Chapter 103 Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Chapter 103

"Strictly, I know your things. (Free full novels, brothers, so many years, no other words, I understand... wrong.)

"Yan Yan, I know everything about you. When Lu asked them when they came to me, everything was true. You know that the party detachment is my direct leader, so I said... still not right."

"Strictly, I have already known about the poisoning of your car accident. Although the party detachment is my direct leader, our brothers have been so many years..."

"What are you doing? Qin Ge?" Ma Xiang and his colleague hooked his shoulders across the corridor, only to see a familiar back standing outside the Yanshou office door, and looking at it, Qinchuan, when he went up, he took it. The lower shoulder: "Where do you sing the spell? Strict brother is not here, is this what you eat?"

Qin Chuan was shocked and jerked back: "What?"

Ma Xiang has skillfully opened the plastic bag, took out a peach, and took a bite on the clothes. He smiled and said: "Yan Ge is said to have had a fight with Lu Bureau yesterday. I have said that I have not come to work today. You Looking for him something? Do you want to go to his house?"

Yes, the half-day draft was hit white.

Qin Chuan instantly felt that he had wasted two tons of precious feelings: "A quarrel? What is it?"

"Where do I know, it should be--" Ma Xiang lowered his voice and pointed to the direction of the anti-drug detachment: "Your boss's thing. You don't go to the heart, it doesn't matter to you anyway, let them fight the law." Hey, play Benha tonight."

"...walking and doing." Qin Chuan put a fruit bag in the hands of Ma Xiang, waving and waving with a smile: "Well, when will you come back and call me?"

"Hey! Good!" Ma Xiangle slammed the bag of fruit back to the office.



At seven o'clock in the evening, it was a feast.

The second floor of the nightclub has a dimly lit corridor, and the decoration is exaggerated. The pale gold wallpaper and the thick red carpet on the floor complement each other, successfully creating the cheap luxury of the old nightclub.

Qi Sihao wore sunglasses and a low-key casual outfit. Under the guidance of his mother, Sang Yinqin, the door of the largest box was pushed open. Inside, a man who swallowed the clouds immediately stood up: "Hey, old man is coming!"

The girls have followed: "Qi Ge!"

"Qi Ge!"


Qi Sihao waved his hand and ordered two bottles of McAllen to come up in 18 years. Mama Sang immediately laughed and opened the flower and went out with a twist.

Apparently, I have already had a round of drinking in the box. The empty bottles are lying on the coffee table. Four or five "champagne princesses" are wearing strapless mini skirts with excitement and slight sorrow on their faces. Qi Sihao swept swiftly, through the makeup that their thick mother did not recognize, vaguely recognized the girls who were familiar, and then put down their hearts and whispered to the man who was the big belly: "You are really old." Liu, this is the second time this month! What did I say at the beginning?"

"Yes, yes - but how can I think that the goods are selling so well?" Lao Liu’s short fingers were holding a cigarette, laughing and exaggeratingly spreading his hand: "Look, this is not in the winter, the goods in the middle of the year." Going out of the seven or eight, it’s in short supply! What can I do?”Qi Sihao sat drinking and his face didn't seem too happy.

"However, I also put the price up by 30% according to what you said, and the light 'wholesale' will go this number." Lao Liu gestured and shot his shoulder and lowered his voice: "Old rules, already hit Your son’s foreign account is up, don’t worry!”

Qi Sihao's face is so good to read: "Hey, what's the relationship between the two, the money is not so urgent..."

Lao Liu quickly followed him and praised him for his hard work.

"It’s not that I’m not willing to approve it. It’s really a sigh of wind.” Qi Sihao sighed a long sigh: “After a while, Jian Ning broke a 502 drug-trafficking drug murder case. I somehow alerted the Ministry of Public Security. Now there is a wind. It is said that it is necessary to scrutinize new drugs, and it may be a new round of national crackdowns. You said that this day is a good thing, in case of a day... Hey, I don’t feel very good anyway."

Sure enough, it was a young age, and I was born with no life as a ruler. If I made a small fortune, I wouldn’t be willing to put it on.

