Chapter 113 Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Chapter 113

Half an hour later, the two highways were built. (free full novel

Yan Hao opened the Bluetooth in the car, and the rearview mirror reflected his black-browed brows: "I said Lao, how can you live more and more back? Everyone is now tied to the same rope. Grasshopper, no matter what clues you think of, at least we will say hello to us, and prevent you from causing the clue to break if you have something wrong. Are you saying?"

In the next moment, the roar of Fang Zhenghong sounded in Bluetooth: "You are the grasshopper! The grasshopper after the autumn!"

"Hey, I can't do it, right?" Yan Yan said helplessly. "What do you mean by the sentence?"

Fang Zhenghong's support and ignorance, obviously refused to elaborate, and forced the opening to swear: "Who is sitting on the same boat with you, who knows what else you have in private? I won't tell you, I am playing now. Take a long-distance bus and contact Jianning again!"

Strictly improve the voice: "Hey, dare to call the net about the car! Real-time trip to share a sly, although you are not a big girl but a bad old man, but security is still..."

Fang Zhenghong hung up the phone angrily.

"You said that he has a problem with his arrogance. He is in a hurry to get angry." Yan Yan shook his head and sighed: "I am a good heart to be a sputum and liver. Even if he has no money, no appearance, not like you. It’s so high risk to sit on the Internet, but it’s a bit of a minimum security awareness.”

In the back row, Yang Mei and Qi Sihao face each other.

"You mean that the team has money, do I have a look?" Finally Yang Mei asked indefinitely.

"Oh no, I mean you are with you Jiang Ge." Yan Yan held the steering wheel and pointed to Yang Mei: "You have money." Then he pointed to Jiang: "He has a look."

Yang Mei: "..."

"Fang Zhenghong is still not sure that you are completely innocent." The Jiangshang on the vice-driver did not seem to hear anything at all. He still did not move. He said: "Many old police officers have doubts about their suspiciousness, and this person is particularly sensitive. Suspicious, it is normal to have many years of prejudice against you, so it is estimated that he will not easily share clues before completely excluding your suspicions."

"Oh, keep up with him!" Yan Yan habitually took out the smoke from his pocket, did not break into his mouth, suddenly thought of something, regretfully lost the sundries, said: "Fuck."

Qi Sihao diligently touched the lighter: "The Yan team has no fire? I am here..."

Jiang Shu and Yang Mei blurted out at the same time: "Don't!"

They both stopped too late.

"No, no, no fire," Yan Yan reluctantly rejected Qi Sihao's lighter, but the next moment he took over the stage, lights and microphones handed over by the other side:

"Come here, you see, looking for a boyfriend should look like me -"

Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and leaned back on the back of the chair. Yang Mei stunned and licked his ears."As a mature and sensible boyfriend, what is important is not what you do for your partner, but what you are willing to do for your partner. For example, if you are in poor health, it is best not to smoke too much, like A good boyfriend like me will voluntarily annihilate the danger of secondhand smoke in the cradle; for example, I will limit him to eat sweets and force him to eat more meat and rice, all from his health considerations. I am such a mature and rational man is your best choice for your spouse... Do you understand? Why do I say that I am the best interpretation and template for the word boyfriend? Learn to learn from both of you!

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yang Mei: "..."

Qi Sihao’s face was blank.

Yan Yan was proud of the car, the car whistling to the Jianning Expressway toll station.


When the jingle rang, Fang Zhenghong rushed into the house and shocked his wife who was preparing to cook: "Hey! Are you not on a business trip?"

"The pants I wore when I was still cold for a while, the dark blue cut pants, haven't you sent them to dry cleaning yet?"

"Of course not, don't you say you don't wear it?" The wife copied the washing basket and pointed out the outside: "I just want to take up the place, throw it away, but unfortunately, I have to wait for the downstairs Wang Caisheng, cut a cut Make a nest for its nephew..."

Fang Zhenghong did not say anything, and went straight to the outside, and ignored the old companion's inquiring question. He opened the chest of drawers and began to turn over the pile of debris. After a few moments, he finally saw the familiar dark blue fabric and quickly pulled it out.

"What are you doing, scared to death! Oops, you are not eating at home at night, huh?"

Fang Zhenghong did not answer the answer, pulled out the sealed bag from the study room, and stuffed the pants into the seal.

"You don't have to wait for me to eat at night!" Fang Zhenghong didn't scream and screamed, and rushed out of the door, leaving his wife inexplicably standing in the same place.

