Chapter 109 Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Chapter 109

"So this is still not clear how Yue Guangping's gun was lost?" Yang Mei took her hair and ran her legs in the back seat to eat Hainanese chicken rice. (free full novel

"Meiling, you are a big girl, can you pay attention to eating?" Yan Yan turned his forehead from the co-pilot, and looked at the disgusting love and helplessness: "Look at you, the yellow-flowered prostitute who has not married yet. Sitting without sitting and eating, did not eat, the chopped with chopped green onion, the hair had to fall into the rice, the oil is not oily wow?"

"I can pay attention to eating and getting married?" Yang Mei turned a big eye.

Yan Yan said: "How can I not, Dad gives you a marital room, a tricycle, 888 cash..."

Yang Mei Li Ma leaned into the driver's seat: "Jiang Ge! Or the trick is over, Yan family went bankrupt!"

Yan Yan quickly pushed her back to the back seat. "Go and go, Dad changed his mind and decided to let you stay in the word for a lifetime!"

Jiang stopped to look at the front calmly and turned a blind eye to everything that happened around him. The car ran along the highway to the front.

Yan Hanxiang, 62 years old, is a resident of Yuejia Village, a subordinate of Gaorong County.

Gaorong County is not too far from Gongzhou. It takes three hours to drive to the county and then to Yuejia Village. It is near the village when it is near dinner.

Qi Sihao’s meeting today is really impossible to take time off. He seems to be restrained by appearance. In fact, he stayed in the city bureau with fear and fear. Only three of them rushed to Yuejia Village. This is a village with sparse personalities. Because it is close to the big city of Gongju, young adults especially Women have ran out to work, and the newly built small buildings in the village are ten rooms and nine empty spaces. They are basically empty nesters with left-behind children.

People who are used to criminal investigation work know that one or two strangers in a small place are very abrupt. If there are three at the same time, the news is like a wing, and it can be passed from the village head to the village end. . Therefore, after the discussion, they decided to leave Yang Mei, a woman who stepped on high heels and wiped her red lips, and looked very strange in the style of the painting. Only Jiang stopped wearing sunglasses, and Yan Yan took the gift cigarettes bought on the road. Wine, etc. walk to the destination.

Before Qi Sihao found out the specific address through the local police station, Yan Hanxiang is a three-story white-story building with a very distinctive rural self-built villa style. The foundation is covered with large stones and covered with cement slurry. The whole building is not subject to appearance decoration, but It looks quite new. At the door, there was a child in a red sweater playing, and when he saw Yan Yan coming, he sucked his nose curiously.

"Come here!" Yan Yan rushed him and waved: "Come and call your uncle, give you sugar!"

The child put a hand on the trousers and ran down the steps. Yan Yan handed out a packet of imported chocolate from the gift bag and threw it to him. He pointed to the white wall and asked: "Is your family there?"

The child's arrow usually runs back and forth: "House - father-in-you!"

Yan Yan did not understand: "What?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Grandfather and grandmother. You should be his grandmother."

The child slid into the door like a muddy one. After a few moments, the wooden door opened again. A dark, square-faced woman poked out half of her body. The doubtful eyes swept through the two men in turn: " are..."Yan Yan half body blocked the river to stop, step forward, and found the police card from the pocket.

"I'm sorry, Auntie," although the action is tough, his words are very gentle and polite: "We are the subordinates of the old director of Yue Guangping, and some things about Yue Lao, I would like to ask you."

Five minutes later, the living room on the first floor.

"My niece and both of them went to work in the city. Only I was at home with the old man. I was busy doing work to see the children." The cold and cold ice was sitting on the sofa, and the gift bag was pushed back to Yan Yan: "The things are not collected." I have to ask questions, I am still busy."

Obviously not coordinated.

"..." Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other. The latter still wore sunglasses in the room and shook his head invisibly.

"Cough, this is the case." Yan Yan is very experienced in interrogating the suspects, but in the face of a hostility in the 60s who is very hostile and has a fighting ability, it is inexplicable and there is no end, so he cleared his throat: "We I heard people say that you have done eight | nine years in Yue’s home. Is this the case?”

Aunt spit out a word: "Yes."

"Then you should know about Yue Lao?"

"do not know much."

"...the reason why Yue Lao passed away, do you know what is going on?"

