Chapter 116 Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Chapter 116

Three years ago, the raging flames of the scene were wrapped in black smoke, rushing into the sky in the gust of wind, and immediately stopped at the bottom of the river. (Free full novel.

His eyes were cold and bright, and he slowly said: "If you know more about my secrets, let's wait for the detention center and then slowly communicate with the investigators."

The manners and voices he said when he said this were stabilized, and the hand of the gun was fixed, and the whole person recovered to an impeccable state almost in an instant. Qin Chuan regrets that he recovered so quickly. He seems to want to say something, but he was interrupted by Jiang: "On the afternoon of January 18, two years ago, Yue Guangping found out information about the ghosts, ready to go out and I met. It was your temporary visit to kill him, right?"

Qin Chuan breathed a sigh of relief and said for a few seconds: "Yes. You have already guessed it, it is aconite|alkali."


"What are you doing?" Qin Chuan seems a bit embarrassed: "From eighteen to twenty-nine, during the eleven years, Yue Guangping tried many ways to exchange for forgiveness and acceptance of the only biological child of this life, but none of them. By the time I went to the grave on the 12th anniversary of my mother's death, he finally found that my attitude was loose, and seemed to release a signal that he would ease the relationship between father and son - he would of course be ecstatic."

"Is the spades k telling you to do this?" Jiang stopped asking.

This is obviously a simple and selective answer, but I don’t know why Qinchuan paused for a moment and said, "Yes."

Then he didn't give Jiang a chance to stop talking. He immediately took it: "In the next six months, I started to move with him. I saw several times in Jianning and accidentally made a phone call. This should give Yue Guangping a big deal. Encouraged, he began to invite me to sit in Gongzhou's home, but I always refused because of emotional unacceptability." Here Qinchuan added an explanation: "Yue Guangping was married in Gongzhou, before his wife died, The two have been living in the house, so this reason can be true for Yue Guangping."

Jiang stopped his eyes and didn't say anything.

When Qin Chuan mentioned Yue Guangping's wife, there was no contradiction at all. On the contrary, his attitude was rational and peaceful. This should be a very stable and mature manifestation of mentality and emotion.

In other words, he is far different from the performance of most hateful uncle killers.

"So your sudden visit on January 18th is very important for Yue Guangping," Jiang stopped slowly.

"Actually, I didn't expect to be so important to him, so that he would rather postpone meeting with me and let me enter the door. To be honest, I actually rushed past that day."

Jiang stopped his eyes and motioned him to continue explaining."During that time, Yue Guangping was always in the state of being monitored, so when he called to meet you in the safe house, the spades k knew that he must have detected something, but it was too late to arrange a car accident. I am going to the door. You can imagine how much Yue Guangping saw when I stood outside... shocked." Qin Chuan took a half second to choose the word, and then said: "I told him that I was on a business trip through Gongju, and I came in and took it. The cigarette smoked away, so he didn't want to let me enter the door."

What Yue Guangping didn't think was that the time to smoke the cigarette had killed him.

Jiang stopped for a long time and asked: "Do you let him drink medicinal wine?"

"No, it's tea." Qin Chu smiled sadly. "It's just a drop of aconite|alkali concentrate. The old man would have a bad heart... I took the cup away afterwards."

It is obviously such a tragic and sad parent-child murder. His performance is extremely calm, as if Yue Guangping was a true heart attack.

According to the normal interrogation style of the river, this kind of problem with sensation is rarely seen, but he still asked: "You killed your own biological father, as a murderer, there is no emotional touch?"

"How do you say..." Qin Chuan looked up and said.

He just raised his neck around his neck and looked at the ceiling. He said: "I am the murderer, but not. So the emotional touch is not the same as normal people."

Jiang stopped to ask: "What?"

- What does this mean?

Qin Chuan didn't mean it: "It doesn't mean anything."

Jiang stopped the pupil and pressed it. It seemed to penetrate the face of Qin Chuan and look deep into his calm eyes, but the other party obviously will not explain more. Suddenly Jiang stopped asking: "Are you afraid of the incident?"

“Why are you afraid?” Qin Chuan asked: “When my mother died, I was also by her side. What are you afraid of?”

"..." This time Jiang stopped staring at him and couldn't see any sense of laughter.

This smile only stayed in his lips for a short moment, then he only listened to him and asked: "So you used aconite|alkali with a smooth hand. When you murdered Fang Zhenghong a year ago, I chose the medicinal liquor again?"

