Chapter 108 Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Chapter 108

The sky is still dark. I don’t know when Lu will wake up and hear the ringing of the phone in the outhouse. (Free full novel.

Ringing bells -

Ringing bells -

He knows who called it.

As if repeating thousands of times, he turned to get out of bed, and the aging and swollen bare feet stepped on the cold floor tiles. Outside the window was the black wind of the twelfth lunar whistling, whistling the whistle, covering up the footsteps he had almost no; he opened the door and heard the long, non-lubricated door shaft in the bedroom.

Ringing bells -

Ringing bells -

The phone glowed red in the dark, flashing.

He stood in front of the red dot that jumped, staring at the phone, feeling that his obese body seemed to dissolve into the winter night, turning into a cold water vapor.

"You pick it up," he heard a sharp, sharp voice saying, "Take it--"

Ringing bells -

Ringing bells -

With a bang, Lu Bureau picked up the receiver.

Just as the old-fashioned recorder was clicked on the playback button, the tape began to twirling. Like the repeated thousand times, the phone screamed like a cry, and countless sharp hooks rushed into the ear hole and dig hard. His eardrum:

"I am sorry for them, I am sorry Jiang stopped, Lao Lu -"

"I killed him, I killed them, Lao Lu-"

Lu Bureau stood in front of the telephone. He wanted to say something, but his throat seemed to be blocked. He heard a snake-like movement and learned about Soso after him. The cold breath was getting closer and closer, and getting closer and closer, then a decaying hand rested on his loose-skinned shoulders, and the cry on the phone suddenly cleared. Clearly appear behind the ear:

"Why give me a flag?"

Lv Bureau squatted in front, his hands were loose, and the microphone was like a dying head hanging from the ground, falling to the ground.

"I didn't tell you?"

"I told you specifically?"

"Why give me a flag? Why? Why-"

Don't look back, he thought, don't look back. But the irresistible force in the dark forced him to turn his neck one inch and saw the purple face that was bleeding behind him. His blue lips were still open and closed, and he cried:

"Why give me the flag -"


Lu Bureau suddenly woke up, his chest was violently ups and downs, and he couldn't tell whether he was in a dream or in reality.

Bells and bells - the office is empty, the phone bell on the table is still unyielding, and the caller ID is a secretary.

"..." Lu Bureau picked up the phone, and the voice was hoarse and difficult to distinguish: "Hey?"

“The Lu’an Bureau, Qin’s regular reports within some detachments need to ask for your opinions and confirmation, can you?”

The old and serious director closed his eyes and felt the eardrum still creaking. The cold sweat had soaked the hurd vest under the white shirt. After more than ten seconds, he finally tried to stabilize his breathing, his heartbeat still pulsing in the throat, and the chest was a little bit of acupuncture pain.

"Yes." Lu Bureau finally steadily said, "Let Qin Chuan come in."

He hung up the phone.

·“ Room 301, Block A, Building 701, Bo Taoyuan Community,” Yan Yan’s backhand slammed the door and blocked the sun with his hands. He looked up and carefully looked at the gray building’s residential building and raised his eyes. “This place where Yue Guangping lives is not awkward. Land."

The old-fashioned residential building has only six floors, and the three-story and above balconies are all open and open, and you can see the colorful sheets and quilts, short diapers, flowers, birds and fish, and cardboard boxes. Each household's air-conditioned chassis is hung outside the wall, and the rainwater rusts the air-conditioning brackets. Several yellow rusts are hung under each balcony.

The taxi slid away, and the river stopped to go forward. He also looked up at the balcony that was striking because of the empty space.

Yan Yan turned to Qi Sihao: "Yue Guangping has been dead for almost three years, this house has not been sold yet?"

Qi Sihao was a little nervous in the past two days. He used to wear masks, sunglasses, and baseball caps. He snorted and snorted.

"There is no one living? Is it empty?"

"Yue Guangping has no relatives here." Jiang stopped answering his question. "His hometown is not in Gongzhou. His wife died very early. It is said that he can't live, so there are no children. Usually he is an elderly nanny. It was his old family who had returned to the country with his grandson some time before he had an accident."

Yan Yan said casually: "It's really enough to lie in the trough..."

He wants to say that he is really lonely, but when he thinks about it, it is always bad to talk about people who have passed away, and they will swallow their words and laugh at the shoulders of Jiang’s stop:

"Go, go up."