Lao Liu was dissatisfied with his disappointment, but he couldn’t say anything on the surface. He had to plead with good words: “What are you afraid of? Once the goods are transported from your public security to the waste disposal company, no one will count the amount. Besides, the last count before the destruction was also done by the people in our notary office. I have already explained that I have been good at the top and bottom, and I will not make any mistakes. What else is worth worrying about?

This is also very reasonable. Qi Sihao’s face seems to be a bit loose: “But we just started doing this business, and we’re going to start cracking on it. It’s a coincidence that it’s too...”

"I said my brother, what are you going to strictly aim at? It’s a wow every year! Those who sell for dozens of kilograms of hundreds of kilograms are all right. How can the country pay so much attention to this little bit of trouble? I see you are Too careful, come and come and give a toast to Qi Ge!"

A few "champagne princesses" came up to smile and persuade the wine, and the red, green, and green rings were fat and thin. After a few cups, Qi Sihao’s face was hot, and a girl was in her arms. In the end, she was thrown to the horizon.

"I will get a batch of goods again this week," Qi Sihao said with a half cup of wine. He said to Lao Liu: "But you also pay attention to this. This kind of thing can't be done, control, often go by the river... ..."

Lao Liu has a hard time: "Know! Know!"

The two of them drank their heads, screaming at the girl to make a game and throwing a scorpion. Qi Sihao patted the old Liu with a cigarette, and drunk said: "Know it is good - 哎

I am going to solve my hand. ”

The box door opened and closed, Qi Sihao stunned to the end of the corridor, did not see the dark corner of the corner behind him, a shadow wrapped in a red skirt corner drifted.

"Jiang Ge," Yang Mei whispered. "He came out."

The red velvet dress wraps Yang Mei's bumpy body, and the hair is flattering and lean, revealing a long, creamy neck, and the diamond necklace sparkles in the deep business line. She licked the micro-volume of the lower ear, and pressed the small button liaison in the ear to listen to the steady sound of the river:"Without tracking, keep watching."

Yang Mei is nervous and anxious: "He won't find out that he is not going to run the road?"

"..." The face of the headset was silent for a moment, then Jiang calmed down: "According to my understanding of men, I should drink more to go to the toilet."

Yang Mei: "..."

At the same time, the nightclub back door alley.

Jiang stopped with a bluetooth headset, holding his head in one hand and one hand on the steering wheel of the Phaeton. At this time, suddenly the driver's door was opened, and Yan Yan wrapped in the cold wind outside the car and sat in it. I don't know why the face was blue, and it seemed to be inexplicable and painful.

"Call--" Yan Yan sat down and took a long sigh of relief.

Yang Mei, who was in the middle of the headset, apparently heard the movement: "What's the matter? Going to the toilet after the surname is strict?"

Yan Yan turned a blind eye.

"I said Yan deputy detachment, I don't know much about it, I don't know if your body is 'slightly hidden', but if you go to the toilet every time, you have to go to the hospital to see if you are going to the hospital. Look at you." Yang Mei was grateful to the disaster: "After all, you are only in your thirties, haven't found a wife yet, and have been married for decades."

From Jianning to Gongzhou, Yan Yan swallowed his way, and finally did not intend to endure it anymore.

"Oh, nothing," he wiped his hand with a wet tissue, lazily said: "In fact, I have never told you that this pot should be Han Xiaomei."

Yang Mei: "?"

The river stopped holding the forehead.

"I blame her for nothing to bring me a leek scrambled eggs - leeks, Yang boss you know. Plus you Jiang Ge is particularly enthusiastic, I as a responsible man can not let the spouse disappoint, and then strong and have been squeezed When you are dry, "Yan Yan modestly said: "Nothing, don't worry about your Jiang Ge, I will be fine this evening, he understands."

Yang Mei: ".................."

Yang Mei’s face is blank, and he’s half-out: “Jiang Ge?”

Jiang stopped affirming: "Well, it is Han Xiaomei's fault."

Yan Yan sat on the co-pilot and smirked his thigh.

