Chapter 97 Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Chapter 97

Late at night, hospital. (free full novel

In the emergency room, the lights were bright, the river stopped and the whole body was semi-wet. The pale side face and the bed were in a color. Sitting in a chair and licking his head, the nurse took the scorpion and pinched the broken glass sputum in the forehead.

The corridor was filled with hurried footsteps. Ma Xiang took two interns and plunged into the brightly lit emergency room: "Lu consultant!"

The nurse shook hands and just wanted to swear. He was stopped by the river and politely stopped. He immediately turned to Ma Xiang: "How about Yan Yan?"

"Severe arrhythmia, lower blood pressure, vagus nerves. The doctor said that it was fortunate that it was delivered in time and was out of danger!"

Ma Xiang’s expression is an uncontrollable excitement. He thought that Jiang’s stop would also show excitement. Who knows that Lu’s face that he wouldn’t make expressions is still faint, just ask: “Is it poisoned?”

"Yes, it is some kind of alkaloid, and it will come out after the test results! Mom, I have already reported to the bureau, and all the blood samples and stomach contents are archived. This time must be..."

The river stopped nodding and the back gently leaned back into the chair, signaling the nurse to continue.

Under the incandescent lamp, the black eyelids of the river stopped slightly closed, and the shadows of the dragonfly were covered on both sides of the nose. His white shirt untied three buckles, and the clavicle, the back shoulders, the elbows and even the legs had different degrees of injuries. The hands were cut and flesh and blood, and the palms were spread on the armrests of the chairs.

The nurse carefully took out the glass fragments from his forehead, and probably had a guilty conscience. He couldn’t help but say: "When you hurt, you will scream twice, or will I still give you some anesthetics?"

“No,” Jiang said. “Come on.”

His tone is normal, and it seems that he really doesn't think this is a big deal. Looking at the face that is always moving like a day, Ma Xiang suspects that even if the nurse is going to sew the needle and the needle is put into the flesh, he will not feel that it hurts.

I can't see the land consultant who is quite a man... Ma Xiang secretly stunned and waved to the intern policeman: "You both go out first and stay at the door of the emergency room. If there is any situation, please call me immediately."

The two little policemen went out.

Ma Xiang randomly picked up a chair and did not play with his mobile phone. He sat upright and waited there. The nurse finally cleaned the wounds stopped by Jiang, wrapped the medicine well, and wiped the blood on his cheeks with a disinfectant towel. After he stepped back, he said: "You should pay attention to the water in the past few days and take anti-inflammatory drugs on time. I will bring the t results to you later!"

Jiang stopped his eyes and closed his eyes.

The little nurse stared at his face, his ears a little red, and turned and went out.

Ma Xiang just didn't want to talk too much in front of the outsiders, until she stared at the little nurse and left, and there were only two of them left in the emergency room. I asked with concern: "You are really okay? Lu consultant?"

Jiang stopped swaying his hand and gestured not to blame this: "What is the matter of Yan Yan?""I am awkward! It must have been poisoned, but it is determined by what method and when the poison is still waiting for the test results." Ma Xiang’s nose was full of anger and said: Already have been beaten with atropine and booster medicine. Now I am closely watching it in the emergency room. The doctor said that if you don't have respiratory depression or heart failure for a few hours, then you will have no problem, and at most, you will take another shot of atropine tonight."

He thought of something again, moved the chair under the ass closer, and sincerely slammed his hand: "Lu consultant, this is really a loss to you. If the police car rushed out of the guardrail, it is not known in this rainy day. Ghosts, even if we drive through the police car, we may not be able to find it. And there is a nurse outside, saying that if you send it for half an hour later, even if it is a big Luo Jinxian, it will be difficult to save..."

"Not at all," Jiang stopped interrupting Ma Xiang's teeth. "When I was on the ambulance, I looked at the heartbeat, which was better than the crash."

Ma Xiang did not know, so nodded, added a sentence: "In short, you are amazing!"

The river stopped silent and there was a smile in the eyes.

"Yan brother told us before, money, this thing, don't look at it often hurts, but when it's really something, it can save lives. Just take it today, if you don't drive a big modified version of Yange g, that collision will definitely be reimbursed on the spot. More than four million for two lives, it is still very important..."

The door of the emergency room was knocked and the internship police officer who had just been sent to the operating room was headed: "Marco!"

Ma Xiang instantly started the spring under the ass: "What happened?!"

"No, no, no, I will tell you, Gao Ge called and said that the people in the city bureau are already on the road, and will arrive soon!"

Ma Xiang, who was over-tightened, sighed and sent the intern police.

After being beaten by the intern policeman, Ma Xiang did not think so hard, and pinched his chin and pondered: "Hey, you said, who hates us to go to this point?"

The river stopped to look dark and there was no buzz.

"If it is poisoned by food, I am here with Yan Ge all day. At noon, we are eating in the police canteen, which is enough to rule out the possibility of poisoning. But if it is night, I will remember He took two pieces of bread from the city bureau before he left, not sure if he stopped to buy food in the middle..."



