Chapter 106 Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Chapter 106


In the bathroom of the hotel suite, the warm water sprinkled from the top of the head, smeared from the tight shoulders, back and countless bloodstains, bringing out a few traces of reddish blood. (free full novel

"Oh..." Yan Yan kept inhaling, and the wounds cut out by broken glass pieces were quite deep. When the adrenaline spurt, I didn't feel it. After relaxing, it was really painful.

At this moment, he heard the sound of the bathroom door being pushed open behind him. Looking back, I saw Jiang stopped and came in, with the hotel's white bathrobe and medicine chest in the arms.

"Nothing?" Jiang stopped asking.

Yan Yan probed a look outside and raised his chin. The sound sounded muffled in the glass bathroom: "What about those two?"

"In the outhouse."

They are talking about Yang Mei and Qi Sihao. After escaping from the nightclub, Jiang stopped Yang Mei's ID card to find a place to rest temporarily, rest and replenish his energy, prepare for the next step, and then carefully interrogate Qi Sihao.

Yan Yan is quite straightforward | The naked body is looming in the heat and transpiration. He slams his hands on the glass and stares at the river to stop. He threatens to raise his eyes: "Where are you doing, look for you?"

Jiang stopped leisurely leaning his back on the side of the counter, and squinted his eyes: "You still get up? Didn't you get messed up?"

Yan Yan slammed him to the corner of his mouth. After a few moments, he turned off the water. He wiped his hair with a towel and pushed open the door of the bathroom. He stopped at the river without any intention.

"..." Jiang stopped to raise his eyebrows subtly and stepped back half a step: "It seems that the square piece j can't."

He was about to pull out and was pressed sternly and arbitrarily on the side of the flow table. The body and his arms formed a tightly-knitted cage. He lowered his head and leaned over his ear. He hoared: "The silver-like rifle, If you don't come, I will kill him sooner or later. Don't move, kiss one, let me top two..."

Jiang stopped the voice low: "What is the top, the medicine is still not up?"

"Upper up, let me go first." Yan Yan couldn't help but tighten the encirclement: "Come to me to give you a science. You know why the ancient warriors had to grab women when they finished fighting? Because the experts said after the fight It’s just two tricks, it’s good for you to be healthy... let’s listen to the experts, don’t move!”

The sound of kisses and frictions filled the empty bathroom, and the echo made the most subtle movements very obvious. I don't know how long it took, Jiang stopped to squeeze out the voice from the eyes of the blind man: "...strictly..."


"Jiang Ge -" The bathroom door was knocked a few times, and Yang Mei shouted at the outside with a scorpion: "The surname must be a room meal -!"

Jiang stopped to push Yan Yan a half step and shouted: "You help him, don't let him contact the waiter!"

Yang Mei was ordered, and he ran away.

Yan Yan's face was still unfinished, and he looked at the river without any regrets, his face was red, and he quickly buckled his shirt button.

"Yang Mei's five-carat has shrunk into four carats," Yan Jinzhuan announced.

Jiang stopped laughing and laughed. He kicked the bench in front of the dressing table closer to Yan Yan, motioned him to sit down, and then opened the medicine chest to give him medicine.Yan Yan looked at himself in the mirror. His strong upper body light had roughly 20 different scars. The short hair was very dark because of the humidity. The forehead was slightly red with the water vapor. A little bit of blood was wiped off.

"Is that Ajie dead?"

"I don't know." Jiang stopped to concentrate on Yunnan Baiyao powder, and paused: "It didn't seem to see blood at the time."

"I am jealous, didn't hit?"

"Maybe, you might wear a soft bulletproof vest."

Yan Yan is a little dissatisfied: "So so life."

"Whenever you are like you," Jiang said that there was a slight change in his eyes, and then he turned around: "Ji Sihao was outside to explain that he went to the nightclub tonight and was originally a director of the provincial notary office. I negotiated a batch of some goods. I went out to the toilet halfway. I didn’t expect to be killed when I came back to Liu. Then he was taken to the underground cellar and saw Ajie. He also knew that if it weren’t for us, It is estimated that it is dead now."

Yan Yan does not believe: "Is the spades k really going to kill him?"

"Of course not, you should still threaten to win, but it doesn't matter now."

"So, is he willing to cooperate with us now?"

"What do you say?" Jiang stopped taking all the medicine for all the deep wounds. Finally, he took a medical gauze on the forehead and looked at the strict smile in the mirror: "He cooperated with people to steal drugs to be destroyed. If you are thrown out, not only will you get through the job, but you will also go to jail, and at the same time, the spades will have his life. The left and right roads are blocked. Is there any other way to cooperate with us?"

The two of them looked in the mirror, and the warm orange glow of the hotel bathroom reflected in the river, like a soft pearl shining with water. The ruthless and hard-working Jiang Captain, as if something hot has melted from the inside out, even the face that rarely shows emotions can't cover the young and soft look of the eyebrows.

