Chapter 93 Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Chapter 93

The next morning, seven o'clock. (free full novel

Jianning City Public Security Bureau.


The curtains were not opened in the office of the director. The skylight was dim and the table lamp that was not extinguished overnight was still lit, reflecting the two transparent documents cards that were thrown on the table.

Strictly long-wearing wearing a light blue standard shirt, three supervised badges, dark blue police trousers and leather shoes, rarely have a serious temperament, reach out and pick up the two physical evidence bags frowning.

It was a slightly rusty shell and a twisted bullet.

"Can you recognize it?" Lu said with his hand behind his desk and asked slowly.

In an instant, Yan’s heart plundered countless thoughts, just as the computer pu instantly filtered a large amount of data. The final picture was fixed in the late night of Jiangyang County’s subordinate villages a few months ago. Fan Wu and other desperados are about to come to a critical juncture. Resolutely deducted the index finger of the trigger.

"...can't recognize it," Yan Yan looked up at Lu and calmly spit out four words.

The space where the desk lamp can reflect is limited. When the Lu Bureau stood up, the upper body was almost shrouded in the darkness. The eyes on the round face were exceptionally bright, and it was set in the depths of the hole: "Let you even Can't recognize it? Then I remind you of a location, Jiangyang County - is there an impression?"

Yan Yan put down the physical evidence bag and seemed to apologize and laughed: "I don't really know what to say. I really can't understand you. I might have been in the police school in the past, the theoretical knowledge of firearm bullets for two years. I have already returned to the teacher, it is..."

"I thought that even if only one person in the world could recognize this bullet, this person would be you." Lu broke him and finally laughed happily and restored the appearance of Maitreya. Sixty-nine consecutive kidnappings of Anzhong, you went to Jiangyang County to review Li Yuxin, and when you came back on the road, you met Fan Wu’s group of people who were armed with guns. You, Xiao Zhang and Li Yuxin both shot. Afterwards, Lao Wei personally brought Huang Xing to the scene. In the investigation, this 9mm Ruger shell was one of the physical evidence brought back at that time. It was also the eighth shell in the scene. The only one of the bottom fire and the striker was completely different from the other shells."

Yan Yan’s expression has changed slightly.

"The warhead was found by the police station of Jiangyang County police station from the bottom of the river after the police car was taken from the bottom of the river. The preliminary ballistic analysis showed that the warhead entered the water after hitting the target, just drilling into the broken window, stuck in In the back seat - if it didn't get inside the car, maybe the police couldn't salvage the warhead from the mud at the bottom of the river for a lifetime, but because of this coincidence, it could be discovered by us, and it can be considered that Skynet is restored and sparse. Leaked."

"...Does the characteristics of this warhead?" Yan Yan asked cautiously.

"There are two places." Lu Bureau paused and said: "First, it has a squall line."

膛 line?

The manufacture of professional barrels requires high-end equipment controlled by the state. Therefore, whether or not the warhead has a twist line is one of the key criteria for distinguishing between a wooden gun and a standard gun. The bullets and bullets used by Fan Zhengyuan and Fan Wu were not smashed, but now the bullet in the physical evidence bag has a rifling. What does this mean?—— There was a standard hand gun at the scene that day. It was even possible, it was a military police gun!

"Second," Lu Bureau stared at Yan Yan, slowly said: "This warhead has detected your blood."

Yan Yan's eardrum banged, and it took a few seconds to get messy, sitting still in the chair.

"After interrogating Fan Wu, the confession proved my guess. The bullets on the scene were not shot from their barrels. That is to say, in addition to Fan Wu and others who were hired by Wang Xingye to kill Li Yuxin. There is another batch -- or another gunman who has only fired one shot."

The office was silent, and it was not until the morning of work. The city council building was still shrouded in Ninglang.

The sound of Lu Bureau finally broke this dead silence:

"The goal of this gun is you."

Strictly grasping the hand of the physical evidence bag slowly loosened, leaning back on the back of the chair, and finally he was low and said: "I didn't notice it that day..."

"The criminal police work may have a lot of enemies, but the criminals who dare to retaliate against the leaders of the deputy provincial public security detachment, I have never seen a few police officers over the years. Of course, less does not mean that there is no existence, you Born well, suffocating, and usually acting very hard, what has been done to cause others to hate you is likely to die, is there any guess in my heart?"

Yan Yan has been silent for a long time and said: "I don't know."

When he said these four words, he didn't look over. Lu seems to see something from this subconscious micro-action. He narrowed his eyes and asked: "Is there really no clue?" Yan Yan, you are not the kind of person. There are countless people who hate people, and there are still few people in their hearts."

