Chapter 92 Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Chapter 92

At the entrance of the apartment's top floor, Ma Xiang stood in front of a very luxurious front door. He curiously went up and down and left and right. He just wanted to reach out and ring the bell. He suddenly remembered something. He quickly retracted his hand to touch the mobile phone and dialed the strict phone. Number. (free full novel

Ten seconds later, the door was opened and Yan Yan barely looked up in the upper body.

"I can die for you, swearing brother-"


Ma Xiang came to an abrupt end, and it was like being caught in a throat and stuffing a raw egg into his throat. I saw Yan Yan’s index finger standing in front of his lips, and then pointed to the direction of the bedroom. Severely said: “Lightly! Your land consultant is sleeping!”

Ma Xiang: ".................."

Ma Xiang, who was a cockroach, looked at Yan Yan and turned into the house. The "y~" full of brains wavy through the waves.

"Do you bring something?"

On the second floor of the duplex apartment, Yan Yan sat on the wicker chair on the terrace. In front of Ma Xiang, he put the can of Coke that had just been taken out of the refrigerator, and found the root smoke to ignite himself. He took a deep breath.

Ma Xiang untied his gun from the lower back and handed him the gun. "There are a total of five rounds of bullets, and my name is registered. You can spend a little time, and there is only one bullet here." I should take off my police uniform and leave."

"Nothing," Yan Yan took the gun and opened it. In the face of Ma Xiang, he counted five bullets. He smoked and said: "You are going to lose your job, and Yan brother will raise you and your paper man in the harem for a lifetime."

Ma Xiang was so moved that his nose was sour: "Yan brother..."

"Go and go, don't give it. Did you check out my grandson's license plate number last night?"

Ma Xiangxin said that you have officially come out of the cabinet and still dislike others. What is the reason? While muttering with dissatisfaction, he opened the paper bag and said, "It’s all here. 3, as expected, it’s a fake license. I transferred the traffic surveillance video on Workers’ Avenue to sharpen, but the driver who followed you. I did a certain degree of camouflage and didn't take a valuable facial image. Only that video couldn't find a more detailed clue."

This is not surprising. He looked at the surveillance image printed in the file bag and asked, "What about his escape route?"

“Monitoring time shows that just two minutes after the traffic police and the patrolman were dispatched, this Elantra suddenly changed into a high-tech park east of Workers Avenue. The road inside the park is complicated and incompletely monitored. I suspect he is very familiar with the terrain. Soon we will not be able to trace the escape route of this grandson."

The stern action stopped and stared at an image.

It was a monitor that was magnified several times and magnified several times. The angle was very clever and the driver's small half face was photographed. Because of the windshield, the face wearing the sunglasses mask was not clear, but after staring at the blurred face contour for more than half a minute, Yan Yan’s heart suddenly raised a hint of subtlety. .

Have I seen this person? He couldn't help but come up with such an idea.An important professional quality of Interpol is to observe people's faces. Like Yan Yan, who often deals with all kinds of suspects, the face blindness is something that does not exist. There are no thousands of faces stored in my mind. Many of the key points are in the escape of the criminals. I can recognize it at a glance.

But he stared at the driver on the image, but he was not sure if he was a suspicious ghost, or was really inexplicably familiar.

"This person is a bit anti-reconnaissance skill," Yan Yan frowned.

“Really.” Ma Xiang said with Coke: “But the tracking technology is not bad, and it was discovered by you.”

Yan Yan shook his head, and his heart said it may not be.

He was able to find this person last night, purely because of the temporary change of way to buy a piece of cake, if it is not because of chance, he is very difficult to notice the follower, after all, this color of the family car is too common too Start up.

In other words, he is not even sure how long he has been tracked.

"I said Yan Ge, although our police must have settled a lot of enemies, but the criminals’ revenge for revenge can hardly be heard. This grandson dares to drive the criminal investigation deputy in the broad daylight. The courage is obviously not small. Or do you still report this matter to the Wei deputy bureau, and you are prepared, at least there is a bottom in your heart, ah?"