"Han Xiaomei gave him the scrambled eggs with leeks and did not put the peppers. Yan Yan was too tasteless. He had to cut the millet peppers and cook them. After he cut the peppers, he suddenly rushed. He went to the toilet without washing his hands..."

Yan Yan found that it was wrong, and he flew to the mouth of Lijiang, but it was too late.

"He will be like this when he comes back," Jiang said with a smile. "All in all, it is... burn it, Firebird!"

Yang Mei’s professionalism as an informant has saved her at this moment. If she is not carrying out a stalking task, she will definitely send out the most heart-wrenching laughter in this life.

The firebird sternly rubbed his face and could see his unbearable expression from his fingers.

"You should know that I will not keep this secret," Jiang said. "From the time you passed the high-speed toll booth, you took the initiative to tell people that you almost started being squeezed out by your wife last night."

Yang Mei hides in the corner of the wall, while observing the corridor of the box with a small mirror for makeup, while squinting at her mouth, suddenly seeing something from the mirror reflection, and whispering, "Zi Sihao is back!"

"No hurry, pay attention to concealment.""No, wait." Yang Mei suddenly found out: "Not Qi Sihao, the foreman with the other two men... strange."

When a new guest came, Mama Sang’s face was completely devoid of enthusiasm and femininity. On the contrary, she lowered her head and shoulders, and her walking movement was quite stiff. It seemed to be trying to hide a trace... fear?

Why is she afraid?

Yang Meizhuang was brave and slightly probed. I saw Ms. Sang with the two men in black overalls who entered the box of Qi Sihao. After a few moments, the exposed princess with a few red and green flowers came out, shook the door and did not step. Dare to stop, immediately greeted the girls hurried out.

Who is the person coming?

Yang Mei looked suspiciously at the closed box, but the walls and doors of the nightclub were soundproofed, which prevented all information from leaking out, so that she could not detect what was happening inside.

Jiang stopped in the headset and asked, "What happened?"

"The situation is not right," Yang Mei whispered quickly and reported what had just happened. He was worried: "How has Qi Sihao not returned yet?"

In the Phaeton car, Jiang stopped and Yan Yan looked at each other.

"Wait, he is back!"

Qi Sihao swelled his face, was full of alcohol, did not notice any abnormalities around him, and did not know that he was about to come to a big disaster. He strode to the front of the box and pushed it. The next moment, Yang Meiqing clearly saw his back stiff.

"who are you?!"

The voice did not fall, he was pulled in by the people in the box, hehe! One door closed heavily!

"Jiang Ge!" Yang Mei lost the voice: "The situation has changed!"

"-What are you doing? What do you want to do?" Qi Sihao's face was soaked in the box, and the voice was so sharp that he left the tone: "Stop, you

Who are we? ! ”

Yan Yanyan has disappeared. Lao Liu is full of red and purple. He is stepped on by a black man with one foot on his chest. He struggles against the back of the sofa and makes a squeaky voice in his mouth. The man kept the old Liu Yiru, and took out the paper bag from his pocket. He poured the white powder into the mouth of the bottle and shook it a few times. Then he grabbed the old chin and forced him to open his mouth. I poured it in my throat.

"Come on! Come, come! Help!"

Qi Sihao turned down and rushed to the door. When he turned and ran into another man, he was thrown into the ground with his iron fist, and he screamed with screams.

Lao Liu was struggling to die, but he could not get rid of the killer's well-trained clamps. The chaotic medium and small bottle of wine spilled on his body and on the sofa, and most of it was poured into his throat. The deadly high-purity Hailuo was quickly integrated into the blood.

The man's hand was loose, and the old Liu's fat body was unable to slide down, the pupil spread rapidly, and the squeaking sound of the "giggle" sounded in the scorpion.

"It’s all done." The man slammed his eyelids and said coldly: "The drug abuse is overkill and the rest of the police will handle it."

Qi Sihao has already been soft on the ground, and the fear made him shudder: "I, I am a policeman, how dare you..."

"Just you are still a policeman," the man who slammed his fist and smiled and said: "How can you remember that when we sneak out our boss's goods?"When Qi Sihao was thundered, he even forgot to forget.

The man did not know what to think, scornfully said: "It’s all police, how is your bones so soft?"

