Chapter 112 Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Chapter 112

"Do you drink my medicinal wine?" The first reaction of Yan Yan was, "How can any pots be pushed to my medicinal liquor?!"

There are only a few stops around the river, and Yang Mei and Qi Sihao are confused. Even the medicinal wine means nothing. (free full novel

Fang Zhenghong smiled shortly, and there seemed to be a kind of sorrowful feeling in his expression: "Yan Yan, the Lu Bureau is standing on your side, and I tracked you to be discovered. It is unclear to jump into the Yellow River." Moreover, here are all your people. Naturally, how can you deny it if you want to deny it? Even if you say flowers, these people will only believe in you and not believe in me - since this is still useful to me? The grade is too low, right?"

"..." Strictly at this moment, I really felt that the innocent citizens were taken to the criminal investigation detachment for interrogation: "But I really don't know, when did you drink my medicinal liquor?!"

Fang Zhenghong angered: "Don't you send it to my house?!"

Yan Yan: "I am guilty, why am I sending you something?!"

These two people are born to be cats and dogs. When they meet, they will quarrel. Fortunately, Jiang stopped coughing and asked: "What the hell is going on, the team slowly said."

Fang Zhenghong always held a strange and stubborn trust in Jiang Su, and he sighed with a sigh of relief. "That was when I was injured a year and a half ago. All the departments of the Municipal Bureau sent condolences to my family. At that time, I was It’s not that bad for this surnamed kid – not so –”

Not so horizontally picking the nose and squinting, the two still maintain a harmonious and calm working relationship.

"Ah, yes." Yan Yan finally remembered: "At that time, Lu Bureau told everyone to express their condolences, as the team building in that quarter. I am afraid that the price of the gift I chose is too high, and the other departments don't look good. I just told Ma Xiang or who is going to prepare cheap nutritious products..."

“The two boxes of nutrition and two small bottles of medicinal liquor were delivered to my house,” Fang Zhenghong said. “There is still a strict handwritten sympathy card on the medicinal liquor.”

Yan Yan heard the words and immediately fried hair: "I handwritten things to you? You have no problem with your mind. Laofang, after graduating from the police school, I have never written Chinese characters other than my name. Lianjiang stopped and never received. My handwritten love letter!"

Jiang stopped: "..."

Fang Zhenghong: "..."

The river stopped licking the temple, "And then?"

"I used to have traditional Chinese medicine in general, but after the injury, it was really worse than before. Plus, it was also affected by people around me. I know that medicinal liquor is very useful for promoting blood circulation and rheumatism." Founder Hongtonton paused and admitted reluctantly. "Strictly, this kid is frivolous, but it is a good thing to give away, so I saw that he sent it, just..."

"You will drink all the time," Jiang stopped confirming.

Fang Zhenghong nodded.

Jiang Shu and Yan Yan looked at each other, and the latter was full of "tf" style.

"And then you are poisoned immediately?" Jiang stopped asking."I drink a little bit every day. I didn't feel that it was wrong at first. But after a while, I felt that my heart was not very comfortable. I often beat it early. I thought this situation was caused by fatigue, so I gradually reduced my working hours and no longer all. Everything must be done in the workplace, thinking that it will be restored after a while; but the condition has developed more and more seriously, and I have not checked the hospital for a reason."

Fang Zhenghong took a breath and shook his head. "It’s been so bad and bad for a few months, until my wife’s old acquaintances who came to China to visit, I suggested that I might have taken Chinese toxins, I immediately thought of it. The two bottles of medicinal liquor. At that time, there was only one base left in the second bottle. The acquaintance took a test and found that it was extremely traceable and not enough to cause death.


Yan Yan and Jiang stop stood up at the same time.

"So you suspect that I deliberately poisoned?" Yan Yan asked incredulously, "Why didn't you say that at the time?"

Fang Zhenghong was angry and annoyed: "I said it! I immediately took the physical evidence to the Lu Bureau and asked for a thorough investigation, but do you know how the Lu Bureau reacted?!"