Strictly silent for a moment, put away the hand | gun and file bag, shook his head: "You don't have to say."


Ma Xiang was a little instinctive in his doubts. Yan Yan looked at his eyes and pinched the cigarettes casually. He frowned: "Because you have a natural heart in your brother! When should I tell the old Wei that I have the final say? He first canceled the suspension of Laozi’s suspension review!"

"Oh--" Ma Xiang seems to understand something, whispered: "But you are not at home to be so sultry in the daytime..."

Yan Yan stood up and handed a chestnut to his younger brother.

"There is no way to tell the land consultant about this, lest he worry. The land consultant is already very tired at night. We try to let him rest during the day. Don't bother him if there is nothing to do, remember?"

Ma Xiang’s head instantly popped up a row of barrage, all brushed: y~!

Yan Yan smiled: "Remember, just go back to work!"

Ma Xiang couldn’t look directly at the spring of the room, especially when he saw Yan Yan’s back and pretended to unintentionally reveal two inconspicuous scratches on his back muscles. His first reaction was to look up at the sky. The lasagna tears, I feel that my 24k titanium alloy single dog eyes have to be flashed.

Yan Ge, are you still the swearing brother who said that Laozi would not be interested in men? Your straight man is just about to sneak out the powder, right?"Oh, in fact, I am not very concerned about the Lu Bureau. They let me stop the examination. Isn't your Lu consultant sticky?" Yan Yan sent Ma Xiang out of the door and sighed with a sigh: " You don't know, every time I have to go out to work, your land consultant can't be willing, tearful, pulling and having to kiss another one. We are the policeman who owes a small family, but fortunately I am now at home to accompany him. These two nights, your land consultant is too enthusiastic, so I will be tired. In fact, I really can’t blame me..."

".................." Ma Xiang finally made up his mind, looking around and no one, only to suppress the voice seriously: "Yan Ge."



Ma Xiang, an omnivorous party that loves both the sister and the loli, a pure-hearted teenager who indulges in the second yuan, a real estate developer who pays a lot of money every month, finally can’t help but ask himself the most concerned. The most amazing question.

Yan Yan stared at him with an indescribable look for a long time and finally asked: "You... still a virgin."

Ma Xiang’s eyes flickered and he nodded for a long time.

"" Yan Yan's life tutor patted his shoulder and said: "Young people can try it occasionally."

Ma Xiang blushed and twisted for a long time like a mosquito. "Try?"

Strictly nodded.

"But...but I haven’t had any contact with the land consultant. Wouldn't it be strange if there was no emotional foundation?"

Yan Yanguang changed his face and roared: "Roll!!"

Ma Xiang burst into laughter and hurriedly ran away.


"Has Ma Xiang just arrived?"

Yan Yan turned back to the bedroom, Jiang stopped to know when he was awake, was standing in the bathroom connected to the master bedroom, brushing his teeth, holding a hand on the sink, the sound of toothpaste foam is very hoarse.

Yan Yan listened to the voice and was a bit instinctively excited. He forced him to make a few pushes, until he was stopped by an elbow on the rib, and he screamed and couldn’t speak for a while. Gently squeezing out a sentence: "You are too black widow in the Jiang team..."

Jiang stopped living and glared at him: "How can I not know that you are so delicate, strict deputy team?"

Yan Yan was able to take the acting of the Emperor once again and was recognized. Finally satisfied, straight up and humbly said: "Well, let's talk."

"What is Ma Xiang doing?"

"Oh, there is nothing. I have a few old files. I want to study it at home during this time and ask him to send it to me."

Jiang stopped his head and finished his mouth. He rubbed his towel and wiped his mouth. He said, "Is it related to the delay on the road last night?"

Jiang stopped this person, as a criminal investigation expert, it was really very powerful. Yan Yan almost immediately noticed that his wording was "too late on the road" instead of "lasting in the city office last night", the subtle difference is not It goes without saying.

"It wasn't that I didn't find the material last night, so I asked him to send it this morning?" Yan Yan said with a smile. "Why, if you haven't officially obtained the certificate, you have to start checking your husband's post?"

