Chapter 107 Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Chapter 107

Three years ago, Gongju. (free full novel

January 10th.

boom! The door in the abandoned house was pushed open, and the cold wind was swept into the room. Numerous dusts suddenly swelled in the dim light, and they danced and gradually disappeared.

"Go in," Ajie whispered.

The young man who was being escorted by him had been thinned to the extreme, his face was full of blood, his lips were pale and pale, and even his shoulders were supporting his hands. Probably because of the long-term deprivation of vision, the blind eye was suddenly unable to accept the outside light, his eyes were always half-closed, the black eyelashes were condensed by sweat, and the mess was covered under the blind eyes, and the end was formed. A tired arc.

The light is really too weak, and most of the indoor scenes only outline a few lines.

Just look at the silhouette, it is estimated that no one will recognize this young man, the second detachment of Gongzhou Anti-drug, which was tied back a few months ago.

Jiang stopped by Ajie half-pushing into the door, someone stepped over his head with a gun, and someone stuffed his weak hand into a hard, cold thing - it turned out to be a gun.

Ajie picked up his phone and leaned on the river to stop his ear, followed by the nightmare-like mild and cruel voice:

"Kill the undercover in front of you, you are free."

"No, I can't do it. I..."

"you can."

"No. Just kill me, kill me quickly -"

"You can do it," said Spades K, who is still very patient, even with a smile: "You don't want to die, Jiang stopped, you are the most dead person I have ever seen in this world. You are not in any desperate situation." Will give up fighting for even a trace of vitality, this is your nature, it is born like this, so you can do it."


"Kill him, then you are free, otherwise you will die here."

The river stopped breathing and gasped, and the hand of the gun shook violently. He has never been so afraid of guns in his life. It seems that he is not holding a gun handle, but a cold tooth of a snake. The venom is soaked through the skin until the death is brought to the heart.

"Jiang stopped," the spade k is full of induction, saying: "You are not saying that you can win me? Prove it to me."

I don’t know how long it takes, the time is so long that every second is very long, and the hand that Ajie has been staring at has finally moved.

The gun was slowly lifted to the air, and then the muzzle turned, and the river stopped its own temple!

"Hey!" Ajie yelled, saying that it was too late, a hand that screwed the river to stop the gun, the next second only listened: Hey!

The shadow in the dark corner of the front shook, and then slipped against the wall, and fell to the ground with powerlessness.

After more than ten seconds of solidification, the silence was silent, and it was the gun that Jiang stopped in the ground and fell to the ground. His last nerve that was stretched to the limit was finally broken. The whole person leaned back and was caught by Ajie. He forcibly opened his eyelids and looked at his pupil. He shouted: "Sedative!"

Some people are rushing, some are calling, but Jiang can’t hear anything.The syringe needle pierced the skin, and the tingling of the moment made him wake up, the consciousness was very clear, but the body did not listen. He struggled to get up in the shudder, the needle with a bloodline out of the body, and fell on the dusty ground.

Then he began to cough, coughed, and his body curled up, and the scorpion was full of rust. In the gap between the ventilators, he heard the voice of Ajie’s hard state saying: “You still have a shot.”

But he did not answer, barely stopped the cough, swallowed his mouth full of blood, and did not know who held his hand, and stood up in disarray.

"Don't worry about him, Jiang stop is such a person." The voice of the spades k screamed on the phone. "He is now free."

Jiang stopped to withdraw his hand and seemed to want to stand firm on his own strength, but the health and physical strength that had been consumed sharply for many days could not be achieved even with such simple self-requirements. He staggered a few steps back, leaning back against the wall, feeling the whole world was spinning around.

Then what he heard in the fainting -

It was a far and near siren.

"The police are coming, Jiang stopped, I will return you to them."

The spades k at the end of the phone seem to be very nostalgic. No matter what he says, he is like a love story, with a steadfast, disgusting mellow and soft, like a nightmare whispering in his ear.

"When you return to the police team, face countless doubts, questions and accusations, and bear all the hatred, hatred and jealousy, please don't forget the gambling we played today; even if you are so perfect, you can make perfect No one will trust words, no one wants to listen, because all the facts have proved that you are a traitor."