The corridor was narrow and full of debris, and the rusted iron door of the 301 room was covered with seals. Yan Yan stabbed twice and tore the seal, indicating Qi Sihao holding the key: "Open the door."

The key was stolen from the file box of the Gongzhou City Bureau. Qi Sihao had no choice but to go up and open the door. With the screaming and screaming, the iron gate and the wooden door were opened in turn. Three years ago, the nightmare-like living room appeared again in front of the river - just this time there was no dead body in the ground, only the technical investigation white | Draw a human figure.

"Cough and cough..."

The flying ash is flying, the light is dim, and the furniture is all dusty in the static years. Yan Yan took the lead in drilling into the door, standing in the middle of the living room, looking around, although it is spacious, it is obviously the last century.

The decoration style of the 1990s touched the chin and slammed two times.

It is no wonder that Jiang stopped to believe in Yue Guangping and explained all the hidden feelings to him.

Looking at this standard of living, Yue Guangping is obviously a solitary elderly person who has lived on the basis of wages and allowances, heating fees, etc., and the economic conditions should be extremely superior to ordinary people, but there is still a considerable distance from the "rich people".

"You guys are also very rough in this technical investigation," Yan Yan suddenly found out, and finally can stop the Jiangning once ridiculed Jianning, and returned it to Gongzhou. He turned to Qi Sihao: "How is this scene?" Clean and not even a physical identification mark, have they been withdrawn?"

Qi Sihao finally took off his sunglasses in the room and looked at him with difficulty: "But here is not the scene."

Strictly sigh, then reacted."The death of Vice Mayor Yue has always said that it is a heart attack, so..."

Since it is a heart attack, even the investigation is not necessary. It is more responsible for the investigation and technical investigation.

Jiang stopped wearing gloves, slowly squatting on the ground, and fixedly watching the white under the feet | chalk figured out the human form, reaching out and gently stroking from the ground, as if touching the old deputy mayor could not notice the body. His hair is a bit long, and the bangs cover his eyes. From the point of view of the top down, he can't see the shimmering shimmer in his eyes.

"He just lie down here." Jiang stopped faintly. "The face is purple, his lips are blue, there is vomit around... He is straight ahead, and he doesn't close his eyes until the end."

Yan Yan’s lower body, “You told me that Yue Guangping was wearing sweaters and long trousers when he died?”

Jiang stopped nodding.

——In the case of fear and tension, you can also notice the details of the surface of the corpse. It is not so much that Jiang’s mental quality is strong, but rather his professional instinct as a criminal investigation expert.

“Do you remember other details?” Yan Yan asked without any hope.

"Not much." Jiang paused with a weary smile. "I was in a very bad state at the time. Coupled with sudden changes, I heard a siren... In order not to leave footprints and fingerprints, I didn't even enter the threshold. ”

He paused a little, suddenly remembered something, pointing to the foot of the coffee table in front of the sofa: "Right, there was an overturned ashtray on the ground."


"Is it killed by an ashtray as a weapon?" Yan Yufu suspected, "but the appearance of the body is obviously poisoned."

"I don't know. It may be that the coffee table was hit by a man, the ashtray slipped from the table and fell to the ground; it may also be copied by the murderer of the passionate as a weapon, and then thrown on the ground. Both of them are given to the ashtray surface. The traces were completely different, but I only looked at it from a distance and couldn’t tell the difference."

Strictly thinking about it, suddenly came up with a sentence: "It is also possible that the murderer has just cleared the cigarette butt with his own dna from the ashtray."

Jiang stopped his eyebrows.

"A thin old man wears long trousers, the image will not be very good, even if he is at home, the possibility of being a woman is very small. If you are replaced by a close-knit male acquaintance, the two sit on the sofa and talk. When you smoke, you can almost make it." Speaking of this, he looked up to Jiang, and turned to Qi Sihao, raising his chin: "Do you know that Yue Guangping has a very close personal acquaintance?"

Qi Sihao is right.

"As far as I know." Jiang stopped suddenly paused. It seemed a bit weird, and then slowly said: "Unless there is a person..."

Yan Yan asked: "Who?"


They looked at each other for a moment, and they stood up and slammed their thighs: "This joke is not only not funny, but I don't believe it either."

Jiang paused and sighed softly."Look in the inner room," Yan Yan pulled his arm and pulled it up. If he had nothing to do, he even shot his butt: "The chest of drawers, any paper with words, and the hospitality." Tea cups - maybe you can find clues about chickens and dogs."

