Chapter 98 Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Chapter 98

"I don't know, what do you say? What happened to Yan Yan?"

In the early morning, the interrogation room only lit an incandescent lamp. Qin Chuan was still wearing pajamas - a large short-sleeved t. After coming out of the bed, even the glasses didn't have time to wear. The eyes were filled with undisguised doubts and staring. The interrogator behind the iron table. Free full novel (

Outside the single-sided glass, Lu Bureau, Wei Bureau, Huang Xing, Gao Panqing and others crowded into the dark room, and several eyes looked different, focusing on the face of Qinchuan doubt in the interrogation room.

The interrogator did not directly answer the question of Qin Chuan: "Qin Vice Team, please remember to recall. Yesterday at 5 pm until the evening leaving the city bureau, what did you say during this time, who have seen, what details have happened ?"

They are all insiders of the public security system, and this process is already familiar. Qin Chuan licked his eyebrows and took a deep breath, thereby reluctantly restraining his inner anxiety.

"I didn't sleep well the night before. I slept on the table yesterday afternoon. I woke up at five o'clock. I was cold when I was ambushing in the early years. I have some rheumatism in recent years. The rainy weather felt very uncomfortable. Just in the office, I took the medicinal liquor and said that I would like to press it for me..."

Medicinal wine.

Gao Panqing looked like a transient, and even Lu and Wei Bureau looked at each other.

“Is the medicinal liquor used for rheumatoid tubes?” The interrogator seemed to have inadvertently asked.

Qin Chuan said: "The use of the tube, the injury and the wounded meridians, was recommended to me in the early years. The team gave me a place in the elbow and cervical vertebrae. I feel much better. I think I might have to work overtime at night. I went to the tea room and had a cup of coffee. When I was boiling water, I met the rain and came back from the outside."

The interrogator’s spirit was a little bit: “What did you say?”

In fact, the dialogue between Qinchuan and Yan Yu has been repeated three times in the past two hours, but the interrogator still has to ask, Qin Chuan still has to repeat, even everyone outside the single-sided glass is not impatient. .

Because this is the basic skill in the trial.

Repeated mechanical questions, disturbing the order, asking questions, correcting and asking questions... As long as people lie, there will be flaws; as long as there are flaws, they will be able to show their clues in the retelling of the times. .

Qinchuan certainly understands this and is more certain that he has become a suspect. He can not help but sigh with anger: "In the end, what happened in the end, I left home directly after leaving the city bureau. If you don't believe, you can adjust me. Driving and call history..."

"Qin deputy, I am really embarrassed." The interrogator cold ice broke him. "Please cooperate with our work."

"..." Qin Chuan spit out the tone, tightened the back molars, and repeated the conversation with Yan Yan in the tea room again and again, even the strict tone of the time was learned, and finally bite Road: "Then I went back to the office, is this going down?"

The interrogator brushed down the transcript and asked: "Why did you go to the criminal investigation detachment to borrow the bottle of medicinal liquor before leaving work?"This is a key issue. Gao Panqing and Huang Xing outside the interrogation have tightened their looks at the same time. The upper body unconsciously leaned forward - but the Lu and Wei Bureau, which are much more spicy than them, shook their heads slightly. Other reactions.

Sure enough, Qin Chuan is simply inexplicable: "By medicinal liquor? What happened to the bottle of medicinal liquor?"

The interrogator said: "You only need to answer my question."

“?” Qin Chuan spread his hand: “Because the anti-drug detachment’s medicinal liquor is used up! Don’t you borrow it to go to the pharmacy to buy it?”

It really makes sense, even the interrogators have a glimpse.

"What did you do after borrowing medicinal liquor from the Criminal Investigation Detachment?"

"My elbows and shoulders are very uncomfortable, but the team is out of the office. I thought he was going home. At that time, I didn't want to bother others. I applied some medicinal wine and pressed it on my elbow for a while. After the massage, the last point of the medicinal liquor in the bottle, I think it is the amount of two, I want to drink it."

