Chapter 118 Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Chapter 118

"It's best not to leave Jianning in the recent period. Please try our best to cooperate with our investigation. At the same time, we will also pay attention to protecting your safety. (Free of all the novels, needless to say, I am sorry, Yan Yan, you know this. Is going to the procedure..."

The iron gate was closed behind him, and the echo drifted in the empty corridor for a long time.

Yan Yan slowly walked to the end, on the side of the window sill in front of the corridor, the shadow of the Lu Bureau backed his hands, overlooking the endless sky and the vast gray clouds.

"Come out," heard the footsteps standing, Lu Bureau was careless: "Hey, you are suffocating, go home and take a grapefruit leaf to take a bath!"

Yan Yan also wore the costumes of the day he was arrested, black slim jackets and shirts, jeans of the same color and high-top boots. The shirt is crumpled, but it doesn't look stumbled. On the contrary, the black-browed eyebrows and eyes are somewhat vicissitudes and depressions.

"Is the old man waking up?" he asked.

Lu Bureau did not answer.

"..." Yan Yan sighed and said: "I want to see Qin Chuan."

Lu Bureau raised his hand and looked at the watch: "Let's go, half an hour later, arrange for you to go to the interrogation room to see one side. In this half hour you can go to take a bath and change clothes, take a cigarette to eat a meal, or..." Pointing across the road through the glass window, it means profoundly: "Look at how your favorite car is being repaired."

Outside the main entrance of the city bureau, a new bright silver-gray g65 quietly parked on the side of the street, attracting pedestrians to look back.

Yan Yan’s eyes finally showed a slight smile.


G65 flashing light is unlocked, wearing a mask against the back seat, while comfortably drinking tea while the next chess moves to raise the head, I saw Yan Yan wrapped in a cold wind into the car, Hudi closed the door.

"Oh, come out." Jiang stopped to withdraw from the game: "I bought you grapefruit leaves... Hey!"

Yan Yan reached out and took him into his arms, took off his mask and bowed his head.

It is like treating the heart that falls back to the chest, the treasure that has been recovered, the bright and bright pearl of the light; the Yankee presses the river halfway on the spacious and soft back seat, kissing from the lips and tongue to the tip of the nose, kissing from the delicate and cold skin. Especially the wounds that healed, the hot breath penetrated the blood vessels, and the people shivered in the snow and ice.

"Thank you." Yan Yan buried his face in Jiang’s neck and muttered, "Thank you."

Jiang stopped as if feeling a little funny: "Thank you?"

- Thank you for being there, at least until the last day, and you are standing by my side.

"Nothing, thank you for the bowl of pork leeks dumplings that you sent last night, and 歼31 all fucked into the Shenzhou No. 8." Yan Yan was indifferent to the river and stopped in front of the single-sided window. Unreasonably: "Don't move me to the top, don't move, comfort and comfort my injured and broken heart..."

"**I am injured, and that is boiled vegetables!"

"Where are you hurting, don't you face? It doesn't matter if I am responsible, even if you don't disappoint you, the wedding ring honeymoon team will not be short of two. You look at the price of the gift...""Strict deputy detachment!" Jiang stopped being stunned and stunned by both wrists. "You wake up, here is the door of the city bureau!"

"Nothing, no one looks at us. Nobody has a slip in the big noon. If you are seen, I will say that you are the little net red that I have brought in." Yan Yan said: "You see you are thin, I definitely didn't eat well, this waist is this thigh..."


The window was heavily photographed a few times, Yan Yan turned back, Han Xiaomei's innocent face was stuck in the car, fluttering with a pair of round and big eyes.

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Yan lowered the window: "What are you doing?"

"Mei Mei Mei Mei Jie said that you have just been out of prison, certainly no food, told me to send a lunch box..."

The mosaic-level picture in Han Xiaomei’s brain has been madly rushed out of the atmosphere, turning into a fireworks to illuminate the entire Milky Way, but the fact is that she is afraid to look inside when she is at the door. Yan Yan raised his brow, took the lunch box through the window, and opened it in a seductive aroma.

Stir-fried diced bitter gourd, cold bitter gourd, bitter gourd egg-flower soup.

"...clearing heat and detoxifying and reducing liver fire, very good." Yan Yan patted Han Xiaomei's shoulder and persuaded her: "I see you as a criminal policeman who is purely a cursed, or resigns to Yang Mei that ktv current Taiwanese little girl forgets, What do you think?"

Han Xiaomei: "..."