However, it turns out that Yan Yan is thinking too much. After Yue Guangping’s accident, his family must have been swept away for a round, not to mention sensitive items such as diaries, notes, and notes, and even no newspapers and magazines.

This is a four-bedroom, one-bedroom residence, divided into a master bedroom, a study room, a tea room, and a nanny bedroom. There is a tape recorder in the bedroom bedside. There are several boxes of old tapes that don’t know how many years of history, and the phoenix flying Fei Lifei. Yan Yan put the tape in the recorder and tried it. Most of them have been completely destroyed and can no longer be heard. Only one or two boxes can be transferred, but they are just ordinary old tapes, leaving no message.

But also - Yan Yan thought in the melodious and sweet "He Rijun will come again."

This kind of audio-visual products can still be left from the hands of the spades k. It must have been checked again. The reason why it has not been taken away is that it should be a tape recorder on the spot and it will look strange.

Yan Yan stood up from the bed and looked around the main bedroom. The letter opened the large wardrobe against the wall.

Yue Guangping's wardrobe is similar to any old police cadres, dark blue police uniforms, uniform white shirts, two or three belts with police badges, and a number of blue and gray scarfs distributed by the public security system; A custom-made suit coat for formal occasions, etc.

Inside the small drawer inside the closet, there are cufflinks, tie clips, shaker and other things. When you open the shaker, you can see that there is a Rolex black water ghost, a Tudor steel watch, a piece of daily wear and wear. Leather strap with steel surface Longines.

I don’t know what it is.

The taste, half a sigh of relief, gently put the shaker back into the drawer.

There is nothing to discover in the closet, the oldest vest is wearing a hurdle under the shirt. Yan Yan has not reported any hopes, turned over and turned around, suddenly saw something, "Hmm?"

- A yellow dust bag hung deep in the closet.

Pull down the dust bag zipper, which is a brand new windbreaker.

"Jiang stopped!" Yan Yan sighed: "Jiang stopped! Come and see!"

Jiang stopped in the study room, the shirt cuffs rolled on the elbows, and heard the words into the master bedroom: "What happened? - This is..."

Severely throw the clothes and dust bags onto the bed.

It is a burberry black men's windbreaker, which is also covered with a new white shirt, tie, belt and black trousers, all with the same brand. Yan Yan seems to expect something, turned and smashed under the closet, and unexpectedly moved out a brand new shoe box, opened inside is a men's dress shoes, exudes the unique smell of leather.

"..." Jiang stopped to look at the size of his clothes and said: "Yue Guangping can't wear No. 52, big.""The shoes are 42 yards. The pair of shoes he put at the door is 40 yards. It is also big, and the whole set is not worn by him." Yan Yan opened the dust bag and gestured to the river: "Look, this windbreaker has a leather trim on the back collar and cuffs. It is an upgraded version of his classic model. The price should be in the early 20,000. Plus the shirt trousers and tie belt, you have to add shoes, the full set is estimated to be 30,000. Five up and down, far exceeds the consumption level of Yue Guangping."

Jiang stopped his arms and arms. "I can only see that this dress is very new..."

“Yes, and the design style is relatively young. It is more suitable between the ages of 20 and 40. The old man Yue Guangping wears too much.”

Both of them looked at the thick dust bag on the bed, and no one made a sound at the moment.

"--Is he going to buy gifts?" Yan Yan took a breath and suddenly said.

Jiang stopped raising his eyes: "Who is it?"

Indeed, at the level of the deputy mayor, if you send it up again, gifts and cash are already too simple and rude to go to the table. Besides, it is not so good to give gifts, but also the price tag and packaging of the clothes and pants have been removed, as if the fear of adding the packaging to the recipients.

"You can't see it?" Yan Yanqi said.

The river stopped shrugging shoulders.

"This is not very obvious," Yan Yan said. "A full set of interior and exterior dresses, the color styles have obviously been carefully selected, expensive to buy, and also with a tie and shoes... an old man gives gifts to this In the normal way of thinking, I can only think of a situation."

Jiang stopped: "?"


The river stopped.

"My son has just graduated from school, just graduated, or just stepped onto the society to prepare for development. As a father, he prepared a full set of high-end formal costumes for him. He is entrusted with encouragement and wishes. This is a normal mode of thinking. Of course, it can be replaced by a nephew or a son-in-law. This is the same reason that the mother took out the jewelry at the bottom of the box before she got married.” Yan Yan’s brain didn’t turn over and smiled. “How can you even think about this?”

