Chapter 96 Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Chapter 96

At the gate of the Jianning City Bureau, Yan Yan rushed down the steps, and the black jacket hem rose in the rain with his footsteps. Free full novel (

"Where are you going?" Ma Xiang chased after him and asked aloud: "Would you like me? Hey, Yan Ge!"

Yan Yan drilled into the police car door, and the head did not swing back and waved his hand to indicate that it was not needed. The foot stepped on the throttle and rushed out.

"It has been identified that the squall line, the bottom fire and the striker marks on this 9mm Lug bomb can be determined to be launched by the 92-type military police gun, but the province's public security system has not found a matching squall line record. Explain two possibilities. The first one is a military gun, but the ordnance data is never disclosed to the outside world, and naturally it cannot be found. Second, it is not from the provincial public security system, that is, it may be the provincial public security. The policeman lost the police."

"For the first possibility, Lao Wei has already asked his old classmates in the army to check it out. At present, the possibility is very small. As for the second case, we have already reported to the Ministry of Public Security and prepared to go from all over the country. In the database of lost guns, a unified screening and inspection is carried out."

The headlights of the police car penetrate the rain and fog, and the wiper repeatedly draws two arcs.

The voice of the Lu Bureau in the office of the director of the party was still echoing in the ear, and the black-browed brow was locked, and the police car drove through the water.

“The road monitoring around the police scene in Jiangyang County has been screened several times. No trace of the gunman was found. There is no clue to the trial of Fan Wu and others. But Wei Wei adjusted the homemade cameras of the surrounding businesses. When it came out, after a massive amount of interviews and visits, it finally locked in a suspicious man who rushed into and out of the scene at the time of the incident. He was also a former criminal who had robbed, stolen, and sold a package.

“Is it arrested?” Yan Yan asked immediately.

Lv Bureau nodded, and the small ones slowly shook.

"You are this..."

"The suspect is dead."

Yan Yan face transient: "Dead?"

Lu Bureau breathed a sigh of relief.

"National Road 734, traffic accidents escaped, has been used by the traffic police squadron as an unknown body frozen in the local funeral home." Lu Bureau paused, low down: "until the local police station found the corpse at noon today, we got this news, also missed The best time to investigate... To calculate the death date of the suspect 'traffic accident', it should be just about the eleventh day after you are shot."


The phone placed on the passenger seat suddenly sounded, and the ringing tone interrupted the stern thoughts.


"I told you that the cross-jurisdictional investigation should be approved by the provincial government. Do not act without authorization. How did the pony say that you have scraped out the city with a tornado?" Wei’s deputy bureau was simply suffocated by this uneasy rabbit. "Where are you, don't panic! Lao Lu has sent investigators and forensic doctors to assist you. You should stop to have a meal, they will arrive soon!"

"When are you, what kind of food are you still eating? I just brought out two breads from the city bureau." Yan Yan drove the car and impatiently blinked the sign above the road: "I am going to Jiangyang now." Go to the county, go to the high speed five minutes later, let the forensic doctors follow the back of my car, and join the funeral home of Jiangyang County."Wei's deputy bureau is going to be habitually arguing about the importance of eating and eating healthily. The words suddenly became furious: "Who will meet with your funeral parlour? Don't talk without talking! The hairy boy doesn't know the weight, when the criminal police need it most. The mouth color, how many times have you told me not to fight all day?"

On the other side of the phone, there was a hint of a painful explanation from Lu’s headache: "Old Wei, you, your liver fire is not so big..."

Yan Yan could not help but laugh, and said that the old man was quite superstitious and hung up the call.

Who knows it is also evil, his mobile phone just returned to the vice seat, suddenly rang again, this time is Jiang stop.

Strictly handed a hand, the expression seems to have undergone subtle changes, but still picked up: "Hey?"

"where are you?"

Yan Shuguang flashed, and then casually sneered: "Oh, it’s strange. In just a few hours, I was able to get two calls from the captain of the Jiang dynasty. Is this a jackpot?"

From the background sound of the call, the Jiang stop should be a deep breath.

"Where are you? Why not go home?"

Although it is impossible to know, but out of guilty, Yan Yan still subconsciously swept the rear view mirror and side view mirror. At this time, the weather was late, the rain was getting bigger and bigger, and the visibility around it was very low. The highway entrance car came and went, and no familiar shadows were found before or after.

"I? You care where I am. If you are not married, don't worry about what men do after work. What's the matter, I know that I am going home today, didn't I go to find your surname Yang?"

Jiang Shu obviously will not respond to this question that is both provocative and meaningless. His voice on the phone is slightly aggravated: "You are driving. Where are you going?"

- Yan Yan suddenly heard the meaning of Jiang Shu from this: he wants to go home from KTV tonight.

At the entrance of the expressway, the black-blue police suv marked "Jianning Public Security" flew down and broke the gray rain. A small silver g65 trailing police car is on the high speed, and the taillights are red in the night.

