Chapter 95 Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Chapter 95

Summer heat has not faded, and the autumn rain will come down. (Free of all the novels, the rain line is suddenly big and small, the patter is repeated, the eaves are under the sidewalk, the sidewalk is full of shovel mixed with the exhaust of the car, and there is always a salty, moist, scent in the air, let People are upset.

"I said how did your brain turn around and not bend?"

Yan Yan held the black umbrella and squatted on the roof. The tailored trouser legs were drenched with dirty water, and dropped into the shoes, but his expression was full of detached Buddhahood and peace.

The young man stood on the outside of the building guardrail and was crumbling. His face was covered with tears and rain. "You advised me, I am not alive! I am going to die for the woman with watery Yanghua, let her know what is lost and regret it. The money man will one day marry her! He married her!!"

The people watching the crowd downstairs are bustling. "There is no way to jump," "There is no jumping in the end." The firefighters had already rushed to the scene to set up the ladder and air cushion, and there were three or four special police officers in the corner of the floor. Each expression was dignified and stared nervously.

"I said you don't delay the time, come down to the little brother." Yan Yan sighed the one hundred and eight breaths, sorrowful: "You see me as a division leader, every day dealing with drug trafficking, smuggling, serial murder, I’m here for a whole two hours of nonsense with you. Isn’t it being shackled by a woman? Which man hasn’t been smashed? How can everyone get rid of it and stand up, and you’ll be alone, you’re not giving it. To shame our male compatriots?"

There were two tears in the earphones inside and outside, and the special police team leader Kang Shuqiang was pulled by several players: "I am urging you with a strict name! You can't talk without speaking." !"

The young man slammed the iron railings and clanged: "Nonsense! Only the poor ** silk that I have no money and no power will be smashed! Those rich people will open a luxury car, beautiful women, this society will control us ** Silk's life and death?!"

"This is a bad saying." Yan Yan listened to Kang Shuqiang's roar in the earphones, and shook his forefinger. He calmly asked: "Little brother, do you know why I am here today?" ”

Young man: "...?"

"Because my surname is strict, it is the strictness of Jianning Yuze Investment Group. The property under your feet is developed by my family. As long as you jump here, the whole house’s haunted house will not be sold, you know my How much is the loss?"

Young man: "..............."

Kang Shuqiang did not struggle, and grimaced to the ground and squinted at his face: "If I were him, I would push down the surname and die together..."

"Do you think that you will not be defamed like me? Innocent. You can still pour two bottles of yellow soup when you are smashed, and a few friends sing k. When you drink too much, you will cry and scream at the roof, and immediately recruit one. Pile 110, 119 upstairs and downstairs guarding you. And me? I was both cheated and deceived, paid the true heart to the end of the money. I am like you crying and want to jump Yet?"

"You, you deceive!" The boy's face was full of doubts."I lied to you, you have come to see how many calls I have given him over the past two days." Yan Yan touched the phone and smiled and shook: "The money is not mentioned, I drank my whole six. The number of teas is like a watering. The problem is that he still sleeps white. How can I count for so long? If I am a woman, I should even have a child. The result is a marriage, 嘿I sneaked faster than the rabbit! I also pretend that he is a singleist. I said that when he lights up on the bed, why not mention his single? Do you dare to regard his singleism or the situation, just look at me. Is it good at night?"

Young man: "..."

Kang Shuqiang: "..."

Not far away, special police: "..."

"If I am twenty years old like you, I will have nothing to do when I wipe my tears. Whoever hasn’t encountered a few slags when I was young. But the little brothers, I see more than 30 of them, others like me. With such a big early embrace of the child, even if I want to go forward with a knife and a knife, how can I find one more at this age? And I can’t let him go."

Sternly on the ground, sighed with sighs and sighs, and the people who were sad were crying.

"Big brother, you... Big Brother, don't do this." The young man seems to have a feeling of mutual sympathy: "The woman lied to you, you should find another one! Desperate to marry her!"