"Okay, let's say a few words." The black man who had previously murdered stepped forward and easily dragged the dead dog-like Qi Sihao from the ground and said, "Let's go."

"You, you guys, where are you going to take me, you guys-"

"Shut up!" The black man was impatient and yelled: "Dare to swear a word, I will kill you on the road!"

Qi Sihao was like a stone that was alive and stuffed in his throat, and his knees were so soft that he could not stand up. The two killers nodded each other, and he opened the box door.

"They came out." Yang Mei was hidden in the large vase after landing, trying to make himself sound more calm: "What do you do now, Jiang Ge?"

"Come on."

Yang Mei paused.

In the next second, she heard a slamming sound from the contactor. It was the Phaeton door being slammed on, and Jiang stopped one hand and pressed the wireless headset, striding into the back lane, and the jacket was rising behind the night.

"I am going with Yan Yan," his instructions have always been concise: "Ready to meet."


Qi Sihao did not dare to scream, not even dare to look up. However, the visitors apparently made preparations in advance, and the entire corridor of the second floor of the box was empty, and there was no ghost shadow.

He was so violently stunned, squatting through the corridor, plunging into the security fire corridor, and not paying attention to the moment the two killers seemed to feel something, and exchanged a quick look.

"The fire exit on the second floor, they should go down." Yang Mei took off his high heels and stuffed it into the corner trash can. He was barefooted like a cat, and whispered, "I went in to see." Look, Jiang Ge, you can be careful. I guess the director of the notary office surnamed Liu has been ruined. This nightclub has a relationship with drug trafficking."

Jiang stopped saying: "Know, you are careful."

Yang Meigang had to answer, another awkward voice came from the contactor: "Be careful."

“?” Yang Mei couldn’t help but ask: “Is it a strict deputy detachment?”

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yan Yan: "..."

“Who is strict with him?” Yang Mei was shocked as if he discovered the New World: “I? Is it me?”

"Yes, it's you!" Yan Yan gritted his teeth and said: "You are a different kind of fireworks! You are the strongest bubble! Do you still have questions?!"

Yang Mei: ".................."

Jiang stopped the support: "I will not bring you both at the same time to do things at the same time..."

Yang Mei's cat hides in front of the fire door, and the inner part counts to twenty, then gently pushes the door open.

Oops -

The incandescent light penetrated through, there was no movement, and the black man’s footsteps escaping from Qi Sihao’s footsteps echoed in the corridor.

Yang Mei silently sighed and pressed the liaison in her ear: "I am in." Then I quickly got into the fire exit.When she stopped coming to Gongzhou for investigation, she had already touched the nightclub that Qi Sihao used as a secret base, and at the same time figured out the basic terrain. In addition to the first and second floors, the nightclub also has a basement as a warehouse. The elevator is impassable. Only the walkway can enter. The black man obviously intends to bring Qi Sihao to the warehouse.

So what's in the underground warehouse?

Are they planning to kill people?

Yang Mei's soft toes step on the concrete steps, and the lower floor is light and fast, without any sound. Going to the corner of the first floor, she really heard the sound of the negative warehouse door being pushed open, and she was about to continue to follow, but suddenly noticed what, the scalp smashed and smashed, and the cold sweat came out on her back. -

How can there be only two people in front of the pace?

The two black men wore high-top boots, and Qi Sihao wore hard-soled shoes. It was obvious in this echoing corridor that unless Qi Sihao was already fainted and left, he went downstairs. The sound of the footsteps of the first layer is three.

Then there is

What about a person?

Where is another person -

Yang Mei raised her mind and tightened her eyes.

On the side of the upper corridor, a black man was looking down at her, and slowly took a short knife from his trouser pocket, revealing a smile.

The author has something to say:

"Firebird" is a masterpiece of the Russian composer Stravinsky, drawn from Russian fairy tales, and together with the Spring Festival, Petrolka, is listed as the three major ballet dramas of Stravinsky.

It sounds a bit big, but it doesn't matter, the captain of the Jiang dynasty can ruin the little freshness in one sentence.

(from the network ancient early epidemic stem)

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