Chapter 94 Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Chapter 94

Jiang stopped standing in the same place without saying a word. I don’t know how long it took, but it took a long time to live like a lifetime. (free full novel

"You still have to close it first, Yan Yan." He finally whispered, his eyes were low and he couldn't see the slightest emotion: "The things that parents leave you are very expensive, don't give them to others easily."

Jiang stopped putting the empty teacup on the coffee table, turned and wanted to go, and then Yan Hao hurried up and screwed his hand: "Why?"

"We have already said it..."

"No, that is what you think unilaterally. I never thought that we were only physically connected."

"The promises related to lifelong events are not as easy as you can decide. You didn't even think about it..."

"If I didn't think clearly, I haven't known how many small model actors have been casually packed in the past few years. I am rushing to chase after you, are you guilty?!"

The river stopped frowning and there was no buzz.

"..." Yan Yan said hard and hard, "I don't mean that."

The atmosphere was tough and tight, and the river stopped looking for a moment and suddenly asked: "Are you in danger?"

The keenness of Jiang’s stop in logical thinking is simply overwhelming, and the back muscles are stiff and momentary, and then he denies: “No.”

However, Jiang’s eyebrows were not relaxed: “Listen to Yan Yan, this is not a joke. Today, Lu called you to the city bureau because...”

"Are you afraid that I will not agree to drag me down? Do you ever think about it? We are actually a spouse relationship now. Whether you are willing to take this form or not, it seems that there is nothing in the eyes of outsiders. different?!"

Yan Hao’s anger was so shocking that he repeated in the living room, and even the air that had solidified into ice was shuddering for a long time.

The semi-晌江 stopped and sighed softly and shook his head: "No, it is different... I can't explain it to you."

If you listen carefully, he said everything very reluctantly. It seems that the hidden meaning in the words makes him feel a little embarrassed in his heart, but the anger makes Yan Yan ignore this point: "Where is it different? I advise you not to be better." I think that it is a river stop. Some things are different once they happen. Do you think that it is useful to deny it? When you have been in the police for so many years, you don’t know what you want, if you don’t know, unless you are doing it!!”

The maintenance of this person in Jiang Shu is that even if the situation is difficult and embarrassing, on the surface, the emotions can be restrained very well, until the violent anger of the wild winds vents, then quietly said: "It is my fault."

"Jiang stopped you!"

Jiang stopped numb, his lips moved, and he seemed to want to say something, but the strength was exhausted and he couldn’t say a word. He laughed for a long time:

"it is my fault."

He circumvented the strictness of standing upright, and his footsteps were still controlled very smoothly. He stepped into the guest bedroom and went back to the door.That is the first time they have been sleeping in the room for three weeks. It may be because they wake up in the middle of the night and touch the hand of the river. It is certain that he has become a habit in this matter until he is not completely asleep in the early morning. In the daytime, he did a lot of eccentric dreams. Most of them didn't have specific pictures or colors, but some negative emotions that were usually suppressed deep inside were infinitely magnified, and even gave birth to violent tentacles, which led him to enter deeper layers. When you sleep, you will immediately wake up and sweat.

At five in the morning, Yan Yan almost used his willpower to make himself from a dark nightmare. He suddenly sat up and gasped for a moment and rolled out of bed.

The mirror reflected his handsome and hard face, his hair was awkwardly messy, and there was already a little bit of scum on his chin. Strictly picky and not very satisfied to look at himself, take a deep breath, the inner silence for ten seconds before completely out, finally felt that the fire-like anxious was returned to the bottom of my heart.

"Jiang stopped?"

Yan Yan knocked on the door, and there was no echo in the guest's bedroom. He pressed his temper and said: "Jiang stopped? Open the door and talk about it."

Yan's deputy detachment is mature and temperament is not cultivated from childhood. When he was 18 years old, he was in front of the police school. It was a master who had to fight for three days without seeing blood. Thanks to the graduation of the police school and the work, over the past decade or so, the people's democratic dictatorship and the criminals have cooperated closely with each other, giving him all kinds of severe crackdowns and repression. By the time he was in his thirties, Yan Yan had cultivated as if he had lived and changed. Personally, no one but himself can remember how aggressive and rude he was.

“Jiang stopped?” Yan Yan finally felt a little wrong: “Are you inside?”

A slamming slammed into the door, when the temple suddenly jumped, I saw the guest lying on the bed being neatly tidy and empty. I didn’t know when the river stopped and left.


The main bedroom door was hit back on the wall and bounced back. In an instant, Yan Yan had already stepped in and stepped in. The phone that was charging on the bedside table was unplugged and a number was dialed directly.

