Chapter 114 Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Chapter 114

emergency room. (free full novel

The iron wheel bones rolled over the ground and rushed into the glass door, and the red light in the rescue lit up. In the distance from the corridor, people came and went, Yan Yan gasped, and slowly sat on the cold ground against the wall.

Crash, blood, physical evidence bag, police siren from far and near... Countless sounds are intertwined in his mind, like a giant sky covering the deep sea of ​​fear, and the devil's eyes are staring at him slowly rising from the sea floor.

Who is the car of the other party?

What is in the physical evidence bag?

The sound of several leather shoes coming from afar was far and near, and everyone in the corridor looked back, and Yan Yan seemed to have heard nothing. Until the footsteps stopped in front of him, Yan Yan only looked up and saw several uniformed police officers standing in front of him, surrounded by the atmosphere of enemies.

"I'm sorry, Yan deputy." The person who led the police showed the police card: "You know the procedure, let us take a trip."

Several policemen were on the alert and seemed to be afraid of the sudden and violent rebellion. One of them even put his hand into the back and held the handcuffs.

But their concerns have not come true.

Yan Yan’s eyes swept through their nervous faces, and suddenly he smiled and got up and patted the clothes.

"Go," he said.


Jianning City Bureau.

The interrogation room seems to be much darker than usual. A few glimpses of light at any time through the iron bar window, reflecting the floating dust floating in the air, twisting the shadow of the iron table, the desk lamp and the interrogation chair, and the opposite wall reads "confession from the wide, resisting from Strictly, the eight whiteboards of the whiteboard are slightly glowing with long years of light and shadow.

In the distance, there was a vague sigh: "What are the things about our strict brother? You must at least give me a cup of hot water..."

"I'm sorry we have regulations, no one can enter!"

"What happened, definitely make a mistake, feed you..."


The vocal clutter disappeared and the iron gate crashed back in the empty corridor for a long time and passed into the deepest interrogation room.

Yan Yan sat straight in the chair, his darkness could not stop his clear and deep cheek lines, and the skin on the stiff nose was indifferent to the shimmer.

I don't know how long it took. Finally, the footsteps of two or three people gradually moved from the end of the corridor to the front door, and then the guards opened the door. A figure that seemed to be chubby and sturdy, not eager and slow, met with severe gaze. At the door of the interrogation room.

- Lu Bureau.

"Well, I know, go out."

Lv Bureau walked into the house, told the guards behind the police, and then, while the other side locked the door, while sitting next to the interrogation table with a large tea pot, the eyelids pulled down by the wrinkles looked and looked at Yan Yan, saying :

"The old car was destroyed by the acceleration and braking system. The head is currently injured and is still being rescued."

This is his first sentence.

Yan Yan has been silent for a long time, and the cold air is like glass, covering them in a small room."At the end of August, on the night of your birthday, I called the traffic police brigade to intercept a car that tracks your car east of Workers Avenue. The car is a silver-gray modern Elantra, which is consistent with the model and features of today's old-fashioned car. After the investigation, the vehicle license was tracked that night, and the license plate used was the informant license that the anti-drug detachment had used in an operation."

Lu Bureau paused and said slowly: "That is, Founder Hong has tracked your business, you are informed."

Yan Yan’s expression is chilly and firm | quite, spit out a few words: "I know."

Lu Lu nodded and said:

"This morning, a waiter at the Four Seas Guest House in Gaorong County, Gongzhou City, a waiter was almost hit by the emotional Fang Zhenghong when he sent the towel. According to the waiter, you were standing at the door of an open room. The old man was very angry and yelled: 'I didn’t want to harm you if the surname is strict. I had a proof of absence from the gunman accident that night, wait for me to call!' - Is there such a thing?"

"..." Yan Yan said: "Yes."

After the single-sided glass, several deputy directors, directors and interrogators met face to face, and everyone’s eyes flashed with alarming light.

Lu Bureau asked: "That is, a few hours before Founder Hong, you are the last outsider who has contacted him and has a serious dispute?"


In the interrogation room for a moment, Lu Bureau changed the way of asking questions: "You can explain why you will appear in Gaorong County, there are several people in the same trade, why is it, why and what is the dispute with Fang Zhenghong?"

Strictly silent.

This kind of ice-like silence and resistance is one of the most unwilling situations for criminal investigators to face, and one of the important guesses for the fact that the interrogation object is indeed guilty.

In other words, the strict attitude has made the balance of everyone's mind gradually tilt toward the unfavorable side.

