Chapter 101 Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Chapter 101

The office door was knocked twice and then walked in. (free full novel

Lu Lu was probably just finished the phone call, was bowing his head and drinking tea, pointing his head to the chair behind the desk and pointing him to sit down.

However, Yan Yan did not sit, and nearly one meter of the tall and straight figure stood there, Shen Sheng said: "You look for me, Lu Bureau?"

What kind of fine is Lu’s bureau, only such a detail, I almost grasped the attitude hinted by Yan Yan, and put down the vacuum flask, and asked for a long time: "Do you know about the party team?"

Yan Yan faintly said: "Fang team?"

"Well, the leader of Fang Zhenghong smashed into the case related to your poisoning, you have not heard?"

Yan Yan said: "I just returned to the city bureau and still don't know anything."

Lu Bureau was completely surprised by the reaction of Yan Yan's dripping water. From the good news, the inquiry to Qin Chuan and the investigation of the other party's Zheng Hong were described again. There was almost no difference between the content of the report and the high-traffic message. Zheng Gaopanqing is indeed the backbone of the criminal investigation detachment. In this respect, it is very meticulous. Even Lu’s original tone has learned an eight-nine image.

"So now the Fangzhenghong detachment is suspended from home, it is also considered to cooperate with the investigation work of the city bureau." Lu Bureau slowly said: "If there is a result, the city bureau will immediately inform you. But to get a clear result, At present, it is estimated that it will be more difficult, you have to be mentally prepared."

The office was once again quiet, and the outline of the outline was clear and deep. It seemed to have some unpredictable look. After a long time, I suddenly smiled:

"If it is difficult now, let's talk about it later."

--talk about it later?

In the face of a drug addict who is waiting for an opportunity to take his life in the dark, can Yan Yan be so calm?

Lv Bureau unexpectedly raised his eyes, and I saw only Yan Yan smiled. The handsome and tough face showed a hint of suffocation: "I heard that the director went to Jiangyang County and gave a second autopsy to the killer named Yu Shengrong. I don't know what the result is. I heard that it is time to determine the death time?"

Lu Bureau a trip.

"In this case, if you check the absence of the team at the time of the incident, can you prove his innocence?"

The Lu Bureau looked at Yan Yan for a long time, but the hard light of the latter’s eyes did not change. After a full half of the smokework, Lu Bureau finally breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Do you know that you are accusing a 30-year-old criminal policeman, a police chief, the chief detachment leader, committing murder? Strictly?"

Yan Yan’s answer was not moved: “No, Lu, I am just providing a survey idea.”

"You can investigate this way..."

"It's not a presumption of guilt, but a reasonable speculation."

Yan Yan is like this. Usually, he shows that it is natural, casual, and grounded. It is a very gentle side. But if he provokes his true anger or touches his bottom line, he will become very tough and even arrogant.

The kind of qi in the bones can't be shaken by anyone."...Since you are so sure, then I will send people to investigate the absence of the team's absence that night." After the silence, the Lu Bureau finally said, "However, since you are a direct victim, the place to avoid should still avoid, otherwise Any errors or omissions in the program may also affect the final findings."

Strictly stable and local: "I understand."

"Let's go," Lu said.

Yan Yan turned around and walked to the door. After a few steps, he suddenly stopped again and looked back at Lu. The big office is old-fashioned decoration, the landscape painting is hung on the wall, the party flag is placed on the cabinet, and all kinds of professional books and party newspapers are arranged in a row of bookcases against the wall; Lu is sitting in the big seat he has been sitting for more than ten years. Behind the desk, like a sleek and solid statue.

"..." Yan Yan finally asked the question: "Why do you believe in Fang Zhenghong?"

Lu’s eyes behind the reading glasses stared at him deeply. “Because Fang Zhenghong is not the kind of person you know.”

Yan Yan had nothing to say, he could only nod and turned and went out.

Lu Bureau leaned back into the back of the chair, his stomach was firm, his hair was white, and he sighed for a long time. He took off the reading glasses and wiped it carefully until he determined that the lenses were clean and there was no trace of dust that was invisible to the naked eye. He took it back carefully and rubbed his eyes hard - as if to use this action to go clearer. Look at everything around you, and everyone.

The murdered door knocked twice again, and the secretary asked outside: "Lv?"

Lu Bureau helped the glasses: "Come in."

Secretary Zhang walked into the office with a stack of materials and put down a few letters waiting to be stamped. Lv Bureau took a look at it, the title of the black and white is: security monitoring video data access notice.