The bell rang just after the third sound was picked up, and the opposite side of the river came to the iconic calm voice: "Hey."

"Where are you?!" Yan Yan headed his face.

"..." There was a ticking sound from the mobile phone driving the turn signal. After a few stops, Jiang said: "Yang Mei is next to me."

When the words just landed, Yan Yan did not even hit a single, and turned directly to change clothes and shoes to catch the car keys, it is necessary to go out to chase.

"You don't come over, I don't see it when I come." Jiang stopped as a steady warning with a thousand eyes: "Calm down, strict, we are all adults, we must carefully consider a few days before making a major decision." You and I need to give each other a little space to think about what happened during this time.

Otherwise, if you rush to act in a hurry, if you regret it, there is no room for change. ”

Strictly handle the door handle: "How many days do you need?"


“How many days do you need to promise me?!”"..." The mobile phone can only hear the noise when the vehicle is driving. After more than ten seconds, just when Yan Yan is trying to restrain a fire, suddenly he only listens to the river and calmly said: "May be considered one. Week."

There was no sarcasm or helplessness in his tone, as if he had been very cautious.

Yan Yan quickly released the hand of the door and shredded it. After a while, he gave a cold sneer from the nose: "Yes. I will wait for you for a week."

Then he cut off the phone.


The car galloped on the road in the early morning, and Yang Mei looked obliquely at the side of her body. I saw Jiang’s faceless expression, holding the steering wheel in one hand, and the other hand throwing the phone that ended the call into the sundries. At that moment, she seemed to see his little finger shivering slightly.

- But this is impossible, is it wrong?

This thought was just born from Yang Mei's heart. Suddenly, Jiang stopped to restrain himself and suddenly bite the molars. He stepped on the brakes!

Oops - rubber tires and the asphalt floor violently rubbed, sharply tearing the eardrum, Yang Mei can not prevent leaning forward, followed by the inertial slap in the co-pilot, lost the channel: "Jiang Ge!"

Jiang stopped looking forward, the shoulders under the shirt, the lumbar spine tightened like a rock, and a few words in the lips without bloody words spit out a few words: "Sorry."

It was too early, and there weren't many cars on the interprovincial highway. Yang Mei looked around and frightened and asked: "Jiang Ge, you... Didn't you sleep last night, would you like to change me?"

Jiang stopped raising his hand and wiped his face and said, "Let's open it." Then he pushed the door and walked out of the car.

After a short while, the vehicle broke through the smog in the morning, and Yang Mei, who put on the flat shoes, couldn’t help but continue to look at the co-pilot: "If you want to rest, Jiang Ge, look at your face, last night was Didn't you sleep all night?"

When she said this, her tone was a bit sour. Jiang stopped her upper body and leaned deeply in the passenger seat. His face was really pale, and she shook her head unexpectedly. "I am just in a bad mood."

Like Jiang, this kind of emotionally restrained person, outsiders may not be able to hear him confess that he is in a bad mood. Yang Mei even gnawed his teeth and could not restrain the sour taste of the tongue. "Is it because the surname is strict?"

Jiang stopped not answering this question directly, but asked: "What kind of person are you in your eyes?"

Yang Mei didn't expect him to suddenly come up with such a problem. He stayed in a hurry and almost missed a turn. He hurriedly turned the lights and changed his way. "Jiang Ge, you said this... In my eyes, of course you know everything. It’s omnipotent, and the surname is strict all day, and the other is fierce, and the two eyes are hanging up like a scorpion. How can you compare with you?”

The river stopped."Really," Yang Mei was afraid that he would not believe it. The tone was extraordinarily serious: "Do you remember the time when I saw me for the first time? Maybe you are not impressed, but I have always kept it in my heart. I have never forgotten it for so many years. That was the eighth day I was arrested by them in the branch. Everyone testified that I used the bottle to smash the head of Zhao, and the monitoring of the box was so 'smart' that the bad was broken. I Cried and told all the police that I really didn’t know anything, but they only put a face of an official’s face and told me to be confessed. I told you to be honest and don’t fight with the rich, otherwise give me some Look at the color... until I finally couldn’t hold it, I suddenly heard people say that a big captain came back from a business trip and went directly to my crime scene. I couldn’t believe it at the time, I thought it was what they wanted. The new tricks that come out - how can there be a team leader-level character who runs the site for me?"

Jiang stopped to be very patient and listened to her old mention: "I ran two hundred scenes a year when I was in the brigade. What do you think?"

