Chapter 100 Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Chapter 100

Yan Shengrong, male, forty years old, was jailed for robbery, trafficking, shaking his head, and pill. He was released from prison and went to work in Jiangyang County. (Free full novel.

The anti-theft camera of a small supermarket near the provincial road near Jiangyang County photographed the last back of Zhai Shengrong when he left the scene in a hurry. A few hours later, Wei Wei, Huang Xing and others extracted a 9 Ruger shell from the place where he stood; half a month later, somewhere on the national road 60 kilometers away, he found a body that he had begun to rot.

Cause of death, traffic accidents.

"Ghosts know whether it is anecdote or deliberate. Anyway, they have already been smashed." In the car Bluetooth, the voice of screaming and eating noodles came out, saying: "Hey boss will give me a marinated egg, add some hot peppers, thank you... The initial autopsy report did not show any abnormality, and the second autopsy did not detect an egg. In short, traffic accidents are one of the most difficult ways to identify intentional killings. Our forensic work has already been done. I suggest you go back. Kill it with surveillance."

The car was flying on the highway, and he was sitting on the co-pilot. He was subconsciously clutching his hair that had not been able to wipe the hair gel when he was discharged from the hospital this morning: "You are the forensic director who yells at me. Didn't the second autopsy find out? You What is the standard with the county magistrate?"

Philip sat in the noodle restaurant and ate very fragrantly. He wore a headphone on his ear and snorted with a sigh of relief: "Less come here, it was you who worked hard in the past, which made me even overtime." In a month, one person dissected the entire series of poisoning cases - I can tell you that after so many years, the radical method has been used up, I want to let me go back to do three inspections!"

"Let's do it, send me the second inspection report." Yan Yan was helpless and spoiled. "I really can't help you."

Philip was disgusted and slammed the phone.

A few mobile phones slammed, and the second autopsy notes came over.

Jiang stopped driving, and Yan Yan sat on the co-pilot, looking at the notes of Philip, and the other hand was not honestly on the driver's lap. He tried to stretch out between the legs every few minutes, and then stopped by the river. Uncertainly caught.

Originally, according to Yan Yan’s statement, as long as the husband has a sigh of relief while traveling, he must not let his wife drive, which is related to the status and dignity of men. However, because he had just left the hospital, Jiang stopped not worrying that he would return to Jianning for more than two hours. He said that he now has a psychological shadow on the car that is sitting on the cracker - rising to the height of ptsd - forcibly driving him to the Co-pilot.

Yan Yan deeply felt that his masculinity was challenged, but when he thought about it, he didn’t have time to wash his hair in the morning when he was discharged from the hospital, and he didn’t have time to shave his hair. His personal image has been lowered from the price of 50,000. When I arrived at the night, I bought two and one for one. When Jiang stopped driving, I didn’t have time to pay attention to him, so I readily agreed.

“Zhen Shengrong once went to the sports school shooting profession, no wonder he will be hired as a killer.” Yan Yan said to the phone, “but it’s also terrible. The back muscles and ribs are severely worn, the soft tissue is contused, and the lung volume is getting smaller. Direct death because of dyspnea caused by qi and blood and excessive blood loss..."“The typical anecdote dragged to death,” Jiang stopped holding the steering wheel.

Yan Yan nodded. "It should have been towed for a long distance, but because the body was found late, the local traffic police squadron did not have a strong sense of protection on the scene, which made it impossible to accurately determine the road section. This is the most me. Annoying traffic accidents, the first time there is no specific time, the second is not precisely positioned, the monitoring to see the monkey year to go?"

Jiang stopped asking: "Is the social relations, income status, family friends, etc. of the company that has been promoted?"

"It is said that it was checked out. The friends who are usually in contact with him did not ask what happened. The bank was not abnormal. Only the family had 50,000 yuan in cash."

- old banknotes.

No matter who is employed by Sheng Shengrong, this person's anti-reconnaissance ability is already quite strong.

"...only 50,000," Jiang murmurs.

Yan Yan glared at him: "Why, my husband's life is cheaper than you, you are very proud?"

