Chapter 104 Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Chapter 104

Yang Mei is like a prey that has been stared at by the beast, and shakes back a half step. (Free full novel. Immediately afterwards, the black man supported the corridor with a hand and jumped down. The eagle caught the chicken and held her neck. "Hey!" He took her to the wall!

"..." Yang Mei had no time to call for help, and even did not even make a sound. She held the man's arm in her hands, but it was in vain. She only felt that her body was being smashed up against the wall. Even the tip of her toes was almost off the ground. The whole body weight was hung in the fierce one that held her throat. Hands.

The terrible suffocation made her face bloody in a few seconds, from red to green, from green to purple.

Jiang Ge... she thought vaguely.

Sorry, I may... maybe it’s going to...

This last point of thinking gradually became blurred, just before she completely fell into the abyss, suddenly -


The man suddenly turned back, but it was too late. His neck was stretched from the back by a muscle-tight elbow, which was just a terrible force enough to break the throat. Juli even made him and the people fall to the ground!

"Cough, cough, cough, cough!!..."

Yang Meiyi fell to the ground and coughed. The fresh air rushed into the air intake tube from the injured throat. She coughed and almost squirted her lungs. After a full cough for more than a minute, she struggled to raise her head, and her hands wiped the tears from her face and coughed up. When she looked up, she snorted and said: "Strictly!"


Negative one layer.

Qi Sihao was pushed by the black man who had just smashed him. He stumbled through a corridor and was very cheerful. It was the underground cellar of the nightclub. Rows of wooden barrels and wine racks are placed against the wall, with a hollow space in the middle, and a chair is placed on the upper end of the open space.

"You..." Qi Sihao seems to recognize who the young man sitting in the chair is smoking, can't stop shaking: "You are..."

Ajie’s right foot was placed on the left knee and faintly said in the cigarette: “Do you know who I am?”

Although I don't know, I have seen it and even caught it.

Qi Sihao shook even more, and even the naked eye could clearly see the frequency of the chest tremble under the trousers - that was when he was still in the anti-drug detachment, under the meteor-like dazzling, fabulous young and promising Jiang stop. When a sprinting sprint was smashed, in a smuggling operation at the dock, the special policeman in front of the police surrounded a highly suspicious bulletproof luxury car and grabbed the young man from the back seat of the car.

At that time, he was younger and more arrogant. He faced more than a dozen black holes in the punching edge. He smiled and stood up in the wind. He looked at every special policeman on the scene, and seemed to want to put them in the air. The face is remembered in my mind. The special police captain was very uncomfortable with his gaze, and reported to the command vehicle through the walkie-talkie to seize the suspect. At that time, Qi Sihao clearly heard the voice of the step-talking machine and stopped the cold voice:

"How didn't you kill it?"

"What?" The special police captain thought he did not hear clearly, and repeated the tone: "Reporting the command vehicle, the suspect has surrendered, has surrendered! Please instruct."After a long silence in the channel, I listened to Jiang and said, "Let's come back."

After the action ended, the young man was slammed into the police car and suddenly turned his head, and his sullen and sharp eyes fixed on the river. This kind of eyes made all the people who saw it feel uncomfortable. The special police just wanted to yell, but only heard that he suddenly opened his mouth: "I heard that you want to kill me?"

No one knows how he recognized the general commander from one of the many police officers, or it may be because Jiang stopped a dark blue uniform with the highest police rank on his shoulder.

Jiang stopped the face that had not seen a trace of expression all the year round, and stared at him without any emotion, just like looking at a thief, a robber or a hacker. In this kind of condescending gaze, the young man suddenly smiled a little distorted, and he said something to the side of the river.

At that time, Qi Sihao stood far away, and couldn't hear what was said. It should be a swearing word from the mouth, but the special police around the reaction was relatively big. Several people shouted at the same time and pulled him back.

The river stopped quite flat and took the next wrist. He asked, "Do you say it again?"

The young man still smiles like that, slowing down and repeating slowly, and the voice is not falling. "Hey!" A loud sound, half of the body was stopped by the river and slaps the past!

Jiang’s stop is definitely not a joke. When the young man is standing up, his mouth is obviously overflowing with blood.

"Moreover," Jiang stopped clear.

Qi Sihao determined that the young man was sick. He suddenly seemed to be inspired by some great interest, and even sweared the swearing words.

Snapped! !

The slaps of the slaps are so loud that even people from far away are frightened.

Jiang Shudao: "Say again."

"..." The young man gasped and straightened up again.

