Chapter 115 Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Chapter 115

Jianning City. (free full novel

The second building of the 9th district of Amber Mountain Villa.

It was raining, the slate of the sidewalk was under the water, the vehicle drove through the brush and the sound of the brush; the tail smoke and the rain stuck in one place, and the world steamed out dizzying exhaust gas.

A short, stout, old man in a dark gray trench coat with a briefcase under his arm, holding a large black umbrella, walked into the brightly lit convenience store next to the community building.

At lunch time, the store was deserted, and the boss didn't know what to do. He only had his children squatting at the checkout counter to write homework and watch the store. The old man laboriously collected the umbrella, shook the water drops, and asked awkwardly: "Children?"

The little boy bit his pen and looked up.

"What about your father?"

The child pointed behind.

"Help me call your father to come over and say that the uncle who had to tighten things in the last two days came." The old man's rough and wide palm patted the boy's head: "Go."

The little boy looked at him up and down, jumped off the bench in confusion, and ran to the back door of the small supermarket.

The old man is not in a hurry. Put the tight briefcase on the road and pull it on the counter to take out a silver-gray mobile hard disk. Just then the store jingled, the glass door slid open again, and the outer weather was wrapped in moisture and cold, and a new guest came.


When the old man has a meal, he has to put the mobile hard disk back into his briefcase. Who knows that such a subtle movement has been interrupted, a slender white hand from behind him, accurately and unquestionably hold the old man's hand:

"Let me see it too, Lu Bureau."

Every word is soft, but the Lu Bureau is shaking when the face is smashed, and the pupils are tightened. Then they turn their heads and look at the people.


"Work hard, continue to get it tomorrow!"

"see you tomorrow!"

Qin Chuan said goodbye to his colleagues, and stopped in the evening traffic that was particularly crowded because of the rain. After only an hour or so, he drove home and rushed into the corridor elevator.


Qinchuan walked out of the elevator and found the key to open the door, but the action suddenly burst.

"..." He looked at the familiar number 527 in front of him. I don't know why the heart tightened irregularly. There was not even a breath of gas in a few seconds, like something pre-feeling in the dark.

He took a strong breath, calmed down, slowly opened the lock, and pushed the door open in the sound of squeaking.

There was no light in the living room, and the last skylight and streetlights passed through the glass windows, drawing the familiar furniture with a light gray shadow. In the morning, when I left, I hurriedly threw the coat on the armrest of the sofa. The table was filled with half of the cold tea. The goldfish in the fish tank on the coffee table swayed and reflected the water. The black and white portrait of the woman was placed. On the refrigerator, facing the entrance, revealing a familiar face.

A slender figure was facing the door, carefully looking at the photos, and hearing the sound of his coming in, but did not look back:

"You brought Yue Guangping's hair back to the funeral hall to make sure she was really happy?"

Qin Chuan made a long sigh of relief - as if the block had been stagnation in the chest for more than a decade, and it has finally been completely turned into a white mist, which dissipated in mid-air."Happy, I think." He replied with a smile.

Qin Chuan closed the door and took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. He moved a few shoulder muscles and gave a clear bones under the shirt. In contrast, his expression was still very polite. :

"Long time, but the name is good, the river detachment."

The young man turned and he was stopped by the river.

This is actually a very ridiculous and ridiculous meeting, but the specific meaning is ironic. Perhaps it is like Qin Chuan’s phrase "Long-standing name, fate side", only two of them in this world can understand it personally.

Qin Chuan seems to find it very interesting: "Are you going to visit your hometown's hometown?"

"In order to confirm my guess about your life experience, yes. Fortunately, I have a little understanding of Yue Guangping's whereabouts of going to the countryside more than 30 years ago." Jiang stopped faintly asking: "Do you want to know where you are exposed?"

Qin Chuan made a gesture to say.

"On the day when Fang Zhenghong took the medicinal liquor from your hand and overturned it, a few drops of medicinal liquor splashed on his trouser legs, but he did not extract even traces of aconite from the fabric. That is, you claim to be The criminal investigation detachment borrowed the bottle of poisonous medicine. The confession that tried to drink after the medicinal liquor was lying. You drunk it to Fang Zhenghong, and you exchanged it in advance and sealed it, and strictly smashed the bottle of the original non-toxic medicinal liquor."