"I didn't want to kill Fang Zhenghong." Qin Chuan corrected him and said: "Although Fang Zhenghong's character is very sensitive and suspicious, Yu Gong has caused me a lot of trouble, and it is not easy to get along with private, but I really have not arrived. To kill him. The best state for me is that Fang Zhenghong retired early due to illness, or at least completely decentralized, then my daily work will become much more convenient."

"As for the choice of Yan Yan to blame, it is also after careful consideration and multi-party weighing - Yan Jia in the deep background of the provincial party committee is very difficult for anyone, as long as it is not iron, the Lu Bureau will not easily At the same time, at most, in the open side, as long as the Lu Bureau showed a slight reluctance to face the strict meaning in front of Fang Zhenghong, the extreme character of Laofang would be understood as the strictness of the ruling, thus creating and building. Naked between the middle and upper levels of the Ningxia Municipal Bureau

Suffering and cracking. ”"The facts have indeed developed as I planned." Qin Chuan pulled the corner of his mouth, and it was somewhat interesting: "Lv Bureau privately retired the two interns of the General Affairs Section, and the clues can no longer be investigated. The reaction with Fang Zhenghong did not surprise me."

There are really not many who can count people's minds on this. Even if Fang Zhenghong did, even the old fox like Lu Bureau quietly said, Qinchuan’s ability or talent in this respect is quite extraordinary.

Jiang stopped shaking his head and gave him a slight glimpse. He did not praise him. He only asked, "Why did you poison Yan Yan later? Don't tell me that you didn't actually want to kill him?"

Qin Chuan smashed the forehead. He didn't seem to know how to explain it in order to express his intention. After he pushed his glasses, he said with sincerity: "If I seriously want to kill Yan Yan, he has already died a hundred times now."

Jiang stopped raising half of the eyebrows: "Oh?"

Qin Chuan shrugged: "You may have misunderstood me. I feel that I am a poisonous murderer. But in fact, I am a clear target-oriented person. I am not so obsessed with human life. If I die, I will feel very sad... ...if he is just injured or crashed, and he will leave the Jianning City Bureau forever to inherit the family business, just as Fang Zhenghong retired early, it is a good situation for me. Because I just want their position, and Not wanting their lives."

"Then you never thought that Yan Yan would not drink medicinal liquor at all, or would the bottle of poisoned medicinal liquor be drunk by others?"

"No." Qin Chuan underestimated the authenticity. "First of all, the weather is cold. It is his habit to drink medicinal wine and dehumidification every year before and after the winter. Secondly, I have determined that except for him, the criminal investigation detachment rarely moves the bottle of medicinal liquor, even if It’s really moving, and most of them are painted outside and not taken inside, because after all, the taste of medicinal wine is a minority.”

Speaking of this, he spread his hands: "Return 10,000 steps. Let's say that if someone really dies and dies, there is no way to do it, because there is no perfect 100% set in the world. If you over-seek one If you kill your life, then it will definitely leave traces in the layout, which is very unfavorable for hiding yourself."

Jiang’s face, which usually does not have so many complicated changes, has an indescribable expression.

"Teached." Then he laughed and said: "Where did the employment of Sheng Shengrong in Jiangyang County assassinate Yan Yan? Isn’t it serious to be serious?"

Qin Chuan said: "Do you believe it or not? I really did not ask Qi Shengrong to be sure to kill Yan Yan. I told him that it is best to shoot a police car tire to cause an accident and create opportunities for the killers hired by Wang Xingye. However, the action of Sheng Shengrong was slow, so that the few people who surnamed Fan first took the initiative and slammed the police car into the river. They also shot a group of people with a gun and a face to shoot on the river... More importantly, they still haven’t A person can hit the stern..."

Qin Chuan showed a headache and helpless expression."In fact, if I can choose, I don't want to raise the gun, because as long as there is a warhead, it will inevitably leave a clue to follow. And this gun is Yue Guangping, even if the Lu Bureau does not believe that Yue Guangping's death is related to me. He knows the father-son relationship between us. I don't want to leave any possibility that the Lu Bureau suspects me... Yes, do you mind if I sit down? It was really tired to go to work one day."

He pointed to the sofa on the side of the body. The river stopped for a few seconds and gestured with a gun:

"Sit down, but don't make any changes."

"No," Qin Chuan said faintly. "How accurate is your shot, I have heard of it."

He circumvented the coffee table, sat in the middle of the sofa, and leaned back in the backrest and said: "You don't even suspect that I have hidden any weapons on the sofa..."

"No doubt." Jiang stopped, "because I have already searched before you came back."

"..." Qin Chuan muttered: "Hey, I am still touched by your trust for a few seconds."