"I can't stop, don't want to swear." Yan Yanqing really wiped the corners of his eyes and smoked his dry nose: "It used to be difficult for the sea, except Wushan is not a cloud. I don't have a drink for the weak water." Sorry. My dad used to be a language teacher. In short, it means this. Although he refused my proposal, and he turned around and ran out of the self-driving tour with the opposite sex, everyone watched me grow green and green. The grass is going to develop into the Hulunbuir Prairie...but as long as he is willing to come back, I still have to wait."

The young man trembled: "Big brother..."

"I don't know what to do. I haven't slept in the past three days. As long as I close my eyes, it is all his shadow. In this way, I have to go to work during the day, run the scene, interrogate the prisoners, sort the files, and nothing. I would like to persuade you to be a woman who has been smashed by a woman to jump off the building. Do you think that I don't want to jump, ah? Do you know that I also want to jump over a hundred, and let the person who is still in the same sex with me and me regret it?"

"Big brother, you are jealous..."

Yan Yan seems to finally make up his mind, throwing the umbrella, and Huo Ran got up and picked up his sleeves and walked toward the guardrail: "Forget it, it doesn't mean anything to live anyway. Just go to Huangquan Road and be a companion, come on."

The young man was shocked: "哎

Yeah, don't come over, what are you doing? ! ”

"When a fart policeman, even his wife can't run with people, I will dance with you!"

"No, no, wait!"

"The green hat is already worn out anyway. I don't think it's necessary to live. I will jump first and follow you!"

"Big Brother, Big Brother, you should talk well, don't be excited! What are you doing for Big Brother!!"Strictly grasping the guardrail, it is necessary to turn over. The young man forgot to commit suicide in anxious situation. He grabbed his hand and grabbed it. The electric light stone was severely smashed and slammed through the guardrail. The impact caused the two to fall at the roof of the building at the same time.


Kang Shuqiang took the lead and the special policemen flocked out. Someone pressed the hand and pressed the foot. In three seconds, the young man who was going to be alive was slammed on the ground!

"Reports, reports, the people in the Pinghu community have been successfully rescued, and the people in the Pinghu community have been successfully rescued..."

There was a noisy walkie-talking machine, and a loud cheer broke out upstairs and downstairs.

after an hour.

“What, Lu consultants are not willing to develop long-term relationships with you?”

When the police car turned, a large splash of water splashed, and the elbow was placed on the side of the co-driver's window. He rubbed his little bit of scum on his chin and frowned. "You can pause the last five words of the syllables." After sex, not before, it sounds weird..."

Ma Xiang drove the car and his mouth grew into a round shape. After a long time, he said: "I am also a special police brigade legend. Yan's deputy detachment has been deceived and lost money and **' is a smear that you smashed you. ""

The speed of the rainy days was not fast, the road was crowded, and it was only after the city board was opened that it was smooth. On the placket, the wet hair is shackled and it looks more and more unruly.

"No, how can I sleep and don't recognize it." Ma Xiang frowned and said, obviously this is beyond his acceptance: "Since I have slept, I have to accept it. Lu Xun teaches us that everything is not based on marriage." The interactions are all rogues - now? Lu consultants still ignore you?"

"I ran with Yang Mei the night before, and I didn't return the night before yesterday. I just drove back to Jianning with Yang Mei yesterday morning. v? Hey!"

Ma Xiang is also deeply troubled: "This is not easy to do. Strict brother. If the Lu consultant is derailed, the target is a man, and the big brothers will scare the adulterer into the bureau and make sure that he will roll." However, Yang Boss is a woman. The limited number of female police officers in our bureau have no fighting power. Like Han Xiaomei’s little girl, she just wears a skirt with Yang’s boss. They both have a lipstick. Can share..."

The gate of the city bureau slowly opened, and the police car drove in and splashed a splash of water. The cold moisture is drilled into the bones of the human bones, so that the place where the abdomen has been penetrated by bullets is faintly painful. It should not be a good relationship.

This is also very normal, after all, the abdominal cavity has opened the front and rear of the two holes, even in the strong year of such a strong and strong, at least half a year, in order to raise the blood.

The car parked under the steps, and Yan Yan did not support the umbrella. He directly pulled the door and jumped down, and he couldn’t help but scream.

