Chapter 105 Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Chapter 105

At the same time, the fire corridor. (free full novel


The metal blade hits two phases, and the bright sound is deafening, and it is close to the stern face. Ajie held the dagger and stepped hard, slammed the lightning-like head and back, and the back of the back had been attached to the limestone wall of the corridor.

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In fact, he just realized that this action immediately realized that it was wrong, and immediately retracted to the handle. But in the ever-changing battle situation, a killer like Ajie is impossible to miss any flaws in the opponent, and then the blade will break into the strict wrist!

Yang Mei screamed: "Strictly!"


Severely stunned the whole body, but the pain did not come as expected. A steel watch cut off by the dagger fell to the ground.

"...Fuck," Ajie moved his shoulder muscles and stared at the watch and said: "I really am most annoyed with people who like me."

Yan Yan backhanded a wall, step forward, angered: "I am the top of the world of his family, you count a bird!"

The short knife that had been picked up from the black man’s body had crossed Ajie’s wrist from the bottom up. Probably because of the angle of too, the Ajie did not hide behind it. The sharp blade cut the arm on the spot and flew. A bloody star.

Ajie sighed and took a sigh of relief, then flew out and slammed into the opposite wall!

Ajie said that he weighed 70 or 80 kilograms. On the spot, the gray ash of the wall was hit down. A lot of dust was everywhere, and it was impossible to open his eyes. However, this kind of life and death fighting is most afraid of a little hesitation. Yan Yan has no pause at all. He jumps straight down and throws down Ajie. At the same time, he throws his hand on the short knife, and the rotating handle is slammed and slammed. Ajie pupil stabbed.

- As long as zero and one second, this knife can penetrate Ajie's eyes, run through the brain, and nail his entire head to the concrete floor.

But at this moment, Ajie grabbed the strict arm in this position lying on the back, and both hands pushed back at the same time. Almost the elbow was alive and twisted, and the severe pain caused Yan Yan to lose his hand. The short knife flew out and slammed it off two meters away.


As if the referee's starting gun, Yan Yan and Ajie slammed into the short knife, Ajie flew out the blade with one hand and fell into the next floor from the gap of the railing!

"Is this right?" Ajie said coldly. "It’s a fight when you fight, and you hurt your guns."

The sound of the short knife rolling down the stairs downstairs came, and the heart screamed in the heart, and the AJ punched the fist on the spot.

They are all fighting hands, knowing that at this time, whoever gets up from the ground will win. They are like two fierce beasts. They use every means to lick each other's eyes, hold each other's throat, roll and fall from the corridor, add up to more than three hundred pounds of weight and inertia and smash the hydrant glass door.The cracked glass is like a flower in the sky, sprinkled with the ground, and the two men on the ground twirling are cut into the blood. Yan Yan held one hand in the sharp glass fragments of the ground, and punched and punched Ajie's eyes black, followed by a half-squatting, took the fire axe, and cut it down.

"xx!" Ajie burst into a Burmese amnesty, rushing to roll on the spot, a sharp fire axe clinging to his head, cutting a few hair and slashing into the brick wall!

The gravel dust poured down, and the cold and cold roads were cold: "Is it early to say who has feelings with the death penalty?"

Ajie squatted on his knees, his face full of blood, and the seemingly full-fledged facial features looked even more fierce. He raised his hand and rubbed the blood in the ear hole that was severely punched, and slowly screamed: "You are finished..."

The air solidified, and then I saw Ajie reaching for the fire extinguisher and slamming it down from the wall. Strictly seeing the situation, the arrow stepped forward, but just in the blink of an eye, Ajie slammed the fire extinguisher, and jingle-

The heavy iron fire extinguisher is full of eight kilograms, and when the head squats down, it will be severely beaten by the nose and mouth!


Yang Mei involuntarily issued a repressed exclamation, and quickly clenched his mouth with his fist, and suddenly saw a sneaky figure not far away. It is that mother Mulberry!

When no one noticed herself, she secretly sneaked out from the warehouse door of the negative store, and walked gently along the corridor to the first floor. It seemed to run out and call people.

Yang Mei knows that this nightclub has a unclear relationship with Ajie. If she is allowed to run out, she may not be able to ventilate her letter and ask for a number of horses. She immediately wants to not want to, and screams: "Stop!"

When Mama Sang saw Yang Mei, she immediately yelled: "Small scorpion | son shut me up!" Then he followed his hands and feet and ran up.