"The whole poisoning incident is a well-planned scene. From reminding Yan Yan to use medicinal liquor to Fang Zhenghong's anger to stop the medicinal liquor borrowed from the Criminal Investigation Detachment, all the key turnings are developed like your pre-designed. There is only one prerequisite for the successful conclusion of this scene."

Jiang paused and said: "You know too much about Fang Zhenghong and Yan Yan. You know what kind of reaction they will make in a well-designed scene - just like a year ago, you In the name of sternness, Fang Zhenghong sent poisonous medicinal liquor, and he expected that he would drink the same."

Qin Chuan smiled bitterly, as if a little helpless: "I know that I should do the play that day. In the end, it shouldn't be soft."

“Why was it afraid at the time?” Jiang stopped a sharp eyebrow and asked: “Because Yue Guangping’s death makes you finally realize that Wutou|alkali is really killing?”

This time, Qin Chuan really laughed and smiled while shaking his head:

"No, no, aconite|alkali can kill people I already know. I just think - how to say?

What I want to do is not finished yet. How can I take my own life to take risks? ”

He seemed to be a little regretful. He wanted to go around the sofa and was stopped by the river: "Stop, or shoot."

Qin Chuan fixed his eyes and saw that it was only in the darkness of the Zhongjiang stop to hold the black hole in the gun.

"Well," Qin Chuan simply stood up in a courtesy manner and asked, "What do you want to know? Tell me, I will tell you."

Jiang stopped asking: "When did you contact the spades k?"

The word "contact" should only be maintained by Jiang, otherwise there will be more vocabulary to express the same meaning, but Qin Chuan does not care too much: "No, I didn't contact him, he took the initiative to come to me.""Proactively looking for you?"

"Yes, it was the first semester of my admission to the police station. To be exact, it was the first day that Yue Guangping appeared in my life in the name of 'father'." Qin Chuan shrugged his shoulders: "Early It’s unexpected to you, so I’m going to say that I’m going to make a name for myself, Jiang’s detachment.”

This is true.

If you really count this, Qin Chuan knows the spades k more than ten years ago!

"Yue Guangping was in the countryside when he was known as the educated youth." Jiang stopped asking.

"Old-fashioned story. When you go to the countryside, you will be confused when you are depressed. In the face of the great life choices of returning to the city, the conscience and life-long regrets in the next few decades...not worth mentioning." Qin Chuan said, "I don't I know when Yue Guangping determined my existence. When the mother of the college entrance examination suddenly died in the year of the college entrance examination, I began to receive funding, but I never knew who the 'good-hearted person' was. It was not until the police station that I knew that the good-hearted people were relatives. ""

Until now, talking about this past event, Qin Chuan has a subtle self-deprecating.

"Yue Guangping may have to wait until I have been admitted to college to recognize each other. I will be emotionally stable, but he did not expect that his every move has been stared at by the people of the spades. Indeed, he was Gongzhou. The person who is most hopeful to take over the throne of the Public Security Bureau, Spades K will not let such a profitable goal, so the next day when Yue Guangping cried and came to me, the spades k also appeared, and asked me: 'Do you know what Yue Guangping abandoned your mother and son in the past?'"

Jiang stopped picking up his eyes and looked at Qinchuan, a few steps away from his eyes. He slowly said: "You don't seem to be standing there to listen to people who wash his brain."

"Of course not." Qin Chuan laughed. "I have my own thoughts, otherwise how can I come to Jianning instead of going to Gongju?"

If you go to Gongzhou, with Yue Guangping’s heart, even if you don’t go to the back door to help your son get promoted, you will never make fewer arrangements.

But Qin Chuan did not - he came to Jianning, started from the police station police, the sweat and injury for so many years is true, and at least 80% of the merits are true.

"He is for his future," Jiang said softly. "So you have to make a future that you don't lose."

Qin Chuan did not deny.

"You have been working with Spades K for more than a decade?" Jiang stopped asking.

"Oh, this is not." Qin Chuan frankly and categorically denied it, saying: "The police station has contacted me several times in the four years of the police. I hope that I will go to Gongzhou to do the inside of Yue Guangping, to counter him and control. He can even replace and destroy him one day; I admit that the sedition and persuasion of this drug lord is a genius, and even almost brainwashed me. But in the end, I want to prove that my ** is still strong After everything, even the hatred of the father."