Fang Zhenghong squatted under the bottom of the armpit, holding the sealed bag, and rushed out of the community, walked to the silver modern Elantra parked downstairs, and touched the phone to open the address book, subconsciously transferred the "technical detective old yellow."

"Hey?" Just after the sound of two sounds, the sound of Huang Xing sounded very unexpected: "Fang, what?"

"Oh, I have a..." Founder Honggang just said, suddenly remembered something, and stopped.

Huang Xing: "What? Feed the team, the old side?"

Is technical investigation safe? Fang Zhenghong stood at the door of the community and suddenly came up with such a thought.

Just now, in his mind, I didn’t think clearly, and the phone dialed out. But when I heard Huang Xing’s voice, he suddenly realized a horrible fact: if his guess is wrong, then the murderer is likely to be...

As long as it is him, then

There is no department in the city bureau, and there is not even a corner that can be said to be affirmative insurance, and the suspects of the surnamed Yanzi are not cleaned at all.

"What do you do with the old side, the signal is not good? Hello?"

Fang Zhenghong had no expression on the face of Huang Zhenghuang, and he pressed the hang up button.

Who else can I look for? Who else is safe?Fang Zhenghong worked in the Jianning City Bureau for most of his life. When he was old, he discovered that the nest that had been built for half a lifetime was actually a trap of crisis. The fear, panic and cowardness that he himself is not willing to admit is like a layer of cobwebs, densely wrapped around the heart, even the breathing can not find the frequency, the hands and feet are soft and numb.

Who else is safe? Who can I turn to?

- Yes, that person!

Fang Zhenghong’s eyes brightened and even blamed himself for his panic, and immediately found out that the other’s number had been dialed out. The phone probably rang eight | nine, and there was some exhaustion on the opposite side: "Hey, may you ask..."

"Hello, hello, I am Fang Zhenghong, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, do you remember me?"

When I heard the Municipal Public Security Bureau on the opposite side, my mind was blank for two seconds, and I immediately responded to the name "Fang Zhenghong":

"Oh right, the police officer! I have been busy for a long time without seeing me, hahaha - your home has been okay recently? Is there anything?"


Fang Zhenghong’s reputation is gone.

A figure leaned back in front of the silver Elantra door of his house. The two slender legs overlapped, one hand in the pocket, the other hand took off the sunglasses, and the white face was slightly smeared, revealing a disapproving look.

- That is Jiang stop.

Fang Zhenghong couldn't help but stand still. He wanted to continue to sigh and sigh. He finally had to rush to the mobile phone: "I suddenly came here, I will meet you later."

The other party promised a word, Fang Zhenghong hung up the phone.

Jiang stopped bowing and sent a text message to Yan Yan: I blocked the party team at the front door of the community.

"What is the name of the surname?" Founder Hong came over and asked with full alert.

"Yan Yan does not know which building you live in, so we block you, he probably went to the back door of the community." Jiang stopped collecting his mobile phone, looked up at Fang Zhenghong, knocked on the door of Elantra: "You drive yourself The car of the family is strictly followed, and I hope that he will not find out?"

"..." Fang Zhenghong's face is green, red and yellow: "This is my son's vacation before going home, and I set the licensee's license plate..."

Jiang stopped: "You have great doubts about strict character, morality and IQ."

Fang Zhenghong did not speak.

After all, it’s an old police officer who is twenty years older than himself. If you look at the river, it’s not good to say anything. He sighed: “Who did you call, where are you going?”

Fang Zhenghong is not vocal.

"I don't know why you trust me, the team. But Yan Yan said that there is nothing wrong with it. If you are not the poisoner or the ghost of the Jianning City Bureau, then we are indeed on a rope. Grasshopper. You are being chosen as a scapegoat for no reason. At this time, watching us, even being wary of sternness, does not mean anything to you."

In the distance, the horn slammed two times, and I saw that Yan Hao drove the car and came around from behind the community."Yue Guangping was in trouble when he was ready to tell me the clue. He had already found out who was leaking the 1009 action information, but he didn't have the chance to say the name until he died." Jiang stopped looking at Fang Zhenghong's turbidity. Eyes, each word passes through the optic nerve and skull, and knocks on his brain: "I have no luck in waking up for the second time in a coma, but you want to be in the shadows, Did Yue Guangping take the same risk three years ago?"

The car came to an abrupt end, and Yan Yan wrapped up in a cold and sturdy door.