Unsurprisingly, Xiao Hanxiang had a subtle expression change in the face of this problem.

"Heart disease." Her throat slammed up and down, like a defensive counterattack. It was hard to ask: "We old people, is it normal for heart pressure? Is it normal? Pull it out and do an autopsy?"

It is worthy of being the aunt of the babysitter in the public security bureau, talking about the words and sets of words.

However, Yan Yan did not take the move, only nodded and repeated: "Heart disease."

Yan Hanxiang rolled his eyes and picked up his strong arms.

"-Would you like to know about the interpersonal relationship between Yue and Laos? The men who are particularly close to each other, such as the son of a comrade-in-arms, the son of a friend who is going to go, or..." Yan Yan stared at her face, no Let go of any change in micro-expressions, slowly add a word to the tone: "illegitimate child?"

The last three words came out, and the cold incense was like an electric shock. The butt almost jumped out of the sofa: "What are you talking about? Even if Yue Lao passed away, you can't blame him for his name. You - you are simply -- —"

"This is just the normal guess of the police. We found this in Yue’s home." Yan Yan from the mobile phone

The photo of the windbreaker was picked up in the book, and it was thrown in front of the cold incense, and asked coldly: "Do you know how much it costs for this suit?"

The eyes of the cold scented eyes slammed into the screen of the mobile phone, and trembled a few times, and immediately turned away."Sure enough, you know that this is a gift that Yue Lao bought and prepared to give to that person." Yan Yan's index finger knocked on the phone and said it clearly and cruelly: "An old director, spends far more than his usual consumption. The accustomed money to buy such a luxury item, as a gift to another young man - if you are not sure that it is a child, the police will produce more guesses that you can't imagine, many of which will be more embarrassing than illegitimate children. It’s more dirty and unacceptable.”

Han Hanxiang looked at a mouth, and before he could say anything, he was interrupted by the harsh and calm words:

"I understand that your concealment may be for the name of Yue Lao, but do you really think that Yue is a 'heart disease' who passed away? You are his nanny, how is his heart, whether he wants to take medicine, whether it is really serious To the point of death, don’t you know that? Don’t you have any doubts?”

The mouth of the cold incense was still open, but the roaring sound was suddenly pulled out and stared at Yan Yan.

For a long while, she hard squeezed out a few words: "Is this related to that..."

"Yue Lao received a tenant before his death. He should be a man who is very close to him." Yan Yan leaned back and raised his chin slightly, looking down at the cold incense: "When this visitor leaves, Yue Lao is killed. Do you think it has anything to do with it?"

The squid, like a cock-like cockroach, suddenly seemed to be pulled off the vertebrae and fell softly on the back of the sofa.

Suddenly, the river has been quiet, and the sound is not high and very flat: "If I did not observe the mistake, the building should be built a year or two ago, no more than three years ago?"

The cold and fragrant heart is chaotic, and the subconscious asks: "What about that?"

Yan Yan did not notice this, and could not help but look at Jiang.

“Many people in rural areas like to renovate old houses. Even if they usually work in cities and towns, there is no one living in their homes. They will build small buildings that are not behind people. Otherwise, they will be easily jokes by their neighbors.” Jiang stopped looking around and said: "I just thought about how this small building was built in your home, because as far as I know, your wife has almost lost his ability to work because of severe rheumatism, right?"

"I do not have--"

"I know that you are not going to do anything to break the law. After all, Yue Lao is the director of the Public Security Bureau. But when Yue Lao was dismissing you three years ago, he should make some arrangements for your later life."

"..." 奚 香 香 does not speak, seems to be the default.

"Yue Lao has considered so much for you, why don't you consider it for him?" Jiang stopped slightly and leaned forward, staring straight at her murky and red eyes: "In the end, Yue Lao is a heart attack or a victim." Maybe you can only provide the final clue."

The cold incense was silent for a long time, and the arms clasped on the chest did not know when it fell to the side of the body, and pulled it loosely. When she looked carefully, her hands were shaking slightly, and her nails licked her thumb.

"...all of them," suddenly she pulled out three words and repeated it repeatedly: "It must be him!"

Strict spirits."The so-called 'nurturing son'!" 奚 香 香 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 咬 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 咬 咬 咬 咬 : 咬 咬 : : : When is a adopted child? What is it that is not a lie? Who knows if it is a kind of old man?!"