Then his words came to an abrupt end.

The room is as quiet as suffocation.

After three seconds, Yan Yan said with nothing to laugh: "Do you really think that Yue Guangping has relatives like nephews?"

Jiang stopped talking, only heard the quiet breathing, Yan Yan did not dare to look back at his face.

"Oh... I know this for the first time." After a long while, Jiang stopped slowly. "I will remember when you graduated from a foreigner or a scorpion university."

A hot emotion rushed through my heart, and the internal organs were ironed and shivered, and even the nasal breath was accompanied by strange trepidation.

"...well," Yan Yan tried his best to make his voice sound natural and smooth, as if nothing happened. He smiled and said: "That's the time to remember."

"This wish is good." Jiang paused and smiled and said: "But I really don't know that Yue Guangping has any children in Gongzhou. If it is a younger brother of a comrade-in-arms family or a relative of his hometown, then I can't even say it... However, one person is definitely very familiar with Yue Guangping's interpersonal relationship."Yan Yan could not help but ask: "Who?"

Jiang stopped: "The nanny who returned to his hometown."


The old babysitter is cold and fragrant, and the neighbors are called aunts. Jiang stopped only a few times during the holiday season to see the leader. I know that this aunt is about sixty years old and is a relative of Yue Guangping’s home.

Said to be relatives, in fact, the villagers in the township are 800 miles away, and the chilly incense in the home of Yue Guangping probably has eight | nine years. The wife of Yue Guangping passed away early, and it has not been embarrassed for so many years. According to Jiang’s observation, his aunt who is as strong as the black-faced door should be a normal employer relationship. There is no wind between the old man and the old nanny. story.

However, it is a long-term homestay nanny. If there is anyone in the world who knows Yue Guangping’s relatives, it’s really only a cold man.

When he left from Yue Guangping's house, Yan Yan took a photo of the suit and then put it back in the dust bag and re-hung it back to the deepest part of the wardrobe.

Jiang stopped to go downstairs and called the car. Yan Yan closed the closet door and stared at the door handle that had been lacquered because of years of use. He sighed out and thought: I haven’t sent the river to stop the gift.

Jiang stopped this psychological state, the demand for material was very weak, and he thought about it when he was serious. He did not expect him to be in charge.

What has produced special attention, the only ones that show obvious love are the few Pu'er tea cakes.

It’s really a thermos cup – Zheng Yan thinks so, and there are some complex emotions that are both sweet and sour.

"When everything is solved, Jiang Stop can also appear in front of everyone. I must give him a head-to-toe arrangement." Yan Yan thought: "Although I know too little about him, I can't tell what he likes to eat or what he likes, and he doesn't know what material, style and color he likes, but when he can, he can inquire again, and he can always find out."

He thought so, just listening to Qi Sihao and asking: "How, can we go?"

"Oh." Yan Yan turned and asked casually: "What about the Jiang team?"

Qi Sihao shrank his head and put on his sunglasses mask again, ambiguously saying: "Under the downstairs, I have already got on the bus."

Yan Yan nodded and went out with Qi Sihao, watching him lock the door as it was.

"I will go back to my home, my wife is already asking." As long as he went out, Qi Sihao kept looking around and always worried that the roadside might rush out of the crowd and take him to the knife: "I have to cope with it." My wife, take some time to change clothes, and come out in ten minutes - can you wait for me in the car? Don't let me act alone."

Yan Yan sighed: "Go."

Qi Sihao was only a little relieved, and he also emphasized: "My family is not far away, just in this neighborhood, and the hotel is on the way."

Yan Yan nodded and suddenly remembered something: "Where does the Jiang team live?"


Yan Yanran came to the interest and said that he knew nothing about the life in Gongzhou before Jiang stopped. He asked: "You Jiang team will not stay in the police station dormitory. Did he buy a house?""You suddenly asked this..." Qi Sihao stunned for a while and yelled: "I really don't know. The Jiang team has seven days a week, and does not participate in group activities on holidays, let alone invite people to go home for dinner. No one should know where his family lives."

At this time they have already walked to the exit of the community, Jiang stopped to face them and stood by the taxi.

"Yes," Yan Yan said casually: "Then you go back to the police to help me see."

Then he could not help but speed up and greet the river.

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