"..." Yan Yan opened his mouth and suddenly pulled his hand and said, "You kiss me."

"What are you doing?"

"Just kiss one."

Jiang stopped looking back at the bathroom door and leaned over and printed a kiss on the medical gauze that was scented with Yan’s forehead. He whispered: “The next time you can’t be so desperate, in case you have something, you want to let me……"

His voice stopped, he stopped talking, but Yan Yan did not care: "Let you

What? ”

Jiang stopped raising his eyebrows.

"What do you want? Widowed?" Yan Yan reached out and pulled him into his arms. He couldn't help but grind, screamed and snorted, and whispered, "Mom, that surname is a Big light bulb, if it weren't for him, I must be now—"

Jiang stopped and couldn’t help but asked: "Your firebird is good?"

"The firebirds are all special, 31, or do you test drive one?"


The door was ringing again, Yang Mei shouted outside and shouted: "The package is coming! - Jiang Ge, why did you take the last medicine for so long? What are you doing in the last name? You should not be too much!"Yan Yan was furious: "Your four carats are now three carats!!"

Jiang stopped laughing, picked up his bathrobe and threw it into his arms. He erected food instructions and said that he should not be excited: "Let's raise it, go back and try your 歼31..."

Strictly dissatisfied, but there is no other way, hatefully put on the bathrobe and went out.

In just a few hours, Qi Sihao was like a ten-year-old, and he swallowed the food in his mouth with a chewing wax, a look of absent-mindedness.

"The team's cell phone has been ringing more than ten times," Yang Mei said to the coffee table. "I asked him to pick it up first. He didn't dare."

Yan Yan rushed to the corner of the sofa like a chicken, and sat down with his own ass, took the Wonton from the hotel and began to eat, and picked it up with a spoon to feed the river. Jiang stopped to wave his hand and refused. He picked up his mobile phone and said, "Normal, the fire-fighting nightclub is in the first detachment area, and it must be reported to the team."

When he said that he was pointing to Qi Sihao, his eyes seemed to smile and laugh. "Why don't you pick it up?"

Qi Sihao’s mouth squirmed and finally made a tough voice: "... Why didn't you die?"

Jiang stopped the phone and gave it back to him. He asked: "When I am dead, who will save you today?"

Qi Sihao put down the chopsticks and couldn't swallow it in one bite: "Why do you want to save me, what do you want me to do? Say well in advance, I am not the master of this incident, but I just mixed my feet and made some money." It’s just too fast, you don’t know if you want to ask more...”

"Nobody is interested in your broken things. Instead of worrying about being smashed by us, think about how to do it in the next step."

"Spades k?" Qi Sihao wondered.

Yan Yan and Yang Mei agreed to help each other. I thought that the surname Qi is really daring, so I don’t even know what to dare to go into the water...

Jiang stopped pulling out a chair and sat across from Qi Sihao. He said one word: "The spades k are drug dealers."

He paused and stared at Qi Sihao's bloody, trembling eyes, and slowly shook his head: "No, the drug dealer is not accurate. He is the longest and most poisonous exporter of new fentanyl compounds in Southeast Asia. Hey."

"..." Qi Sihao's lips shuddered. I don't know how long it took. The room finally burst into ice and murmured him. "He is not so easy to kill me. It's not so easy... I am a captain, I don't know why." Just... just..."

At this moment, the buzzing sounded, and Qi Sihao’s mobile phone shook again. Jiang stopped picking up his mobile phone and blinked it. He handed it to Qi Sihao and gestured to him: "Take it, the captain can't disappear for too long."

Qi Sihao actually had a kind of fear and obedience in the bones that he could not find, and when he was at a loss, he subconsciously connected the call: "Hey?"

"Qi Qi Qiqiu, oh, why have you not answered the phone? Jinhui nightclub has a fire, three men died, the upper branch is asking!"

"Ah," Qi Sihao said dryly, "Three people died.""There is one of the directors of our notary public office, Liu. I heard the people from the branch said that they were burned to death when they helped to save the fire. Hey, you said this, this thing - our detachment has just blocked the scene. The branch office said that we will send people down early in the morning to help us investigate the cause of the fire and the fire hazard. I will rush to tell you about it, tomorrow morning at eight o'clock..."

The sound of the mobile phone continues, but Qi Sihao has nothing to hear.

He let go of his hand, and when he snorted, the phone still on the phone fell on the coffee table, and was immediately suspended by the river.

The sound came to an abrupt end, and the room was quiet again. Half a mile, Qi Sihao repeated nervously: "Assisting in the fire... assisting in the fire?!"

"A high-purity heroin|the body that was poisoned to death in the box on the second floor can be 'live' and become a hero who will save the fire. Presumably, this detachment is also feasible when you perform a mission. Lao Qi, "Jiang stopped to reach out and Qi Sihao's pale and blue face, so that he had to face up to himself: "You see me, do you think that your position as the captain is better than me? I can become a sin The black police officer who lost his job, why can't you?"

