Chapter 99 Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Chapter 99

"I have seen this bullet. (Free full novel." Jiang paused and said: "Exactly, I have seen this batch of bullets."

Yan Yan is a bit surprised: "What?"

Jiang stopped to raise his chin to the mobile phone and asked: "Do you know what the metal lettering outside the fire cup at the bottom of the shell represents?"

This is not a very difficult problem. Although the strict police school theory class is general, the love of guns and firearms in the man's nature makes him not forget this part of the knowledge: "Arsenal code and production year, what happened?"

"The lettering for this bullet is 421, 04, which was produced in 2004 by the Southwest Fuling Group, code 421. The Southwest Fuling Group was one of the earliest military enterprises in China. It mainly produced various types of bullets before liberation. After the reform and opening up, the shells were slowly transformed into auto parts motorcycle manufacturing companies because of the policy changes, just like most of the military enterprises at that time."

"Until the beginning of this century, the Fling Group began to undertake some military projects. Most of the guns produced were supplied to the Southwest Military Region after the supply and demand department was reorganized, and a small amount was supplied to the public security system. About 03 years later, the Fuling Group responded to the national military industry. The policy was internally adjusted and began to change some types of firearm bullets from all-copper shells to aluminum-plated copper. The 9-handed bullets produced after the Spring Festival in 2004 were all copper-plated."

Yan Yan suddenly understood what.

The shell that he photographed was obviously copper. That is to say, the production date may only be a short twenty days from January 1, 2004 to the Spring Festival!

"Yes." Jiang stopped knowing what he thought without watching: "Except for the New Year's Day holiday, the actual start-up time should be only about ten days. Then estimate the total production capacity of Furing Group and the production of other types of bullets. The all-brass nine-mm Lug bombs for 412 and 04 should be very rare."

Yan Yan immediately asked: "When you investigate the whereabouts of these bullets, can you not lock the suspects?"

- When he just exported, he realized his absurdity.

It is impossible for people's arsenals to let him investigate. Starting from the perspective of bullets, it is not reliable to report to the Ministry of Public Security against the national police gun line.

But Jiang stopped not teasing him, instead he said: "It is indeed this idea."

Yan Yan: "..." Are you looking for a step in the disguised form for your husband?

Jiang Su seems to have not found a stern expression, or found it but he is too lazy to pay attention to it - the latter is more likely to be viewed in the style of Jiang Suo.

"I said, I have seen this batch number of bullets, it was still in the Gongzhou anti-drug detachment a few years ago. If its output is very rare, and it has been in the Gongzhou public security system, then According to the general principle of product distribution of military enterprises, it is likely that the entire batch of brass 9mm Lug bombs will be supplied to Gongzhou. It is unlikely that a batch of originally rare production will be dismantled and transported further. Going outside."

Jiang’s narrative was calm and quiet, and he was so strict that he asked: “... Are you sure?”

"Great probability."Jiang stopped saying a big probability, and that is basically a certain meaning.

"How do you know the inside story of the Fowling Group's production of bullets, and remember the bullet number a few years ago?"

Jiang stopped laughing, and the smile under the light shadow was not obvious. It was like a faint slap in the mouth. "I have always been paying attention to this. Let’s say that China produces bullets made of brass and copper. Some people who pay attention to military news know. Let's go."

This is obviously perfunctory.

It should be that I saw the subtlety of Yan Yan’s eyes. It was hard to add another sentence. The meaning of this bitter laughter could not be concealed: “The price of all copper bullets and copper-plated bullets is different... Do I have to continue to explain? ?"

Yan Yan half-opened his mouth, silently "ah" for a moment, patted Jiang’s shoulder and smiled: "You were also the master of the information in Gongzhou."

Jiang stopped to ask plainly: "Do you think that the average person in the Gongzhou system is easy to upgrade? From the average professional level of the Jianning City Bureau, the difficulty of copying Gongzhou is almost the same as your tenth."

Yan Yan did not care about the routine ridicule of the Jiangning City Bureau. Anyway, he has been ridiculed. He is more concerned about: "How can we determine now? The police line of the police pistol can only be checked by the local public security department." But Gongju..."

