Chapter 102 Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Chapter 102

As long as you take another second, the followers behind you will find out the fact that they have already been exposed, so it will be difficult to predict whether it will develop into a dead end. (Free full novel.

In this moment of instinctual reaction, Yan Yan bent down, and if he unwittingly rolled up his trousers, the movement naturally had no abnormalities, and then he got up and continued to move forward.

——When he rolls his trousers, his eyes look backwards, and the trees behind him are neatly arranged. Under the street lights, they are like a quiet shadow.

It is impossible to ambush a lot of people downstairs. First of all, if you have one, you will not find it all the way. Secondly, the community management has not been overlooked to that point. It is possible to sneak into one or two outsiders. There is no registered vehicle. It’s too much to get in and out.

Then assume that the tracker is between one or two people, the distance is about fifteen to twenty meters. Under this visual condition, the accuracy of shooting is difficult to guarantee, that is, even if the other party has a gun, it will not rashly shoot; When you suddenly approach from the bushes, the time it takes for the opponent to make a sound is at least two to three seconds.

And now - Yan Yan quietly and visually measured his distance from the front door, about 80 meters.

Just one more minute, you can enter the monitoring area.

Hey, the strict slippers were slap on the concrete floor, and no one saw his hands on the back of the garbage bag stretched out.

What do people who follow him want to do?

How many days have they been ambushed in this community?

Why do you take pictures of him like a paparazzi?

If it is not the right time, Yan Yan’s heart will almost rise a little absurd and ridiculous. But what he cares most now is not that he has no guns, no knives, and beautifully trimmed green areas. The wooden sticks are not in the air, but the river stops in this apartment.

If you have any mistakes, the next target of the opponent, will it be the river that stops with a single strength?

The door was getting closer and closer, the bright lights in the duty room gradually became clear, and it was said that the movement of the cable seemed to stop. Yan Yan’s heart gradually settled down step by step. He knocked on the glass in the duty room. The security guard who was snoring and slumbering immediately woke up and opened the door: “Hey, Yan Ge!”

This security guard has been working in the community for a long time. He knows that Yan Yan is a policeman and he does not know what police he is. Yan Yan stood in the door of the duty room and did not enter, touched the cigarette to him: "Excuse me, borrow a fire."

The security guard quickly thanked and touched the lighter. The two men smoked each other face to face. Yan Yan asked: "Have you been here on duty tonight?"

The security guard said: "That is not."

"Do you see strangers coming in?"

"That's not, I stare at it!"

Yan Yan said that you are still staring at it. When I just knocked on the window, I slept quickly and who was blowing my nose.

The security guard laughed and asked: "What is this for Yan Ge, what to buy?"

Yan Yan vaguely responded, smothered the cigarette butt, and the person who counted the time should be withdrawn. He said, "Your baton is used by me."If the other people borrowed, the security guard would definitely not agree, but Yan Hao is a real policeman, and the security guard will give the letter to the suspect. Yan Yan took the baton in his hand and looked at it. It seemed to be accustomed to its weight and feel, and then said: "Go back to the duty room and lock the door."

Security: "Ah?"

The security guard didn't realize what was happening, and he was pushed into the duty room with a stern hand. He saw him turn around and walked straight toward the bush at a speed that was so fast, and suddenly the next quiet bush shrouded suddenly, followed by A black shadow rushed out in the opposite direction!

Security: "..." Is there someone in the trough? !

The tracker has not gone yet!

Yan Yan settled down when the people chose to escape. A force jumped over the trees and smashed through the night: "Stop!"

The wind screamed from the ear, and the tracker ran wildly and sternly pursued. Both of them were extremely fast, and they rushed out hundreds of meters before the security guards could react. The tracker seemed to be very familiar with the terrain of the area. He only walked in the dark and rugged places, blinking around the garden pool and several apartment buildings. , rushed to the depths of the community.

Yan Yan is wearing a flip-flop, and when he runs wild, it affects the speed. Seeing that he wants to jump off the wall, he blurted out: "Block...fuck!"

There was no one near the place to eat. A few nights running the hyenas had long been hiding. The sight of the light was only three or five people who were coming out of the parking lot. They were all female, and who stopped? What if the tracker jumps over the wall?

In such a blink of an eye, the tracker has rushed straight to the back wall!

"Let's get out!" Yan Yan did not hesitate, and the roaring sound scared the girls screaming back, and immediately he raised his hand and threw the baton out!

The batons whirl and swirl, the precision is extremely high, just listen to "砰-!" The metal echo has been oscillating for a long time, and the tracker's hand is heavily hit on the back wall railing!


The tracker screamed extremely low and should have been hit in the arm. Strictly chasing his legs to catch up, but the tracker who was stimulated by the pain painfully ran a few steps to make a leap forward. He was more flexible than Yan Yan’s imagination, and he was hard on the wall!