"I have been following him, no."

Ma Xiang frowned: "Is that bread?"

"Alkaloids are nitrogen-containing alkaline organic compounds, most of which are found in plants, that is, earth medicines or Chinese herbs. Like morphine, coffee, morphine, solanine, or scopolamine in Feng Yuguang's poisoning case some time ago, Are relatively common toxic alkaloids, but also in daily life

The part that is easier to reach. ”

Jiang stopped probably a bit cold, talking with a hoarse nasal sound, but did not prevent him from narrating the calmness of the tone. Ma Xiang unconsciously listened to God and asked: "Can you not touch these things when you are strict? If you say morphine poisoning, the whole city can only get morphine. There is only a forensic room. You can't say that you are a gangster. ......""Strictly, I took a call with me before coming out of the city bureau, then went to the high-speed and high-speed, and then passed the winding road until the poisonous car crashed. It took about three hours. The morphine hair would not be so slow, it should be something else."

Ma Xiang couldn't help but nod his head and touched his chin. He suddenly stopped listening to Jiang and asked: "Yes, why are you going to Jiangyang County overnight?"

“Hey? You don’t know?”

Jiang stopped obviously didn't want to explain too much. "I have had some unpleasantness with you, and I was arguing on the phone when I crashed..."

"Oh--" Ma Xiang is smart and considerate, and immediately feels that he is: "You don't think that Yan brother is going to the field to find a small net to open the house? Oh, no, this is really not. You go back to your home ......It’s not good to run away from home for three days. You shouldn’t make you angry when you are in the sky. You can buy it whenever you come back, no matter what bags of jewelry you want...”


Ma Xiang’s letter of Ma Yu’s character is definitely related to Yan Yu’s school. He was stopped by the river and stopped. He said, “Where are you going to say where I have gone? Actually, this is the case. When we first reviewed Li Yuxin, in Jiangyang On the county road, there was an assault on the police. Fan Wu’s group fired a gun at the river. Afterwards, we extracted a 9-inch Lug bomb from the scene.

Jiang stopped and looked up.

"Now, I can't determine the source of the guns involved in the case. I only basically determined that it is a police gun from other provinces. The gunmen and Fan Wu are not the same person. We went to Jiangyang this night to investigate this matter, but I can't I will reveal too much to you. Would you wait for Yan Brother to wake up and ask him again?"

Perhaps because of the reflective wall of the ward, Jiang’s face was pale and even a bit transparent, and even the last trace of blood on his lips disappeared:

"Is there a gunman on the scene that day?"

Ma Xiang nodded.

"...Is the bullet hit hard?"

"You can know this?!" Ma Xiang was really shocked.

Jiang stopped the chest slightly ups and downs, his cheeks were all white like ice, and the fingertips holding the armrests shook unobtrusively.

It turned out to be...

The new clues to the so-called serial kidnapping case in the Lv Bureau mouth, after returning from the city bureau, sternly paradoxical paranoia, wrapped in anger and rude marriage proposal, and earlier, the night of the birthday party was a strange night--

All kinds of irrationalities have been explained in a logical way, because Yan has long been a target.

The most terrible guess of Jiang Shu was finally confirmed at this moment!

"Lu consultant," Ma Xiang finally found out that it was not right, immediately before his body: "You are all right, Lu consultant?"

"I didn't..." Jiang stopped the breath in his throat and couldn't breathe. When he was squatting, his chest was tight and he coughed up on the spot!

His body is really bad. The series of accidents of car poisoning tonight have caused anger and accumulation in the heart. A cough can't stop moving. In the end, the throat is bleeding. The mouth is full of cockroaches. The taste of sweet rust.Ma Xiang was so scared that his face changed. He thought that he had crashed and found out until now that he even rushed out and rushed out to call the doctor. The doctor hurriedly rushed to see it, and immediately gave a shot of calming things. After a few hours, the river stopped slowly and slowly eased, leaning against the back of the chair, and even the black eye was covered with cold sweat.

From the results of t, in addition to some soft tissue contusions, there is no sign of blood pneumothorax and organ damage. However, when the doctor saw Jiang stop, he knew that this person was a high-risk group. He did not dare to let the public security personnel have an accident in the hospital. He immediately asked the nurse to vacate a ward and prepare to take him to the hospital for observation.

"Lu consultant, I still help you to rest?" Ma Xiang carefully bowed his waist, as if to wait for an expensive Gaoling flower, blowing his breath may blow him off the shelf: "Wait for tomorrow morning Yan brother wake up You go to see him again... No, I think the situation between you and the two is estimated to be that he recovers first, then come and visit you non-stop, how?"

Jiang stopped his brain with a saw-like pain, glared at his own eyebrows, waved his hand to prevent Ma Xiangfu, and got up and walked out of the emergency room.