"Yan Yan," Lu Bureau looked at him. Every word was attached with an indescribably heavy weight. He said: "You have been an old criminal investigation that has been done for more than ten years. Now, if you have zero confession, you can also convict it. I don't have to say it again. If you are not willing to explain anything, our investigations and inferences will be quite unfavorable to you. Do you understand?"

Numerous eyes in and out of the inside and outside have turned to Yan Yan, and even his tight blade-like lips are clear.

For a long while he said: "I understand."

"--you understand." Lu said that he repeated the tone and nodded. "So can you at least tell me why Fang Zhenghong happened?"

Waiting, are you downstairs in his house? ”

Obviously this is a very simple question, but Yan Yu has been silent for a long time. His body is still sitting at the interrogation table and everyone is in focus, but the soul does not know where to float, as if hanging in the air, staring coldly. Interrogate everyone inside and outside the room.

The interrogator was clearly anxious.

Outside the single-sided window, the forehead of Wei's deputy bureau was almost stuck on the glass, and the cheeks were stretched to a point that was a little distorted, and the hand clenched into a fist pocket and became a fist."No." Suddenly the opening was severe, but every word spit out from the thin lips caused the heart to fall indefinitely into the abyss. He said, "I can't tell you."

Everyone's face changed a lot, and Wei's deputy bureau couldn't stand for a while, shaking a few times!

The tea pot in the hands of Lu Bureau slammed on the table and leaned back into the back of the chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Since you know what the consequences of concealment are, and insist on choosing to do so, then I have nothing to say." Lu said slowly, and said: "Good, good, good... Yan Yan, I will ask you again." The last question, if I really don't want to say it, I can't help it. The last person who was alone in the vehicle when Fang Zhenghong was not present was you?!"

- No.

Yan Yan is silent like a sculpture, facing away from the meager light in the iron window, the answer to this question automatically emerges in his mind: Jiang stopped.

He closed his eyes and sighed in a few seconds: "It's me."

Lu Bureau Huo Ran got up and walked out.

"and many more."

No one thought that Yan Yan would speak out at this time. Everyone outside was stunned. He was preparing to take the road and rushing out to grab the Wei Bureau’s Wei’s deputy bureau, a 90-degree twist, and the old face rushed. Looking forward to the light.

But then the glory faded down -

Lu Bureau looked back at the interrogation table, and Yan Yan raised his chin slightly, so that he had a horny face, a slender neck and a wide shoulder. The shoulders were particularly eye-catching, and the backlight was like a black whirlpool. .

He asked: "Is it you?"

These three words are very light, no one knows what it means.

"……you ask me?"

It seems ridiculous that Lu’s eyelids are shaking. Then he gave a sigh of relief in his nose, and the voice of the rhetoric was very strict: "Whether I say yes or no, can you believe in the absence of evidence? Strictly, do you still have a basic quality of criminal investigators?" ?!"

The interrogation was quiet inside and outside.

The la la iron door rang, and Lu went to the interrogation room and went out.

Wei Wei made a turn in the same place, as if he suddenly lost his direction, and then saw Lu Bureau walked outside the interrogation room, and rushed out at the pace of the time, grabbed him, and slammed it like a barrel. Chong | Feng Gun: "Lao Lu, listen to me! Fang Zhenghong must investigate this matter carefully and strictly, he is really not!"

"Lv Bureau Lu Bureau," Zhang Secretary hurriedly rushed, interrupted the blushing neck and thick Wei Wei: "The phone in our bureau exploded. The provincial party committee Liu has already called the third phone. See you understand the situation, now this situation..."

"not see."

Secretary Zhang: "What?"

The tone of the Lu Bureau was not wavering, but the face of the Maitreya Buddha's white fat and awkwardness seemed to have produced an invisible change. From the lower eyebrow of Bodhisattva to the glare of King Kong, it was shocking and shocking."Don't see." He calmly said in the eyes of Secretary Zhang, Wei's deputy bureau and the rest of the people. "From now on, I will eat and drink, and I will personally send it. No matter who wants to visit, I must get my." Signature approval. Before the case investigation is clear, even if the governor comes, don't want to see people."

After the death of the general silence, Lu Bureau looked around everyone, cold and cold:

"No one is allowed to step into the iron gate of the interrogation room!"


Late at night.

A red Toyota car passed through the bustling gate of KTV, and turned into the alley, then stopped at the alleyway not far from the back door.

A young girl wearing a hooded hoodie, jeans and white shoes hurried off the car and grabbed her bag and ran across the dim path. v The rear door faintly reveals the light, and Yang Mei, who is wearing a fur bag and holding a small bag, has been waiting for a long time. He suddenly heard the footsteps and looked back. He was overjoyed: "Little Han!"

"Mei Meijie!"

