Chapter 117 Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Chapter 117

The night outside the window was heavy, the Chinese lights were not on, and the lights on the road in the distance passed through the window, and the yellow light flashed along the ceiling. Free full novel (

At that moment, Qin Chuan slammed on the edge of the coffee table that fell to the ground, and the volley rushed to the front of the river!


Triangular | The thorn and the metal of the folding knife collided, and the spurt was sharp, and the river stopped to smash the vase backwards. It’s a hurry! when! A few knives twisted and twisted, and the end of the river has been forced to the corner!

Qin Chuan usually shows people in the image of Sven, but the shot is not the usual, it is cold, cruel and agile, even if it is not too much with professional grade Ajiebi. The familiarity and overwhelming power of the terrain helped him in the darkness. He only heard the whistling sound coming from the soles of his feet. The back of the river had been firmly tied to the wall, and the folding knife slammed into the three. Edge | stab!

The metal is pressed against each other and emits a rubbing sound that makes the eardrum extremely uncomfortable. The tip of the knife approaches the end of the river at a centimeter and a centimeter.

"--If Yue Guangping died, you really didn't touch it either." Jiang stopped looking at Qinchuan's eyes and suddenly asked: "Why do you panic to knock the ashtray on the ground when you leave?"

The voice just fell, the crisp impact of the sound three years ago seems to ring again in the ear, or the same shocking people - jingle!

Qin Chuan has been stunned by the face of the transient, the wrist is subconscious, and was pushed out by the river!

Qin Chuan was caught off guard, and he couldn’t stand still a few steps. He saw the snow in front of him, and he was cool from shoulder to right, and he was full of blood and flowers!

Jiang stopped a heavy foot and turned Qin Chuan back, suddenly knocked over the sofa, and the display on the display rack fell into the ground. Jiang stopped waiting for him to get up, leaping over the sofa with a knife, and robbing the three edges of the ground | thorn, who expected Qin Chuan to grab his ankle on the ground, and let the two people simultaneously Falling in the ruins of the ground!

"..." Jiang stopped talking without saying anything. When he got up, he was knocked over by Qinchuan with a slap and heavy elbow, and his head hit the wall. Awkward brainstorms, almost half a second time, Jiang stopped black before the eyes, and then he heard the metal thorns, Qin Chuan turned over and took up the weapon!

not good--

The keen sense of fighting saved the river and stopped. At the next moment, he tried his best to lean his head, and the three edges | thorns pressed against the side face and broke into the wall!

A trace of blood smashed out from the side of the river and stopped on the white cheeks of the ice.

"So thank you for letting me have a chance to talk," Qin Chuan whispered. "It has been very difficult for years."

Then, the three ribs | stabbed with fine stones to pull out the wall, stabbed the river to avoid the inevitable temples!


The sound of the gun rang, and the tip of the knife was at a distance of two inches from the skin.

"Stop, Qin Chuan." A gentle, decisive and familiar voice rang at the door of the bedroom and said, "Otherwise, the next shot will kill you."

"..." Qin Chuan slowly turned back and said: "I just thought about when you will stay until now, Lu Bureau."Lu’s characteristic sturdy figure against the light, stopped at the door of the living room, and held a 92-type police gun in his hand. His reading glasses shimmered slightly, and he couldn't see what it was at this time, and he repeated it slowly: "Let the weapon, let go."

At this time, Qin Chuan stopped the river on the wall, and the tip of the knife was a stone's throw away from the deadly temple. As long as it was forced down a little, it was a matter of life and death.

No one snorted, and even could not hear the sound of breathing. Qin Chuan did not say a word, and he slowly released the river and turned around.

At this moment, the distant headlights came in, reflecting his tight shoulder-arm muscles, sharp triangular edges in his hands, and the staring of the gun in the hands of Lu.

It was clear that nothing happened, but at that moment everyone suddenly felt: if he thought, he could throw the blade in an instant and hit the gun!