"One day you will find that I am right, then you will be willing to return to where we first saw. And before that, as long as there is a policeman who is willing to believe you - even if there is only one." The smile deepened and said: "I have lost."

The sirens are flying fast and getting louder and louder. The sound of splashing water came from outside the abandoned house. It was the drug dealer who poured gasoline around.

"Goodbye, Jiang stopped." Spades K said, "I welcome you to admit defeat at any time."

The raging fire engulfed the house, and under the gloomy sky, the roaring flames danced wildly.

The red and blue police lights flashed, the fire truck screamed sharply, and the tide-like footsteps swarmed toward the house of fire; but the river stopped without looking back and did not dare to look back. All his strength is used to hide and run, even if it can only be a desperate stumble.

I do not know

How far the road ran, and the vocals and flames were thrown far behind, leaving only the northerly winds.

He was black in front of him, fell to the ground, and finally lost consciousness.

"...Jiang team..."

"Jiang team..."

"Jiangzhang captain!" Someone shouted at him: "Wake up! Fast!"

I don't know if it took a few minutes or more, Jiang stopped and finally opened his eyes.He couldn't focus on his eyes, and his faintly gaze was cast in the air, only to see the vast white clouds. Probably after a long time, thousands of acupuncture-like pains finally returned to the body, and the internal organs were tightly twisted into a group.

Just in the pain, he heard someone stop talking: "...I know you must be alive, I know you have not given up..."

Jiang stopped using his strength and finally turned his head slightly to see the sights around him.

He passed out in a bush on the suburban plain, far from the scene of the fire surrounded by police cars. A thin old man wearing a dark blue uniform and a white shirt squatted on his side, his white hair trembled in the cold wind, his face was red and eager, and he couldn't help but say excitedly.

"Fortunately, you are not dead, just live, just be alive!..."

Jiang stopped his eyes, and when he opened it, he finally recognized him who he was – the former deputy mayor and public security director of Gongzhou, Yue Guangping.

"Don't move, don't move, you have been hurt too much. I have called you the contact person named Yang Mei, and told her to come over here to pick you up. Nothing will happen. Let's take care of it first, as long as we live everything. From long-term considerations -"


Yue Guangping lived: "What?"

Jiang stopped lying on the ground, looking up at the sky, his eyes desperately blank, saying: "The rivets are dead."

Yue Guangping's whole body shock: "What do you say?!"

"I failed. The drug trade was in the ecological park. My team members died in the plastic factory... I failed." Jiang stopped shaking his hand and held it tightly, not like the face of a living person, repeating the neurotic repetition over and over again. In the palm of my hand, I heard: "There is nothing to think about, my teammates are dead, the rivets are killed by me, and they have never been considered for a long time..."

Yue Guangping slammed his mouth and smeared his face with a sigh of relief. He said, "But you are still alive!"

The river stopped face to face.

Yue Guangping bit his teeth: "As long as you are alive, you can take revenge!"

He got up and stopped the river. Although the former deputy mayor was old, the river stop at that time had no weight at all, and he was helped by a relatively smooth rock edge without any effort.

"I am the supervisor of the rescue operation. I can't leave the scene for too long. I have to go back." Yue Guangping asked him to sit down on the stone and calmly say: "The safety that Yang Mei will come to pick you up before we meet." House, then move on to the next step. Remember the safe house? Do you remember the address and password?"

Jiang stopped his ears and thundered, and his spirit was extremely unstable. He nodded in a hurry.

"The investigation team of the 1009 plastic factory explosion case is very high. Even I am in the all-weather surveillance. It is estimated that I will not be able to contact the outside world anytime in the next week. You should raise the injury first. I will contact you after seven days. We still Meet in the safe house."

Yue Guangping got up and left, suddenly stopped again, and then paused for a moment, and slowly said: "I have been investigating another thing recently, and I have almost looked at it..."

The river stopped groggy and the state was extremely poor."When you get the certain result, you will be told." Yue Guangping bit his teeth and whispered: "Be sure to stick to it and wait for me to contact."

Yue Guangping walked away quickly, and the black smoke in the wilderness was rolling. The fire brigade extinguished the abandoned houses lit by gasoline. They should have discovered the rivets and the guns stopped by the river.