"What's the matter," Ma Xiang turned from the driver's seat, and saw that he was squatting on the lower back. He was happy when he was on the road: "Shou Yan brother, this waist, too much fire at night? Listen to me." People don’t want to be like a wolf in the middle ages. No wonder people’s consultants have to leave home. It’s definitely not forced by you...”"You know a fart," Yan said. "You Lu consultants love my strong ** love to die, this is the suicide of the suicide just fell to the ground and hit me!"

Ma Xiang’s expression of “Oh, sullen and sullen”, throwing the car keys up and down, went upstairs with Yan Yan.

Recently, there was no big case like Jianning evil door. The robbery and extortion, murder and drug trafficking, etc. reported by several key sub-bureaus were not even linked to the gun. The number of deaths was no more than three, and it was not possible for the city bureau to personally host it. Level.

Therefore, there was no overtime work during this time. Everyone came at 9 o'clock in the morning and went at 5 o'clock in the evening. The criminal investigation detachment was filled with the leisurely atmosphere of tension.

"Hey old, what is your waist?"

Yan Yan licked his shoulders and passed his shoulders through the tea room, suddenly stopped by a familiar voice. He stood still and turned his head. Qin Chuan was burning blisters of instant coffee and raised his chin to his face, with a faint exhaustion on his face.

"Hey, I said, how do everyone care about my waist so much?" Yan Yan took a breath and inserted his waist and asked: "To be honest, everyone brothers, how long have you been tempted by me?" ”

Qin Chuan snorted, and backhand knocked the glass window after knocking on the body: "Which side is cool, where are you going to go, I just watched you from the downstairs and walked up to ask. How, being cheated Deception also lie to the kidney?"

It’s a good thing not to go out, bad things pass thousands of miles, and this is the case that the deputy detachment of the next squad is deceived and the cuckold is wearing the green hat.

"You are getting out of the way, I will know if you have a kidney deficiency." Yan Yan was so angry that he laughed: "What is your taste?"

"What is the taste?"

"Is this you...the trough, are you drinking?"

Qin Chuan smelled at his cuffs and suddenly realized "oh": "No, I have a little rheumatism in the rain these days. Just now the team helped me to wipe some medicinal liquor, let alone use it." - Are you also wiping?"

Yan Yan and Fang Zhenghong did not agree, even if there was a heart that went to the anti-drug detachment, I heard that the name of the party team was too lazy to pass, and waved at random and said: "Forget it, there is also a medical kit on the criminal investigation side. You Don’t think about my old body, I’m young and handsome.

The **ha. ”

"German!" Qin Chuan took the coffee out of the tea room and smiled behind him.

The habit of using medicated wine was brought to the criminal investigation detachment. Sometimes, the action of the nine cold winters came back. The whole person was completely frozen. Drinking two medicated wines to warm the stomach and warm the stomach can greatly reduce fever, headache, brain heat and The chance of rheumatism.

Yan Yan returned to the large office of the criminal investigation detachment. There was still half an hour left from work. There was nothing left to do. Then he took out the medicine box from the cabinet and took out the medicinal liquor used last year to pour a small cup. He took a drink first. The rest went to the office of the deputy detachment and smeared the mirror on the lower back.

"hiss……"It may be silly and arrogant, and the young man who wants to commit suicide seems to be dry. The weight of the mammoth from the guardrail is quite heavy. On the spot, he is hit by the sky and lying on the brick floor. A big piece of purple red, seeing a green and red streak of blood.

If Jiang stops at home, he will be able to help him with a hot towel - Yan Yan suddenly has such a thought.

He would squat on the bed, watching the river stop carefully adjusting the hot water, soaked in a towel, and folded into a square piece on his lower back. Then Jiang stopped the hands to overlap and massaged. Although he was not very strong, he was very serious. After a while, he was tired. Maybe he would lie on the big bed next to him and talk to him with his head...

Yan Yan unconsciously stopped the action and looked at the mobile phone on the table.

Three days.

In the past three days, the dialogue between them was very few. On the night when Jiang and Yang Mei left Jianning, Yan Yan took the initiative to send a message: Where are you?

Jiang stopped the reply with only two words: sweeping the grave.

Whose tomb? When are you coming back?

Early tomorrow.

