Chapter 110 Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Chapter 110

Ten minutes later, Yan Bao took two steaming plastic bags and ran back and forth from the stone road under the moonlight. (free full novel

"Why do you do it!" Yan Yan opened the front passenger car door, screaming at the air and rushing Yang Meiyang to raise his chin: "Go, sit back, the front seat is mine!"

"..." Yang Mei looked at the head of Yan Yi nearly one meter nine, and swallowed it in the back seat.

Yan Yan immediately sneaked into the car and put the plastic bag that gave off the rich aroma to the river and slammed it on the lap. He smirked his tail and said, "Look at the husband's special place... No, take it with you when you take the lighter. What is it?"

Jiang stopped the smile at the end of his eyes and opened the plastic bag.

The dimly lit lights reflect two boxes of oil-flavored chili fried bacon, as well as a few farm-made handmade steamed buns that have just been sprayed.

This is the case for the county town to eat, now it is not necessary, a few people sitting in the car with heating and eating steamed bread with bacon, and eating a window of white mist.

"Eat two more, you are in poor health, don't be afraid of oil." Yan Yan carefully wiped the corner of the river with a wet tissue, and Jiang stopped his eyes and looked at the back seat. He saw Yang Mei bowing his head and eating. So suddenly the head quickly made a kiss on the inside of the tough and hard wrist.

It was just a short contact between the lips and the skin, but the stern heart suddenly became numb, as if countless tiny currents were wrapped around the fireworks, and I couldn't help but stretch my hand to the river.

"What are you doing?" Yang Meiyi, in the back seat, looked up and immediately raised his armpits with vigilance.

Strictly handed a meal, calmly explained: "Give you a live teaching. Look, looking for a boyfriend, you have to find something as sensible as I am, a mature, steady, and will come, understand? Learn."

"..." Yang Mei gritted his teeth, but the mouth of the person was soft and the hand was short. The heart said that I had to endure and continued to bow down to eat.

Yan Yan is particularly scarce, continue to use the room to stimulate her, sweetly advised Jiang to stop: "Do not eat more meat, don't be too fat, you should be too thin to eat more animal protein, anyway, this box of meat More. Come, open your mouth, ah-"

Yang Mei listened sharply to the word of meat, and suddenly looked up again.

"Wait, why are you so many boxes of meat?" The chopsticks in Yang Mei’s hands trembled and sent a question that pointed to the soul: "The meat should have been so much, why is this box basically all peppers?!"

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yang Mei: "..."

Yan Yan hurriedly pushed her back to the back seat: "You are a big girl, even if you are not married, it is very important to keep your body. Dad is actually thinking about your weight..."

Mei Mei refused Dad’s kindness and said that he was not entitled to the weight. Under the cover of Jiang’s one eye closed, he pulled a few chopsticks and came to his bowl and slammed back into the back seat of the car. This is a serious and painful sorrow, and even sighs that this big niece is not married, and it is estimated that he will be in his hands. What can he do in the future?

Yang Mei took care of the chopsticks and told him not to worry. Anyway, he came over for so many years, and he couldn’t get married just to stick to Jiang Ge’s life."..." Strictly glared at her for a long while, and screamed out: "When I return to Jianning, I will ask someone to recruit you to the house!"

Yang Mei was eagerly stuffed with a hoe, half of her face bulging, swallowing her neck with a hamster, and then taking a paper towel and saying that she had to solve her hand, she took the flashlight and went down from the back door - Yang boss went with it. The heavily armed female warrior is wearing high heels. Just getting off the bus is a shackle, and almost a big face down to plant a personal pit.

"You are careful!" Yan Yanchong shouted a scorpion outside: "The girl's family is so unruly, the curtain said to go to the toilet on the toilet?!"

Yang Meitou did not return to the ground and shouted: "Jiang Ge to help me look at the wind?!"

Jiang stopped coughing in Yan Yan's sharp gaze, pretending nothing to hear, and sitting in the driver's seat.