A year ago, the Jianning City Bureau -

"He has always been very uncomfortable with my work. There is a lot of personal prejudice! This is his motive for committing crimes!" In the office of the director, Fang Zhenghong slammed the big desk with a sigh of relief: "Shen Yan This kind of frivolous and high-profile children of rich family, because they have been reprimanded by me for a few times, and then deliberately retaliate, this can be said! Otherwise, how to explain the plain white on the test list?!

After sitting at the desk, Lu’s face had no expression on the round face. After Fang Zhenghong’s roaring and venting, he slowly said: “You have no evidence, Laofang.”

"How is this not called evidence? This is clearly -"

"Chuanwu, Caowu, if it is not strictly processed by procedures, residual traces of Usha; base is commonplace, this dose of alkaloid toxins for normal health, will not have such a large disease response, so It is difficult to prove that Yan Yan is deliberately poisoning."

Fang Zhenghong slammed three feet: "You clearly cover him, you know clearly..."

"I don't have it." Lu said quietly. "I am just explaining the facts. The fact is that you can't prove that this bottle of medicinal liquor is given by Yan Yan, not by yourself."

"..." Fang Zhenghong stared at the Lu Bureau incredulously, as if he knew him for the first time today.

"Old side," Lu said as if he realized that his words were heavy, and changed his tone to a more gentle tone: "Although you have a contradiction with Yan Yan, everyone knows this, but I know you, knowing that you don't deliberately frame him. I just want to remind you that you have to consider two possibilities: The first is that you really have a deep personal prejudice against him, so that you are emotionally biased.

For him to harm you; the second is..."

"You are standing on the same side." Fang Zhenghong stepped back and gritted his words. "You are standing on the same side."

Lu Bureau frowned: "Old party -"

"I understand." Fang Zhenghong's face changed, and the angry red tide was turned into a white and white, and his hands were tightly punched into his body and said, "I will prove it to you."Lu Bureau got up and raised his hand, as if he still wanted to distinguish something, but Fang Zhenghong had turned and took the door. He only answered "Hey!" and he slammed the door.


"That's not what I sent," the hotel room, Yan Yan shook his head ridiculously and said: "At the time I told people to buy some supplements, but definitely did not let them send medicinal wine!"

Fang Zhenghong stared at him coldly.

"What kind of joke, the more people familiar with medicinal liquor, the more they know that this thing can't be sent randomly. In case the medicine is in conflict with the disease, it is not good for the patient. Besides, I have a general relationship with the team. If something goes wrong, I can't tell. Can you not know? Even if you send two bottles of melatonin, it is better than sending medicated wine!"

This is true.

Yan Yan’s face is greatly embarrassing, but his heart is as fine as he is; he does have some calm and arrogance from the rich, but many sensitive people are so sophisticated, he also knows very well.

Sending unidentified medicinal liquor to the opposite of his work is too much like what Yan Yan will do.

Jiang stopped asking: "Who is that sent?"

Yan Yan squatted for two laps, suddenly stood still, touched the phone and made a call: "Hey, Ma Xiang?"

"Oh, feed my strict brother! You can finally have news with Yan Ge. We all miss you especially in the whole team. When you are a consultant, you need to be accompanied by Ma Zi? You can always say hello at any time..."

Yan Yan interrupted him: "Fang Zhenghong was injured last summer. Lu asked the team to send something to express their condolences. Who prepared the gifts at that time?"

Ma Xiang is clearly on the phone: "Ah?"

"Who is ready?!"

" asked me to prepare. I was busy and didn't know what to do. I just bought two boxes of melatonin and two boxes of menopause oral liquid..."

Everyone's mouth was slightly twitching, and Fang Zhenghong's face was red.

Ma Xiang is unlikely to have a situation of "busy and do not know how to dry up." His small book details how much work was done every day, how many classes were added, and how many overtime pay levies on the country, the amount of overtime pay, and the psychological compensation for the loss of spiritual expenses - the so-called "busy and do not know what to do", that is almost his Busy with the city bureau ifi hit the meaning of this.