It was just a blink of an eye. The index of the index finger on the trigger was tightened, but the next moment was unexpectedly that Qin Chuan did not move. He smiled at the Lu Bureau and smiled in the "Dangdang!" An understatement of the three edges | stab.

In the distance, the red and blue rays are shining, and there is an unclear siren.


"Your original plan is not to meet in front of my eyes?" Qin Chuan said.

Lu Bureau did not answer this question, and recruited: "Raise your hand and walk slowly, stand here and don't move. Jiang team? Are you okay?"

Jiang stopped this to wipe the warm blood on his cheeks, tiredly got up and picked up Qinchuan's three-edge | stab, said: "Don't worry about me."

Qin Chuan crossed the ground and symbolically held his hands to the middle of the living room.

He did not ask for a lot of skill, from the right shoulder to the chest was stopped by the river to draw a half-foot blood mark, blood penetrated the shirt, outline the texture, look at some of the horrifying fierce and fierce. But the opposite is that his expression is not abnormal, and even a little relaxed, pointing to the ground and asking: "Can I put on my glasses?"

Lu Bureau said: "Don't wear it."

Qinchuan said thank you, bent over and put on his glasses, this is like a sigh of relief:

"I was negligent, thinking that you will act alone. I didn't expect both of you to join forces. Is it because Yue Guangping's phone call made you trust the Jiang team? Lu?"

"This is not the case." Lu Zhang's muzzle pointed to Qinchuan's eyebrows from beginning to end, saying: "I am convinced that you have suffered a loss, and will not trust others easily. - You better not to act lightly.

Inciting, Qin Chuan. The Jiang team didn't dare to shoot at random, but I could kill you. ”

Qin Chuan smiled uncomfortably: "Let's talk, oh my colleague... When the police haven't arrived, I'm afraid I won't have another chance in the future. When did you meet up?"

Lu Bureau’s eyes turned to Jiang, and the two seemed to communicate for a few seconds. Lu said quietly: “At noon today, because we all found the only evidence that you accidentally missed—”

Qin Chuan was very surprised: "Oh?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Yes, Wang Xingye."Time is pushed back a few hours ago, the second building of the Amber Hill Nine District, downstairs, convenience supermarket -

"Who?" Lu Bureau looked back and immediately stunned. The reading glasses showed an incredible look: " you!"

The young man was in a black coat, under the black hair that was wet with moisture, his face was white and lifeless, and even his lips were almost invisible, but he could still see the sharp and clear facial features of a few years ago:

"Don't be so surprised. When Hu Weisheng was making a drug case, have you already noticed my existence?"


The two men looked at each other for a long time, and finally Lu Lu nodded, hoarsely said: "Captain Jiang."

Not far from the back door of the supermarket, the boss hurriedly came in and saw the scene before the checkout counter, and could not help but be in the same place.

"I began to doubt you after the police attack in Jiangyang County, but it was only a suspicion. When the news of Laoyue’s death came, my performance was still unforgettable, whether it was from motivation or emotional disclosure. I can't make a trace of your association to your father's murderer. I have been asking myself even over the past few years. Is it true that Laoyue died of a heart attack? Is it really Godful?"

Lu Bureau shook his head and mocked himself. He said: "Until Yan Yan's aconite|alkaline poisoning, contact me in a hurry, only to see the last look of Laoyue's legacy, I really feel that you should have not ran. ”

Qin Chu silently "噢-" said: "No wonder you suddenly decided to give me a formal appointment, and I asked for the signature of the internal affairs of the detachment. I should take the opportunity to explore the flaws left in my daily work. Let's go."

Lu Bureau said: "Yes, you are too smart to do things, Qin Chuan. You have to hand over all the murders and erase the traces to the drug dealers, which minimizes the possibility of their exposure, so I am very difficult to grasp. Live your little sister-in. But if you can't catch the evidence, you can't arrest you for questioning by suspicion. On the contrary, it's easy to be awkward; so I can only use the most mechanical and time-consuming methods to sort out from the beginning. Everything I've done, every place I've been to, I'm trying to find out what you left behind, even if it's a little bit of clues."