The young girl took a hood and revealed a young, anxious face without powder. It was Yang Mei who waited for Han Xiaomei for half a night.

"Is this really said?"

Ktv upstairs office area, Han Xiaomei was extremely hungry, and nodded at the big mouth burger: "Hey..." Yang Mei quickly opened a bottle of Coke to her, Han Xiaomei immediately raised her head and simmered a few mouthfuls, finally Teng Out of the air.

"Yes, that's what I said. The bureau has spread all over the place. Liu Hall personally came to our city bureau for this matter. As a result, he was stopped by Lu, and he said that the Yan team is a high-profile suspect. With background, anyone who sees it may hinder... Hey! Obstructing justice!"

"...what does he mean?" Yang Mei was shocked. "How does it seem to be against someone who wants to be strict?"

Han Xiaomei’s mouth was full of shrugs.

The two went to the door of the suite, Yang Mei knocked on the door: "Jiang Ge?"

"Come in."

Han Xiaomei did not dare to let go in front of the young and gentle Lu consultant. She subconsciously stalked her neck and swallowed the hamburger. She entered the room with Yang Mei. I saw Jiang stopped at the desk lamp, and the table was full. When I approached, I saw several different ID cards.

Account book, bank card, new mobile phone and mobile phone card...

Probably seeing Han Xiaomei's incredible gaze, Yang Mei smiled and introduced: "All Jiang Ge was prepared a few years ago, just to prevent one day from happening."

Han Xiaomei was stunned, and his heart said that he couldn’t just contact the consultant’s phone. He used to change the phone with the card at the same time when the Yan team had an accident. The so-called professional level of caution is no different.

Jiang stopped talking without a word, wearing gloves, carefully checking the key clues left by Fang Zhenghong on the paved plastic sheet: the old blue pants.

“Nothing to find.” After a few hesitations, Jiang stopped the seam of the last piece of fabric and said: “There is no note, handwriting, unusual stacking or smell, and no residue that can be identified by the naked eye. Fang Zhenghong Since it is considered to be a key clue, it must be his reason. It is best to send it to a professional mark and physical and chemical analysis."Yang Mei pointed to the outside, and asked: "Let the surname Qi bring back to Gongzhou to find their technical investigation?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head. "I can't wait, and I can't let the evidence get out of sight. Han Xiaomei?"

Han Xiaomei immediately stood up: "It's here!"

"Do you know the technical investigative students assigned at the police station?"

Han Xiaomei’s little chicken glutinous rice nodded and said there was something.

"Contact the other party immediately, and I will send it to you tomorrow morning. I will go there."

Han Xiaomei said that you may not know much about the male-female ratio of our police school. It doesn't matter if you don't follow it. If you are going to go with it, it will be a great encouragement and encouragement to my technical investigators...

Jiang stopped picking up his gloves and rubbed his face. Until then, he finally showed a slight fatigue, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking up and asked Han Xiaomei: "How are you Yan brother?"

He asked this question as careless, but somehow, Han Xiaomei suddenly felt that after asking this sentence, his entire attention was concentrated on his own body.

"The situation of the Yan team... It should be okay," Han Xiaomei said in a difficult way to tell Yang Mei about the news. He carefully watched Jiang stop: "Although the wind is not good for the Yan team, everyone believes that the Yan team is not Such a person will not do anything to hurt the team. Besides, when the car of the team is being fixed, it is impossible to happen. It must not be because the team is on the scene at the time of the incident, and the team is the murderer. Right? That’s too much to say! It’s totally unreasonable!”

Han Xiaomei was filled with indignation, and Jiang stopped nodding. "So what did he eat at night?"


Jiang stopped repeating: "What did he eat at night?"

"..." Han Xiaomei said: "...hey, taro and white boiled eggs..."

Jiang stopped his eyes, and his flat face was hidden with some deep emotions, and then his face was buried in the palm of his hand. When he opened his eyes again, he had recovered to a flawless, ice-like calm, as if the momentary weakness was just an illusion.

"Know it," he said. "You will stay first tonight, and you will leave for your classmate tomorrow morning."

Han Xiaomei rounded his eyes and said what the heart said? I spy on so much intelligence, prepared a lot of comfort, and laid a basket of drafts. As a result, you asked the Yan team what to eat at night? Trust me a little more!

Yang Mei is still a little worried: "Jiang Ge, are you okay?"

Although she did not want to admit it, reason made her clearly aware that her state of Jiang Ge was really different after the accident - his investigation steps were as fine as usual, and his calm, calm and professionalism seemed to be There is no difference, but there is a certain emotion or a gas field, and there is a change that is chilling and shocking.

Jiang stopped to stand up and said, "Nothing. I can do anything."