Yan Yan rushed Han Xiaomei back to work and sat in the car to eat a bitter gourd feast. Yang Mei did not let Han Xiaomei order a special expensive takeaway, that is, the roadside restaurant came out of the ordinary level of home cooking, but he did not feel bitter, one person snorted and finished eating, ordered a cigarette, relying on the leather In the back seat, the breath was relieved.

"It’s just a few days after the city council, how can it be so tired," Yan Yan muttered. "Is it really because of the age?"

Jiang stopped sitting on his side, while playing the chess that had just been interrupted, while he was careless: "So the man has to take the old man after 30, don't be a young man who is ambushing and turning around for a few days and nights." On the 8th of Shenzhou, I see that your Tiangong No.1 is almost the same."

"..." Yan Yan immediately snorted: "Tiangong No. 1 can also make you die to live, do not believe to try tonight?"

Jiang stopped raising his hand for a slap in the face: "I have done it..."

Yan Yan then stopped, squatting in the back of his mouth, smoking a cigarette, his eyes were scattered without focal length, and he only came out with a slight sigh: "How is he?"

"It’s better than Lu."

Jiang stopped in this respect and reached the point where he almost abandoned his feelings. He took a strong breath.

Try to express your emotions: "No, I don't really feel good about who I found out. Even if I finally found out that it is Fang Zhenghong, I am... Do you understand that feeling? It has nothing to do with personal grievances or collective honors, just true. For more than ten years..."

He shook his head and thought of the situation of the Gongzhou City Bureau in the past, as well as the relationship between the colleagues who were ambushed on the river and felt that they had said more.

"This is normal," he said after a moment he suddenly heard Jiang stop.

Yan Yan was holding a cigarette and turned his head."Criminal investigation, anti-drug, anti-terrorism, anti-terrorism, and even the entire public security port, this journey is long and difficult and endless. Once you step on it, it is difficult to turn around. Sometimes even resigning or retiring cannot take this road away from life. After all, the people who wear the national flag to the end of their lives are a minority. More people will leave in the middle, go away, or get lost and step into the martyrdom. They can no longer fight side by side. Strictly, we must learn to accept."

Jiang’s face was not clear in the haze, and he seemed to smile and whispered: “All battlefields to the end are the contest between faith and self. Those who accept this will be better.”

The smoke of the cigarette butts flickered and smothered, and it was reflected in the dark and solemn eyes. He sighed almost silently and opened his hand.

Jiang stopped giving him a strong hug.


The door of the interrogation room opened, and a strip of light extended to the darkness. Qin Chuan raised his head.

Yan Yan walked into the room with a smell of smoke, sitting at the interrogation desk, and the police closed the door behind him.

None of them spoke first, so they looked at each other face to face. The cold air floats like a semi-fluid, and the walls, tables, chairs, and even the handcuffs are covered with a layer of gray, as if the paper soaked in cold water covers the mouth and nose of the person from the void.

"Is there a cigarette?" Qin Chuan finally asked hoarsely.

The police outside the door moved and seemed to want to stop, but Yan Yan had thrown a whole box of cigarettes on the table, and at the same time picked up one and handed it over.

Qin Chuan smiled and said: "Thank you."

The starlight finally brought the illusory temperature, staring at Qinchuan’s face, and slowly asked: “I should also thank you, never seriously thought about killing, and finally give me Leave a one percent chance of survival?"

"It depends on what you think." Qin Chuan laughed, then asked: "What do you think?"

"..." Yan Yan said: "I don't know. I am more shocked that Yue Guangping is your father."

Qin Chuan raised his eyebrows.

"I have known each other for more than ten years. Today I know who your father is, how the mother left, and what I knew about the spades when I was at school. Now I think there should be a lot of secrets that I don't know, but It's very important for you, but it's too late, for you or for me."

Yan Yan also pulled out a cigarette, and the light blue nicotine scent slowly rose.

“How to say it,” he said. “The three words that may be the most helpless in life are ‘too late’. Unfortunately, I know this is too late.”

Qin Chuan seems to want to say something, but the exit is closed again, laughing and asking: "Do you remember when we first participated in the on-site action?"

"The first few police cars went to the casino. We had two interns in the back door. I thought it was all right. The result was a sudden burst of a few thugs, and the time when the mother had copied the guy?"

"Yes, I thought it was going to be cold at the time. I didn't expect your first reaction to kick me out and yell: "I am blocking, you are going to call reinforcements!"..."

Yan Yan smiled: "But you haven't run yet, and you still have a good time together.""Run a fart, your foot almost gave me a lumbar disc, and later I said, the battle has not been started, it is almost under the iron hoof of your own, you have to be glorious who lost my medical expenses Qin Chuan shook his head and sighed: "There was the first time to go to the bottom of the yellow, your kid actually went the wrong way, so that both of us went around for twenty minutes before returning. Finally, Wei’s deputy bureau did not believe that there was no Go with you..."