Jiang stopped waving and seemed to want to give him a look. He was caught in the air and took a hand in his palm.

"Don't make trouble." Jiang stopped immediately to pull back and hold the steering wheel. The white face looks like a serious, focused on the front of the road: "I just wondered how it would be so cheap, not in line with my...not in common sense."

Yan Yan sighed: "I believe now that you have never talked about love before."

It happened that at this time, the red light at the high-speed intersection, the river stopped slowly to step on the brakes, and stunned and glanced.

"If you give me a chance to buy a murderer to get a spade k, and almost 100% sure of success, I will not spend a few million to bring the world's top killers, 50,000 more points to the spades k Face. Do you understand this kind of psychology? Killing the chicken with a knife is itself a lifting of the chicken. In fact, this little ant-like role should not even work. I lifted my foot and stepped on it. As a result, I was still wasting hundreds of him. Wan? Holding a few million, what do I do casually?"

Jiang stopped looking ignorant and inexplicable.

"So," Yan Yan pouted, "You don't understand the subtle hatred between males."

"..." Jiang stopped thinking about this anti-scientific theory. It is simply that you are talking nonsense.

Yan Yan shook his index finger, full of inscrutable, like an experienced male emotional problem expert.

At this time, the green light was on, and the river stopped to step on the gas pedal. With the high-speed traffic, the viaduct leading to Jianning City was slowly opened.

"I don't know much about the internal structure of this drug trafficking group, but I have paid attention to it.

Over. Jiang stopped his brow and said: "There should be a person in charge of the aftermath of the spades. When doing some cases that cannot avoid clues, the killer will choose to protect himself from the employer." The death squads were raised from very poor places in Myanmar, and the rewards were paid to their families in Myanmar, so even if the domestic police tracked the killers who had already killed themselves, it would be difficult to follow the flow of foreign funds to find the killers and spades. The connection between k is a perfect killing mechanism. ”It seems that I feel a little suspicious when I say that Jiang stopped and turned to Yan Yan: "So why did you use such an "outsider"?"

Use "outsiders" to assassinate Yan Yan, and then he will have to work hard to get rid of the glory. Although the "traffic accident" was done as clean as the original Ajie in the highway, it is a typical spades k style, but it is not the most efficient and optimal solution.

Is it really like Yan Yan said, killing chickens and using a knife, in the eyes of the spades k smashing this life more than a penny is a waste?

"You and I are not metamorphosis, I will not understand the psychotic thinking of the spades k." Yan Yan patted the thigh of the river and said: "The fastest entry point is the 92-gun gun that is used by Sheng Rong. Let's go."

Jiang stopped thinking for a long time and nodded in agreement: "Yes, I still have to trace the gun first."

Yan Yan's face is serious and serious, and his hand slides in a little bit again. After a short period of time, Jiang stopped his expression calmly and calmly. He put the hand at the bottom of the steering wheel at six o'clock, and grabbed the uneasy big hand and put it on his lap.

Yan Yan probably thinks that this position is also acceptable. I will not fight for myself any more. Instead, I will ask: "When are you going to Gongzhou to find Qi Sihao?"

"There are many long night dreams, and it is not too late. In case the spades k began to investigate the blue gold outflow in advance, it would be too late." Jiang stopped thinking: "I probably started in these two days."

Yan Yan nodded, the car passed through the city of Jianning City, the familiar scene of the front of the Criminal Investigation Detachment Building of the Municipal Public Security Bureau came on the scene. Jiang stopped taking out sunglasses and a baseball cap to wear it. As usual, he did not park the car at the main entrance. He separated Yan Yan from a block away and let him go to the city bureau.

"I will come back when I sign in the bureau, wait for me to take you to dinner." Yan Yan just turned and left, suddenly stopped again, and there was no one around to look at this side, quickly pulling up the hand of Jiang’s stop and printing it in the palm of his hand. A kiss, whispered: "Don't eat yourself, you must just eat something to eat, it is not good for your health."

Then, after waiting for Jiang to stop answering, he laughed, waved back and waved, and turned to walk along the sidewalk to the Jianning City Bureau.