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other and immediately asked: "Who is this?"

"I don't know, I have never seen this person." Yan Hanxiang shook his head: "It was half a year before the death of Yue Lao, and suddenly began to mention that he had to accept a adopted child. Although he may have to face... not straight, but I listened The meaning and excitement of the words, it seems that the person is his kind when he was young. He has never listened to him for so many years. He didn’t know what happened and suddenly contacted. I was worried about whether it was a liar. There are more scammers in the year, but is it true? But Yue Lao doesn’t know what to drink, and he can’t admit his mistakes. He knows it very well!”

- I know very well in my heart.

Yan Yan looked at Jiang Shu, both of them had a thought at the same time: Do you have a paternity test?

Like Yue Guangping, it is impossible to go to do paternity test. In any case, it can't be completely concealed. The wind will definitely flow out and cause a fatal blow to the official voice. But if there is no such parental testimony, what makes a public security bureau firmly believe in parent-child relationship?

"Does Yue Lao describe what this person looks like?" Yan Yan asked.

The cold and fragrant gods recalled for a moment, and regretfully shook their heads.

"Is there any unusual reaction or move before Yue Lu passed away?"

Strictly speaking, this problem is probably in the middle of the Guanzhong. When the voice just fell, I saw that the cold incense immediately began to pick up the hand, as if some of the words were stopped, and then I decided to make a decision. "I will say nothing now." It’s going to affect Yue’s life, right? Like a funeral, a farewell ceremony...”

Yan Yan said: "You don't have to worry about this. It has been three years since the funeral of Yue Lao."

"That's good, that's good." Yan Hanxiang said with a low head: "There is... one day and a half, I heard Yue Lao crying and calling someone..."

A public security bureau chief and deputy mayor, crying and calling in the middle of the night?

Strictly tightening the muscles, Lianjiang stopped involuntarily and sat down slightly.

"At that time, Yue Lao was very busy. He went out early every night and often went to the mysteriously and secretly.

Closed in the study. At first, I didn't pay much attention to it. After all, Yue Lao had been busy for most of his life—until a late night, five or six days before Yue’s death, I was suddenly awakened by the cry from the study. Stand lightly and stand at the door of the study..."

The cold incense was hard to beat, and Yan Yan stared at her: "Have you heard anything?"

"Yes, but in fact, the words are over and over. Yue Lao said... "I am sorry for the Jiang team, don't give me a flag, I don't deserve it!"

The two are at the same time.

Jiang’s expression was blank."How can you not cover the national flag? How much glory is that, how can he say this to himself?" 奚 香 扭 扭 扭 自己 自己 自己 自己 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 粗糙 ? Will it be his adopted son? Yue Lao feels that he has not raised him, sorry for him, so he is not willing to build the national flag? And the last visitor who was received by Yue Laosheng will be him, he will harm the old man, so steal The property of Yuejia?"

The room was quiet.

Yan Hanxiang was very scared by the opposite police face of the two police officers. He quickly stammered and added: "More I don't know, I can tell you the truth."

" don't have to be afraid, this is a very valuable clue." Yan Yan finally recovered his voice from the shock, and subconsciously took a sip of the enamel teacup - the water was still floating on the water because they looked at them. Uncomfortable and deliberately did not wash away the slightest oil, but no one reminded him: "Right, do you know who the object of Yue Lao’s call late at night?"

奚寒香赧 said: "I don't know, I am not a nanny, I know so many things. But I heard the old man called Yue...called..."

After thinking for a while, she hesitated and said: "... Lao Lu?"

When screaming, the enamel teacup in Yan's hand was solidly dropped on the table.


Twenty minutes later.

"The details you told us today, including the things we visit, are highly confidential. Please don't mention it to anyone for your personal safety. Do you understand?"

The cold incense held the door frame in one hand, just like the revolutionary martyrs bravely nodded.

Yan Yan solemnly thanked him and helped the river stop and leave.

"Wait...etc." Suddenly, the cold incense finally couldn’t help but poke out the neck: "This glasses officer is you..."

Jiang paused to stay.

Yan Hanxiang looked at his thin and straight back: "Have I ever seen you there?"

After a few seconds, Jiang stopped her face and showed her an invisible smile:

"You should be acknowledging the wrong."

Xiao Hanxiang nodded in doubt.