"It’s still the team that gave the solution, saying, 'I believe that the young man in our bureau shouldn’t have only twenty minutes.' In the end, he only had to pay fines. In the trough,” Yan Yan helped the forehead and said: “That can be It’s a shameful thing, and Wei’s deputy bureau doesn’t believe us, it’s a double insult to aesthetic taste and personal ability.”

Qin Chuan rushed, Yan Yan also laughed.

The guards outside the door couldn’t hear clearly, and couldn’t help but probe the brain. It’s very strange that they didn’t even fight inside.

"Yan Yan," Qin Chuan finally stopped the laughter and looked at him deeply: "It’s the most memorable time of my life to know these years and work in the city. If life is really there, To understand the regrets that are too late, the regrets should be mine and have nothing to do with you."

"I used to really treat you as a brother."

The two of them have met in the interrogation room many times, but they have been sitting side by side from beginning to end. They have never been opposite each other as they are now, and they have been separated by a few decades, and may even be the distance between life and death.

Yan Yan’s throat slides up and down and says, “...I used to be.”

The iron gate opened, and two police officers on duty came in and politely sternly nodded. "Sorry, strict time, time is up."

Qin Chuan stood up, Yan Yan also got up, suddenly could not help: "Wait!"

The policeman’s action was awkward.

Yan Yan took out his mobile phone, opened the photo album, and called out the set of windbreaker costume pictures taken by Yue Guangping’s house: "This is our in your father's wardrobe.

Found, by the end of the year before the end of the year, should be the 30th birthday gift that is ready to be given to you. ”

Qin Chuan stared at the phone screen and said nothing.

"You know why he has to tear down the box and throw it, so that it will be hung up in sets?"


"Because of this," Yan Yan’s voice was a bit stunned: "He can imagine what it looks like on the hanger."

Qin Chuan raised his head hard and closed his eyes and took a breath. It was very quiet around, and the faint light and shadow in the iron window reflected on his shiny lens. I couldn't see what it was at the moment. After a moment, he looked back and said, "Thank you for telling me."

The police looked at the watch: "It is time to go..."

Qin Chuan took a half step, bypassed the iron table, and suddenly paused after passing through Yan Yan. The police did not have time to stop it. He was slightly attached to the stern ear and whispered: "When we look at the suspense novels, we follow the protagonist and suspect that all possible crimes are committed. After the layers are stripped, the bad guys are brought to justice. But why have we never doubted the protagonist?"

Strictly embarrassed."If the 'bad guy' is the protagonist, what kind of ending will the story write?"

Yan Yankong expanded sharply and looked up. He only saw Qin Chuan smile at him, and then stepped out of the interrogation room step by step with the escort of two police officers.


Out of the city hall building, the smell of the haze was blown away by the wind, the traffic lights on the streets flashed, the car whistle shuttled, and countless small restaurants exuded the hot smell of cooking in the flow of people returning home from work. The sky was already cold, Yan Yan stood on the steps and spit out a white gas, and the slight heat was instantly dispersed in the air.

The last words of Qin Chuan were still lingering in the chaos of the brain, and Yan Yan pressed his thumb with his thumb and suddenly heard only a short time - hehe!

Opposite the street in the distance, the g65 pressed the lower horn, and then Jiang stopped to poke out the window and waved at him.

It's time to go home.

Yan Yan’s heart suddenly evoked infinite warmth, and his eyes did not consciously smile, and after smashing the cigarette butt, he ran towards the road.

Just then the phone in his pocket rang, and a new text message came from the ringtone. Yan Yan touched it out and removed the greetings from all parties after he was released. The latest unread text message sender is Lu Bureau, only a few short words:

The old side is out of danger.

At that moment, the five internal organs were all loose, and they could not help but stand up. They were ready to reply to the words "very good". Who knows that he just clicked the reply box, has not started to input, and suddenly the mobile phone display has another WeChat.


Yan Yan smoothly swept away and began to understand nothing, then suddenly realized what, casual expression was frozen and frozen -

The traffic lights changed again, and the swaying horses and people began to move, filling the neon lights in a row. Not far from the g65 still parked in the shade of the trees, issued a dull start roar.

Under the sky, the clouds are covered with clouds, and the dampness rises from the corners of the huge city.

The early winter wind winds with dust and dead leaves, making a sharp whimper and rotating straight into the sky.

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