What do you prove yourself? Qin Chuan did not say that Jiang stopped without asking.

But there are things that don't need to break between smart people, they all know -In that year, you abandoned your girlfriend in the country and abandoned the morality and responsibility of being a man in exchange for the future of loneliness and high weight. And the son you are now abandoning does not need to snuggle and beg you, but also prove your ability, but also make your old face shy and regret.

"Only one point is very strange," Qin Chuan said. "Although I refused the spades and left Gongzhou, it was unexpected that he did not have any objections, as if he had expected it, but suddenly cut off. All the news and contacts. Since then, this drug trafficking group has not appeared around me for many years, I don't know why, until five or six years ago..."

"Because he can understand this feeling." Jiang stopped faintly.


Jiang stopped his face with a bit of a weird look. "Nothing, you continue."

"Until five or six years ago, I was in danger of being arrested and rescued when I was in a state of isolation and helplessness." Qin Chuan said, "It is a man of the spades."

Five or six years ago, it was almost the time when Jiang stopped to find "Blue Gold" in Gongzhou. Then Jiang stopped to trace, and finally touched the underground drug factory in a certain area of ​​Gongzhou Mountain, where he once again encountered the adult spades k.

The trajectory of fate extends from all directions, gradually forming a large net, engulfing everyone in it and rushing.

"At this time, you have been working in Jianning for many years, but you are still a small criminal who throws his head and blood. He finally discovered that the world is not black or white. With the help of the spades k, your life safety and efficiency of investigation are all There are a lot of guarantees, and all the scattered small drug dealers can get rid of all the nets, and the level of promotion has become extraordinarily smooth, is it?"

Jiang stopped watching Qinchuan, and the other nodded: "Almost."

"So you finally cooperated," Jiang Shu's tone did not bring any doubts. It was declarative: "At that time, Yue Guangping was promoted to deputy mayor and public security chief, but he was like a side wall of Gongzhou City, spades k Unable

Pull him down into the water and have to start from you again. ”

Qin Chuan sighed and said, "Yes."

Just like Jiang stopped guessing.

Qinchuan, who was not even a deputy detachment, could not provide any help for Jianning in the case of Jiantao. The primary goal of drug lords was Yue Guangping. Because even if the Gongzhou public security system penetrates more, if the top hand Yue Guangping insists on not getting into the water, the spade k is still very big.

It can be said that Yue Guangping is the most difficult bone of the spades k, and the deputy mayor of the lonely family has no flaws.

In addition to Qinchuan.

At the last point, the skylight gradually disappeared, and the clouds covered the city, and the raindrops continued to slap the window. The outline of the furniture in the room has been blurred, but I don’t know why Jiang’s slightly distorted face is still very clear. He barely opened his teeth, and his mouth sounded like a tight bowstring:

"So, three years ago, 1009 action information was leaked to the spades k, and the inner ghost that killed my fourteen poison policemen was you?"

"Ha ha ha..."There was a low laugh in the room, and then the voice became louder and more visible. Qin Chuan supported the forehead, and even his shoulders were shaking, as if he heard the best laugh in the world. After more than half a minute, he barely stopped smiling, looked up and watched Jiang stop: "I said Jiang team - After three years have passed, what time do you have to deceive yourself?"

The river stops like a dip in the ice water, from the nose to the lungs, filled with biting hail.

"Yue Guangping, the police chief is a vegetarian, will he tell anyone such important information casually? Not to mention that even the police in Gongju are not, you thought he would eat at a dinner party someday. The internal line of the Public Security Bureau said the same thing as the current wine?"


"Don't brainwash yourself, Jiang team." Qin Chuan's eyes flashed with ridicule and pity and mixed feelings, said: "The 1009 anti-drug action failed and more than 10 comrades sent to Huang Quan, has been you and Yue Guangping. ”

Jiang stopped his elbows, shoulders and even half of his body. They all shuddered under the coat, and the hand of the gun was soaring.

However, Qin Chuan did not seem to see it. He stared at the river and stopped in the dimly-moving pupil. He smiled softly and word by word: "There is no ghost inside, never -"

"The murderer is yourself."

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