Chapter 111 Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Chapter 111

Jiang stopped quickly and went downstairs. He walked through the hotel lobby and pulled out the door. He stood on the side of the busy street and twisted his brow to look at the distant car. (Free full novel.

Yan Yan came out behind him and wrapped his windbreaker in the arm of the river. He simply said: "It’s cold outside."

Jiang stopped and nodded: "Zi Sihao said that it will take another few minutes."

The spades k dared to start so quickly that they didn't even think about it - after all, he didn't plan to kill Qi Sihao before, just want to force and lure and use it. Therefore, when Qi Sihao hesitated between following them or staying in Gongzhou, Jiang stopped telling him that it is best to keep the steps of daily life and not to be seen by others.

"Do you think that Fang Zhenghong is going on in the end?" Qi Sihao's car was still missing. Yan Yan touched the cigarette and ignited it. He asked Jiang to stop: "How does he feel like he used to know you?"

Jiang stopped reaching for the cigarette and was severely stunned: "You are in poor health, or forget it."

Yan Yan recently did not know what kind of health and evil thoughts she had sent in Ms. Zeng Cuicui's circle of friends. When she bought her breakfast, she would not buy a beanbag. She had to stop eating more meat and eat meat to make up her body. Now I don’t give it to smoke, in order not to let Jiang stop the smoke in his mouth, and even deliberately twisted his body, his face full of vigilance jpg expression.

Jiang stopped his long sigh and said that the WeChat article sent by Yang Mei was quite right. The family members who did not have economic income really only counted as second-class citizens, so they reluctantly licked their noses and said, "I have met, but I am not familiar."

"How is it not familiar?"

"Before the Gongzhou Jianning joint operation, the leadership of Jianning was basically his, so I have cooperated several times. I feel that this person is still cooperating with my instructions, and there are also business things to do. So when you said that Fang Zhenghong was very unfamiliar with your family, I was quite surprised, because in my impression he never relied on old sellers, but he always respected people."

Speaking of here, Jiang paused and cautiously added: "But this alone can only show that he has a good opinion of me. It is impossible because of the cooperation in that district, I firmly believe that I have not colluded with drug dealers."

——Where does Fang Zhenghong’s strange attitude towards the two people come from?

Yan Yan smoked the smoke and sighed, and he sighed with a sigh of relief: "Do you think that Yue Guangping’s gun was really stolen by Fang Zhenghong?"

"It's hard to say, it depends on what benefits Seakin K can use to pull him down." Jiang stopped thinking: "But I always feel... Fang Zhenghong's attitude towards you is not so much tempted by interests. Said to be……"

Yan Yan looked at him, and the two looked at each other in the noisy streets. After a while, Jiang stopped to utterly confuse the two words:



At this time, a Mercedes-Benz car stopped at the sidewalk, and the window lowered. Inside, he found out the face of Qi Sihao's sweaty face: "I am coming, go up! Go up!"

·In order to welcome the arrival of Qi Sihao, Fang Zhenghong was again put into the bathroom by his leather gloves. The people who were over half a year were severely tossed and angered, and there was a constant protest in the inside - but Qi Sihao was scared. I was so embarrassed that after entering the house, I was holding a cup of hot water, and the movement from the bathroom was directly ignored by him.

"I went out to the city committee meeting this morning. I just got out of the community door and there was a white truck adorned. I was always behind me. I didn't pay attention to it. The result was a quiet time from the exit of the viaduct. I went over another truck and pushed me to the right side of the road. I was so slow that I felt that it was wrong. They obviously wanted to hit me! I wanted to speed up and get rid of these two cars. But as soon as I speed up, the truck and the truck are also accelerating at the same time, and I want to stop me after one left and one!"

Qi Sihao was undecided, and after drinking a few hot waters, he stabilized his mind: "The truck on the left slammed me, and the truck behind it continued to come up against my tail. It lasted for several kilometers. I can't help you." Described in detail, it was too nervous at the time, and even the license plate number could not be seen clearly. As long as it was slightly distracted, it was already destroyed by the car. Fortunately, I... What is the sound of the trough?!"

Qi Sihao was shocked and looked at the bathroom. Yan Yan underestimated: "Nothing, stray dogs."

Qi Sihao: "?"

The protest in the bathroom was even louder.

"So you did not go to the municipal party committee meeting, directly changed to Gaorong County?" Jiang stopped asking.