Severe the painful eyebrows: "Do you give Fang Zhenghong a pharmaceutical wine?!"

"What, no, medicinal wine?" Ma Xiang screamed: "Is it free to send it? Am I so unconcerned?!"

Yan Yan looked at Fang Zhenghong, and the latter’s face changed.

Jiang stopped his arms and stood on the side, raising his chin: "Ask how Ma Xiang’s prepared condolences are sent to Fangzheng Hongjia."

“Hey, is that a land consultant?” Ma Xiang heard the sound of Jiang’s stop and greeted him with enthusiasm: “Hello consultant, hello! We are especially missed by the whole team, and there is no housework for Yan Ge. Have you made you angry, if you need to beat hands, please say hello at any time..."

Yan Yan: "Ask you!""Oh, yes, I am going to express the order directly to the city bureau and then transfer to the general affairs department after the order is placed. This kind of writing condolences is a small piece of chicken that is organized by the general affairs department. It should be the department of the department. The gifts are piled up together, and then sent to their family in the name of the surname.” Ma Xiang reacted to what, doubts: “Why are you strict, why did you suddenly mention this matter, and the fairy of the surname has come to entangle you?”

No one dares to look back at Fang Zhenghong’s expression.

Yan Yan palely and weakly scolded: "How to say it, to respect the public security predecessors - to inform the General Affairs Section to check, who is responsible for sending condolences to Fangzheng Hongjia one year and a half ago, really check It’s very important to talk about Fang Zhenghong’s monitoring near their home. It’s very important to do it right away! Not much to say, hung up.”

Ma Xiang had to squat and hang up the call.

The room is quiet, after a long time, only listen to the surname of the little goblin cold road:

"Your criminal investigation police is effective, and it is really good to educate!"

Strictly knowing how to lose money, he said that the young pony is not sensible, and he must adjust his teaching in the future.

Jiang stopped forcibly turning this embarrassing topic: "So when the team saw that Qinchuan was preparing to drink medicinal liquor, he was naturally very angry. I feel that Yan Yan may have harmed people again in the same way?"

Fang Zhenghong turned his eyes on Yan Yan and turned to Jiang and shook his head. He said: "In fact, it is not too good. I will not be confused. I will not think that Yan Yan has the courage to kill people in the city bureau. If he wants to Sneaking the medicinal liquor to Qinchuan, I guess it is another reaction."

"So you were just disgusting?" Jiang stopped to confirm to him.

"Yes. I have had a big psychological shadow since that incident. Anything that is eaten into the mouth will never be taken by someone else's hand. Things like medicinal wine will not even touch the teeth."

Jiang stopped one hand and hugged his chest, and the other hand rubbed his throat. He asked: "How many people in the city know your psychological shadow?"

Fang Zhenghong replied clearly: "I only told Lu Bureau. I came back to work a few months ago. He asked me why I didn't eat in the cafeteria."

Everything seemed to be quiet and unusual, and everyone seemed to understand and understand. Only what was seriously thought of, and suddenly looked at the river.

Jiang stopped the dagger without saying a word, and immediately asked the last key question:

"Then your sub-team Qin Chuan knows?"

Fang Zhenghong’s face changed and he brushed up from the bed: “Qin Chuan? No, it’s impossible—it’s not Qinchuan!”

"I just guessed." Jiang stopped his attitude very calmly, and the facial muscles that never tightened were still relaxed: "The drug poisoning incident was not monitored, no witnesses, no evidence, criminal investigators can only substitute themselves. Thinking way to try to find out the murderer's thoughts. If I am Qinchuan, I have a good relationship with most of the criminal investigation detachment, and I can enter and leave the large office of the criminal investigation detachment without any doubt, then I have sufficient time for poisoning. And conditions...""But if it wasn't for me, Qinchuan had already drunk the poisoned wine!" Fang Zhenghong fiercely opposed: "And he is not pretending to drink a little, he is going to drink the medicinal liquor into his mouth, but it is the absolute lethal dose. !"

Yes, it does not make sense.