Yang Mei is worried and wants to stop.

"Go to sleep." Jiang stopped faintly. "If I speculate that the direction is correct, we are very close to the real murderer."

Yang Mei thought that Jiang would stop sleeping all night. Who knows that when she didn't worry about knocking on the door later, she found that Jiang stopped the lights."Sleeping down?" she thought secretly, and at the same time sighed with a slight sigh of relief: "Fortunately, fortunately, it should be more rest--"

The wind and rain outside the window, the north wind whistling through the window, the night is boundless.

What she didn't know was that at this moment, Jiang stopped lying in the darkness, staring at the empty space suspended by the river. He seems to be isolated from the world, and the only connection and bond has broken, and his perception of the outside world has gradually blurred.

Jiang stopped raising his hand to the side of his body, and his fingertips directly touched the cold and empty sheets.

For a long time, he lay flat on his head, closed his eyes, and sighed hoarsely.


In fact, it is not the best policy for Han Xiaomei’s police school students to help. First, as long as the Jianning public security system is within the scope of the Jianning public security system, the inspections will inevitably leave a record, leaving the clues to be traced. Secondly, Han Xiaomei just graduated. Her classmates are also technical detectives, and there will never be any professional skills like the director of the city bureau Huang Xing.

But now, everything is fast, and Han Xiaomei’s network is indeed the only way for Jiang to stop asking for help.

Han Xiaomei's best buddy when she went to school - her fellow countrymate and classmate was assigned to the technical squadron of the police station under the Fuyang branch. The young man got the trousers in the morning, and said that it would take the next day to produce the results. After being invited by the beautiful Yang Meida sister at noon, the young man said that he suddenly ignited his passion for work and life. He finally made the analysis results before he got off work, and asked Han Xiaomei suspiciously. "Which case is this, are you sure you haven't taken the wrong test?"

Han Xiaomei is guilty: "No

... no? ”

"But this is an ordinary pair of trousers. I can think of the tests. I haven't seen any blood stains and toxic reactions. I can only analyze the health habits of this person. With a few dog hairs - lying, you must have made the wrong thing wrong, or why don't you go to the city bureau, but use it to test it for you? You finished Han Xiaomei! You have to be returned by the city bureau! ”

Han Xiaomei wants to cry without tears and says, "I thank you for reminding me."

Having said that, Han Xiaomei still sent the analysis report to Yang Mei with full suspicion, and her phone number rang. The caller ID is Yang Mei’s number, but she only listened to Jiang’s head and asked: “ All the analysis results are here?"

Han Xiaomei stood on the street outside the police station, surrounded by car horns and pedestrians. She yelled at the microphone and said loudly: "Yes! It is almost certain that the last meal the party wears in this trousers is a meat clip. Hey, there may be a few stray dogs near the house, personal hygiene habits are not very good! - What should I do now?!"

Han Xiaomei’s heart has been shrouded in despair. She can’t imagine that if she falls into this situation, she can’t analyze any ugly words from the meat clips and stray dogs. What kind of anxiety and unpredictability will happen. .

"I know."

"Ah, huh?" Han Xiaomei said, you know? What do you know?

"I have to go out and stay in touch.""You want - feed? Hello?"

Jiang stopped the phone, put down the phone, turned and picked up the coat, grabbed the car key, and went straight down to wear shoes. Yang Mei panicked behind and shouted: "Wang Ge, where are you going? I will go with you!"

"I went to the field." Jiang stopped pushing the door: "Fang Zhenghong's idea is correct. Now I only need to verify it last time, and I can almost confirm the answer."

"That then you wait for me! I don't make up the makeup, let's go!"

Yang Meifei rushed to change clothes, but then her movements were nailed to the original place by the river: "No, don't follow."

Yang Mei lived.

Jiang stopped standing in front of the gate and turned back, half of his cheeks in the bleak skylight of the early winter, calmly said: "The danger to you may be relatively large."

Yang Mei racked her brains and couldn't think of what Jiang had seen from the analysis report in just a few pages. At night, Han Xiaomei came over to KTV. The two girls were sitting on their knees and frowning, and they were filled with worry and embarrassment.

Is Yan Yan safe in the city office detention room?

Where is the river going to the night and going there?

In fact, not only Yang Mei and Han Xiaomei, in the vast city of Jianning, there are many people who are tossing and turning like them, and sleepless nights. Until the eastern sky gradually became fishy, ​​Yang Mei, who had been confused for a few hours, was suddenly awakened by the bell, and squatted and grabbed the phone.

At 6:30 in the morning, an unread message came from the new number stopped by Jiang, only a few words:

I know who he is.

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