Yan Yan took one hand at the bottom of the steering wheel and indulged for a moment, saying: "Run away with Ma Xiang."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"Don't make fun of you. Before the shift, the branch office suddenly reported a case. It should be a big burglary. Old Wei told me to go to the scene before going home. Maybe I would go to the branch office to open a meeting with the Interpol Brigade. Now near the Fuyang District Office, you may have to go tonight, you should go home first."

Yan’s deputy detachment really did not despise the name of his first Oscar-winning Oscar, and it’s easy to say a few words.

Peace and nature, completely inaudible. When he paused, he suddenly remembered what he was like. He said: "If I find out that you are not honestly waiting for you after returning to Jianning, and sneak out and talk to Yang Mei, you will be careful... ,Hey?"

Jiang Jun’s face was expressionless, staring at the taillights of the police car in front of the highway. Suddenly, the accelerator pedaled down.


G65 is like a head performance monster, lightning-like screaming, and instantly reveals the dark cover!

"Hey?" Yan Yan suddenly felt wrong, lost his mobile phone and looked outside.In the dark rain, a familiar silver phantom breaks through the thick fog, and the police car is on the left side of the police car. The street lamp outlines the iconic Founder model and the biturb logo in the rain screen.

Immediately after the window was lowered, the driver's seat showed a clear and cold side face.

Yan Yan: "..."

The two cars are flying on the highway at exactly the same speed, like a small boat breaking through the dark night. Yan Yan is like a ghost-like sneak peek at the river through the window. It may be a relationship of surprise and anger. Suddenly the temple is hurting with a pumping ground: "How are you here?"

In the outside of the mobile phone, the voice of the river stopped indifference: "Why don't you tell me that you are going to Jiangyang County?"

"I..." Yan Yan said.

"What happened in Jiangyang County, was there a new clue in the case of the last Fan Wu gang attacking the police? Yan Yan! If you have something around you, you must tell me!"

Jiang stopped the calm voice of the scent of the rare anger, and he couldn’t come up with a sigh of relief. Suddenly he felt an abnormal chest tightness, and the weird liver fire involuntarily hit the back of the head: "Why do I tell you?!"

"You didn't realize the seriousness of this incident..."

"Do you tell me anything?! How much have you concealed from me?! Why is it that I am here, I will tell you everything, who are you?"

The high-speed car was fast. At this time, they had already opened Jianning City. The two cars rushed to the Panshan Highway at the same time. The road surface reflected by the street lights was like countless curved pythons.

No, Yan Yan’s brain is groggy, and suddenly a touch of cold touches the brain.

This feeling is wrong.

"I came to see you just want to tell you something, but now it doesn't make sense..."

The sound of Jiang Su’s stop came out of the mobile phone, but I don’t know why it’s so close and far away. It sounds like it’s not clear across the sea:

"Your safety is very important to me. If there is a new situation in the case of Jiangyang County, or something happens around you, you must tell me in the first time..."

Yan Yan hurriedly gasped, feeling black in front of his eyes, and his heart trembled in the chest. All the blood was pressed to the end of the limbs by the disordered heartbeat, so that the hands and feet were numb and the air could not breathe. All the scenes were twisted into mottled color blocks after the galloping windshield.

What's wrong with me? he thinks.

This situation is wrong, to brake, fast brakes -

But his feet couldn't move like a lead, and the throttle was pushed down a little. His hands quickly turned blue and purple, and even if he tried his best, he could only slowly slide down the steering wheel.

"Jiang stopped..." Yan Yan used all his strength, but only sent out a breath of mosquitoes:

"...Jiang stopped..."

The last and strongest thought before losing consciousness is that you are far away from me, I have to crash -

Yan Yan closed his eyes and his hands slipped completely from the steering wheel. At that moment, the police car was out of control, whistling to the overpass guardrail!

Jiang stopped talking and shouted: "Strictly!"

Rainy road slippery, the police car that lost control could not grasp the ground, and rushed to the left side with a spin!Yan Yan’s right side is on the side of the road, and the left lane is the g65 that the river stops, and the left is the guardrail that separates the slope. Although the guardrail seems to be very strong, but the speed of the police car before the loss of control has reached an astonishing one hundred and three, a huge collision is enough to make the body over the fence, one into the valley!

Rainstorms, highways, rolling bodies, whirlwinds and tragic impacts... All the similar details are like bloody big nets, sweeping through every corner of the field of vision, all without entering the river to stop the boring pupil.

Yes, he has experienced it.

The car accident that caused him to stun for three years, the nightmare that never disappeared, and the projection of fear that appeared in the depths of his mind from time to time...

In the interim, the toe of the river has touched the brake pedal. As long as it is stepped on, the g65's outstanding braking performance will immediately stop the whole body, and he will stay in a safe place, watching the police car roaring from the front to the abyss.

- Just step on the brakes.

The next second, Jiang stopped almost closed eyes, one foot throttle decided to the end!


In the original place, only the g65 residual image was left. In a flash, it has already rushed to the left side of the police car. It is like a steel beast heading out of the gate. It is hard to squeeze into the corner of the police car and the guardrail.

The police suv has completely lost control. Under the terrible inertia, it hurried to the left and flew near the valley; the g65 went hand in hand with it, carrying the powerful off-road body to push the police car to the top of the mountain wall, and the river stopped at the violent bump. In the middle of the steering wheel, the back of the hand and the arm burst out of the blue veins!