The next day, Yan Yan sent out to monitor the ktv of the night palace. It turned out that there was a man and a woman who met the characteristics and drove the white Lexus car to the ktv downstairs. The woman’s face was fine, the man’s look was extremely tired, face There was some pale illness on the faint, and the two were not intimate. They entered the door of KTV one after the other and did not come out again.

After learning the news, I didn’t wait for half a second, and immediately sent a WeChat: Come back?

No one knows that when he hits the three words of calm, even his thumb trembles slightly. The whole heart is like being turned over and over on the fire. Then he sees the state of the river at the top of the dialog box. Become "input".

How will he return to me? What did he do?

Did he miss me like I thought of him?

Yan Yan stared at the "input". If the eyes had temperature, the mobile phone screen was estimated to have melted two holes.

However, after a few moments, the input state disappeared out of thin air. Yan Yan’s face had not yet had a discoloration. After a few seconds, he entered it again and then disappeared.

Jiang stopped never responded to him.

--why do not you answer me? What the hell are you taking me?

Yan Yan, more than 30 years ago, has passed the age of young and irrational. But even if he can hold his breath again, when a man is left out by his lover, he is somewhat uncontrollable.

This breath was hard to support him for another day. On the third day when Jiang stopped, the autumn rain outside the window was miserable. There were no people in the office. He finally couldn’t control his hand and picked up his mobile phone. I was struggling to take a smudged purple midfielder in front of the mirror, and I was about to click and send it. Suddenly, the mobile phone had no warning.

Caller: Jiang stopped.

Yan Yan immediately reached out to the green answering button, and he stopped. He said that when I asked you, you would not return to me. You must call me immediately when you call.

嗡嗡嗡——嗡嗡嗡——The cell phone is still ringing, emitting faint fluorescence, and in the dimly lit office, it reflects the stern and green face. After a few seconds, Yan Yan took a deep breath. In the end, he still slammed the 16-year-old high school boy’s first love, and pressed it back. Hearing: "Hey?"

"Come out for dinner?"


Outside the main gate of the Jianning City Bureau, across the bustling streets, the big rushing g65 stops under the shade of the sidewalk, the river stops wearing a baseball cap and a mask, and a long, white-handed hand rests on the handbrake, through one side. The window looks out at the world of pattering outside:

"There is something to discuss with you."

In the car Bluetooth, the noise is rustling, only to listen to Yan Yan asked: "What?"

"It doesn't matter if you say marriage, but it matters."

"Why didn't you send me a message yesterday?"

The river stopped, and his dark pupil was reflected in the rearview mirror.

"Ask your words?" Yan Yan's tail sounds slightly high, calm and pressured with pressure. "Where did you go with Yang Mei? Why didn't you come back to me yesterday?"

In the office of the deputy detachment, suddenly the door was knocked twice, and then opened. A familiar voice raised the question: "Who are you talking to, who cares about you?"

Yan Yan turned back.

Wei deputy bureau.

"I led the leadership, I didn't tell you." Yan Yan did not panic, steadily greeted Wei Wei's gaze, and at the same time impatiently repudiated to the mobile phone: "What to eat, not to eat. You and the surname Yang’s affair is clear first, everyone is an adult, what kind of ghost is it? Why are you wearing my green hat so well?! - I will not say it, I still have a job. Go back and contact, ah."

Wei’s deputy bureau still had some tickles to interrogate, and that’s how older people feel about their future generations.

The normal guidance of love life**. However, Yan Yan’s suggestion that the gun was with a stick was blocked by his eagerly eloquent confession. He couldn’t dare to ask, and he saw the sternness of the phone with some anger, and he tentatively “squatted”. Sound: "Quaring?"

"..." Yan Yan waved his hand, as if he was restraining irritability, and smiled reluctantly: "Is the Wei Bureau looking for me?"

Is this falling in love? Which girl did you find? This year's little comrades are in love, why don't they exchange ideas and talk about things with the organization?

Wei deputy bureau sighed and sighed twice, saying: "Lao Lu has been looking up and down for you for a long time, and I haven’t personally notified you. There is a matter of concern. It’s about Jiangyang County. You hurry. Come over with me."

It is another "important thing."

There was no abnormality on the surface of Yan Yan, but the sensitive nerve endings jumped slightly and seemed to suddenly feel vaguely.

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