"Oh, it’s the case that Yan’s deputy squad crashed on the Panshan Highway.” Secretary Zhang said with a smile: “Is this not under investigation? We need to look at the surveillance video of the crash when we are in the bureau. We have to send a letter first. To adjust the security monitoring of Jiangyang County's jurisdiction - this is sent to the Jiangyang County police station. If you stamp a chapter, I will be able to send it away. The map is still waiting to continue the investigation."

Lu's hand just reached the front and suddenly paused in midair.

"Let's put this," he pointed to the table: "I think about it again."

The secretary stunned, what is it to think about?

Lu Bureau turned a blind eye to the secretary's undisguised doubts, and there was no meaning to explain at all. Suddenly, the words turned: "I just remembered one thing. Fang Zhenghong had previously suspended his medical care. During that time, the work of the anti-drug detachment was Qin. The detachment is presiding, right?"

"Yes, you are..."

"The captain of the criminal investigation was sick, and Yan Yan was appointed as the leader of the post. This appointment is officially under the internal documents of our bureau. However, although the anti-drug side has been temporarily working for Qinchuan, it lacks formal appointment and many documents. The signing of the name is not correct, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the daily management of the anti-drug detachment. I think that this time Fang Zhenghong has suspended his post, and he has just put together the documents on the appointment of Qinchuan."Qin Chuan as a deputy management anti-drug detachment, and Yan Yan as a deputy management criminal investigation detachment, both of which are in the special period of acting as a full-time authority, there is no real difference. However, if the door of Jianning City Bureau is out, the difference between the official documents will become obvious. For example, when Yan Yan went to Gongzhou to see Qi Sihao, Gao Panqing could directly introduce "This is our strict brother. At present, he is the leader of the detachment work; but if Qinchuan goes out to handle the case, he cannot introduce it.

Therefore, the issuance of this appointment document is actually a good thing for Qin Chuan. Secretary Zhang immediately agreed: "Good, good, this is simple, I will do it immediately!"

Lu Lu nodded, and looked like he thought, and carefully scolded him: "Although Qin Chuan has been in charge for a period of time, but only by issuing the appointment documents, he is officially responsible for the beginning of the anti-drug detachment work. Many management He may not be familiar with the work, tell him to ask for more and ask more questions, let him ask me more about every job."

This is also the meaning of the title. Secretary Zhang wrote down one by one. If there is nothing else to tell the Lu Bureau, he will refer to the official letter on the desktop that has access to the monitoring information. He also asked again: "That, Lu Bureau, you Look at this stamp..."

I don't know if it is the darkness of the office. For a few seconds, he suddenly felt that Lu's expression was subtle.

That kind of feeling can't be said, but it must be very different from the usual smile of Lu, so that the first reaction of Secretary Zhang is that he is wrong.

"This," Lu Yuan's five fingers pressed in the official letter, plainly said: "Let's talk."

How do you say it again, have you not mentioned it since then?

How is the investigation of the poisoning of the Yan deputy detachment? Do you skip this one directly and leave it alone?

Secretary Zhang is a bit embarrassed, but I don’t know how to be overwhelmed, and the subconscious loses the smile.

Lu's eyelids behind the reading glasses were pulled, as if I didn't see the secretary's doubts. It was not until Zhang’s figure disappeared outside the door, and only one person left in the office. He slowly picked up the official letter, opened the drawer and threw it in.


The silence was restored in the office.


The spoon in the hand of the river stopped in midair: "Do you say this in the Lu Bureau?"

Although Yan Yan made an ambition, he had to stop at the river to eat delicious food at night, but in fact the last two people returned home. The big bone soup on the stove is hot, the collagen-rich bone marrow simmers the soup color, the tender tofu keeps rolling up and down, and the warm smell is emitted in the kitchen in the late autumn night.

Yan Yan moved a small bench, kept the onion and chose the shallots, and heard the words: "Lu Bureau still believes in Fang Zhenghong."

Jiang stopped saying: "You Lu before..."

Yan Yan was keenly aware of the words and expressions in his tone: "Why, have you ever dealt with before?""In the action, I met a few words at the celebration. There is nothing deep in it. But the Lu Bureau is very famous in the public security system in the southwest. It is said that it is very young when it is young, and it is only the old fox." I turned over the big bones in the soup and smiled. "It should be a very smart person, but sometimes it is too dripping, but it makes people feel uncomfortable."

Yan Yan’s subconsciousness sounded, and then the tail sounded up: “What?”

"What?" Jiang stopped casually.