Stinging - stabbing -

The two sides of the car rubbed on the side and burst into a spark. At this moment, "Hey!" A g65 giant earthquake, Jiang stopped the steering wheel and almost took off his hand, and the sight was gone, when all the pores were up and down.


The police car has pushed the g65 to the edge of the mountain road, and the black lacquered valley behind the guardrail is next to the wheel.

The metal of the guardrail can not withstand the heavy pressure of the two cars. At the same time of rapid deformation, the left side mirror of the g65 is squeezed into a powder!

After a lapse of three years, the shadow of the broken bones once again came to the top of the river, and he even heard the slang of death in his own ears. But just as he was in the midst of this millennium, his heart was calm and calm as never before.

Don't be afraid of strictness, you won't fall.

I can't let you fall -

Jiang stopped the hand brake, hit the steering wheel, with the double strangling of the left side guardrail and the right side police car. One inch and one inch pushed the heavy body to the road, and the two tires rubbed the tip of the tearing eardrum. At the same time, the door of g65 wiped out the electric sparks of the monks at the same time. In the snow, the speed of the instrument panel climbed up, one hundred and three, one hundred and five, one hundred and six, one hundred and nine...

The speed of life and death caused the g65 to explode with a greater thrust. The police car was hard-pressed to the road by one minute, and finally moved away from the guardrail and rushed to the mountain wall!


Jiang stopped only to have this word.

Even the performance monster g65, can not help the end of the river to stop the knife-like driving, and finally in the moment the police car pounced on the road, completely out of control.The silver steel body squirmed in the rain, and the rear wheel raised the fan-shaped sand and gravel, which shot in all directions in the rain. The front of the car that completely lost its grip snarled and slammed into the rock, and the side windows shattered into countless pieces, pouring over the cab!

- Hey! !

The final impact sound seemed to be far away from the sky, and it seemed to penetrate the eardrum and directly blown into the brain.

After a long time, Jiang stopped feeling the whole body and lost the concept of time. Everything in front of his eyes has become a ghost. He only feels that the nasal cavity is hot, and the mouth and throat are filled with sticky and warm liquid.



He felt the eyelids were heavy and there was an invisible force that slammed him into the gentle abyss. There was no blackness and no fear, no sadness or nostalgia, and only one of them was alone in the deep sea.

- What about Yan Yan? He thought confusedly.

If I am gone, where will Yan Yan go?

In the dark cab, Jiang stopped his fingers and swallowed his throat, squirting his mouth full of blood!

"Cough, cough, cough, cough and cough -"

Jiang stopped violently coughing, did not know where the strength, shivered and opened the door.

G65 is not the name of the mountain road overlord, but the general off-road vehicle may now be twisted into a twist. The front bumper is deformed, the door is recessed into a large pit, and the windshield is broken. Half of the windshield is also the case. Jiang stopped this kind of weak constitution in the violent impact, and luckily returned a life.

Jiang stopped dragging himself off the car. When he first touched the ground, his body became soft and he couldn't help but squatted down. His hands subconsciously squatted on the ground.

He couldn’t feel the pain, and he only felt the palms moist and hot, but he didn’t react. It was the blood cut from the debris of the window glass.


The river stopped to stand up and slammed into the police car with heavy rain.

Yan Yan’s natural fortune was fully revealed at the moment. The police car that was spinning at high speed hit the mountain wall, and the rear half of the car was twisted into steel scrap. The first half was magically intact. Jiang stopped using force to open the deformed door, grabbed the stern arm and rubbed it on his shoulder, and gnawed him from the airbag to the ground, patted his cold face: "Severely swearing... coughing and coughing! !"

no respond.

Yan Yan's face was blue and purple, and his breathing was weak. Jiang stopped time to wipe the blood foam from his mouth. He sneaked on the ground and explored his breath. He pressed the pulse on the carotid artery and chilled his back.

Severe heart rhythm is seriously dysfunctional, and you can feel the obvious flickering and slowing when you touch your hand. This will cause ventricular fibrillation!

How is this going? !


In the torrential rain, the picture suddenly came to the sound, and when the river stopped to scream, it was a mobile phone!

"Hey, Yan Ge?"

Ma Xiang sat in the back seat of the police car, and while talking on the headset, he quickly hurriedly beat his hand and yelled at the big door: "I have a few internships with the dog brother and rushed to the high speed. Where have you been? Place to eat dinner by the way -"

"It's me, Lu Chengjiang."“Yu Lu consultant?” Ma Xiang was both unexpected and happy: “I heard Yan Ge say that your husband and wife’s life is not with the quarrel, that...”

"There was an accident, and the car crashed into the middle of the Panshan Highway."

Ma Xiang was caught off guard, and the phone slammed on the ground: "What?!"

In the sound of the rain, the river stopped to tremble, and although it could calm down, the voice was hoarse like blood in every mouth:

"I immediately contacted the nearest hospital and ambulance. We were trapped in the rain. The serious situation may have been poisoned."

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