Yan Yan said repeatedly: "I don't know."

He didn't even change his tone.

Lu Lu nodded, and seemed to know that Yan Yu’s mouth would not say more than one word, and he would no longer ask this question: “Is there any abnormality in your life after returning from Jiangyang County, such as being peeped, Tracking, monitoring, etc?"

In the blink of an eye, the ghostly silver-colored modern Elantra emerged, but as soon as this thought came out, he was carefully pressed back and said, "This is nothing to discover for the time being."

The Lu Bureau was undecided, and he said, "You must be careful. If you can confirm that the bullet is from a certain type of gun, or even a police gun registered inside the public security system, then the situation will become Quite complicated - then, I have let Lao Huang compare the data of the squall line. Any military and police guns must have a squall line record.

Have you found out? ”

Yan Yan nodded, barely smiled, pointing to the two physical evidence bags: "Can I take a few photos?"

Lu Bureau signaled that he was free.

In fact, this is basically useless. The warhead has been distorted. The squall line and ballistic analysis are also done by means of an electron microscope. However, Yan Yan still touched the phone and took dozens of pictures, trying to enlarge every detail of the image. , carefully photographed clearly."This thing in Jiangyang County shooting, I will let them go through extensive platooning again, and try to find clues about the mysterious gunman on the scene. Before that, your personal safety is not 100% guaranteed. In my opinion, you still Come back to work from tomorrow." Lu Bureau took a sigh of relief with Yu Guang, suddenly sneered, slowly picking up the big tea pot: "I always have a feeling, the longer you stay at home, the more you come out The greater the disaster!"

When Yan Yan was at a glance, he was keenly aware of some kind of hints from the Lu Bureau. But when he looked up, he only saw that Lu had already had tea, and the big tea pot blocked the round face and couldn’t see any expression at all.

What did he really find?

Still my own guilty?

"Go," Lu put down the tea pot and waved his hand: "I will explain this to Lao Wei, you should not mention it to anyone!"

Yan Yu hesitated for a few seconds, got up and nodded, forcing himself to watch the Lu Bureau smoothly, then turned and walked out of the office.


"There is a twist on this 9mm Ruger warhead..."

"The goal of this gun is you."

"The longer you stay at home, the more trouble you will get!"


Yan Yan opened the mobile phone photo album, his eyes fixed, watching the warhead in the physical evidence bag that had penetrated his abdominal cavity.

The blood on the warhead can no longer be discerned by the naked eye. Only the twisted shape reveals a trace of flaws, and the heavy and cold component of brass can be felt through the screen. Yan Yan can't remember the pain of the bullet wearing and outdated. He didn't even find himself hit. Now he closes his eyes and recalls again. All the impressions that can come to mind are nothing more than two words: chaos. .

The river that had just died from the bottom of the river stopped, suffocating to the last moment of fresh air, exclaiming, screaming, gunshots, fear... all the chaotic details tangled together, forming bloody and grotesque Picture.

Where was the murderer hidden?

Who is his gunpoint pointing to, and is Jiang stop himself?

If this matter is placed three weeks ago, Yan Yan will not hesitate to think that the other party is likely to come from within the public security system, and the object of intent to remove or say that the killing is Jiang stopped, the entire murder is nothing more than three years. The continuation of the car accident on the former highway.

But since it was tracked late that night, Yan Yan suddenly realized another possibility of horror -

On the day when the Jiangyang County assault police case occurred, the bullet flew from the dark when he wet out of the water, but the muzzle was not aligned with the river as he imagined. On the contrary, just because Jiang stopped close to his arms, the killer had to shift his muzzle to avoid accidental injuries, which caused the bullets to fail to penetrate the original target on the spot – the heart of Yan.

The spades k don't want to kill the river. His goal is clear, and it is strict from beginning to end!

Yan Yan’s pupil was pressed into the line a little bit, and suddenly he only listened to him: “What are you looking at?”

Yan Yan’s thumb moved, and the mobile phone screen turned to the news of the current affairs while Jiang’s eyes stopped. “Oh, this.”Jianning City's housing prices surged in the middle of the year, suspected to be related to the real estate speculators in the field - Jiang stopped his eyes and looked at it for a while, did not say anything, it seems that he would look at this kind of news quite interesting.

Jiang stopped to drink Pu'er tea after dinner, but the first old Tongxing tea cake has been lightened by his ants in the past four months. It is exactly the same as Yan Yan’s estimate. He did not really want to remove the second cake immediately. Instead, he used a bag of ordinary Pu'er tea every day. According to Yan Yan, it should be bought from the tea line at the entrance of the community.