If Qinchuan is a poisoner, if you know that the medicinal liquor is poisonous, even if you use the bitter meat to elute your suspicion, you won’t be able to fill the glass with a lot of poison. Otherwise, it’s just a life. Crime is not necessary at all.

Qi Sihao, as a criminal investigator - although it was quite water - listened to it for a long while, finally could not help but hesitate to raise his hand and said: "That... you just said that the party team has a psychological shadow, in case the Qin Sichuan is taking advantage of this..."

"No, it's too far-fetched." When the voice just fell, I only listened to Yan Yan and shook his head and denied it. "Is it true that Wan Fangzheng has not stopped it? Wan Fangzhenghong even put it on to give me something to drink too? In the case, it is impossible to gamble with a lethal dose of poisoned wine."

Qi Sihao is a bit embarrassed: "I just think that since Qinchuan is the deputy detachment, it is obvious that he has the most profit and the suspicion is the biggest after the accident..."

Yan Yan said casually: "That may not be the case. When the deputy detachment is on duty, many of the powers are restricted. Just like my daily work is to report to the Wei Deputy Bureau, Qin Chuan also has a lot of work to report to Lu. So if the team is gone, many of the specific decisions of the anti-drug detachment will be the Lu Bureau... Lu."

His voice stopped abruptly, and the face of the river stopped, and their faces became less beautiful.

In the middle of the night, Yue Guangping called and cried that he was guilty of the "Lao Lu" who is it?

At the last moment, I visited the door and talked privately with the undefended Yue Guangping, and who killed him?

Assume that in the case of the situation, the existence of Jiang Shu has already been exposed, so what is the reason for the Lu Bureau that has been quietly covering it?

- Some kind of inexplicable professional conscience, or simply from the instructions of the spades k?

Clearly outside the window, the sun was shining, and the cold and deep chill of the forest slowly filled the bottom of their hearts, freezing everyone's throat.

"It won't be like this, how could this be?..." Fang Zhenghong hugged his head and muttered. He was more suspicious and stubborn than ordinary people. Now he is constantly nervously scratching his hair. "The person who wants to harm me is not strict, is it... is it..."

If this is normal, Yan Yan will definitely turn a blind eye to his two sentences, but now there is nothing to think about.

"No, I have to go back and read it again. Go back now." Fang Zhenghong hurried up, biting his teeth and squinting, and turned around and flung out: "There must be a way to verify this. It is impossible to die like this. It is impossible!" ”

No one had time to stop him, and he took three steps and made two steps forward: "Where are you going?"

Fang Zhenghong has already rushed out of the hotel room and rushed forward in the red carpeted corridor. He screamed and shouted: "I think there may be clues about where I am, so I will find it!"The old boy of this surname saw a look of a heart attack immediately, and even the basic professional qualities of the criminal investigators were forgotten, so they sipped directly in the corridor. Yan Yan only felt that the beauty of the painting was not seen, and he was discouraged to follow in vain: "You wait, we clean up and pack up with you to build Jianning..."

"I didn't want to hurt you. I had a proof of the absence of the gunman that night!" Fang Zhenghong stepped back toward the elevator and waved his right hand to gnash his teeth and swear: "The name is strict, I never thought about killing you! Wait for me. phone!"

Strictly speaking a mouth, before I even had time to shout, I saw Fang Zhenghong anger and turned around, almost hit the passing waiter.

Yan Yan: "..."

Fang Zhenghong was like a wild beggar, and rushed into the elevator in the horror of the waitress.

Yan Yan really exhausted all his life, only to put the phrase "your neuropathy" into the eyes of the blind man, and turned back to the room full of people: "Look at him, he is like this, still all day long Our criminal investigation detachment is not reliable?!..."

Jiang stopped frowning: "He just said that he has a clue where he thinks?"

Yan Yan inexplicably shrugged.

Several people didn't know how to react. I saw Jiang stopped to grab the coat and the car keys, and immediately decided: "The murderer he thought of can also think of it. Don't let Fang Zhenghong act alone, let's keep up."

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