Chapter 119 Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Chapter 119

Myanmar, Little Jura. (Free full novel.

The temple is surrounded by the jungle on all sides, and the dark green color of the day is turned into a ghostly ghost crawling out of hell. The burning torches blazed over the village, and the loud humming sounds accompanied by the dark nights, and the wind blew the people's crying and ran far.

Five horse-drawn carriages with headlights were circled, and several Burmese men armed with assaults and guns stood outside the car, and the fire reflected the gloomy suffocation on their faces. On the open space in front of the temple, the spades k bent down and faced the abbot of the earthy face. He clicked on the photo in his hand and asked in z: "Where is he?"

The abbot shed tears, shook his head and groaned, and broke away from the gimmick.

The black eyes behind the spades k sunglasses are very calm, I don’t see any impatientness, and I repeatedly asked in Burmese:

"where is he?"

"¥y≈......" The abbot screamed and cried, and the people behind him whimpered in unison.

The spades k stood up helplessly, took a breath and paused for a few seconds.

Then he suddenly pulled the gun at the eyebrow of the abbot, and simply shot a shot!


The old abbot opened a blood hole in his head, his eyes rounded and he fell to the ground.

After a quiet day, someone screamed that someone was fainting, and some people struggled to climb forward, and they were caught by the drug dealers. The spades k did not seem to hear anything, calmly went to the next monk and asked the same question: "Where is he?"

The monk was not very old. He had already scared his pants. He stared at the old man in the photo who was wearing a shackle. It took a long time to hear what he said: "Really, really don't know, really don't know, ask Please, forgive, forgiveness-"

Spades k asked: "I really don't know?"

"I have never seen it, I don't know, I beg you, beg you -"


The gunshots echoed for a long time, and the body of the monk splashed with dust and died.

The sorrow of the open space is as if it is a living blood sea. The spades k seemed a little tired. He closed his eyes, put away his gun, and slammed the photo to Ajie behind him, making a careless gesture.

Ajie will lift the photo in the first half of the way, show a circle around the open space, and scream in Burmese: "Who knows the whereabouts of this person? If you say it, you can live! Otherwise you will die here today!"

His voice is extremely penetrating, and all the sorrows are instantly suppressed. But then, the more sharp and desperate crying sounded from all corners of the open space, and even the beasts in the mountains and forests burst into shackles, and the winds of the waves rushed to the distance.

The spades k smashed the forehead, crossed the old abbot's body and walked to the off-road vehicle outside the open space.

Burmese rushed to meet: "The boss."

"It seems that there is no lying." Spades k lazily said, suddenly ordered: "clean up."

Immediately under the command of his hand, he and Ajie had a look, and several bodyguards carrying the charge | guns went forward.

Hey, hey -The assault-like charge | The sound of the guns rang through the air, and the screaming cry of the crying moment quickly disappeared. Eight | nine torches dragged the tail flame into the temple, a small amount, the whole building turned into a burning fire, rolling black smoke to the dark night sky.

"Big Brother." Ajie got into the Hummer, and his eyes seemed to be slightly uneasy: "It is already the third temple. What should I do now?"

The spades k leaned against the back seat, and the side face reflected the fire outside the window, seemingly closing their eyes. His irritated appearance made everyone very embarrassed. After a while, he suddenly heard him open his mouth: "There should be another person who knows where he is."

Ajie stunned and immediately reacted: "You mean --"

The spades k did not answer directly, and waved their hands: "Go to Daluo."

Ajie quickly replied to the driver, the roaring car started, the lights were connected in a line, and they drove to the jungle where they could not reach the fingers.



The lights are closed in the bedroom, and the thick curtains block the outside world, leaving only the world where the heat is dizzy.

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Yan Yan leaned over and pointed his eyebrows to his eyebrows, gentle and patient, until the wrinkles were flattened, then got up to heat the cup of sweet milk, and came back to the half-awake river to slowly feed him.

"Taking a bath..." Jiang stopped the model blurry.

Yan Yan said: "Awaiting."

He was holding some kind of hidden expectation in his heart - he forgot it when he stopped, but did not expect to continue to drink half a cup of warm milk after the break, Jiang Bian's eyebrows wrinkled again, whispered: "Go take a bath ......"

Yan Yan had to carry him on his shoulders to go to the bathroom. Under the shower full of hot steam, he kissed him on the wall and kissed it intermittently. He washed it for half an hour.

Jiang stopped very tired. When I came out of the bathroom, I almost slept. When I was getting a pillow, he seemed to be a little awake, hoarse and frowning: "... Are you taking medicine?"

Yan Yan laughed low and didn't answer. After a few seconds, Jiang stopped to sleep, and the black hair that had just been blown fell on the white pillow.