"Who are you? Who is it?" Yang Mei was furious and ran on the gravel. She had already taken off her high heels and threw it. At this time, the bare feet ran fast, the nightclub foreman was dodging, and Yang Mei’s pointed nails covered her hair. Immediately, she screamed: “You are smashing goods, let me let go. !"

Two women rolled over the stairs, you tore my skirt, I licked your hair, twisted the eyeliner lipstick, and the necklace was smashed. The intensity of these two fights may not be as good as that of men, but the cruelty is not bad. Yang Mei took out all the skills of tearing up from childhood, and used his nails to kill his chest. I grabbed Mama Sang’s short skirt and tore open it three or two times, and grabbed the enemy's high heels. “Hey! Hey!” He slammed his face and forced his mother to smack in a few times.


"There is a day when you are still back!" Yang Mei was young and strong, and she was smashed by the nightclub foreman's wrinkled skirt. The white thighs went to the enemy's waist and squatted again, and the head was screaming and screaming. Two slaps: "Want to run to the rescue? Well? Who the hell is the stock?"

"Help! Help!" Mom Sang screamed with a scream: "Come on! Come on!""Give the old lady shut up!" Yang Mei Liu Mei upside down, left and right open the bow and smashed and even hit seven or eight slaps, roaring: "Call you to lick my chest! Call you to tear my clothes!! Tear off you can afford it? !!"


The echo of the corridor will magnify the gun several times, and Yang Mei jumped and slammed back.

A silhouette that she is very familiar with stands at the entrance of the corridor in the middle of the negative floor, holding a gun on the right, and admiring the Ajie - it is Jiang!

"Not allowed to move," he said clearly in a word, "Raise your hand."

As if the fast-forward movie was suddenly pressed and paused, Ajie lifted the fire extinguisher in mid-air, and Sensen stared at Yan.

Both of them had cuts of countless blood marks on the faces, arms, and back of the chest, and the blood on their foreheads flowed down the bridge of the nose. Ajie’s blood was also flowing along. The neck broke into the collar, like two beasts facing each other, staring at each other.

For a long time, Ajie sneered, "Dangdang!" Throwed a fire extinguisher, slowly straightened and raised his hands.

Jiang stopped and said, "Come here."

Yang Mei looked at this scene nervously, and even continued to beat her mother Sang forgot. Yan Yan’s hand holding the fire axe tightened tightly and spit out two words: “Be careful!”

Jiang stopped saying: "I know."

Ajie seems to have turned a deaf ear, from the moment the Jiang stopped appearing, he stared at him with a sorrowful smile on his face. He raised his hand and stepped up the stairs step by step, as if he was quite leisurely, and asked: "You came with the surname Qia soft egg, right?"

Jiang stopped his gun and pointed his head away, and did not answer.

"As early as the beginning of May, you discovered the existence of the blue gold. Why did you start to chase the line of Si Sihao?" Ajie squinted and slammed his lips, licking his lips and squinting thoughtfully: "Let me guess - because health can't support it?"


"Your physical recovery, even a single person chasing Gongzhou can not do it right. So even if you know that there is a breakthrough in Qi Sihao, you can only resilience to the temper, until -"

Ajie stunned, and the cold eyes stared at the river, revealing a smile that was not malicious.

He said that it is true. Hu Weisheng’s drug-making case Zhongjiang stopped once again in a dangerous deep coma. After waking up, he did not recover in the summer. He sleeps more dreams at night, wakes up easily, and is often very sleepy during the day, even during the hottest temperatures. They are obviously low, and they can't stand even a little longer.

This kind of morbid weakness should be extremely unbearable to the character of Jiang Shuo, who is in a state of control. However, he is not irritated by this provocation, and even has no meaning at all:


Ajie stopped and stood at the place where there were three steps from the river."I have no chance to ask you last time." Jiang stopped a little raise his gun and pointed at Ajie's eyebrows. The index finger on the trigger was as stable as his voice: "In Hu Weisheng's case, the police found The victim Feng Yuguang took the fake blue gold, which is a mixture of a large amount of scopolamine and da. The formula has never been found in the existing drug market. That is to say, the fake blue gold is something that Ding Jiawang privately mixes. After you killed Fan Zhengyuan, who was hired by Buwei to kill me, in order to take the police's attention, you made a drug pill composed of scopolamine and da formula, and placed it in the body pocket to mislead the police Fan Zhengyuan. The death is related to Hu Weisheng's drug-making gang."