"Which I dare to go to a meeting!" Qi Sihao was crying and sullen: "Even on the way to the municipal party committee, they dare to start. What kind of courage should this guy be so big?!"

Yan Yan hugged his arm on the side of the TV cabinet and heard a sneer: "You are too bold, and the small million cars dare to go to the city committee. I am afraid that the Disciplinary Committee does not know how much you have saved."

"Yes, yes," Qi Sihao put his hands on one side, regretting and grievances: "But how do I know that fishing this money will anger my poisonous cockroaches like the spades k? It is they who make drugs and drug traffic, they also make big money. I just ordered a 'zero pack' to drink some broth. As for this one after another, I have to kill me!"

- I don't know if it is a stern illusion. After Qi Sihao finished this, the movement in the bathroom suddenly stopped.

"If you think so, there will be even bigger things in the future." Jiang stopped a faintly.

He didn't say it okay. After listening to this, Qi Sihao's face was green and red, and he jumped up irritably. "Is it time to discuss whether I have a mistake? You promised me to cooperate with the investigation of Yue Guangping's death." Grab the evidence of the drug dealer and bring the spade k to justice - but now

? Where is the progress of your investigation? ! ”

Yan Yan said: "You calm down, we have at least found out that Yue Guangping is likely to have a child who is born out of wedlock..."

"Will it be a spade k?" Qi Sihao, who was anxious and angry, couldn't wait to interrupt him: "His son is a drug dealer, so the 1009 action will be leaked in advance. He blames himself for meeting with the Jiang team. Did the son get rid of the mouth first?"The house was quiet, and several people looked at each other. After a while, I only heard Yang Mei’s sigh of satisfaction:

"Why don't the team write a vigilant novel."

"The family of the spades k is a criminal group of his own, and his father and even his grandparents are not clean. He was called the spades in the southwest border area, or because his father was once Called Cao Hua a, and thus evolved." Jiang stopped: "If his son is a spade k himself, then it is too much. But I suspect that Yue Guangping's illegitimate child has a certain connection with the spades k criminal group, and even It may be that the drug dealer is placed in the vicinity of Yue Guangping."

"Then go check it!" Qi Sihao simply wants to be stalked: "Don't you swear to take out the ghosts? Don't you want to rehabilitate the Jiang team?! Jiang team, you and the grandson of the spades k but Splashing blood, you can't watch him and then ruin Zhongliang? You have to save me!"

When Qi Sihao came up, he was going to pull the hand of the river, and the latter was shrunk quickly and agilely. The Yankee, which was originally a few steps away, struck up and slammed into the river and before Qi Sihao: Hello, what are you doing, talk well and do not move your hands!"

"No, no," Qi Sihao was in danger of being poisoned. He was already at the limit with his timid character and psychological quality. He was too eager to cross the border and ask for a stop: "Jiang team, you listen." I said, now is a critical juncture..."

But how can Yan Yan allow other men to go to Lajiang to stop the hand--it’s not ugly at the age of 50--so he pushed him out indiscriminately and angered: "You still mean to be loyal! I stand far and speak!"


The sound of the door rang loudly, everyone was stunned, and the river stopped screaming.


"..." Qi Sihao trembled and pointed at the bathroom door: "Is there someone knocking at the door?"

The doorknob was swayed hard and then opened in full view.

Fang Zhenghong, who was tied up with his feet and couldn’t stand up, opened his wrist with his wrist, twisted his body and jumped, squeezing out from the crack in the door, glaring at everyone: “¥≈......”

"..." Qi Sihao was stunned and looked back with a stunned look: this is the stray dog ​​you came back?

Yan Yan sighed with a sigh of relief, and stepped forward to get rid of the ragged leather gloves in Fang Zhenghong's mouth.

"Everyone hasn't seen it yet. Let me introduce you to each other first. This is the Sishao of the Gongzhou Criminal Investigation Detachment. It is suspected that it is being chased by the spades. This is the Jianning anti-drug detachment Fang Zhenghong, suspected to be helping the black. Peach k chasing me - you can exchange the experience of chasing and being chased, learning from each other, getting along well, ah."

At the next moment, Fang Zhenghong interrupted Yan Yan as if he had not heard anything. He stared at Jiang Shu: "Is Yue Guangping killed by people?"

Jiang stopped his hands in his trouser pockets and there was no buzz.