Yan Yan took away the bath towel wrapped in him, put on a clean and soft pajamas, and leaned over the forehead with his hand on the side of the pillow. He carefully observed his quiet breathing in his sleep. The stunned light shadow was rendered on his white cheeks, the eyebrows were neat and clean, and the eye tips were very long; this appearance was a bit too beautiful for men, but his nose was unexpectedly straight, so he neutralized the overly soft Feeling, the nose is cast into a right-angled shadow, showing a slight

Cold temperament.

Strictly picking up the hair of his forehead, the scars on the Panshan Highway that were cut by broken glass have healed, but they are still clearly visible.

"..." Yan Shuguang flashed, rubbing the scar with his thumb, and a complex emotion gradually spread from the bottom of his eyes. After a while, he turned and picked up the phone on the bedside table. On the first few days of the past two days, he opened WeChat and pulled out the chat window.

On the evening of the street that day, the message from Qi Sihao was like a knife, and the pupil was deeply deep in the heart:

Yazhiyuan, Room 905, Building A, District 6

This is written on the intranet.- This is the address of Gongzhou before the stop.

When he was in Confucius, he was so curious that he was curious about Jiang’s life in the past, and he asked Qi Sihao to check with the police. At that time, Qi Sihao was also wondering why he did not directly ask Jiang to stop, and he was haunted by him.

In fact, Yan Yan does not have any inquiring thoughts. The main reason is that even if there is anything suspicious about Jiang Shu, his family has been searched by the 1009 task force for many times. The reason why he did not ask directly was purely because he wanted to inquire about it and then took time to sneak past it and secretly observed all kinds of small living habits before Jiang stopped.

He once guessed that the community where Jiang stopped his family was not too far from the Gongzhou City Bureau, but the area orientation would not be too good. After all, Jiang’s income level is here, and he is not like the kind of person who pays attention to the quality of life. I think that if the river stops, it will not be arranged like a police school dormitory. It is strict, careful, and full of absurdity. It is as lacking in fireworks as him.

But what he never imagined was that Jiang stopped to live there, Yazhiyuan.

He has been to this place, the second day of the case of Wang Xingye’s fall.

Before the explosion of the 1009 plastics factory, the confirmation order of the red heart q to the trading place was sent from Room 701 of a certain building in this community.

——The traces left by the red heart q, and the address of the river that has never been declared to the public, there is always a coincidence between the two.


Monday, early morning.

Yan Yan hurriedly picked up the shirt cuffs, grabbed the windbreaker hung on the porch, and while wearing the shoes, he grabbed the hair against the glass: "Go!"

Behind the table, Jiang stopped and did not lift: "Come back."

"This is 9:20. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Lu Bureau personally presided over the weekly meeting. When I was late, I had to check in the overall situation. I said what are you doing." Yan Yan turned and walked quickly, and the voice did not fall. On the front of the face was stuffed with an egg toast sandwich, could not help but "snap", and then saw Jiang stop to reach into his windbreaker, unbuttoned shirt button on the abdomen.

"..." Yan Yan was so shocked that he was full of mistakes for two seconds, and then the conditioned reflex screen stretched the abdominal muscles line: "I said that you can eat this body, don't make trouble, come and kiss a pro..."

Jiang stopped and said, "Let yourself in the mirror." Then he rearranged the last two buttons he had wrongly buckled, and the clothes were put back in the waistband.

Yan Yan did not regret, grabbed the river and stopped at the forefront, and went out to work quickly. The clinking of the door closed for a long time echoed in the empty living room.

A few minutes later, the most frequently opened Phaeton poured out of the garage, a beautiful and neat triangle turned around and flew away from the community gate.

Jiang stopped his arms and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, squinting his eyes, and the glass reflected his dark pupils. It was not until the Phaeton completely disappeared at the end of the straight lane of the community that he regained his gaze and gave a soft breath.

The white fog, which is almost invisible on the glass, floats past.

He picked up the phone nearby and changed the si card. After rebooting, he hesitated for a moment and finally dialed an international number.


"Hey?"The floor-to-ceiling windows reflect the clear, emotion-free face of the river, and the sound is completely inaudible. He said: "Hello, I want to donate an incense to the local temple through your office. What should I do?"


Fifty minutes later, Yan Yan wrapped up the wind and rushed into the conference room, bowed down and walked through the crowd, trying not to draw attention to the chair and sit down, watching with vigilance - just in addition to the front row Wei’s deputy bureau gave him a look. No one noticed that Yan’s deputy detachment was late for the eighth or ninth meeting in the past six months.

Yan Yan sighed and suddenly found out that it was wrong: Lu Bureau?

The minute hand points to ten o'clock, and the small conference room keeps squeaking the squeaking noise. The seat of the top Lu is empty, even the big tea pot is gone.

"Looking for Yan Ge," Ma Xiang, sitting behind him, sneaked in and whispered, "You are going to have a big luck today, and Lu has not come yet."