The interrogator remembered the action of the transcript: "Do you want to drink?"

Qin Chuan nodded.

"Some medicinal wines can not be taken internally is the common sense of public security personnel. Why don't you dare to drink your mouth without hesitation?"

"Because Yan Yan often drinks, we all know." Qin Chuan seems to feel very ridiculous, "but in the end I did not drink into the mouth, because the forefoot just fell into the cup, the hind leg team entered the office, immediately stopped me. ——"

The interrogator looked at me: "The party detachment stopped you?"

Everyone outside this trial has changed his face.

Shengwu wine is highly toxic, because Yan’s intake is extremely small, and it has not caused irreparable consequences. But if Qin Chuan had to drink the whole two at the time, it is estimated that it is already cold!

What made Fang Zhenghong stop Qinchuan in the midst of a thousand miles?

"Yes." Qin Chuan definitely nodded and said: "The party team saw that I was going to drink medicinal liquor. I was a little excited when I was a little nervous. When I came up, I took the cup from my hand..."

Time went back ten hours, the anti-drug detachment office.


Unexpectedly, the traditional Chinese medicine was poured on the ground. Qin Chuan was shocked. When he turned back, he saw that Fang Zhenghong’s face had changed. The girl’s face shouted: “You don’t know if the medicinal liquor can’t be casually squandered?”

"But this is..."

"What do you know, do you know what the consequences of drinking medicinal liquor? What if the deterioration is poisonous?"

"Not at all, this is what I am strict with..."

"You are less mixed with the surname, and he is not a serious person from the bones!" Fang Zhenghong

It seems that I still want to say something, and I’m going back to it. I’m reprimanded: “I don’t know how to know people, how do you know that he is hot with you in person, will you fall over and hurt you?!”

Qin Chuan said to him, he only reacted for a long time, only to feel good and funny. But before he even had time to persuade Fang Zhenghong, he was interrupted by the latter quite unreasonably: "Send back to the criminal investigation detachment! Their things will be less in the future!"

"This, I said the old side." Qin Chuan stunned the empty bottle of wine: "Look at you, I have given people home, is it still a bottle of dregs? Or not me..."Fang Zhenghong turned a deaf ear and turned back to the captain's office while complaining about something. Qin Chuan shook his head helplessly, and put the empty medicine bottle on his desk, and packed up to get off work.

But at this time, Fang Zhenghong also took the bag out of the office, probably intending to go home, and when he saw the bottle of striking medicinal liquor on the Qinchuan table, he was angry at the time: "How are you still not- ”

Qin Chuan immediately surrendered with both hands, and Founder Hong took a look at him. He simply took the empty medicine bottle and strode out of the office door.

"Then I got off work, I don't know where he threw the empty bottle."

Interrogation inside and outside the scene is dead, horror, anger, incredible and other emotions flashing in the eyes of everyone. Only Qinchuan was unclear, and finally asked the question with caution and vigilance:

"So... Is there any problem with medicinal liquor? How is Lao Yan?"

Lu Bureau raised his hand and slightly recruited the Wei Deputy Bureau. He said: "Call Fang Zhenghong to come over and ask questions."

Just then the door was opened, and Gao Panqing stood by the door and turned back. The condition was reflected: "Yu team!"

Yu Zhu did not answer, and did not even look to anyone in the room. Her cheek muscles were very tight and went straight to the side of Lu. She whispered: "The inquiry to the duty colleague is over. Someone saw Fang Zhenghong leave the city bureau and throw an empty glass bottle shaped like a bottle. The trash can downstairs."

Lu Bureau suddenly looked up: "Throw it?"



"Cough and cough..."

The sudden cough in his sleep made Jiang stop awakening. The next time his head was lifted up, the warm water swallowed down the throat and quickly calmed down the trachea.

Jiang stopped his eyes slightly, and the lights were turned off in the ward. Even the heavy rain all night had stopped. By the moonlight that tilted from the glass window, he frowned and asked softly: "Strictly?"