It is theoretically feasible to report it to the Ministry of Public Security according to the process. However, the system has been mixed for a long time. Even the idealists of Yan Zhe are very clear. Many things are from "theoretical feasible" to "practical", often through the invisible sight of the naked eye.

Waiting for a year and a half, the squall line is compared, and the grass on the graves of the indefinitely stern is growing to half a person.

Jiang stopped opening his mouth and seemed to have some words and stops. He only sighed a moment: "There is a way."

Yan Yan raised his eyes and only listened to him spit out three words: "Qi Sihao."

Qi Sihao, the policeman of the second squadron of the scorpion, Jiang stopped, is now the first captain of the Gongzhou Criminal Investigation Corps.

A careful thinking, and a bit of hob meat-like bullying and fear, in the face of Yan Yan, deliberately put on a man who wears a uniform to support the straight waist.

Yan Yan has never seen the soft and cold front line of the old criminal police, even the Wei Deputy Bureau, who has been living in the leadership post for a long time, the scars and the old man on the palm of the hand can not be eliminated, but Qi Sihao is the first.

"I have a breakthrough in his body?" Yan Yan sat up straight and asked.


Yan Yan’s look at the Lijiang River stopped and suddenly reacted: “You went to Gongzhou with Yang Mei this time.

Is it to determine this? ”

Perhaps because Jiang has warmed up, his pale and blue face has returned to normal, white is very uniform, so the hair and pupils are unusually black, even a little black meaning: "You remember us The fentanyl compound that was found on the roof of Hu Weisheng."

Yan Yan certainly remembers that Jiang stopped to see the first sight of the blue powder, and tried to hide it and take it away.

Jiang stopped saying: "I took it away at the time, but it was not because I wanted to take drugs...""I know." Yan Yan interrupted him, and his eyes passed a hint of inconspicuous smile: "You are the transparent bag for the drug."

Jiang stopped thinking that he actually knew the answer and unexpectedly raised his eyebrows.

"I later thought about why you want to hide this pack of drugs. If it is just because of the drug itself, Hu Weisheng is arrested. The new fentanyl compound was discovered by the police sooner or later. There are so many 'blue gold' transactions on the border. Police It takes only a little more time to get the sample. That is to say, you are trying your best to hide the blue gold itself, but other clues."

Yan Yan was slightly close, staring at the river to stop the black and white eyes, with a smile: "It is the handwritten label on the sealed transparent bag."

- Group nine boxes of 7704.

In the lower right corner of the sealed bag, the handwriting on the yellowed label was slightly faded, and it clearly appeared in front of the river.

Yan Yan was too close, and the sense of oppression in the male instinct was faintly covered.

Jiang stopped a little backwards, squinting his eyes and looking at the handsome face of the deputy detachment. He snorted from the nose for a while: "Although your reflex nerve arc is dull for five months..."

Yan’s deputy detachment accepted it with humility and modesty.

"...but how did you react?"

"Oh, actually, the first two days, Lu Lu told me to go to the banned warehouse to help with the audit. I saw the seized stolen goods sent by the anti-drug detachment. There is a box of heroin. Because it was sorted into small packets, each bag was sealed. I posted a note to mark it." Yan Yan blinked: "I used to search for drugs. I never knew how the drugs would be handled after I entered the warehouse. I didn’t realize that you were hiding when you saw this scene. Bag Blue Gold was discovered because of the pending number in the lower right corner, which determined that Hu Weisheng’s Bao Lanjin was a stolen possession – but how did you determine that it came from Gongzhou, not from other local public security?

The river stopped the boring and pressed into a line, faintly flashing in the dim.

"Because the number to be sold," he said coldly, "is my handwriting."

- No wonder his first reaction is to hide!

Yan Hao and silently "Oh-" for a while, pondering: "So Hu Weisheng drunk and boasted, saying that his bag of blue gold was stolen from the spades k, this should be a lie. It is true that it is Christine Someone inside the state system is selling privately-sold drugs that have been seized. By chance, this bag of blue gold has flowed to Hu Weisheng?"