"How much do you think is the possibility that Yue Guangping is calling the Lu Bureau?" Yan Yan asked.

At the end of October, the sun went down early, and when it came out from the fragrant home, the sky was completely dark. When the countryside is dark, except for the moonlight, only the lights from the windows of the various households illuminate the dirt road. Every step leading to the village head is pitted, so Yan Yan has been stopping the river in his arms. Go ahead.

"It's quite big. I remember seeing these two people chatting at the celebration party. I was quite happy." Jiang stopped the clothes, and the other hand was honestly inserted in the pocket of Yan's jacket, saying: "Returning to the graduate school and work experience of Lu Guangping and Yue Guangping may have more tangible evidence."

Yan Yan did not speak, but also put his hand in his jacket pocket, squatting on the river and stopping his slender fingers, frowning: "How cold is your hand."

The river stopped to pull out and was forced to pull it hard.I don't know who is frying bacon with lard, and the oily fragrance is revealed through the gap in the window. Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and muttered: "It's quite fragrant."

However, Yan Yan’s ignorance, as if he did not hear this sentence: "If it is really Lu, his connection with Yue Guangping is deeper than we think. It is very likely that he has an understanding of the internal situation of the 1009 plastics factory bombing, knowing that Yue Guangping is so What is the reason for it, maybe even..."

“It’s even possible to know that I am still alive,” Jiang said quietly.

They didn't talk any more, and they walked through the village with a shallow foot. They only saw Yang Mei flashing the flashing lights in the car.

"Strictly," Jiang stopped suddenly and quietly opened his mouth and asked: "We have always assumed that the young male Yue Guangping is preparing to give gifts, that is, the "illegitimate child" that Xiao Hanxiang said, is the last killer of the visit. But there are It is impossible that this kind of thinking is wrong from the beginning. The last visitor is actually..."

Yan Yan seems to expect what he wants to say, and he has stood firm.

Jiang stopped looking at him in the moonlight, or spit out the name: "-- is Lu Bureau?"

"..." Strictly long, there was no snoring, and the chill rose from the bottom of my heart to the throat. I said for a long time: "This possibility cannot be ruled out."

——If Lu Bureau is Yue Guangping who can call and cry in the middle of the night, then wearing a long trousers at home, or a hurdle vest or even bare-chested, is all right.

But now there is no clue to restore the scene at the time. The two stood face to face for a while in the night, Yang Mei finally couldn't help but get out of the car, open the scorpion "Hey-!" and sighed with anger On the waist: "Strictly what are you doing, are you deliberately in front of the flowers in front of me?!"

Yan Yan once turned back: "We are watching the snow and watching the moon! From poetry and songs to life ideals! Do you have any opinions?!"

Yang Mei: "..."

Yan Yan laughed, and another shot stopped the ass: "You get on the bus first, I have something."


Yan Yan has already drilled into the night in three steps and made two steps. He waved his hand without turning back: "The lighter was thrown at the aunt's house! Come back in five minutes!"

"Why is he going?" Yang Mei succumbed to the front: "Is the lighter shameful at home?"

"No, he didn't take the lighter out at the chilly home."

"Wow! It really is with which village, Xiaofang, has a sneak peek at the private party! You are back to me with strict surname-"

Yang Mei was furious to catch up, but when the voice was not lost, she was held down. She turned her head back and saw that Jiang’s eyes reflected the smile of the moonlight:

"Nothing, I know what he is going to do."

The author has something to say:

There are a few dry sounds in the "Broken Cloud" radio drama. This time, after I heard a group of auditions, I chose Achun, who is determined to be steadfast, and has a big audition for Yan Yan. The cold and gentle sky is greatly auditioned for the river. After a while, it should be released. I hope everyone likes it.This chapter was written just today. I am very sorry that this update has kept everyone waiting for several days. My family came back very, very loving kittens on Friday, getting sick on Saturday, getting better on Saturday and passing away on Sunday night. I can't get rid of the state of collapse, regret, and self-doubt, but I hope to heal slowly over time. I am very grateful to all of you for your comfort and support during this difficult time, especially for those experiences that have lost your love, and I feel that there are many people in this world who share the same sadness. I am very grateful to everyone for their karma. I happened to write this article. You happened to read this article and shared a life together in a few months of gathering. Thank you. Gd1806102

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