This time, he had blood in his teeth, making Senbai's teeth more terrifying, and there was a illusion of blood and meat. The scene of the condolence made the special police around him a little cold. Someone just wanted to go forward and stopped. He only saw him bowing to the ear of the river, and the bloody teeth were gently opened and closed. The tone was gentle: "Why are you so embarrassed?" What? You know that I will be released, and the future is still long, isn’t it?”

Jiang stopped saying: "Yes."

Then he was so arrogant, he slaps his hands and slaps the young man to the police car door!

"The next time I saw him at the scene, I didn't have to warn, wait for the resistance, and kill him on the spot." Jiang stopped taking a sterile paper towel from the car and slowly wiped it.

Start and say: "Responsibility is mine."

He turned and walked to the distance, and the young man was shackled by the special police and pushed the police car violently.

- You know that I will be released.

At that time, Qi Sihao thought that it was just a ridiculous arrogance like everyone on the scene. However, it was not long before he found out that the person was actually released on bail because of insufficient evidence and was released without being convicted.

When I learned this, Qi Sihao stayed in the office for a long time. After the emotions such as mistakes, surprises, and incredulity faded, an impressive picture accompanied by fear, slowly emerged from his heart.That was when the police car that escorted the suspect on the same day drove away, the young man stared at the river captain who was facing him through the rear window glass. As the police car moved farther and farther, his poisonous snake's gaze was as if it was still in place, as if it was a sign of future misfortune, so that everyone who noticed it would shudder.

- You know that I will be released.

Then he was released, and at this moment he smoked leisurely and appeared in front of Qi Sihao.


Ajie played a ash, calming the sand, but let Qi Sihao shudder like a power-up: "Know why you are here?"

"No, no... no..."

"Calm down, stand up straight, so you are also a detachment leader."

"I don't know, they are all their ambassadors. They are really all of them." Qi Sihao regretted that his intestines were green and repeated: "I just signed a word, it was a moment when I was confused, I was confused for a while, I can Bring the money back to you -"

"Money," Ajie laughed. "Money is the least valuable thing in the world."

Qi Sihao was at a loss, if it was not stood by the killer, it is estimated that the next moment will fall to the ground.

"How much money can you have if you could have wanted it? If you haven't sold it."

Ajie raised his hand and took a picture from his trouser pocket and threw it forward. The photo was swirled to the ground, and Qi Sihao's conditional reflection looked down. It was only a bag of sapphire blue powder, wrapped in a transparent sealed bag, and the yellow label on the lower right corner was written with a faded pen. : Set of nine boxes of 7704.

what is this?

Indeed, as Qi Sihao said, he is only responsible for signing, the actual operation of taking out the box, taking it out, developing the line, selling it to various channels... These are not related to him, and it is normal to recognize it.

"Do you know what this is?" Ajie slowly spit out a smog, and the eyes appeared: "This may be the glory of your next life, or it may be your reminder."

At this moment, the sound of the secret door opening and closing came from the depths of the wine cellar, and then the former foreman mother, Sang, rushed over: "Jie Ge!"

Ajie looked up and the foreman whispered a few words in his ear.

Qi Sihao was in a state of extreme fear, and did not understand what she was saying, but then she saw that Ajie’s face changed slightly: “What?”

The foreman was nodded in fear.

"...this life is really hard." Ajie said softly, and did not know who was talking. Then he got up and walked toward the exit. When he passed by Qi Sihao, he told me: "Look at him, don't let him run. ""

The killer took the lead and nodded.


Fire exits.


The man in black lay flat on the ground, slamming his arm and slamming his fingers into his muscles. A few blood marks slowly flowed down the tight elbows, and gathered along the arm to the wrist of the ribs.But this pain did not change the Yan Yan's expression by half. He was kneeling on the ground with one knee and half eyes staring at the black man's face from purple to black, but even a trace of warning or cry for help could not be made. The body was like dehydration. The fish generally violently bounced a few times, and immediately and softly, no more movements.

In the narrow corridor, the air is as stiff as freezing, and Yang Mei is blocking his mouth.

"" Until it was confirmed that the killer was already mad, Yan Yan slowly released the hand of the man in the black neck and gasped and stood up.

"Strict, strict and strict, you and you..."

Yan Yan’s fierce screaming gesture stopped Yang’s screaming, and immediately pointed to the upstairs: “Go away.”

"Then, what do you do? Jiang Ge, Jiang Ge, he..."

"Come on!" Yan Yan almost whispered, rudely rubbing her arm and pulling her up, pushing her to walk up the stairs in a few steps: "Don't worry, go out and drive the back door waiting, If you don't come out within ten minutes, don't worry, let's go!"