"What happened?"

Ma Xiang used his notebook to block his face: "I don't know, the first round of the summary was done by the old Weidai Lu Bureau... The trough brother, you have been fighting with the land consultant this weekend, the neck is scratching three Do you come?"

Yan Yan reached out and touched and pulled the shirt back and pulled it up: "Go and go! Little boy's house, see your harem go!"

Ma Xiang sighed and thought about his two words. Suddenly the conference room door opened. Everyone was sitting in a hurry, but I saw the secretary of the director’s office hurriedly walk in and whispered something in the ear of Wei’s deputy. After a while, the old Wei nodded.

"This," Wei deputy bureau cleared the scorpion, and sighed: "The Lu Lu is not coming today. When I just went downstairs, my ankles were broken and the tea jar broke down."

Everyone was surprised, and then a low-pitched laughter was heard.

"We will be hosting this week's meeting. I will follow the usual business departments to report on the key work and projects last week.

Ren... That, what, Director of profit, come first. ”

苟利板 stood up and stood up, Yan Yan was smirking, and suddenly Yu Guangjian saw Zhang secretary bending over the crowd and went straight to his side: "Yan deputy..."


Yan Yan looked up and saw Zhang secretary gently sticking to his ear and said: "Lv Bureau has an urgent need to see you."


Lu's big tea pot is placed on the table, soaking his usual chrysanthemum, red jujube and sugar tea, and the heat rises in midair.

"What?" Yan Yan was extremely surprised: "The Ministry of Public Security?"

There are only two of them in the office with excellent sound insulation. The body of Lu Bureau is full of leather swivel chairs - after all, even adding sugar to the tea - is taking off the reading glasses and rubbing his eyes tiredly, smelling "唔" location Nodded and turned the computer screen to him:

After the "new fentanyl compound 'Blue Gold' was notified by us, the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to the large-scale investigation in the southwest region. For this reason, it also carried out several notices with the Myanmar side. In the latest situation, three temples in the remote areas around Little Jura were slaughtered and burned. A group of captured drug dealers identified the spades k."The screen on the screen is reflected in the depths of the hole - it is obviously a sneak shot.

The background of the lens is quite dilapidated. It should be in front of a temple dedicated to a village on the border of Myanmar. The sinister sun is roasting the jungle, making the picture quality very unclear. Several men of Burmese origin are very obvious, standing on the side of the off-road vehicle, bulging in their arms, not knowing what weapons are being put in; a young man in a black vest and tooling trousers is coming down from the car, his body is very awkward, on his thighs. There was a gun in the armed band, and half a bottle of mineral water in his hand was poured on his head.

Although it was only a side face, Yan Yan still recognized his old acquaintance at a glance, Ajie.

At the same time, not far from the front of the car, a figure turned his back to the temple door, and in such a hot situation, he even had shirt trousers from head to toe. The white edge of the overexposed edge of the picture engulfed his half-body shape, but it can still be seen that he is not rushing to the level, from the slight movement of the limb to the amplitude of the pace, there is a sense of calmness.

Yan Yan’s eyes are slightly sinking: “Spades k?”

Lu Lu nodded and tapped the screen: "This is the image material half a month ago. Only half a day later, only two monks in the village temple were killed and the building was burned."

The office was quiet and silent, only the strict breathing, and the snorting of the tea in the Lu Bureau.

" did this photo come from?" After a long while, Yan Yan finally asked.

"Automatic camera." Lu Bureau shook his head and slammed the big tea jar back on the table: "Myanmar Xiaola is bordered by China. It is an extravagant place for drug trafficking, smuggling, gambling and wind. The caravan was captured by the Chinese border police when trying to sneak into the country. Because we had a cooperation agreement with Myanmar, it was temporarily returned to the Myanmar military for trial. It turned out that the drug trafficking organizations affiliated with the caravan were almost the same as the spades. On the other hand, after the expedited trial in Myanmar, the drug dealers sent a very important message, saying that the spades k recently took a few photos and checked the photos on the temple near the temple."

Yan Yan’s forehead jumped: “Looking for someone?”

Lv Bureau used the mouse's usual seriousness to use the mouse to slam the "next page".

Brush pull -

There is a photo on the screen that I don’t know after several faxes, scans and remakes. An old monk about sixty or seventy years old is wearing a red-yellow scorpion, and the wrinkles on the eyelids are pulled down, with an aging and swollen arm. Sitting in the temple.

I don't know if the quality of the remake is really inferior, or the psychological role of the criminal investigator. The face of this monk does not have any stability or peace. On the contrary, when the eyes are severely fixed, even a vague sense of ignorance is unknown.

"I just doubted." Lu Bureau slammed the big tea pot with one hand and pointed at the screen. Shen Sheng said: "This person may be the father of the spades k."

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