Farther away, Yang Mei, who was notified, quickly rushed to prepare to stop the river from being safely repaired.

Under the vast sky, the dark clouds piled up and rolled, and all the traps of conspiracy and destiny were officially opened at this moment.


Hotel suites.

“——What is Yue Guangping investigating?” Yan Yan sat on the sofa and sharply frowned: “Why is it ‘other’, have you been investigating something else?”

Jiang stopped standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and couldn't see his expression against the light. I saw him slowly shaking his head: "I don't know what he said about 'other', he didn't have time to tell me to die. But Before that, the two of us had been conducting a follow-up investigation in the Gongzhou City Bureau, hoping to get rid of the spades and the internal nails."

Yan Yan accidentally said: "You two?"

"..." Jiang stopped seems to smile: "Yes. Do you remember that I told you before, was the rivet exposed before the anti-drug operation in the 1009 plastic factory?"

Yan Yan stared at him.

"The rivet is exposed, who sold it? This person must be in the Gongzhou system, and the position is quite high. In combination with the previous cofferdam against the spade k, it always fails. I guess the upper level is the inside of the spade k. But I am not sure who it is."

"--You know that this feeling is terrible, the traitor is by your side, but you don't know who he is. It may be your most admired predecessor, or it may be your closest partner. People come and go, ghosts Hey, it looks at you in the dark, but you can't catch this ghost with a human skin."

Jiang stopped taking a breath and said: "The time left for me was not much, because the 1009 action is about to begin. If I want to temporarily modify the action plan.

I must find a completely innocent and trustworthy leader to rely on. After repeated consideration, I chose Yue Guangping. ”

Yan Yan asked: "Why is he?"

"The reason is divided into two aspects." Jiang stopped to explain: "First, he is always taking care of me to promote my direct supervisor, I know him the most; second, he is the deputy mayor of Gongzhou, the public security department level Secretary, the grand leader of Gongzhou Police No. 000001, I don't trust who he can trust. If he is a ghost, then I am finished, and there is no need to fight with the spade."

Yan Yan slightly decapitated, thinking: "So before the start of the anti-drug campaign in the 1009 plastics factory, Yue Guangping believed that you are not a black police.""On my own speech, he will not believe, it should be verified through various methods, but I don't know how to verify it." Jiang stopped taking a breath and said: "He believes in my confession, we join hands. After investigating for a period of time inside the city bureau, I found nothing, and I couldn’t find out how many internal news leaked to the spades. This ghost is hidden too deep and so perfect that sometimes I will produce it in the end. There is an illusion that there is no existence."

"In this way, as time went to the beginning of October, the 1009 action began. After I got the consent of Yue Guangping, I temporarily revised the action plan to transfer the police force from the ecological park to the plastics factory."

What Yan Yan realized, asked: "That is to say, what is the matter of modifying the action plan, except for you, only Yue Guangping?"

"There is really this in theory." Jiang stopped faintly. "But in fact, if the authority of the ghost is high enough, you can observe from the many clues that the action plan has been temporarily modified... so you can’t say that the leak plan is certain. It is Yue Guangping."

- That is what I said, but Yan Yan still immediately understands why after the explosion, the only person who desperately advocates to rescue the river is Yue Guangping: If he is innocent, he will have to rescue the river from life and death. The aspect proves their innocence, on the other hand, the two are confrontational, and the inner ghost is checked.

“Later?” Yan Yan asked. “After a week, did Yue Guangping contact you?”

Jiang stopped a little silent, then nodded: "On the 18th of January, I received a call from Yue Guangping."


Three years ago, 11 eight -

"The last time I told you about the investigation, it was about how the spades k learned that you temporarily modified the action plan. Now the results are basically certain. I didn't expect it, I really didn't expect... if we both found it earlier, None of this will happen..."

The curtains were pulled tightly and there was no light in the room. Seven days of rest and recuperation allowed the river to stop a little recovery, but the energy was still very bad, and the voice was extremely hoarse: "What happened?"

On the other side of the phone, Yue Guangping’s forced repression was heard. After a few seconds, he came up with a sentence:

"I seem to find out who the ghost is."

- When the time of the river stopped, the hole was tightened.

