face and his whole body was shaking. Ma Xiang reached out and pulled it. He suddenly strode down the steps: "You don't want this Qin team! I don't believe it! I beg you to tell I am being detained, we must help you to reverse the case, we must -"

A few people hugged and followed the steps, and even the prison guard did not think: "Come back!" "How do you do a few, feed!"

"Qin Ge!"

"Go back!" Qin Chuan suddenly turned back.

The cold wind swept across the sand, and several smugglers were stubborn and desperate. Qin Chuan stared at them for a moment, finally shook his head and said, "There is no sensation, everything is done by me, but it is only time to get rid of it. Often there are wet shoes on the river, Laozi is now The last thing I want to see is your silly face, understand? It’s all for money! Nothing else! Go back!”


"Do you want me to repeat the confession to you again?!"

The prison guards made a gesture and pushed them back, but there were still two or three people who refused to walk away with tears.

"I don't want to see you!" Qin Chuan was merciless and impatient: "Go away! Go away!"

Several people were finally taken back to the steps in twos and threes. The little policeman burst into tears and was beaten by Ma Xiang. The voices of the low and dumb voices were sour and unspeakable: "Listen to me, you really want to be good for Qin Ge." I would advise him to cooperate with him and make a contribution, as far as possible... well..."

Also fight for death.

The cries of the little policeman filled the eardrum and drowned out the last half of the sentence.

Qin Chuan turned back indifferently, no longer glanced back, and bent down into the rear of the police car. Instead, the two prison guards looked at a few sorrowful and sinister policemen who were not far away, with an unbearable color on their faces, and with a vague anger when they were carrying Qinchuan.

Dangdang! The door is closed and slowly started.

"Hey," Qin Chuan swept the left and right guards, and seemed to feel quite interesting.

The prison guards clenched his teeth and no one cares about him.

"You are too loose in management. How many of them want to come in and come in?"

Still no one answered.

"Ask you, do you have the escort process specification? Hey, you," Qin Chuan raised his chin to the prison guard sitting on his right hand side: "Is the bulletproof vest worn?"

The prisoner named by him was younger and couldn’t help himself: "Are you fucking? Why are you asking so much?"

Qin Chuan did not care: "Remind you."

He moved to the lower cervical spine and shoulders and seemed to be very laid back. However, less than half a minute of silence, suddenly he came again: "Oh, I am sorry. Can you do me a favor?"

The young prison guard is going to attack, and he is restrained by the older one. He does not humble and ask: "What do you want to do?"

"Help me pick up the glasses." Qin Chuan mouth with a smile, sincerely said: "Old is not very comfortable."The police car was launched in front of the detention center building, and the tires were squeaking on the sand. The smuggling policemen who came to see the line all raised their heads, and the eyes were red, and the tail of the car drove to the road in their painful eyes.

Not far from the road, the eucalyptus casts a dense shade of trees, and several ordinary cars parked on the side of the road.

At this moment, Ma Xiang’s eyelids jumped suddenly –

The world seems to be still for half a second.

boom--! !

There is no sign at all, several cars are exploding at the same time, and the gas waves will repeatedly overturn the entire police car!

Several people on the steps rushed out and slammed into the wall. The sirens, shouts, and glass cracks were like boiling hot soup, and they filled the world. In a few seconds, Ma Xiang couldn't hear anything. He was black in front of his eyes. Even when he got up from the ground, the movements were soft and soft, and then the condition reflected and touched the waist.

- No guns.

"...艹!!" Ma Xiang whispered a word, suddenly heard the sound of the engine coming from far and near, and the subconscious looked up -

His pupils tightened instantly, and they lost their voices: "Qin Ge!! Don't!!"

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