Yan Yan leaned against the bedside, but his eyes were bright and bright in the darkness. He bowed his head and kissed him on the gauze that had a bloody rust on his forehead.

"How did you come?"

Yan Yan did not answer immediately. The arm passed through the back of the neck and hooked the shoulder of the river, and squeezed into the single bed. After the action made the two people closer together, he whispered to the side of the river and said: "Just hanging the water, listen to the nurse saying that you have a fever, come see you."

At night, I couldn't see the expression of the river stop, but under the close distance of each other, Yan Yan could still feel that his lips seemed to have a short smile.

"You saved me..."

"No," Jiang said. "I have hurt you."

Probably because his tone was too calm and calm, Yan Yan couldn't think of anything to refute. After a while, he snorted and said: "What are you doing to me? The medicinal wine is not my own drink, or you are squatting. I can't do it hard?"

"You say so...""Of course, if you look at other little white faces someday, you want to murder your husband, and give me a glass of poisonous wine. I am sure that I will really give you a drink because of grief than death. With the later adulterer... Hey! He will hit someone!"

Jiang stopped the next shoulder: "Who is the hand in the end, do you have any guesses in your own heart?"

Strictly pondering for a moment, shaking his head: "It's hard to say. The bottle of medicinal wine was brought to the city bureau from my own home. It was usually placed in the glove cabinet of the big office. No one else except me. The last time I used it. It’s the beginning of this spring, I don’t know if there are other people moving in. I know of the fact that I’m going to die when I drink wine, but I’m sure that the bottle of medicinal wine is made from aconite, and the internals should not be questionable."

Jiang stopped asking: "What is the bottle? There is no possibility that someone will make a raw head in it?"

Yan Yan, who is close to one meter tall, curled up on the half of the bed and struggled a little. He bent a leg on the river and stopped him in his arms. He said, "If it is a raw aconite. If you go to the narrow mouth of the rice wine bottle, it is very difficult, not only difficult to hide quickly, but also easy to leave dregs around the glass bottle, which becomes evidence for future investigation. So I prefer to start the person. Into the Criminal Investigation Detachment Office, I replaced the original bottle with a bottle of medicinal liquor that was brewed with raw aconite. Anyway, I couldn’t distinguish it from the outside."

He said that he had twisted two black-eyed swords and rubbed his chin in one hand and made a sound of scum:

"If this can be checked, it will definitely come out. But the problem is that the city surveillance camera only looks at corridors, stairs, and conversation rooms. The office of the business detachment with confidential nature belongs to the black light, not necessarily in the scope of monitoring... ..."

"Hey," Jiang stopped suddenly and took a breath.

"what happened to you?"

Jiang stopped thinking too much, didn't pay attention to over-the-top, and the place where the forehead was injured was squatting on the chin, and he couldn't speak for a while. Yan Yan saw immediately propped up the upper body, opened his hair to reveal gauze, and there were two small claws in his heart.

The child is catching the sorrow and grief. A stack of voices asks: "Is it still hurting? Call the nurse to see it? Will it stay?"

Jiang stopped impatiently: "You don't move."

Yan Yan only wore a short-sleeved t-shirt, and bowed his head on the gauze. The hot body was uneasily attached to him: "Our family police will break this time, how to do it..."

Then he probably pondered for a while, and I didn’t know what it was suddenly awakened. The tone brought subtle satisfaction: "...the phase is broken, and the phase is also good."

Jiang stopped talking without a word, thinking that he was a normal person, and sure enough, he could not comprehend the inner world of the Golden Horse Shadow Emperor of the public security system.

Yan Yan asked: "Can you marry me if you are broken?"

"..." Jiang stopped asking: "How do you hate marriage so much?"

The two of them looked up and looked at each other for a long while, and the night in the ward was quiet and silent. After a short while, Yan Yan finally couldn’t help but smile. The laughter was dull and pleasant in the chest: "I said you don't understand."