The next second, the target disappeared.

"I am!" Yan Yan yelled, flying to the wall, looking around in the exclamation of the girls. However, behind the community is a large urban garden, the lights on the road in the distance flashing, the tracker's figure has long disappeared into the dark night.


River stop?

Yan Yan looked back and saw that the Jiang stop had already arrived. There were several security guards behind him. The brother who had just borrowed the baton in the duty room took a walk.

Machine, hurriedly asked: "Is it okay? Is it a thief? Is it a thief?"

In front of the outsiders, Yan Yan couldn’t say anything, and vaguely promised to jump off the fence. The security guard also recruited several colleagues and asked him around him: "Are you being stolen? Is it a police officer?" "Would you like to call the police?""No, it's a small thief. I will call my colleagues in the bureau tomorrow to see." Yan Yan sent a grateful security guard in a few words, letting them send more people to patrol the night, and others have dispersed, and then turned low. Asked Jiang stopped: "How come you?"

Jiang stopped wearing a light gray thin sweater, dark gray cotton trousers and soft-soled shoes, and held the house key in his hand. Probably because he was in a hurry, he still had some hoarseness when he spoke: "When you haven't come back for a long time, I will go downstairs and see, just meet a group of security guards to go here. What happened?"

"There is tracking," Yan Yan said briefly.

He simply described the passage that was discovered after being traced, and then touched the cigarette out of his pocket. The arm muscles were still trembling with a tight tension, and they rubbed the fire and took two breaths to stabilize the mood. Immediately handed to the river to stop.

The river stopped smoking, and the fire of one and the other reflected his fingers, and the white mist of nicotine slowly dissipated under the streetlights.

Neither of them talked, and half of the river stopped and muttered: "I don't feel right."


"There is only one person who tracks you, and there is no gun. I was ran immediately after being discovered?"


Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and looked up. He didn't know what to think about. The brass street lamp reflected his beautiful eyes. After a few seconds, he spit out the white mist slowly and thoroughly, saying: "There are people who want to kill you. But according to my understanding of the spade k, when he kills, There will be only this battle."

Yan Yan suspiciously twisted his eyebrows.

"Go to Gongjue tomorrow." Jiang stopped and said, "It's time to talk to Qi Sihao."



Grand Theatre.

The palatial lights slowly darkened in the hall, and the boiling voices tended to be silent, and then the golden red curtain slowly opened, and the dance drama played the first note in the wave of applause.

After the auditorium, the heavy side door was pushed open, and a middle-aged man, about fifty years old, with gray hair, came in. The line of sight was not used to the dark concert hall. He rubbed his eyes hard and suddenly his shoulders were photographed. .


The middle-aged man has not yet spoken, only to listen to a male voice with a strong accent: "Come up."

The young man who led the way dressed in black, looks like a theater waiter, but his body shape is far more healthy than the average person, and he doesn’t know what is in the back pocket. The middle-aged man did not dare to scream, bowed his head and quickly followed. The two men walked through the auditorium in tandem, followed the east side of the spiral staircase to the second floor, and came to the middle of the box door in the resounding singing voice. before.

"Wait," the young man dropped two words.

He tapped the door and tapped into the box. The middle-aged man forcibly suppressed the cockroach and waited outside. It took about two or three minutes to see the "waiter" coming out. It was still very simple and neat: "Big brother told you to go in."The box is facing the stage, and the dark but spacious space is placed against the wall with three large red sofas that face the wooden guardrail. There is a small table and two armchairs in front of the guardrail. A man wrapped in a windbreaker is sitting on the big chair on the left side of the guardrail. He can’t see the whole face because of the angle problem. With the opera, the look seems to be very interesting. The slender fingers groped for peanuts in the snack plate of the snacks, and slowly eat them one by one.

The middle-aged man was full of anxiety and quickly looked around the box, but only saw a few bodyguards standing back in the corner.

"You are..." The middle-aged man couldn't help but bite his teeth. The last sensibility made him toss the words "peach k" hard.

The spades k smiled, and the index finger screamed at his lips and said, "Oh, the thirteenth princess came out."

On the stage, the girl danced with golden fruit in the music, and the flute gradually became clear under the accompaniment of the clarinet. The last princess was innocent and beautiful, and she appeared in the melody of the violin in a relaxed and cheerful melody. The prince fell in love with her and vowed to marry her.

"Beautiful?" The spades k rushed to the stage to raise the chin.

Middle-aged life hardly spits out a word: "beauty."

"Do you think the prince loves her?"


The spades nodded and seemed to be very interesting: "Yeah, everyone thinks so."

"..." The middle-aged did not know what to say. He forced himself to stand up straight, but there was a fine cold sweat on his back. Perhaps it was the discovery of this hidden fear and embarrassment, the spades k smiled and shook his head, the knuckles on the table! Boom! I smashed twice.