Yang Mei learned that she was walking into the woods on the dirt road, and saw that the flashlight stopped somewhere. Yan Yan is planning to attack the wild style of the former rivals. Suddenly, the corner of his eye only sees the flash of the flashlight. Then Yang Mei suddenly lifts his pants to the distance, and the footsteps of the trees are screaming.

"What happened to her?"

Yan Yan’s doubts just started, only listening to Yang Mei’s screaming screaming: “Ah, ah, ah—someone voyeur!”

"..." The two face each other and sternly suspected: "She is... deliberate."

The next moment Yang Mei went straight to the roar of the clouds and answered his question: "Kill you a pervert! Don't run!!"

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other, while pushing the door and rushing.

The dark woods are very rugged. I didn’t run far. I only saw the flashlights swaying in front. I slammed the three steps and ran for two steps. I saw Yang Mei’s sullen high heels: “Where! It’s there! That direction ran!"

Yan Yan grabbed the flashlight, and Chongjiang stopped his eyes, let him stay in the same place with Yang Mei, and then chased him.

Jiang stopped to glance up and look at Yang Mei quickly: "Are you okay?"

"No, nothing," Yang Mei said with a red face and panting: "I just heard someone over there, as if I was walking on a branch and going far away. I immediately chased it. It must be a voyeuristic. Call, call, see The old lady dared to run, scared the old lady..."

After Jiang stopped to find the voyeur, the first reaction was not to cry for help but to catch up with the beating. You are also alone. It’s frightening that you still peek at the thief.

"Don't run!" Yan screamed: "Stop!"


The glory of the glory, the prey in front of the rush to escape, can only reflect his black hoodie and trousers. Somehow, I felt that the figure was a bit familiar, especially when I was running. It was inexplicable to remind him of a similar scene not long ago. It was from the building downstairs from Jianning to Gongzhou the night before.

That tracker!

Did he even follow it all the way? !

"Don't run!" Yan Yan Lingji screamed: "I recognize you! It's you!"

Sure enough, the voice just followed the tracker and obviously responded, and the foot was a mess, almost stumbled by the bushes.Yan Yan flew straight into the past, hugged the tracker, and only felt the heavens and the earth spinning in the darkness. The two men rolled up from the hillside, and countless gravel branches were drawn to stare at Venus.

砰 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 几 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰 砰

"I yell at your mother!" Severely fierce hair, stretched his legs and directly smashed the man's mouth, and rushed to the opponent's waist and sat on the ground, kicking a few fists left and right, as if Luti had punched the town of Kansai. Roaring while playing: "Dare to attack your father! Dare to attack your father!!"

"..." The man struggling with his face and groaning.

"Strictly!" Jiang stopped and slammed down the hillside: "Are you okay?"

Yan Yantou does not return: "Nothing, grab this grandson, you should be careful not to fall!" Then a heavy punch on the tracker's temple, even a slight sound of flesh squeeze, then pick up The other party's clothes: "I am swearing your ancestors for the 18th generation. It is also yours to drive the car that day. Is it right? Downstairs in my home community?!"

Jiang stopped fearing that he would kill people and step forward to stop: "Well, it’s almost done, what about the flashlight?"

Yan Yan reached out and explored around, grabbed the flashlight, and slammed it.

At this time, the tracker has been beaten without any help, and can only squat on the ground, facing the flash of light on his face, immediately smashing his face He took a few words.

"I am jealous of you still--" Yan Yan grabbed the man's face and hand, and when he saw the green and purple face, he suddenly collapsed incredulously:

"...Founder Hong!!"

Like a sunny day, when the air was smashed, Yan Yan was smashed out of Jiao Jiaoren, and even the river stopped.

Under the hillsides of the village hundreds of kilometers away from Jianning, the deputy detachment commander of the criminal investigation smashed the anti-drug detachment commander, and there was a former detachment leader of Gongzhou who was stunned and watched. This scene suddenly became particularly ridiculous.