Qi Sihao's gaze finally gradually focused, full of panic and fear; and Jiang stopped his eyes as calm as ice, straight into his eye socket, seems to penetrate his mud-like brain, dominate his last root The nerve that has not been blown.

Qi Sihao finally collapsed:

"Why is it because of me, why?! I obviously just signed a word and didn't get much money at all-"

"As long as the standard of the law is violated, there is no difference between one step and one thousand steps. This is especially true for the perpetrators, especially for the police responsible for law enforcement." Jiang stopped looking at him calmly and said, "You originally You can enjoy a good old age as a retirement, but if you try to get a skin with your tiger, it will only completely ruin your later life."


Qi Sihao hands and scratched his hands on his trouser legs.

The back muscles are violent and the nails are discolored. After a few minutes, he finally buried his face in the wet palm, venting his face and looking up:

"But what can I do now?"

Jiang stopped looking to Yan Yan and nodded.

Yan Yan got up and walked into the suite bedroom. He only listened to the hotel safe switch. He came out and dropped a kraft paper portfolio in front of Qi Sihao.

"This bullet line data may be one of the important physical evidence to bring the spade k to justice." Jiang stopped the knuckles and smashed the portfolio, Shen Sheng said: "I need to know which one from Gongzhou Police gun."


The next day.

"Qi Qi."

"Qiqi early!"


Qi Sihao’s shirt was wrinkled overnight, clutching his briefcase tightly, nodding his head in absentia, and quickly plunged into the office of the captain’s office and closed the door.

It wasn't until he got into his familiar office that he felt as if he had some kind of vain security and he was relieved. Then he put down the bag, just took out a bottle of mineral water from the cupboard to unscrew it, and the action suddenly stopped, nervously stuffing the bottle of water back into the cupboard.

Will it be poisoned? he thinks.After all, the old Liu who "helped to save the fire and sacrifice" is so dead.

When I thought of Lao Liu’s murder, my eyes were on the side. Qi Sihao was like an ant on a hot pot. It was not a station, and it was not sitting. Any movement outside the door made him upset. He even began to regret that he did not take time off today, but in accordance with the Jiang team - no, the Qian Jiang team's instructions, I came to the city bureau to go to work, but also pretend to be nothing.

Why did the surname Jiang not die? It stands to reason that the drug dealer wants to kill the most obvious is him.

——From last night to today, Qi Sihao’s heart of the hundred and eight times involuntarily came up with this idea.

Ringing bells -

Qi Sihao was shocked. If he was looking forward to the enemy, he only saw the phone on his desk. The red dot of the "technical investigation team" flashed.


"Qi team, the result of the comparison of the squall line that you sent out early in the morning came out. Would you like to come over to the technical investigation?"

Qi Sihao couldn’t wait to rush into the technical investigation team’s office. When he entered the door, he almost knocked over the tea cup of the intern policeman and was splashed on the shirt by a few drops of hot water. The intern police officer exclaimed a scream, then hurriedly apologized, but Qi Sihao did not even have a pause, and hurriedly took the water away and walked away.

"How the Qi team is so anxious," the technical detective in the office sat in front of the computer and smiled: "Suddenly, to compare the rifling of this bullet, is there any case?"

"Oh, the old case." Qi Sihao did not want to say more, perfunctory hand: "--The result is out? Whose gun is it?"

The technical investigation pushed the display to him and said, "Let's see for yourself."

The screen faintly reflected the face of Qi Sihao's vain, and he looked down and looked at it, and the pupil slowly expanded.


The river stops in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel suite, and half of the face is reflected on the glass. At his feet is Gongzhou, which is gradually waking up. The central business district in the early morning is already busy, and the distant sky is not seen in the morning sun. The rolling clouds cover the city's zenith.

"——Yue Guangping?"

On the sofa behind him, Yan Yan looked up.

"...I know." Jiang stopped succinctly, "Go to work as usual, don't show your face, remember to call your wife. When I get off work, let Yang Mei drive to pick you up."

Jiang stopped to hang up and turned back: "The gun that matches the warhead is the three years ago after the explosion of the plastics factory. When Yue Guangping took the lead to rescue the 'rivets' and I lost it at the scene of the action."

Yan Yan unexpectedly raised the eyebrows.

"The loss of guns is a big deal. It is reasonable to say that a detailed investigation is required. However, Yue Guangping died when he was halfway through the investigation. He said that he was suffering from a heart attack." Jiang stopped to calm down and said: "But many high-level people think that there is a great possibility. I killed Yue Guangping."

"……It's you?"

Jiang stopped to meet Yan Yan’s gaze and did not answer this question directly. It is difficult to see what he is thinking from the outside. After a long time, he turned from the floor-to-ceiling window, his hands were inserted in the trouser pockets, and only a slender figure appeared in the backlight.

He said: "This matter...starts with me being released by the spades k."

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