Jiang stopped inexplicably and gave him a look, turned out of the bathroom, and went to drink his bottle of high-calcium milk that he would follow the doctor every morning.Yan Yan also wore loose pajama pants, his hands in his trouser pockets, and his shoulders leaned against the refrigerator door: "You said that you have slept two times, and don't hurry and think about how to get married soon. There is really no sense of urgency."

Jiang stopped looking up at the milk, the red lips were vaguely milky, and the eyes were looking up and down, it seemed a little funny.

"Fortunately, you met a man who is responsible for me. Although you are embarrassed to mention it, I will not do the kind of thing that I ran on. What time do we go to the certificate? The Civil Affairs Bureau does not care. Let's just make a card at home and do it."

Jiang stopped to finish the bottle of milk under the gaze of Yan Yan, and wiped his mouth and asked: "You hate to marry?"

"Why are you saying this for me? I don't think about it for you? You said that you don't even have a name. If I change my heart afterwards, I won't even score the family. I am pitiful."

Jiang stopped laughing and ignored him. He walked away from the bedroom, and Yan Yan stepped and followed him. "You will be guaranteed after you receive the certificate. The derailed child is counted as a bigamy. The income after marriage is also the joint property of the husband and wife." In the unlikely event that my husband is unfortunately glorious, you can still get a pension and save the time..."

When the words were not finished, suddenly Jiang stopped to stand back, Yan Yan almost did not hit him, I saw his eyes have sunk: "What are you talking about?"


The two looked at each other for a long while, squinting their eyes, and finally raised their hands with a sigh: "I am wrong, I am wrong..."

Jiang stopped his face and entered the bedroom. Yan Yan had not had time to follow up. He slammed the door panel and slammed it on his nose.

Yan Yan suspected that Jiang Shu was only borrowed from the topic, so he did not give up. From that time after eating the closed door, he would mention the words "Let's get the cards" once or twice every day. . From "Buy a big pigeon egg for your wedding" to "Write your name in the pre-marriage room", from "The future generation can have one with your surname" to "Good first child with your last name" "Okay," even the last "even as soon as I got married, I cook every day" was raised - as a straight male cancer that was born without going into the kitchen, Yan Yan deeply felt that he had given up the last Dignity.

But despite this, his status as a good gunner has not changed.

"What is wrong with marriage?

Good--" Yan Yan slouched in the shopping cart, and lengthened the tone complaining.

Jiang stopped wearing a smash-proof mask and stood in front of the supermarket refrigerator for a while. He picked up a can of yoghurt and put it in the shopping cart. He smiled and said: "I am a single."

Yan’s deputy detachment leader has reviewed the suspension of employment and became a marriage leave. After three weeks, except for the routine study of the old case file every night, other time spent on vacation, sleeping, sleeping and sleeping, even a previous holiday. I was not interested in the entertainment such as playing games and playing games.The captain of the river branch deeply felt that the low taste of sleep could not develop into a long-term hobby. First of all, young people should dedicate their remaining energy to the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, and secondly, his weak physical condition could not be accepted. Captain Jiang is a man who is very tactical in his work. After he made up his mind, he asked for dinner at home. He asked the two to cook in the kitchen. Finally, he cooked the frog warmly and developed the interest of Yan’s deputy captain in cooking.

"Don't take this box of eggs, take it from inside, the inside is fresh." Yan Yan pushed the shopping cart and directed: "Yes, the box inside."

Jiang stopped asking: "I still eat tomato scrambled eggs tonight?"

Yan Hao nodded in satisfaction, and after five seconds, he slammed into it: "What is good in singleism?"

Jiang stopped through the supermarket shelves and went to the fresh fruits and vegetables to buy tomatoes. He smiled and asked: "I am single, what does it have to do with you?"

"Of course, it’s related. You are dragging me this older man to be single with you. How can a person not think about it for others?"

"How old are you?"

"Uh huh," Yan Yan nodded.

Jiang stopped jokingly: "You didn't say that last night."

Yan Yan immediately retorted: "You were not so cold in bed last night!"