"¥¥......" Fang Zhenghong did not know whether he was angry or embarrassed, or was simply beaten to speak with no strength. He whispered in his mouth, only he could understand, grit his teeth and squinted: "I am What's wrong?! What you have done wrongly--"

Suddenly he suddenly clicked the mute button and the whole person smacked.

Yan Yan wants to stop, but can't stop it.

Fang Zhenghong stared at Jiang to stop, Zhang opened his mouth, and the expression on the face that was horrified and red suddenly became very funny. His mouth was open and closed, and he was together and finally spit out a few words:

"You... are you stopping?!"

Jiang stopped raising his eyebrows and looked at Yan Yan.

"You, you," Fang Zhenghong rushed to breathe, incoherent, and the chest was like a broken bellows: "Are you still alive?!"


Early morning, county guest house.

The sky was just bright, and the bird screams on the treetops outside the window. The hem of the hotel squatted early and mixed with the jingle bells of electric bicycles. It was active and lively in the cold early winter morning.After Yang Mei's grooming, sitting on the edge of the bed and painting the eyeliner in the mirror, while twisting his mouth and making a twist, he began the eighteenth time from last night to this morning:

"You said that you are a good detachment leader, why did you develop the bad habit of voyeur women going to the toilet?!"

Fang Zhenghong: "..."

Fang Zhenghong was tied to another bed in the double room, and his mouth was stuffed with Yang Mei's leather gloves. From the action of his face squirming, it is estimated that he really wants to spit out the gloves and yell, I am not, I don't!

"He didn't," the door of the room was pushed open, with a few bags of steaming early, and Jiang entered the room before and after the stop. "His goal is me."

Fritters, meat buns, egg sausage filling cake, soy milk... Yang Mei happily picked a bag of extra-rich, heavy and fragrant filling cake, just to reach out and take it, Yan Yan suddenly put the plastic bag over the head, joking : "Want to eat? Call Dad!"

Yang Mei blinked her eyes, and then her eyes turned, and she squeezed a sweet smile to the chilling smile: "Dad is too old, how can you call Feng Yanzheng's strict deputy detachment, you should be brother. That's right."

This brother called the call to be satisfied and satisfied. He was about to say something. He only listened to Yang Mei’s thousands of words and shouted: "Is it true, love - brother - brother?"

"..." Yan Yan's face could not help but spit out the expression in the next moment. He hurriedly stuffed the egg sausage sausage cake to Yang Mei, and turned and turned a shocking eye.

Yang Meixi is a bitter.

When Fang Jianghong entered the house, Fang Zhenghong couldn't help but look at him. Jiang stopped a faint glance and sat down and picked up a meat buns to eat slowly.

"How, eat?" Yan Yan swayed with a bag of breakfast, and slanted Fang Zhenghong: "I want to eat and nod."

Fang Zhenghong slammed his head and twisted his head.

Yang Meiwen said with a long heart: "Hey, it’s still awkward. You said that you are a good detachment leader, lurking in the woods in the middle of the night, even if it is not for voyeurism, I am going to the toilet, but for the sake of strictness, you can peek at the strict toilets. Not right - everyone said yes?"

Judging from the expression of Fang Zhenghong's eyes, he may have vomited blood soon.

"Don't tease him, and then do what it would be like to have a heart attack." Yan Yan sat down to Fang Zhenghong, staring at his blue-legged burst of blood-red eyes, and his thoughts were thoughtful.

Suddenly he said: "Your suspicion has not been cleared. Now it is necessary to restrict the action according to the regulations. You must not leave Jianning."

Fang Zhenghong has no expression.

"The Lu Bureau does not control you, why?"

Fang Zhenghong still does not say anything.

Yan Yan slowed down the tone: "Because he is convinced that you are innocent, or that you are accomplices?"


Sure enough, the voice just fell, Fang Zhenghong immediately blushing his neck and sulking, and slammed his gloves off. The next moment he rang his angry roar, but the content of the roar made everyone feel big:

"Don't pretend to me, you are standing on one side!"