"For you, it may be only the most inconspicuous and insignificant one-hundredth of a percent. For me, it is something that I can’t forget for twenty years. For example, I remember that you are carrying the physical evidence bag, which contains A piece of wine bottle that is not much bigger than mung beans, said to the people surnamed Zhao: 'If things happen in this world, they will inevitably leave traces and clues; you can’t lie if you spend more money. Become evidence, because I am the evidence."

Jiang stopped knowing what he was thinking, and his expression was slightly embarrassing.

"That was the first time I saw you. It may have been influenced by your temperament in any difficult problem or any dilemma." Yang Mei turned his back and looked at him with a smile: "The tone and demeanor when you said this, I have always remembered it today, maybe I like you since then."

The trees on both sides of the road swiftly swept back, and the river stopped closing his eyes. After that, he suddenly asked:

"Then, you know that the first time I met the fierce, stern-like sternness, what is it?"

Yang Mei’s face floated slightly confused.

"Gongzhou and Jianning jointly handled the big drug case five years ago. I was in charge of the command. The preliminary investigation and preparation work lasted for two months. On the day of the official arrest, I sat in the command car. Three communication radio stations are scrambling to monitor the real-time situation, and suddenly heard an emergency report from the action scene, saying that a target drug dealer has got the wind, and is now carrying weapons and quickly going to the trading place to prepare for ventilation."

"The police finally managed to touch the place of the transaction. If the drug dealers get the news, the whole arrest will be a loss. So far, there is no other way, I am preparing to forcibly fire at the risk of failure, but

Suddenly, I heard people say that a small criminal police officer from the Jianning City Bureau had acted without authorization. The drug dealer who followed the report rushed out of the ambush point and has now lost contact. ”"I was cold sweat and I couldn't figure out what the little criminal police wanted to do. Should I send someone to stop him immediately? But the police will definitely be exposed. But if you don't move, if he is dead. What should I do? One person who is single-handed, can't shoot in order to prevent exposure, how can he have been killed by a self-made grenade?"

Yang Mei involuntarily forgot the resentment against Yan Yan for a moment, and did not hesitate to say: "With my understanding of Jiang Ge, you should immediately send someone to stop him."

"If it is now I will." Jiang stopped faintly. "But I was quite young five years ago. I said to myself, give him a minute of glorious merits... or a glorious sacrifice."

Yang Mei provoked a brow.

"That is probably the most intense and tormenting 60-second mental struggle in my life. In the 61st second, there was a report from the sniper on the channel, and the little policeman who followed the drug dealer ran out. His face was full of blood, and while he rushed, he madly gestured to the observation point. He used a empty bottle on the side of the road to hit the drug dealer and occipital depression. He died of craniocerebral bleeding on the spot."

Jiang stopped the talent of telling stories, and his tone of speech was always smooth. However, from the few words, Yang Mei’s eyes showed the fierceness of the year, the fierceness of the blood, and the solemnity of doing things without reckless consequences.

"Because the drug dealer failed to successfully ventilate the letter, the cofferdam finally proceeded as planned and won a clean and beautiful victory. After the operation, I went to the outside of the car and talked to the superior. I suddenly felt something and turned around. The police helped a young criminal policeman to come out from the scene, surrounded by mess, and there were people in front of the law enforcement recorder; the young criminal policeman was covered in mud and blood, could not tell whether it was a drug dealer or his own, The heavy suffocation and suffocation came out of every pore in the whole body, and the sharp madness could not be seen directly. But when he passed the command car, he looked up and looked intently."

"I hung up the phone and asked the person on the side who he was. They told me that he was Yan Yan."

The sky gradually lit up, and the endless wilderness followed the wind and turned into a gray plain.

"I didn't know how, I thought about it many times. The day the policeman called Yan Yan looked at the command car. Do you want to find me? Want to show off the high-profile revelation of young people, or are you eagerly looking forward to the praise of the superiors?"

Jiang stopped lazily and smiled a little self-deprecatingly: "I am not good at praising others. If I didn't leave the command car that day, I might just give him a silence. But I don't know why, I saw Yan Yan for the first time. The scene was so clearly printed in my mind, including the blood flowing down from his forehead, the provocative expression, and even the eagerness of the attack, all the time, full of aggressive eyes. Maybe you were the first time that year. Seeing what it feels like to me, what is the feeling of seeing Yan Yan for the first time."

"...Jiang Ge..." Yang Mei's nose is a bit sour."So you asked me if I was in a bad mood because of Yan Yan." Jiang stopped his gaze, and his window smiled at his sad smile. "No, it is because of myself."

The white Lexus car drove through the expressway, and the front of the fog was deep. The "Gongju 24k" hung high in the air to outline the blurred green shadow.

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