Jiang stopped: "...""In the animal world, two males often experience very cruel battles and strangles in order to compete for females. Sometimes they even end up with death and death. This is the instinct of nature development and biological evolution inscribed in the bones. Of course, we humans are relatively advanced primates. In addition to homosexual assassinations, they tend to pay more attention to the object of being contested, in order to win the final victory of the object of the competition."

Yan Yan’s upper body was low, and he almost stopped the river under him. He sneered at him: “So if you don’t win the approval, even if you kill your competitors, you can’t be a victory. This is our modern society. The difference to the highest law..."

Jiang stopped to lift the hand that was not infusion, and smiled and covered his eyes.

Yan Yan forced his hand down: "Are you listening to me? What do you think?"

"You guy is just..."

"What do you think? Marry not marry?"

Jiang stopped laughing and didn't say anything.

"Marrying not married? Um? Talking?"

Jiang stopped trying to squint his eyes and ignored it. The hand was severely pressed, and the two struggled to shake the bed and screamed. The voice heard people screaming and heartbeat. After a long period of trouble, Jiang stopped to do nothing, and gave up: "... marry, if I am a woman, I will marry you!"

Yan Yan does not care, and groping down: "Would it be?"

"Let go!"

"If it is not a woman?"

Jiang stopped simply can't help, and he could only say: "It's not that women can only marry me, is this OK?"

Yan Yan immediately agreed, for fear of his remorse: "Okay, I am married!"

The river stopped and did not hold back, smiled and said: "Go to the old man."

Yan Yan was a little unwilling to do what he wanted to do. He was forced to push it from the body. He could only regretfully curling up two long legs, lying on the side of the bed, and confusingly whispering in his mouth: "The dowry is going to be How much do you give me?

Jiang stopped and lifted his foot and politely licked him. "Hey."

"If you haven't passed the door, you will start a domestic violence. How?"

"The Jiangyang County attacked the police scene, the 92-handed hand | What happened to the bullet fired?"

Strictly muscles are stiff, and after a few seconds, they slowly relax, gnashing their teeth and squeezing out a few words: "I know that the rebellious revolution must be Ma Xiang!"

Jiang stopped cold and cold: "If Ma Xiang's two tricks can beat me, he can go to the Public Security University to give lectures. What is going on?"

Yan Yan couldn’t help himself. He could only get the information he got from the Lu Bureau, including the criminal suspect who was suspected of being a gunman. He was magically dead on the national road. At present, the bullet can’t find the match gun and so on, and he turned over and touched the bedside. Go to your mobile phone and open the photo album in front of the river stop: "This is the bullet, hehe. Fortunately, the bullet is stuck in the back seat of the big car, it is also a god in the dark."

Jiang stopped a few eyes, suddenly sat up and took the phone.


The voice just slammed, and the river stopped to turn on the light, and the eyebrows locked a deep fine line.Strictly aware of the difference, involuntarily sitting up, I saw Jiang staring at a picture in the album, looking at his gaze, I saw the picture is very clear, is the metal lettering at the bottom of the shell and the silver bottom cup.

The tone of Yan Yan has changed a bit: "What happened to the river?"

"..." Jiang stopped his eyes flashing, not knowing what to observe. After a full half of the smoke, he returned the phone to Yan Yan, Shen Sheng: "I am going to Gongju..."

Yan Yan's temple immediately jumped.

"It is to say that it is to sweep the tomb. In fact, it is to prove that I have some speculations about the new fentanyl compound in the case of Hu Weisheng's drug production. If you have the impression, we found this package of drugs from Hu Weisheng's rooftop. I was robbed by Ajie. I came to you after coming back from Gongju, because I succeeded in confirming these speculations, so I want to tell you the whole clue."

Jiang stopped to lick his nose, and his cool side face reflected the desk lamp. It seemed to be thinking about language.

Less than a few times, he pointed his finger at the phone in his arms, Shen Sheng said: "I have seen this bullet."

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