Ajie looked at his face with a sly look: "I thought you wanted to ask who is going to kill the surname..."

"How do you know that the drug component in Feng Yuguang's body is scopolamine?"

Ajie Wei Wei.

Yang Mei is not clear, but the sternness of not far away is suddenly aware of this!

“There was someone in the Jianning City Bureau who disclosed the autopsy report to the spades,” Jiang stopped looking straight at AJ’s pupil and asked, “Who is that ghost?”

The air is tighter than the moment of life and death. The invisible bowstrings are getting tighter in the depths of everyone's eardrums, and they are screaming on the verge of collapse.


Ajie suddenly grinned: "I want to know?"

The smile seemed a bit cold on his bloody face, but his mouth was soft: "If you are close, I will tell you?"

Jiang stopped the muzzle and lifted it. He hadn't had time to open his mouth. Suddenly everyone was on top of his head - plop!

Yang Mei lost his voice: "Who is it?"

After stopping the corner of the river, I saw a glimpse of the light on the first floor of the building. I saw the figure flashing. It was a man in black and turned to the fire door leading to the hall.

not good!

When it was said that it was too late, in the one-thousandth of seconds that even the blink of an eye could not be reached, Ajie and Yan Yan had actions at the same time -

Ajie lightning fluttered before, grabbed Jiang and stopped his right wrist. The river stopped responding quickly, and the trigger was pulled while being held, hehe! The gunshot sounded and the tube burst!

Before Yan Feifei: "Be careful!"

In the end, it was a professional elite killer. Ajie didn’t hesitate. The bullet that flew past his ear had no effect on him. He stopped the wrist and reversed the wrist.

The gun was taken, and the river was stopped to pull in front of him. The whole set of movements was not even for half a second. The muzzle went to the river to stop the temple, and shouted: "Stand up! Otherwise I fired!"

——The strict footsteps instantly solidified in the middle of the stairs.

Yang Mei broke the sound: "No! Jiang Ge!"

Ajie snorted and laughed. He posted it on the side of the river and said, "You guess I dare not beat the leg first and then beaten..."

Jiang stopped and said, "Oh, then you guess I dare not start first?"

Ajie had no time to react. I saw Jiang stop the two-finger joints and hit him at the elbow. Suddenly, the half of his arms were sore and almost pulled the trigger!

"x your mother-"Ajie's brain is blank, his chest is numb, and there is only one thought in his heart. Immediately after the gun came out, he conditioned to fish, the movement of the river stopped faster, the index finger in the air was accurately inserted into the trigger hole, grabbed the handle, and turned without hesitation -


From breaking free to triggering the gun, the chain failed for less than a second, and Ajie fell to his chest with his chest.

Yang Mei sullenly opened her mouth, but the mother who was sitting on the ground with her waist slammed out a screaming scream: "Ah, ah, ah, killing -!!"

The river stopped to look like ice, and it seemed to be a shot. However, at the beginning of the millennium, the fire door on the first floor was knocked open again. Numerous steps were followed. The head of the fire was the one who had just vented the letter: "Stop!"

"Standing is not moving!"

Yan Yan looked up and saw at least seven or eight people rushed down!

It’s not too late to do this, and there’s no time to fill the gun. Yan Yan rushed up and slammed the river to stop and roll on the spot. The steel bombs hit the dusty arrows on the concrete floor. They had already rolled into the fire door of the first floor.

"Yang Mei!" Jiang stopped.

"Let you be a slut!!" Yang Mei used both hands and feet, tearing off her mother's mulberry, and hurriedly rushed over her chest. When she just ran a few steps, she seemed to have lost something. She bent down and slammed it, and then she rushed to the fire door with a roller belt. She was stopped by the river and grabbed her arm and forced it into it.

In the fire door is the winding corridor, which is the underground wine cellar. Jiang stopped a horse and rushed ahead. Yang Mei squatted in the middle of the skirt and panted in the middle. After Yan Yan took the gun off, he stalked his neck and said: "What are you just surnamed Yang?!"

Yang Mei’s hand was holding the diamond necklace that came back from the ground. The platinum chain swayed before and after running, and guiltyly supported: “No...nothing!”

Yan Yan: "The death of the surname Jin did not die?!"

Jiang stopped: "I don't know!"