It was already late at night, and Jiang stopped wearing a dry white bath towel outside the shirt. When he passed the corridor, he looked up at the emergency room door. The red light on the door representing the rescue has been extinguished, which means that Yan Yan is out of danger and is in the observation period.

Ma Xiang casually said: "You don't worry about the land consultant, Yan Ge will not have anything. I think he has been in good luck since he met you, and the wife has found it. The correction is also mentioned, and several big cases are connected. I am lucky to escape, and today’s dangerous situation can be-"

"Ma Xiang."


Jiang stopped seemingly hesitated for a few seconds before he slowly said: "After the arrival of the Jianning City Bureau, there is something I need you to help. In fact, you may have guessed, but I don't know if Yan Yan has any specificity. Tell you about the situation..."

"I am not very convenient to talk directly to the people in your city bureau. It is best not to let people discover my existence. I just informed Yang Mei when I was on the winding road. She is on the way, if there is any When people ask, you said that the person who opened g65 is her." Jiang stopped to set footsteps. In the bright hospital corridor, his pupils were as deep as the same pool of deep water. The calm tone made people suddenly swell on the spine.


"You have a ghost inside the Jianning City Bureau."

Ma Xiang’s pupils shrank instantly!

"Hey, police officer comrade?"

Ma Xiang slammed a chill, and couldn’t say anything. He turned back and saw the doctor wearing a white robe with a file and a big step from the office: "Oh, the police officer, looking for you, the nurse said you went to the inpatient department." - The poison test report came out, hey, here."

Ma Xiang’s thoughts were chaotic, and his eyes were a little bit stunned. He followed the report and turned over two pages. He only saw the professional term: “So our strict team is...”"The vagus nerve is very excited. After the festival, the fiber releases a lot of acetylcholine, which makes the excitability of the ectopic rhythm in the myocardium increase, which leads to various arrhythmia. Fortunately, the intake is very small, so it can quickly get out of danger." The doctor paused. Explain: "Specifically, it is the consumption of a poisonous aconite | alkali."

The air was quiet for a moment.

Then Ma Xiang and Jiang stopped the sound at the same time:

"Aconite | Alkali? Where can I get it -"

" a medicinal wine."

Ma Xiang: "Ah?"

Ma Xiang was stunned by the cold force on his arm. He subconsciously snorted and saw Jiang stop his fingers and pinched his arm. I didn’t expect that the consultants who seemed to be weak in Wenxiu’s strength were so big, each syllable had a northerly wind. Whistling Mori:

"Shenwutou wine can only be applied externally. Once imported, it is more poisonous than cyanide|potassium. Is it possible to drink the medicinal liquor of the city bureau before Yan Yan?


Ma Xiang took the phone and dialed a phone call:

"Hey, Gao Ge? Immediately let people lock the half bottle of medicinal liquor in our detachment cabinet, let the technology detect the fingerprint now, fast!"


Jianning City Bureau.

In the middle of the night, Huang Xing, who was temporarily called to the bureau, couldn’t see the slightest fatigue. He took a few technical investigations and hurried out of the elevator. The pace between the steps was unstoppable and chilling. The night shift police did not know what happened. They were surprised to see the people quickly passing through the corridor and went straight to the door of the criminal investigation detachment.

The duty policeman hurriedly got up: "Gao Ge? Director Huang?"

Gao Panqing's face was blue and green, and even the words were too late to say, go straight to the cabinet in the big office and directly "dang!", opened the physical evidence gloves and moved out of the medicine box, opened it in front of all the technical investigations.

The atmosphere of the next second solidified.

"What about medicinal wine?" Gao Yingqing's voice changed directly, almost smashed.

On-duty Interpol: "Gao Ge..."

"Would you like this bottle of medicinal wine?! Come on! Check the monitor! Dare to steal the physical evidence from the criminal investigation detachment, and now I will contact the Information Security Department! Tell me about Lu and Wei!"

"Pharmaceutical medicine - medicinal wine?" The policeman on duty was scared by this battle: "Just just next door Qin Ge came and borrowed, don't be angry with Gao Ge, what happened? I will go to you. Want to come back?"

If the air is just solidified, the expressions of Gao Panqing and Huang Xing are like the spurs of the air, and they are about to explode.

"...who borrowed?"

Gao Panqing’s voice is unusually calm and soft, but the little policeman almost did not scare the urine. He did not understand the clear title of “Qing Ge next door”, why everyone at this moment did not understand:

"Qin Ge, Qin Ge of the anti-drug detachment next door - Qinchuan. What happened to the end?"

Gao Panqing and Huang Xing looked at each other and the two men turned around and rushed out!

The author has something to say:Only the processed Chuanwu and Caowu can be taken orally. The poisonous sputum in the raw aconite is soluble in ethanol and can only be used for external application. If it is taken orally, it will cause ventricular fibrillation or even death.

Therefore, the use of Chinese herbal medicines must be cautious, you must follow the doctor's advice, especially you can not drink the unidentified self-pharmaceutical wine ~

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