Jiang stopped being blocked and his ears were slightly warm, but his face was as usual.

"Well, I will go out and go to the next door, Lao Fengxiang to buy three gold, two or two dragon and phoenix bracelets to buy you three pairs, enough to be a deposit? Then add any necklace, earrings, rings, pendants, you say this expression I can be sincere enough..."

"Steamed fish to eat tonight?" Jiang stopped asking.

Yan Yan immediately: "steamed."

Jiang stopped picking the tail squid, and Yan Yan almost splashed a face with a fish tail, hurriedly avoided it, pushed the car to follow, and educated him bitterly: "Do not be so stubborn, I am actually doing it for you. Think about it. You said that both of you have slept so many times..."

"Isn't it a pure shot that you said yourself?" Jiang stopped his head and didn't call back. He didn't pay attention to the low volume.

Behind him, he fell into silence. After passing the meeting, he felt that it was wrong.

The next door selling shrimp aunt stared at them staringly, his eyes slowly staying on the flat chest of the river, and his face was full of people’s hearts. The young people of this year would really play and so on. .

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped: "..."

Jiang stopped responding, and he pulled through Yan Yan and hurryed away.


Jiang stopped his hand and pressed the forehead: "What's so funny?"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha --"

In the parking lot outside the supermarket, the shopping bag with big bags and small bags was severely stunned. Even after the car was closed, the cover could not be opened: "When my name is finished, you can only marry you. I want to marry you. If you don't want me, you can do it. One night, the couple will be a hundred days old. The opposite side of the gold shop crosses the road and turns right one hundred meters. Now it is not closed. Let's hurry and learn about it..."

Jiang stopped and endured, finally decided to open the trainer, but just opened his mouth and sighed and laughed.His facial muscles are always naturally relaxed, and his face is always cold and alienated. When he smiles, his eyes are bent, and he quickly turns his head away. The side profile is so beautiful. Yan Yan looked around and no one noticed this side, suddenly took his shoulder and quickly came over, forcibly took off the half mask, printed a kiss on the corner of the lips through the cover of the body, then quickly shrank back, smiled and opened the car Back box.

Jiang stopped in a hurry and put on his face mask, fearing that he would be attacked openly. He took two steps and turned to the other side of the car in two steps. At this time, Yan Hao had put a few shopping bags into the back box, smiled and picked up him, and the sunset in the late summer passed through the parking lot building, reflecting the shimmering light in the depths of their pupils.

"I said that you are this person..." Jiang stopped just laughing at something, and suddenly the phone rang.

"Hey, your husband has a lottery." Yan Yi immediately recognized the caller number, and went a little further. Two steps were taken. Pressing the answer button, first coughed and cleared the voice: "Lie?"

Jianxing City Bureau of Material Evidence Office, technical investigation director Huang Xing sat in front of the instrument, frowning slightly. Lu Bureau stood behind him, holding a transparent evidence card in his hand, and the voice could not hear other emotions besides the depression: "Where are you, strict?"

"Near the home. What happened to Lu?"

"I will come to the office at seven o'clock tomorrow morning."

The opposite of the mobile phone is very sloppy, and the first reaction in the mind is, is it that the thing that happened to be tracked that night three weeks ago was discovered?

However, the sound of Lu’s low voice immediately rang:

"We have found some new important clues from the June 19th serial kidnapping case. After identification, we found that it may be related to you."

Yan Yan Kong suddenly tightened!

"When I come over tomorrow morning, I will come directly to my office." Lu Bureau ordered this sentence, did not say anything more, and hung up the phone.

The office is once again quiet, and Director Huang seems to have some doubts.

After considering it again and again, I still couldn’t help but say: "Lv, you see this thing..."

But when he didn't finish talking, he was interrupted by a snoring gesture from Lu. He said: "This clue is not to be said to anyone at the moment."


Lu Bureau turned around and carried his hands and said nothing about the physical evidence office. Huang Xing gave a sigh of relief, and his eyes glanced at him and took the evidence bag with a bullet casing to go further and further and disappeared into the elevator.

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