"Fortunately, I didn't spend too much time." Lu Bureau turned and said: "Strictly undercover 'Sanchunhua' bar drug trafficking scene that night, a man used a telephone booth to alarm the yellow, so that Yan Yan, etc. The human anti-drug operation was destroyed by the anti-violation team. I once again transferred the monitoring record near the telephone booth and found that the alarm man’s body shape is very familiar. He is one of the “Sanchunhuawu” drug-supply homes, and it is also sixty-nine. In the kidnapping case, Buwei’s 'uncle', Wang Xingye.”

"..." Qin Chuan sighed and whispered something. From the point of view of the mouth, it should be: "Sure enough, things are not enough, more than a loss...""After you have colluded with Wang Xingye, things are much easier. I found Wang Xingye's one of the harbor's nests, the second building of the 9th district of Amber Mountain, and found that the nearby surveillance video was actually taken in the name of 'public security agency'. Destruction, but fortunately we still have the ocean of the people's struggle." Lu Bureau cold and cold road: "Wang Xingye downstairs a convenience supermarket installed a security camera, video storage period of up to six months, photographed you multiple times in and out Wang Xingye, and evidence of venting the letter a few hours before he fled."

Qin Chuan nodded while listening, and at the end he shook his head and sighed. It seems that some swords are not old: "It is not the Lu."

Lu Bureau did not answer.

"What about the Jiang team?" Qin Chuan feels a little bit unfinished: "You have not read the file and monitoring authority?"

"I don't need it." Jiang stopped replied succinctly. "I locked you up from the analysis of the pants of the square team. I remembered everything you had done before, and I remembered Wang Xingye."

Qin Chuan asked: "So you also want to find evidence of my venting report -"

"Do not."

Qin Chuan provoked half of the eyebrows, revealing the look of the advice.

"I only wonder why you have to collude with Wang Xingye. This matter is full of violations from beginning to end." Jiang stopped, "I later thought that this should be done with the spades."

The police siren in the distance is getting louder and louder, and someone in the community has opened the window.

In the living room, although the visual conditions are very dark, Qin Chuan’s look has finally changed clearly -

Even the Lu Bureau is not clear, so look up and stop at the river standing in the corner.

"There is no one in the base of the spades k-hands called Sanchunhua. It is Wang Xingye's private business, so you should give him the voice before the action. It should not be the instructions of the spades. Of course, Wang Xingye is like this to you. An anti-drug deputy detachment leader can please. If you hint at him, you want to establish a private 'business relationship' with him without the knowledge of Spades K. Wang Xingye should be in a hurry and even show it to you immediately. Very sincere loyalty."

Say Jiang stopped laughing and mocking, this action involved the wound on the cheeks, blood oozing out of the skin along the thin knife wound, flowing down the cheek to the neck, the face was particularly white and cold.


In the June 1 kidnapping case, if Wang Xingye sneaked into the night and stayed on the stand of the spades, there would be no benefit, and on the contrary, it might cause trouble. If you think in terms of spades k, the best arrangement should be to let you immediately annihilate Wang Xingye and use your convenience as the internal leadership of the police to destroy the corpse..."

"But you let Wang Xingye escape, why?"

A trace of blood rushed across the river to stop the cold lips, his smile seems to be a little deeper, leisurely said: "You originally wanted to use this person, is it, Qin vice team?"

This point, even the Lu Bureau did not expect, slammed into Qinchuan: "Is this the case?"

"..." Qin Chuan sighed again. This time it was really helpless: "But I didn't think he was useless...""What do you want to use him? How much benefit do you have in private?! Qin Chuan!" Lu Bureau angered: "I advise you to honestly explain all the problems! You have no way to go!" ”

Qin Chuan smiled and replied: "Yes, Lu Bureau, as long as you get the evidence."