"What about surnames?!"

Jiang stopped thinking that the problem should not be so much when running away, and then there is no need to answer this question.

As soon as they turned, the secret door of Ms. Sang entered the wine cellar in front of her eyes. He saw that Qi Sihao was shackled by one hand on the iron wine rack on the side of the secret door. His face was pale and blue.

At this time, the end of the corridor outside the wine cellar rang! Hey! Two sounds, the fire door was forced to open, and the people under Ajie rushed in. Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other and did not need language exchange at all. The two took action at the same time -

Jiang stopped throwing the folding knife to Yang Mei, pushed her to the secret door, and then took out the handcuff key from the trouser pocket, rubbed it to Qi Sihao to untied the handcuffs, and slammed into the passage behind the secret door.

Yan Yan grabbed the wine rack and pushed, forty or fifty bottles of wine on the ground, high-purity whiskey vodka and other alcohol mixed and flowed to the ground. At this time, the chase was rushed to the scene, and the head of the man only looked up and glanced at him. His face was tragically changed, and he did not go back and ran wildly: "Go back! Go back -"

Strictly out of the lighter, rubbing it, throwing it away.

The light blue shades sewed together, and the bombs -

The flames are burning, and the eyes are blowing high!"Walk and go!" Yan Yan took off his coat, covered the face of Jiang, stopped him, pushed him into the secret door, and then he also drilled in.

Behind the dark door is another staircase leading to the kitchen. I don’t know if it is convenient for the bar to get the wine, or for the people like Mama Sang to contact the underworld. At this time, the kitchen helper ran ahead of time, Yang Mei lightly ran out of the back door, Jiang stopped, Yan Yan around the Qi Sihao, several people rushed into the back alley, in the distance, the fire alarm whistling sound, while rushing On the Phaeton car that had previously stopped at the back alley.

Jiang stopped the ignition and Yang Mei was sitting in the co-pilot. He was too angry to breathe: "How, how can I do it, will it burn?"

"That won't be ignited." Yan Yan held a single gun and pressed Qi Sihao in the back seat. He said, "You see people are withdrawing from the front door."

The river stopped talking without a word, ignited the car, and slammed into the narrow back alley. Phiteng made a semi-arc in the piercing sound of the wheel rubbing the ground and rushed to the bustling road at night.

"What is going on here, what do you want to do?" Qi Sihao has been tortured by a series of horror tonight, and he has been weak on the edge of life and death. It sounds very desperate: "You let me go." Let me just surrender, I am not a group with them... Hey!"

Yan Yan’s muzzle was on top, and Qi Sihao immediately snorted.

"Don't be like this, team together." Yan Yan lazily said, "We just saved your life, isn't it easy to relax?"

Qi Sihao glared at the back of the driver's seat on the river, his eyes seemed to be alive and seeing ghosts.

"Ah!!" Suddenly Yang Mei made a heartbreaking scream.

Yan Yan: "What happened to you?"

"The diamond is gone!" Yang Mei holds the risk

The necklace that came back from the rescue, the face was crying and tears, and I saw that the platinum diamond was empty, and the diamond had already disappeared: "It must have been smashed by the monk. I have to go back and slaughter her ancestors." Generation! My five carats -"

After all, I experienced life and death. Yan Yan just wanted to comfort two sentences. As a result, I finally couldn’t help but ask: "When your stone is up to one carat, five carats? Are you blind when you are not married?"

Yang Mei’s face sank: “Why do you say that, you saw it?!”

"Of course I saw it, you are not wearing it all the way -"

"Well, you secretly look at my chest?!"

Yan Yan: ".................."

Yan Yan’s forehead and blue veins collapsed, and Yang Mei was very proud. He smiled and said, “I will show you a textbook version.” Then he turned to the river in the driver’s seat, and pitifully held the necklace: “My five carats—”

"You lost your ring?" Jiang stopped his head and did not bias it, holding the steering wheel steady.

"..." Yan Yan's face can still be such a look.

The tone of the slogan is full of the tone of rushing people: "Strictly go to buy a cheap ring for her tomorrow."

Poorly strict with his wedding ring has not been put on, it is inexplicably a task to buy diamond ring for other women, staying in the back seat, was sent a kiss by Yang Mei.The fire truck was far and near, whistling to the back door of the empty nightclub. The Phaeton and the fire truck passed by, gathered in the traffic, and flew away from the distance.

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