"I just feel that I shouldn't make the mistake of Lu. If he starts to doubt you after Yue Guangping's death, or investigating you when he is poisoning poisoning in front of a year, then things should have changed from a long time ago. Because you and Yue Guangping are born and father-son relations, and he has not taken any action against you during this year, Lu is hard to blame."

"Lv is old..." Qin Chuan sighed for a long time, only then used his palm to slap his face and said: "He may have investigated me for a while, but I don't do a lot of things in person, like swearing, rising, and The old Elantra car is doing this kind of trivial even if he investigates, he can't catch the evidence. To be honest, you can doubt that I am more surprised by me, maybe because you are an outsider."

The river stops undecided: "The people of the spades have handled a lot of "trivial things" for you?"

Qin Chuan said: "Almost."

"Then why are you coming to Yan Yan several times, and do you want to do this?"

Qin Chuan smiled at the forehead and asked: "What happened between you? How do you feel that you are convinced that he wants to kill Yan Yan, is it guilty?"

Jiang’s face was cold and white in the darkness, and his look was like a muzzle in his hand.

"Well, I admit that the people under his hand did pass on this meaning, but..." Qin Chuan shook his head with a smile: "First of all, let's take this person seriously. I have a security education from a small family. When I grew up, I have been so many years." Interpol, it is really not easy for outsiders to start with him. Secondly, the penetration of drug dealers in Jianning’s high-level public security is far worse than that in Gongju, so if I want to climb up quickly, An An will wait for the operation of the spade. The relationship is very difficult, mainly because I have to do it myself."

Spades k never rely on the local

There is no doubt that there is a relationship between Qin and Chuan in the province. However, Jianning is not the Gongzhou of the year. Jianning is a provincial capital with two sets of government. The provincial government has limited personnel control over the city bureau. If you want to quickly mention Qinchuan to the vital power, only It is obviously not easy to do through the provincial hall.Therefore, Fang Zhenghong, who was in front of Qinchuan, and Yan Yan, who is in a more important position, became the most direct stumbling block.

"So if you really want to divide the responsibility, I will take 60%, and the spades will take 40%." Qin Chuan seems to be quite interesting, saying: "But you should be lucky to be the one who is taking me. My priority is only If you get Yan Yan out of the criminal investigation detachment - if you switch to the spades, you may be the endless situation."

Jiang stopped back against the corner of the living room, and the ice sculpture that exudes a bitter chill was finally alive. He gave a soft smile from the nose and sneaked a mocking mock: "In this way, thanks You and the spade k are not exactly a heart."

"Oh, really is not, I have quite a lot of disagreements with the drug lords. Let's say..."

Jiang stopped standing there, but Qin Chuan suddenly said nothing. He took off the gold-rimmed glasses and placed it on his side. He pressed his eyebrows with his index finger joints. It lasted for a few seconds, and he smiled slowly and slowly: For example, he didn’t dare to kill you, but it didn’t matter to me—"

The river stops at the squatting hole, and the next moment, Qinchuan is like a leopard that has violently violently smashed a tea table!


The heavy solid wood furniture was actually swayed by him in midair, screaming at the wind and covering his face!

Two shots were blown, the coffee table was split, and the wooden block exploded. The shells slammed into the floor, and the river stopped to raise the muzzle. The backhand turned on the light, and the cold did not prevent it. Just listen to the top of the head. "Oh!" The glass burst, Qinchuan cracked the living room chandelier!

Innumerable pieces of debris in the darkness are poured down like a glass of rain that comes from the surface.

Jiang stopped lightning and turned his head to block his eyes. At this moment, Qin Chuan was covered with glass fragments, and he grabbed his right hand with a gun and forced his index finger into the trigger.



Jiang stopped his teeth and drooped his guns. Qin Chuan’s palm was dead.


The last hair in the battle popped up, Jiang stopped suddenly turning his head, and the hot air flow pressed against the neck and wiped it!

As long as the muzzle is more than a centimeter, his neck has already been blown at the moment. But this time was too late to be afraid, Jiang stopped kneeling and kicked Qinchuan, and threw his hand at the empty gun. He pulled out the folding knife and opened it. He suddenly saw Qinchuan picking up the long-handled umbrella hanging from the entrance, and the hand took out a cold light. ——

That turned out to be a three-edge | stab inserted in the handle of the umbrella!

Jiang stopped his eyelids and jumped a little. In the dark, he saw Qin Chuan revealing a regrettable smile to him.

The author has something to say:

Many of Qin Chuan’s secrets have not been finished, and I have to leave it to the next step to solve it in layers.

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