Jiang stopped nodding: "It should be."

"Hey," Yan said, rubbing his chin, thinking for a long time, said with emotion: "Your copy is really a feng shui treasure of personal generations... oh! And hit people!"

Yan Yan smiled at the hand of Jiang’s stop and pulled his upper body into his fiery and hot arms. He asked, “How do you know that the private drug dealer is Qi Sihao?”Jiang stopped to maintain the slightly tilted posture of the upper body, put his hands in the palm of his hand, let him hold back, and did not pull back, saying: "I am not sure, just doubt. The provincial public security department concentrated the destruction of seized drugs. Usually once a year, usually there are also waste disposal professionals and people from the provincial notary office. If there is fraud, it will not be done by one or two people. There should be a whole chain of interests. Qi Sihao is The detachment leader is a heavyweight character who plays the green light and says that it is absolutely impossible for him to not participate."

This is indeed quite reasonable.

"And," Jiang paused, and his eyes gradually began to look gloomy: "I went to Gongzhou this time and determined one thing."

Yan Yan’s look focused on it.

"I listed the list of surviving smugglers in the plastics factory bombing three years ago. I found that these people are not doing well at home. Some of them have retired, some have been transferred, and a few have sunk to the police station. It may be because I don't want to do the anti-drug relationship again."

Jiang stopped looking up, Yan Yan couldn't see his look, and saw that his throat was slipping. It seemed to be swallowing hard. He had already suppressed the hoarseness in his voice when he spoke again. Instead, it was a piece of Sen Han. :

"Only Qi Sihao has been promoted to make a fortune, and he has entered the luxury car. According to the inquiries, he has just sent his children abroad to study abroad."

Yan Yan looked a little, and calmly patted the shoulders of Jiang.

"I'm fine," Jiang stopped dumbly.

I don't know why the stern heart suddenly passed a trace of unseen luck.

The explosion three years ago was the thorn of Jiang’s heart forever. He stabbed him day and night, and he couldn’t sleep in the bottom of his heart. But some people can hate things that are always good, not until the last day, looking around and discovering that all sins are ultimately for themselves. The only object that can hate revenge is themselves.

For survivors like Jiang Shu, there are people who can love and someone who can hate. They are the hopes that support him to live.

Jiang stopped this person, basically did not expose negative emotions in front of others, even if it was very short-lived in front of Yan Yan, and soon took a deep breath and slammed his face.

"When planning the action three years ago, Qi Sihao was just a normal police officer, even if he had some hooks with the people under the spades.

At the end, the possibility of leaking critical information is not great. However, after he became the captain, he sold the drug to be sold in private, and he exposed the deadly handle that we could seize. ”

Jiang Shu and Yan Yan always look bright when they look at each other, but when he evokes the lips, the slight smile on the handsome face is a bit cold:

"--You said, if Span K knew that Qi Sihao had been involved in selling blue gold privately, what would he do?"


Jianning City Public Security Bureau.

"I don't know anything. What does it matter to me? What do you want to do?!"

Fang Zhenghong's excited snoring is clearly audible through the glass, and there is no need to wear a wireless headset. Yu Zhu frowned and took the headphones away, sighing: "The old side is really..."Lv Bureau's fat figure carrying his hand, standing on her side, his glass reflected his unmoving face.

"The old side, you calm down, we are old people for many years, and you know that the program has to go, isn't it?" Wei Wei, after sitting at the iron table in the inquiry room, consciously persuaded him to bitterly: "The criminal investigation deputy branch of the Public Security Bureau is very likely to be in the city bureau. You said that we can't ask you? We not only asked you, we still..."

Fang Zhenghong interrupted impatiently: "The only suspect you have now is me, let's go!"

At this moment, Wei Wei really missed the strict temper. Although this mixed kid is more and more sloppy, but compared with Fang Zhenghong, the richest family’s baby alone is better handled...