They stood at one stop, and the two eyes met in mid-air. A similar dialogue emerged in the mind of the electro-optical fire. It was after the end of the Hu Weisheng drug-trafficking case, in the spacious and empty office of the Jianning Municipal Bureau. ——

"What kind of person do you think Jiang Captain is, Lu Bureau?"

"Young, courageous, high IQ... terrible high."

"This makes me feel very uncomfortable."


Almost exactly the same dialogue, repeated in a so-called coincidence with the role of a character, a trace of indescribable alienation and absurdity from the nerve endings into the brain, so that he could not speak for a while.


"Oh, nothing." Yan Yan set his mind. "I just feel that you are not very high on the evaluation of Lu."

Jiang stopped not thinking: "This is not the case. Besides, people are widely respected predecessors, can you use my evaluation?"

Under the steaming of the hot soup, his face seemed a little red, because the temperature in the house was high, and the short-sleeved Jiang rarely slid the cuffs of the long-sleeved home shirt onto the elbow. Yan Yan was thinking about it for a moment, and pressed the inner subtle difference to no longer mention it. When he looked up, he saw that he was spreading salt to the soup. When he raised his hand, he revealed the white marks on the inside of the right wrist.

"Whenever I go to be a cockroach," Yan Yan said casually.


Yan Yanyang lifted his chin, Jiang stopped to see his wrists along his eyes, and his movements were slightly stunned, and he immediately put his sleeves down: "Let's talk."

"Why do you say that modern medicine is so developed, maybe the effort to eat a meal is finished, why not?"

Jiang stopped and pulled the cuffs down. He was taken up by Yan Yan and tried to pull a small hand. The two are screaming

Twisted bones in front of the soup twisted and twisted, one wants to kiss, one does not give the pro, and finally Jiang stopped to win, put his right hand behind him, ridiculously said: "There is no parsley at home! You are not going to buy it!"

"How to get it, do a smashing." Yan Yan has no regrets: "This way, my husband will pay for you, and after you finish rewarding you buy a Chanel bag, how?"

Jiang stopped crying and laughing, half a body out of the kitchen, touched a few coins from the change bowl on the shoe cabinet, and stuffed it into Yan Huai's arms: "Buy the coriander first, don't be here."

The handsome deputy detachment of the handsome gold, the decathlon, and the threat of buying a bag for the wife, counted the money, and dissatisfiedly put a hand on the apron and said, "It’s only five, not enough, then give it."

"You can buy two, and you can't use that soup."

"Who sells two of them, the supermarkets downstairs are all sold in hardcover boxes. Do you know how much a box?"Jiang stopped raising his eyebrows in disbelief.

"Why, what is your expression? The supermarket is open here, and it is clear that it is the owners who are stupid in this community." Yan Yan said: "Is it easy to raise a family this year? Like us Greasy middle-aged, I went to work nine to five all day, and went home to marry my daughter-in-law."

Jiang stopped laughing and said: "If you can't afford it, just sneak out two of them and go back. Organize and be optimistic about you."

Yan Yan mouthed in the mouth, and grabbed a hand from the change bowl, decided to buy two pieces of potato chips while buying parsley. Fortunately, a new supermarket was opened at the entrance of the community. It was only a few minutes walk away. Before leaving, he accepted the task of “should take the garbage bag and throw it away”.

Self-feeling is already greasy middle-aged Yan took off the apron, a home service, put on a flip-flop, hand rubbed the coin in one hand and rubbed the garbage bag out of the elevator. At this time, it was already more than seven o'clock in the evening. The vehicles on the road in the distance came and went. The beautiful trees in the community swayed slightly under the reflection of the brass street lights, making a rustling sound. Yan Yan slaps the slippers while squatting in the minor tune, and walks toward the gate of the community, suddenly only listening to the faint screaming behind him.

"?" Yan Yan turned back.

This voice is for others, it is impossible to hear, or it feels like an ear. However, the hearings that have been monitored and monitored for many years are not the same as those of ordinary people who have not been trained, and they have stood up almost instantly.

There was no one behind the road, and the bushes crossed in the distance, as if several young people were running in the public gardens at night. a kitten.

Yan Yan did not think much, and went on. After a while, I suddenly remembered something. My heart is wrong. This community has been plagued by the troubles of the stray cats and dogs in the front-end time. The property is afraid of offending the wealthy and powerful owners and cleaning up a wave of stray animals. So soon again, Are there kittens?

He couldn't help but stand up. He thought that there should be left ribs in the garbage bag that had just been dumped from the refrigerator. At this moment, the green sign that was suddenly not far away was so bright that it was fleeting and fast to catch. .


Yan Yankong tightened, and he suddenly realized what it was -

The flash is reflective.

Someone is behind him.

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