"I don't know if they have stared at me. I may have been eyeing. This is a complicated matter. The phone is not safe. I will see the safe house in an hour." Yue Guangping couldn't stop breathing, which was obviously caused by tension. "I am sorry for you, Jiang team, no matter what happens... I can die if there is something happening in the future, but please be sure to live, sorry."

He hung up the phone.

Strictly sitting posture is wide open legs, elbows on his knees, fingers constantly rubbing his chin, swearing: "How is Yue Guangping's words so strange...""It's really weird, but I can't figure out where it is." Jiang paused and said, "I hang up and rushed to the safe house." When I met privately with Yue Guangping, I rented in the park where he often fished. In a basement, I installed a full set of anti-eavesdropping equipment. But on the way, I received a text message from Yue Guangping saying that he was temporarily coming in, let me go first, he would be about half an hour late."

At this time, Yan Yan found that it was wrong.

According to Yue Guangping’s previous tone on the phone, he wants to tell Jiang that the stop should be extremely important and extremely critical. Why can it be delayed for half an hour? - If you change to a strict sentence, even if you just go out to date with Jiang, you will not be late for half an hour.

In addition, Yue Guangping knows that he "may have been targeted by them", so why would you invite visitors who are temporarily visiting?

Is he not so safe?

"I will always remember that day, January 18. I waited until three in the basement, Yue Guangping did not come, the phone did not pick up, the text message did not return." Jiang Shuyu tone is somewhat unstable, he raised his neck and took a deep breath Said: "At last I couldn't wait, I left the safe house and drove to Yue Guangping's house. His house was hidden..."


"Takeaway, you order the takeaway!" Jiang stopped wearing a takeaway brother's vest, wearing a baseball cap, standing in front of the door to raise the voice: "Hey! Is there anyone at home!"

Oops -

The wooden door opened a gap inward.

Jiang stopped his brow and jumped, and some fear of coming from it suddenly came to his heart, but it was too late.

The door was completely open, revealing the scene inside without any cover. Yue Guangping wore a sweater and long trousers. He lay on his back on the floor of the living room. There was a vomit on the cheeks of his cheeks. His eyes were hollow and round, and he was obviously breathing.

"..." Jiang stopped the whole body with a little effort, and slowly stepped back a few steps.

how come? He repeatedly thought, how come?

Just like falling into a complicated labyrinth, each room has a nightmare of poisonous nightmare, one connected, never ending.

At this moment, a distant siren sounded outside the community.

"I immediately went downstairs and drove to get out, but I was found by the police car. At that time, I had only one thought in my heart: I couldn't be caught by them, because I didn't know the first one, and the second I didn't know if they were real policemen or blacks. The beginning of another plot of peach k."

Even after more than three years in the past, when he rehearsed this experience, Jiang’s shoulders still shivered a little. The hands he put in his trouser pockets were tightly gripped, and the nails pierced his flesh without mercy.

"Several police cars chased in the back, and I drove onto the highway... The last memory was that a truck rushed out of the slant, and then I bumped into it and I didn't know anything."

- Just like a beast in the trap, left and right, suddenly knowing that there are all sides of the song, but still want to die and hit a path, even if it is finally broken.

In the empty suite, echoing the calm and clear voice of the river: "In this way, when I wake up again, it is two years and three months later."They were not talking. After a long time, Yan Yan finally licked his mouth with his hand, and spit hot and cold.

"Yang Mei can't rescue you in the police's Tianluo network, so the police car that hunt you at that time should be flawed. And Yue Guangping's death can basically be determined to be related to the spades k." Yan Yan leaned back on the sofa. The thick black eyebrows are tightly locked and muttered: "But who he wants to tell you, who is it?"

——What kind of identity does this ghost have in the end, so that Yue Guangping cannot directly name his name on the phone, but wants to meet in person and explain the original reason, so that he is killed at a critical moment?

Jiang stopped: "I don't know, the police car came too fast. I didn't even have time to go to Yue Guangping's death scene to do any inspection. But there is one thing I have always been worried about, and I still can't figure out why."

Yan Yanran raised his eyes.

"The last sentence left by Yue Guangping before his death was sorry."

The river stopped for a while, as if every word was brewed between the lips and teeth for a long time, only gently, one word at a time:

"If this is the clue he left, why does he think he is sorry for me?"

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