Yan Yan did not remind him, like the head can temporarily resist the temper of the beast waiting for the prey to slowly approach, waiting for the river to stop some days, and ran to secretly open the second cake wife tea.

"What did Lu Lu ask you to go to the city bureau today?" Jiang stopped sitting on the sofa and asked for a cup of tea.

Yes, I think seriously. If this is the old Tongxing, he will never speak so quickly after drinking the first bite. Instead, he will have a blink of an eye that he may not be able to notice. He will enjoy it secretly, like a cat. Delicious dried fish.

"Nothing, that is, to write a report on the suspect's step by step, and put it in the case file, and ask me to sign a word." Yan Yan seems to inadvertently put the phone back into the trouser pocket and move it on the sofa. Next to the river stopped to look at him.

Jiang stopped to have been bathed, his hair was black and soft, and there were traces of water on his side, like water immersing his skin. He held a steaming cup in his hands, his fingertips were slightly red, and he was a bit unnatural when he looked at his close-knit eyes. He leaned back slightly and said a little distance: "What do you see?"

Yan Yan suddenly hugged his hands holding the tea cup with his palm, so he stared at his face so tightly, saying: "I got a call from the hospital this afternoon, Shen Xiaoqi woke up."

Jiang stopped thinking that he suddenly came up with such a sentence, nothing happened, but there was a slight relief in the eyes: "Wake up?"

"Although I can't talk now, the brain scan shows that there should be no sequelae. If the follow-up treatment is correct, the normal intelligence and mobility will be restored soon. It should be able to go back within three months to six months.

go to school. ”

"That's good." Jiang stopped a sigh of relief and said: "Although this child is unfortunate, it is at least a misfortune in the misfortune."

"The accidents and misfortunes in life are many," Yan Yan looked at him.

- This sounds very weird. Especially when Yan Yan said this, his eyes fixedly locked the beautiful eyes of the river. It seemed that he had to look into the brain through the pupil, so that the river could not help but evade it. , slightly smile asked: "What the hell are you doing?"

"As we are also criminals, the daily work is dangerous and there are more accidents."


"What if I am unfortunate one day?"

"Strictly you are this..."

"If I am gone, I will miss you, will you miss me? Or have you forgotten me for a while?"

“Yan Yan!” Jiang stopped forcibly withdrawing his hand and struggling with hot tea on the sofa: “What is this disease you have!”Yan Yan is holding his hand and refuses to let it go. The strength is almost stubborn: "We are going to get married. If there is anything at least there is a marriage contract, you can register abroad after everything has subsided." We confess in front of our parents and family, at least give each other a proof that they have been better, at least in this world, someone knows that you and me are real..."

"You let me go!" Jiang stopped from the sofa and stood up, frowning: "Talk!"

Yan Yan set a sneak peek, clutching the blue veins of the hand stopped by Jiang. This force is almost rude, and Jiang wants to force his hands to break free, but all the tea in the rush has spilled out and sprinkled on the bare feet and carpet of the river: "Let go, you burn me! Strict!" ”

The living room was restored to a quiet state, and the stern and heavy gasps, the light of the eyes was like a beast, and in the silence, I stared at the river for a long while, and the muscles of my arms were stretched.


Jiang stopped his brow and looked back at him. I don't know how long it took. Yan Yan finally reluctantly restrained himself. In the gaze of each other, he loosened the iron-like hand and then turned his head straight into the master bedroom.

After a few seconds, I saw him walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, took out the ice from the refrigerator, and went back to the living room. He squatted on the carpet in front of the river and wiped it with a towel wrapped in ice. Red instep.

Jiang stopped not very accustomed to this gesture, and wanted to take back his feet and sit down. He was severely caught in his ankle when he was in action: "Don't move."


"do not move."

Jiang stopped standing stiffly, staring at the skin that had been burnt to him, releasing the towel, and taking a ring from the trouser pocket in this half-squatting position.

It was the platinum ring that was worn in Jiang’s stop three weeks ago.

"This is the right ring that my dad wore when I was married to my mom. When I was born, they changed a pair of commemorative rings. The wedding ring was left to me. Last year I was free to put these two rings. I used it to renovate and polish it. I thought that after three or five years, I might not have a chance to wear it. I didn’t expect you to meet you in a blink of an eye."

The night outside the window was deep, and under the bright light of the living room, the prime ring flashed with a gentle gleam after the years.

"Can you accept it, Jiang stopped?" Yan Yan maintained his knee-squatting posture and asked in a low voice.


"If you accept, I will make another one according to my own size. Right when we have an agreement to marry in the future, can you say that?"

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