Behind him, Jiang stopped the ear a little bit of fever, and he said silently for a while: "... greasy."


"Yan brother!"

"Strict team!"

Colleagues in the corridor have greeted each other, and they have not been able to enter the criminal investigation team's large office. They only saw the black-and-white shadows fluttering. Ma Xiang is like a breast swallowing forest: "Oh my Yan Ge, we all thought that we would never see you again..."

Yan Yan’s spirited spirit shone, grabbed Ma Xiang’s back and lifted it directly, and pushed his palm to his crying face: “You gave me, who was crying in the first two days, and must immediately return to Jianning. Say that if you sleep in a hospital hard bed, you have to have a lumbar disc protruding?"

Ma Xiang feels aggrieved, and the heart is not because you are in the hospital and the land consultant Qingqing I am sticky, live flashing my 24k titanium alloy dog ​​eyes?The younger brothers of the criminal investigation detachment expressed sincere congratulations and blazing thoughts on their older brothers. It is said that this week, because of Yan’s absence, Yuzhu personally sat in the detachment, and the younger brother in the solemn and loving face of the Yu team. We didn't even dare to steal the city's ifi, not to mention the small office of the flower office to buy cigarettes and eat the chips, and the days are too good to have a taste.

Even Han Xiaomei, who has always met Yan Yan as a mouse and sees a cat, has been honed and presented her gift of discharge - a box of leeks and scrambled eggs.

Han Xiaomei said this: "I heard that you crashed into the car and lived in the hospital for several days. I am worried that you are physically weak and think that you may need to make up for it..."

"..." Yan Yan looked staring at the leek and looked at him for a long while, gentlely said: "Lu consultants will thank you very much."

Han Xiaomei is not clear, so he is quite proud and willing to go.

Yan Yan put the box of leeks and scrambled eggs on the table. I plan to push it to the pot tonight. Suddenly I only listened to the office door being knocked twice. Gao Panqing is standing at the door, his face is not attractive. Tightness of attention: "Yan Ge, Lu Bureau is looking for you."

“Oh,” Yan Yan reacted. “Is there a progress in the investigation of medicinal liquor?”

Gao Panqing stopped talking and looked at the corridor behind him. He closed the office door with his backhand and walked to Yan Yan. He said a few words with the ear.

"Is Fang Zhenghong saying this?" After a short while, Yan Yan asked the voice to whisper.

Gao Panqing nodded and said that the Lu Bureau personally interrogated Fang Zhenghong before and after, and said that he believed in Fang Zhenghong’s remarks. He said: "Although Lu is not convinced that Fang Zhenghong is suspect, but The Yu team was very opposed to the practice of the Lu Bureau. The two men fought for a long time. Finally, the Wei Deputy Bureau came out to play the round field, and the result was that the team was temporarily suspended for investigation."

The light of Yan Yan’s eyes flashed slightly, and suddenly asked: “What reaction does Fang Zhenghong have?”

"Nothing to react."

Yan Yan asked: "Fang Zhenghong was so fierce when he was asked to ask questions, but he was suspended but did not respond?"

Gao Panqing was also a bit confused, but he still nodded.

Yan Yan did not speak, and asked: "What is the current situation in the game?"

Wind? ”

"There is nothing to talk about." Gao Panqing explained: "Lv wants to control public opinion. There are only a few directors who are poisoned, and there are also doctors of the technical investigation, Huang, and forensic doctors. No one knows about the fact that the team has become a suspect. And the team has been in a state of injury for a long time, and then stopped for a while without going to work, and everyone will not doubt anything."

——The result of this treatment is obviously not favorable to Yan Yan, and even to the entire criminal investigation detachment.

"Yes, I know." Yan Yan's face did not move, and got up and patted his shoulder: "You go back first, I went to find Lu."

Gao Panqing is obviously very worried, but he has been in the city bureau for many years. He is not a young criminal policeman like Ma Xiang Han Xiaomei. He knows that he can't do anything with his own identity. He just nodded and left the office.