Founder Hong Mang is wrinkled eyes squinting, turning to strict, unbelievable:

"... Isn't the ghost inside you?!"


Ten minutes later, the hotel room.Yan Yan ordered the armrests and was pressed into the chair: "You let him go! Let me beat him again! I won't accept my name and change his name!"

Jiang stopped at the other end of the room and protected Fang Zhenghong, who was afraid to scream. Yang Mei continued to persuade Yan Yan: "Strictly, don’t be like this. People are a good squad leader. You see that you have worked diligently for more than ten years. It’s a deputy, our arms are not twisting our thighs, don’t be arrogant with others...”

Yang Mei's eyebrows can't hide the joy. Yan Yan listened to the blood on his head and almost picked up his sleeves: "Let me go!"

"You still have a hard mouth?!" Fang Zhenghong couldn't help himself. From the shackles of the river stop, he blushes and pokes his head: "The inner ghost in Jianning City Bureau is not who you are? From the case of Hu Weisheng's drug production case Your whereabouts are sneaky, you can't move to go out to handle the case alone, and you can drive the police car to evacuate the scene from the rescue hostage. Who knows what you are doing?!"

Yan Yan Jianmei was upside down, just about to return, Jiang stopped lightly into a sentence: "Fang team, Hu Weisheng case rescued the hostages that night I found the sniper's whereabouts, even on the abandoned road, the short-handed handover, the Yan team arbitrarily It was to catch the sniper."

Fang Zhenghong sang, and then straightened his neck: "He also closed the office door all day, do not know what to do, often secretly call and ventilate when handling the case -"

"That is to call me," Jiang stopped moderately. "Han Xiaomei and Ma Xiang can testify."

Yan Yan did not lose the opportunity to make a sneer sneer.

"...that, then." Fang Zhenghong was stunned by this sneer and screamed at the index finger. He simply said nothing: "On the day of the strict poisoning of this medicinal liquor, it is impossible for any normal person to survive, but it is impossible to survive. He was saved on the deserted Panshan Highway, and he was alive. How is this possible?! Why no one thinks that it is a good show that he deliberately directed himself to perform his own suspicion?!"

Yan Yan’s temper to spray him, Jiang stopped to say helplessly: "The team can be square, the road on the winding road is not empty."

Fang Zhenghong’s eyes glimpsed, but he saw Jiang’s left hand pressing his shoulder, his right hand picking up his hair and motioning him to see the scarred scar on the forehead:

"On the day of the incident, I drove the off-road vehicle to follow the sternness. When I was poisoned, I crashed into the car to rescue. Then Ma Xiang arrived and sent us to the hospital. Therefore, Yan Yan returned to this life."

The room was quiet, Fang Zhenghong opened his mouth, his expression was particularly absurd and funny.

"" For a long while, he finally twisted and squeezed out a few words: "What is the relationship between you?"

Jiang stopped holding the forehead and sighed: "Tell you, accompanying family members."

Fang Zhenghong shook and swayed back a few steps, sitting on the bed as if he was sitting on the bed, it looked quite like a kind of three-viewed and lost soul.

Everyone looked at him without any sound, only Yang Mei was full of sympathy, and his heart was full of strange illnesses.

"Now I should ask you, the square team?" Yan Yan half of the mouth and a hook, the look is full of sarcasm and smug.

Fang Zhenghong: "..."Yan Yan was slanting at him, and he said in a word: "What did Laozi do, so that you not only think that I am a ghost in Jianning, but also that my mother will kill me again and again, eh?!"


Everyone's eyes are concentrated on Fang Zhenghong's body. I only see the old police officer who has always been smothered in the usual day, and his eyebrows are eye-catching, and he is so uncomfortable when he is in trouble. At this moment, the living is like a change of personality, his mouth is open and closed. It’s another, and it’s only half a hoarse hoarseness:

"I didn't want to hurt you. I followed you just to get the evidence and prove to Lu that you have colluded with the drug dealer. But I really never want to kill you..."

"No?" Yan Yan immediately asked coldly: "Why do you want to stop Qinchuan from drinking my medicinal liquor, and then throw away the only medicinal bottle that can be used as a physical evidence?"

Fang Zhenghong is like a solidified one. After a long time, he finally looks up and stares at Yan Yan, and his eyes are bright and sultry.

"Because I think you might want to harm him," Fang Zhenghong said slowly. "Just like I was just injured, after drinking your medicinal liquor... I will not be sick now."

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