The box door was opened again, and a low-browed nurse was walking in with a squat, and there was a sleeping baby inside.

The middle-aged man immediately ecstatically slammed his fist into his arms: "Hee Hee, Hee Hee-"

"It is said that this girl is very embarrassed, does not cry or make trouble, eats and sleeps, is a blessed child." Spades k picked a peanut and threw it into his mouth, with a smile: "But if there is another time, maybe She is not so blessed, do you know?"

The middle-aged man has a stiff muscle on his face, and the acupuncture-like fear has passed from his heart. When he speaks, he can hear the weakness of his own voice: "I... I understand, but I just follow the process, so many people stare at the bottom. Yes, there is really no way..."

“The process has money for you to collect grass a?”

The middle-aged man breathed a meal and the whole body froze.

"The head grass, both ends down, the first one that was cut when the hatchet fell." The spades k raised their hands in the position of leaning against the back of the chair, and took a hand at the heart of the middle-aged man. The main point of the language is: "You have a hard sign that this 003 is hard to come by, so it's hard to fight for it. Don't ruin it easily."

The middle-aged people only felt their heart and heart cracked, their faces changed, and they couldn’t speak.

At this time, the sound of the door was opened behind him. The bodyguard who opened the door was respectful and whispered in Burmese: "Jie Ge!"Ajie nodded casually, walked to the side of the spade k, and looked up and down the middle-aged. His eyes have a kind of sniper's unique highlights, especially when standing in the dark, it is so bright and stunned, and the eyebrows reveal a cold and fierce unconcealed, and the middle-aged can't help but feel cold. .

"Big Brother, the police have seized the blue gold to be destroyed and sold it privately." Ajie did not squat with the middle-aged man, wearing a gloved hand to find a small book from his arms. "The main thing involved before and after is these few people."

Each page of this notebook is labeled with a different two-inch bareheaded head. The name and public office of the person involved are listed below. The spades k turned over and slightly sighed. I threw the little book to the middle-aged man: "Hey, there is a problem inside your city bureau, and we have to come to help investigate."

The middle-aged man was caught off guard, and took the baby to take a look at the book. From a bunch of public titles, he saw the Gongzhou City Bureau’s anti-drug detachment, the criminal investigation detachment, the provincial notary office, and the waste disposal company. The highest position was even called Qi Sihao. Detachment leader.

He began to cool again on his back: "...I understand, I will deal with it."

"Clean up," said the stark star, staring at the opera, slowly saying: "The squad leader of the surname Qi stayed first, useful."

it works?

--What is the use?

Probably the doubts of the middle-aged people’s eyes are too obvious. Even Ajie can’t help but ask: “How, big brother?”

"The leader of the detachment is on many things. The leadership functions and operational authority are all prepared. The use of the squad leader is even greater. The so-called county magistrate is better to find the current management." The spades k leisurely asked: "These are not ours." Has it been proven?"

Ajie’s heart will be the head of the gods, and the middle-aged man is listening to it. It seems to understand what is happening. When the heart is in his heart, a name emerges—that is, the black policeman who was almost openly defaulted in the Gongzhou system. The captain, Jiang stopped.

The warm applause that suddenly sounded under the stage interrupted his thoughts. The middle-aged people screamed and the ballet on the stage had reached the stage of **. Prince Ivan, who broke into the magic country to save the princess, was captured. The devil, Keschi, wanted to turn the prince into a stone. In a hurry, the prince turned to the flamingo that he had saved. The flamingo appeared in the light, and the demon was made with the curse of the demon. The group demon plunged into a dance that never stops, and sang songs to make them fall asleep.

The flamingo led the prince to find the egg that attached the soul of the demon king. After breaking the egg, the devil King Keschi disappeared with his sinful kingdom. The soldiers who turned into stone statues recovered, the princesses regained their freedom, and Prince Ivan announced that he would marry the most beautiful thirteenth princess. They will be grandly celebrated in the melody and performance of the singer chorus under the celebration of the crowd. wedding.

“The perfect ending,” said Spades, “unfortunately the real story is not what people see.”

No one dares to scream, middle-aged people do not dare to move, even Ajie is looking at the nose and nose."The devil has kidnapped thirteen princesses, but I think that what he loves and expects in his heart has always been a firebird. Although the flamingo brought death to him, he will only sing in the flamingo, otherwise the whole kingdom will be eternal. The life of him is nothing but a statue of a cold and stiff stone."

"--Maybe the prince loves the firebird, but it doesn't matter, the prince is destined to be with the princess who is at the door."

No one understood what he was saying, and the middle-aged man could not help but stunned. I saw the spades stand up and acted in the last cheering applause and the big reunion chorus, and regretted: "There is nothing to look at, let's go."

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