The sirens are close at hand, and the red and blue lights are staggered downstairs, shining through the mottled glass windows of the rainy night.

The anger of Lu’s resentment gradually flattened, although the tone was still trembling, but barely restored patience and heavyness:

"The old party did not detect the aconite | alkali toxin pants are not dead, because it can not prove the cleanliness of the physical evidence, it will not form a chain of evidence. But your cooperation with Wang Xingye, several times to the spade k leaked After the passage, these must be traceable, always able to find evidence, you should not be lucky!"

"I know." Qin Chuan's expression is still very gentle, and the face of the gentleman has not changed, as if he can be safe in the future. He said: "I will cooperate with me, you can rest assured."

The police car parked downstairs, and the footsteps and snoring sounded faintly. Lu Bureau took a deep breath and forced himself to stop at the river and nodded.

- Jiang stopped to stay until the last moment, just to ensure that Qinchuan will not escape. Now that the police car has arrived, it must leave as soon as possible.

"Take care." Jiang stopped briefly, and wiped out the blood on the cheekbones, and went out in Qinchuan's gaze, disappearing into the dark fire corridor.

After a few hours, the elevator lights were on, and a group of national emblems and dark blue uniforms emerged in Qinchuan’s sight.


The rain is getting bigger again, constantly smashing the whole world, and the water on the road is shining in the night. Lu Bureau stood alone on the side of the road, watching the police car turn around and heading for the police station, and found the mobile phone to go back to the corridor, indicating that the driver who was trying to support the umbrella was a little farther away:

"Hey, are you out?"

In the mobile phone, the river stopped indifference: "Well."

"Qinchuan will definitely give up your existence after returning to the city bureau. From now on, you should still be careful." Lu Bureau paused, screaming with gray hair, and the voice of bitter laughter was low: "Old age Yue told me that he has a son, the scene is still vivid, and in a blink of an eye... for so many years, hey, I am old!"

On the streets where the rainy nights did not reduce the bustling streets, the river stopped in a variety of colorful umbrellas, hands in their pockets, black collars covering half of the face, revealing only half of the headphones: "Because of fear of death, pretend Drinking normal medicinal liquor, leaving evidence of flaws found, is not like Qinchuan’s character. The only explanation is that he didn’t lie, he really has some tasks that are much more important than murder, so he won’t take it. I have to risk my own life. This person has concealed a lot of things. When you show him a gun, he clearly has a fight, but he gave up."

Lu’s brow was also locked."Maybe Qin Chu thinks that it is not worthwhile to try to escape at that time. His IQ is indeed very high, and he is a target-oriented person who is good at planning." Jiang stopped, "No matter what, this person will definitely try to escape, I suggest you focus. Watch him, don't leave any gaps."

Lu Bureau "squeaked" and sighed and nodded. He only listened to the phone and said: "There is another important thing."

"What?" Lu Bureau raised the spirit.

"When did you release Yan Yan?"


The two ends of the mobile phone are silent for a few seconds. Lu is crying and laughing: "Tonight, I will interrogate Qin Chuan’s hand and foot on the old car. Tomorrow, at the latest tomorrow, the kid will be able to do it. You have to send something in? Eat Drinking? Towels are smashed? Books and magazines are not good, I will tell you!"

The river stopped through the horns and smashed the streets. Under the traffic lights across the road, Han Xiaomei’s red Toyota car flashed double.

“No,” Jiang stopped and slouched. “Whitewater boiled eggs are very healthy.”

He opened the rear door, and Han Xiaomei and Yang Mei returned from the front seat at the same time. The movements were neat and uniform, and they looked at him in a brilliant manner.

"Oh yes," Jiang stopped being ready to hang up the phone. Suddenly he thought of something like it. He quickly added another sentence: "Add half a bowl of white boiled green vegetables to eliminate fire."

Lu Bureau: "..."

The river stopped to close the door, and the red car sailed in the direction of the KTV, which was not in the night, and merged into the sea of ​​lights.

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