"We not only doubt you, we also suspect Qinchuan, but also suspect that everyone in the criminal investigation detachment, anyone who has the motive and conditional crimes is within the scope of the suspect." Wei Wei's ass moved in the chair, try to let himself listen Going up is more eloquent: "The old side, if there is a black hand behind the scene, we must take him out. Otherwise, this time it is severely murdered. Who will be next time? It may be you, maybe I may be more innocent colleagues. So we will not let go of any doubts. We must thoroughly investigate and eliminate the aftermath. Never let a bed be covered and nothing happens..."

The deputy director of the Wei Bureau did not know how many times was interrupted by Fang Zhenghong: "Why can't you have a bed with a cover?"

Wei Weiba has an old eye.

Founder Hongsen cold road: "Isn't that the easiest and most efficient way to handle it?"

May be the reason for the darkness of the inquiry room. Founder Hong’s face was gray and yellow. The more the face was in the light, the two were excited and the red eyes were bright, and the eyes were a little muddy, and they stared at the person, even to Wei Yiyi. An indescribable sense of ecstasy.

"..." Wei deputy bureau stunned for a while and finally asked: "Old party, do you have any opinions on the organization?"

Yuzhu outside the glass window shook his head, a little ridiculous: "This old Wei, how can you make the inquiry into this?"

"Because of concern, it is chaotic." Lu said.

Yu Zhuyi, but only saw Lu Bureau push the door into the interrogation room.

"I can explain it to you. How many times do you want me to say it? Is it because I have already convicted me?! Yes, the surname is strict, the richest man in Jianning, what happened to you? I have to investigate from the point of view, but I am telling you that I am Fang Zhenghong, but I have earned my own money from the bottom. I have seen more prisoners than he has ever seen! I have been asking for so many years. Innocent..."

Wei's deputy bureau was hearing a headache. I saw Lu Lu came in and immediately stood up: "Lao Lu, look at this, hehe-"

Lu Bureau waved his hand and gestured to Wei's deputy bureau to go out, then opened the chair and sat across the interrogation table:

"Old party."

On the face of the Duanzhuang's chubby fat, there was no smile or a smile. The heavy weight of the heavy sinking suppressed Fang Zhenghong, letting his saliva splashed and unknowingly went down until he moved away. .

Lu Bureau said: "You look at me.""..." Fang Zhenghong bit his teeth and lifted his face with his neck.

Lu Bureau asked: "Are you doing it?"

Wei's deputy bureau was out of the interrogation room. Yu Zhu had not had time to greet him. The two men also heard this question at the same time, and they looked back at the glass window.

Fang Zhenghong’s hard state has three words: “What do you say?!”

"He, he, he said, what is his attitude?" Wei, who had just touched his nose, was angry at the time.

Yu Zhu quickly waved his hand to comfort him.

Lu Bureau seems to completely ignore the attitude of Fang Zhenghong, and calmly asks: "If it is not you, why do you want to stop Qinchuan from drinking it when you know that the medicinal liquor is from a serious situation, and throw away the space afterwards? Medicated wine bottle?"

In the interrogation room, he could only hear Fang Zhenghong's hoarse gasping. His face was red and purple. After a cigarette, he was cold and iced: "I have my reasons, I don't want to say."

--Prefer not to say?

Isn't this clearly being rolled over? !

This time, not only Wei's deputy bureau, but even Yu Zhu's face was a cold, and the two men approached the single-sided glass window for half a step at the same time.

But what surprised them was that Lu did not have any reaction, and the stable and powerful voice did not change. Finally, he finally asked him the last sentence since he entered the interrogation room:

"Can I still believe in you, old man?"

This time, Fang Zhenghong’s silence was longer than the last time. Until Wei Wei and others felt that he was not ready to answer, or had no words to say, he saw his face tremble, and there was a yin and yin. Yang, people look at the heart and raise an uncomfortable smile.

He spit out from his teeth.

One word:


Lu Lu nodded and got up and walked out of the interrogation room.

The door opened and closed, and Yu Zhu greeted the Lu Bureau and stepped forward. He just tightened his brow and wanted to say something. Lu’s hand lifted her unexamined question: “I believe in Fang Zhenghong.”

Wei's deputy bureau blurted out: "What?"

Both of them looked suspicious, but Lu did not look at any of them, cold and authentic:

"The person who poisons is not him."

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