·"The stern team," on the outside corridor of the director's office, the secretary just took the material out and bumped into Yan Yan. He pointed to the office and made a phone call gesture: "I am busy, just pick up the line of the provincial hall, Don't you wait a few minutes?"

- So smart?

Yan Yan’s eyes only condensed for a moment, then he smiled and nodded. “Nothing, I will stand here and wait.”

The handsome and wealthy temper and good deputy detachment in the city bureau is really not covered, the secretary is also very enthusiastic: "I am tired of standing here, or do you come to the Secretariat to sit?"

"It doesn't matter, I drive all the way, and I will be loose for a while."

The secretary did not insist on it. He smiled and said hello and left.

Yan Yan stood in front of the glass window at the end of the corridor. The sunshine in the late autumn afternoon reflected on the white wall. The background was warm and yellow, but his back-lighted eyes were not at the bottom. When he thinks of Gao Panqing, Fang Zhenghong threw the only empty medicine bottle that can be used as physical evidence, but he could not give any excuses...

"I have my reasons, I don't want to say."

Perhaps it is the sixth sense brought about by the long-term criminal investigation work. From the reaction of Fang Zhenghong's strangeness, Yan Yan keenly felt one thing:

Although Lu Bureau trusts Fang Zhenghong, Fang Zhenghong does not... or does not believe in Lu.


Yan Yan eyebrows, sighed, vague and messy speculation made him unable to grasp the clue. As a criminal investigator, Yan Qi habitually prevented his brain from being empty. After standing for a while, he opened the mobile phone and opened the second autopsy notes sent to him by Philip.

Strictly stipulated that this direct victim should evade the investigation, but Philip is very fraternal, although he did not directly send him a signature report, he still sent a detailed handwritten record photo, and finally summarized the documented report. Not bad anymore.

Yan Shengrong, male, forty years old, rogue theft, trafficking in prohibited psychotropic substances...

A short period of corpse introduction has been thoroughly familiar with the heart, and Yan Yan looked at it with a glimpse of ten lines. Suddenly, the heart felt a little wrong.

- Time of death.

When Zeng Shengrong’s body was discovered, it began to rot. The road water has affected the conditions of the body. In addition, the level of forensic equipment of the local criminal police squadron is limited, and the death time can only be determined within the eight-hour period.

However, the profit is different. In the end, it was the foreman of the city bureau, who read the corpse. According to the on-site clues and an autopsy, Philip locked the death time between 3 and 6 in the morning of the crime, greatly reducing the scope of the suspected vehicle.

Yan Yan suddenly flashed a thought that did not know where to come from:

What was I doing late at night on the day of my death?

Yes, he visited Buwei in the hospital that day. The little girl gave tears to the fact that Wang Xingye was involved in the kidnapping. Then the city bureau urgently arrested and Wang Xingye escaped overnight. In order to send the notice of investigation to the bus stations of major railway stations, the night was strictly in the early morning in the city bureau, the whole person was really sleepy, so he discussed with Qin Chuan to change the shift to go home to sleep -

Yes, when he got home, he found that Jiang stopped to sleep on the sofa in order to wait for himself. That night was the first time they shared the same bed.Severely narrowing his eyes, the logical memory chain continues to extend: the next morning he was woken up by Qinchuan’s phone and hurried to the city bureau... Wait, why is he so rushed?

Because he promised to change to Qinchuan early in the morning, but he overslept.

No, Qinchuan is worth the evening shift as a deputy detachment. Shouldn’t the team leader take over in the morning?


"There was a half-year-old demolition home that suddenly went online at 7 o'clock this morning. I am busy in the anti-drug detachment!"

"He was injured in the old three days and two people. When he was guilty, he couldn’t find anyone everywhere. Who knows where the team is?..."

Yan Yan’s ear once again sounded the voice of Qinchuan’s impatience in the morning of the call, as if it was a thunder, and suddenly opened a heavy fog—Zhen Shengrong was killed the night and the next day, Fang Zhenghong’s “old wounds” did not appear in the anti-drug Detachment!

Why didn't he come?

Where was the other person at the time of the incident?

Severely slammed the palm of his hand, and there was a slight damp cold sweat in the palm print.

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