"..." Fang Zhenghong was silent for a long time, and finally burst into a sigh of relief in their gaze. "You don't know why I think you are innocent?"

Jiang stopped staring at him and only listened to him and asked: "Do you still remember the ‘A monkey', a house that looks a bit like a monkey and has fewer half fingers?”

From the expression of Jiang’s stop, he obviously does not remember.

"'Aunt Monkey' is my best lineman. I was almost exposed in an undercover operation and escaped after a thrill. Afterwards, he told me that he was covered by a Gongzhou police officer who was called Jiang. Otherwise, it is already dead." Fang Zhenghong shook his head: "I haven't remembered it many years ago. It is common for the police to cover the teammates and the back of the temple, so I didn't have any other ideas at the time. But about you. People's impressions and judgments have been buried in my heart. Until three years ago when you were 'dereliction of duty', I was a bit skeptical: how come the person who is so smart to lead 1009 is you, and the person who leaked intelligence and caused the failure of 1009 action is also you. It doesn't make sense."

Jiang stopped for a moment and said: "I didn't have the impression of the informant, but..."

"Despite this, I still can't fully believe you, and I can't immediately trust this surname." Fang Zhenghong turned and patted the sealed bag under the armpit, cold and cold: "I am going to the institute now." An acquaintance, no accident, the key evidence is now in my bag. If you dare to come, come with me, but if the evidence shows that you are not innocent, then don’t blame me immediately. Alarmed."

Jiang stopped to look at Yan Yan, and the latter happened to look like the two, silently discussing with the eyes for a few seconds.

Fang Zhenghong has already drilled into his Elantra, slammed the door and started the car.

"Yang Mei and Qi Sihao went to the side door of the community and called to inform them to come over. Let's take a look at the research institute with Fang Zhenghong." Yan Yan quickly made a decision: "Get on the bus!"

When Jiang stopped, he called Yang Mei and got on the bus. Yan Yan fastened his seat belt and started the ignition. In this half-minute time difference, Fang Zhenghong's Elantra has already opened the door. Just follow the driveway in front of the community and drive forward for fifty or sixty meters and then turn around suddenly, you can get on the busy main road.

"Hey, Jiang Ge?" Yang Mei eagerly asked at the phone: "I am hiding in the community downstairs in the community. Are you blocking the old man who is surnamed?"

"You come to the main entrance with Qi Sihao, we are going to..."

boom--! !The loud noise came from the front, and the river stopped suddenly as if the sound was taken, and the strict movements froze.

“Jiang Ge?” Yang Meizhang’s second monk couldn’t figure it out: “What happened to you?”

Pedestrians not far away stopped and looked back. Everyone seemed to be holding down the pause button -

A silver Elantra hit the pole at the end of the driveway without any signs of slowing down or turning. The entire front of the car was sagged in the broken glass piece!

After a full few seconds, the discussion and amazement were slowed down, and the rumors spread in all directions.

"Old party... old party?"

Yan Yan got out of the car, his eyes were full of incredulity, and suddenly he made a sly sigh, and screamed to the passers-by who dreamed of waking up: "Call 120! Come and hit 120!!"

嘭 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷 凹陷I saw that Fang Zhenghong’s face was full of blood, and he was pressed into the airbag. He couldn’t see that it was dead or alive; the steering wheel dashboard was chaotic and twisted, the sundries glass sprinkled all over the car, and the hood was completely twisted into scrap iron. !

This is not the effect that the speed can be knocked out at a speed of thirty or forty kilometers. Who is moving the brake system of this car? !

"Old! Wake up! Hold on!" Yan Hao roared: "Old!"

However, Fang Zhenghong was buried under the airbag and did not respond.

A few pedestrians in the distance talked a lot, did not dare to approach, and the ambulance in the distance flew. Yan Yan suddenly turned back, facing the eyes of Shangjiang, the eyes of both of them were clearly written and difficult to conceal the mistakes and shocks.

"...the bag," Jiang stopped hoarsely and squeezed out the voice: "Bring the bag to me."

It was like lightning striking the sky, reacting violently, and pulling out the sealed bag from the severely demolition of the co-pilot seat. It was too late to see what the dark blue fabric inside was, and it was hurriedly plugged to the river. : "Run."

"then you--"

"Run!" Yan Yan pushed him, the action was fierce, and he lowered his voice and said: "Don't tell anyone that you have appeared at the scene of the accident, run with physical evidence!"

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