Yang Mei almost rushed to say no, but then her eyes crossed the sternness, and it was set in a scene not far away, and the teeth could not stop fighting.

"-What are you going to do?"

A haze sounds like a smile, like a hungry beast finally smells the unarmed human smell:

"I don't want to go, let's stay."

Yan Yanran turned around.

At the end of the corridor there was a thin and thin figure, and then the figure turned back, revealing Ajie's cold face. At that moment, the neck and neck muscles were obviously tightened. The two men collided in the air. Ajie slowly smiled and said: "I said, when you meet again, it is your death."

Yang Mei’s lips trembled with fear, as if she was holding a dusty wall like a straw, so that she would not kneel down on her knees.

Go on.

At this moment, she heard Yan Yan slowly smile: "Okay."

Then I saw that Yan Yan suddenly made a force to fly, and the volley copied the short knife that the former black man had left.

At the same time, Ajie also moved, bowed from the calf and pulled out the dagger, lightning rushed to Yan Yan!


Negative wine cellar.

The door blocked all the sounds outside, and the wine cellar was so quiet that even the breath was clear and audible. Qi Sihao stood unsteadily, and the sweat on his back came out one layer after another. It was just like fishing out of the water. The killer smoked smoke from his trouser pocket and let him go when he ignited. He immediately squatted twice. Almost fell.

"Now I am afraid, what did I do at the beginning?" The killer smirked in the nose. "If you are honest, you can't spread it to you, you are looking for it."

Qi Sihao responded.

"Who did you do before, what is the second squad?"

When Jiang stopped as the captain, the style was very tough. The character like Qi Sihao could not be reused under his hands. Therefore, the history of the only promise has always been shamed by Qi Sihao, never to mention.He coped with caution. Well, it sounded two times. He only listened to the killer and said casually: "Is the leader of the river your captain? This person is quite difficult."

Qi Sihao just subconsciously "squeaked" and suddenly felt wrong and difficult.

What is difficult?

Isn’t the river stop very neat?

"But it was said that it was still dead," the killer snorted. "It’s the end of the game with our boss."

Qi Sihao’s heart is in doubt. I don’t know if the killer is a pure threat or a suggestion. Is he right against these drug dealers, and now he has to end up like Jiang’s stop?

Do they want to kill him here? !

The killer didn't notice Qi Sihao's pale face, and he didn't know what he thought of. He smacked his lips in a malicious way: "He has no way to go to heaven. He has no door to hell. He said that you are the captain of the river, but you are unlucky." Also used to be his person..."

"I am not! I am not!" Qi Sihao shouted sharply and shouted: "I am not a passer-by with the surname Jiang. You can't kill me! You haven't gotten so clean when you kill me!"

The killer sneered: "You? What are you doing, you really want to kill you are not like ants. Even the name of the river will not work, you know that he is the last -"


In fact, it was only a small voice, but the action of the killer suddenly stopped, the body swayed forward, and the cigarette fell from the fingers to the ground.

Qi Sihao blinked in horror, and the pupil clearly reflected the last scene of the killer's life. He seemed to want to go back and see who killed himself, but the strength was not enough to support this final action. He has a bloody position in his left chest, and then he maintains this half-turned posture, booming! Falling to the ground, it splashed the dust.

"Who...who," Qi Sihao nervously stepped back half a step: "Get out... ah ah ah ghost!!"

After the corpse fell to the ground, the scene behind him was revealed. In the row of wine racks, the river stopped the gun in his hand, and threw the mineral water bottle that was used for silence on the muzzle, and bent down to pick up the metal shell that fell on the ground.

"You, Jiang, Jiang team..." Qi Sihao simply suspected that he was dreaming, plopped down, and rolled up and crawled backwards: "You, are you a ghost or a - still - ah ah ah, don't come over! come!"

"I am really not a passer-by with you," Jiang stopped.

His tone was still as unquestionably cold and tough as he was then, and he stepped forward, kneeling on the side of a bloody body, and said: "If you don't want to die, shut up."

Qi Sihao hurriedly breathed, as if he was really alive in a nightmare of horror. He saw Jiang stopped pulling the folding knife from under the coat, rubbed the blade, and stabbed it in front of the left chest hole of the body. Then he dig a few times and slammed the sound and smashed it out from the ribs. A fleshy warhead.

Jiang stopped to pick up the warhead from the ground and gestured to the sleepwalking Qi Sihao: "Come up."

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