Strictly embarrassed.

The action of the river stopped.

After a brief silence, Yan Yan immediately asked: "What are you talking about?"Fang Zhenghong's face is ill-colored with a blushing blush. It is hard to imagine how a disease that is famous for the city's bureau is so long-term, and how to cross the provinces and cities, and hundreds of kilometers to Yuejia Village. of.

What a great interest is it to entice him to do this?

Severely sharp-eyed eyes, his eyes are going through the face of Fang Zhenghong, shaving his bones. The suffocating stalemate lasted for a few minutes, and he slowly said: "What did the drug dealer promise you, let you come to my life?"

Fang Zhenghong made a loud sneer.

Yan Yan did not care, saying: "Fang team, the sentence of stealing police guns is starting in ten years, you should understand."

Fang Zhenghong cold ice: "I don't know what you are talking about."

"I don't know? Then I will tell you. Three years ago, after the explosion of the 1009 plastic factory, Gongzhou set up a special investigation team. On the 10th of January, the action team led by Yue Guangping came to the scene to prepare for the rescue of the captain and undercover." Rivets, after the end of the operation, Yue Guangping found that his gun was lost, but the entire Gongzhou area did not find where the police gun was lost.” Yan Yan leaned forward and stared at Fang Zhenghong, one word at a time. Dundao: "Lv told me that the rescue was a joint operation between Gongzhou and Jianning. The leadership leader of Jianning is you."

Fang Zhenghong has a mouth.

"Yue Guangping is the deputy mayor, but no one can be close to him. As a leader, you not only have the opportunity to get close to him, but also after the gun is thrown, because you are the leader of Jianning, you will not I was met by Yue Guangping’s suspicion. Everyday and right people are well prepared, and there are even motives for committing crimes. Should you explain it to us?”

Fang Zhenghong angered: "Nonsense! Why should I--"

"Because this gun appeared in the police scene in Jiangyang County three years later," Yan Yan interrupted him briskly and said: "The gunman followed the police car and used the bullet shot from the gun to penetrate me. ”

Fang Zhenghong is like a cock that has been caught in his neck.

For a long while, he squeezed out a sentence: "I was clearly in the city on the day you were shot..."

"Nobody said that the gunman is you, but the gunman was wiped out that night, you should have been on duty but disappeared." Yan Yan pulled a long distance, and the corner of his mouth showed a cold, fierce, aggressive smile, like in the air. The eagle stared at the meat on the ground:

"Now can you explain the long-term tracking of the things that follow me, the square detachment?"

Fang Zhenghong's chest quickly instigated, fell, agitated, and fell. After repeating about ten times, his chaos like a muddy thought finally found a thread and slammed into the river: "Would you explain it?" ”

Jiang stopped raising his eyes.

"You appear here with Yan Yan. Does it mean that you are also a drug dealer?!"

As long as there is a little criminal investigation, people will immediately feel that this is extremely strange. In addition to the ignorance of Yang Mei in the house, Jiang Guan and Yan Yan’s eyes have undergone subtle changes.

- This is the case, as if he had known that Jiang Shu was not a "drug dealer".Jiang stopped thinking for a moment and slowly replied: "... No, I am just accompanying my family."

Fang Zhenghong: "?"

What did Jiang stop just say, and suddenly the phone rang.

"Qi." He looked at the electricity and said to Yan Yan briefly, then got up and picked up the phone: "What?"

Opposite the mobile phone, Qi Sihao’s respite and the special ticking of the car when he was driving, he seemed very excited and could not say anything, but the key moments still retain the instinct to contact the former leader immediately. And know how much the psychological shadow of Jiang’s stay in the past.

The hotel room was silent, waiting for a few seconds, and several people suddenly heard his sharp voice to change: "Someone - someone -"

Jiang stopped his brow.

"- Someone wants to kill me!"

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