Chapter 91 Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Chapter 91

Every year, my strict birthday is going home. On that day, he may not be able to see the uncles, aunts, cousins, cousins, sisters, etc. on both sides, and will come over to eat. There are thirty or forty relatives in the forest, and the garden downstairs. It is necessary to divide the three long dining tables and look at them to be spectacular. (Free full novel.

Yan Yan drove into the door, the car has not stopped, dressed as young and ten-year-old Ms. Zeng Cuicui, holding the kelly handbag of emerald crocodile skin, rushed to meet, the first sentence is: "Small land?"

Yan Yan got out of the car, no expression, casually said: "Oh, he is not feeling well, not coming."

Strict mother was shocked and cautiously asked, "Are you arguing?"

"-Where, where do you want to go." Yan Yan just laughed and handed the red wine brought from home to his mother's arms: "Your son's charm is so big, my daughter-in-law loves me too late, eats The bear heart leopard dared to argue with me?"

Ms. Zeng Cui turned a restrained white eye, and saw that Yan Yan slipped into the door and did not stop. He shouted "Oh, good!" "Cousin!" "The opposite is young and young!" A whirlwind through the crowd scraped the second floor storage room. Zeng Cui thought that he was looking for something. After a while, he saw him whirlwind down the floor again, holding a mahogany box in his hand, and kept walking outside.

"You are a loser!" Zeng Cui chased behind and shouted: "You have married your father's baby collection, are you going?"

Yan Yantou does not return: "My dad said, his everything is mine!"

Ms. Zeng Cui's hands on her hips, just about to marry her son, just listened to Yan Yan and far added: "In addition to his favorite wife!"

"..." Ms. Zeng Cui was a pretty face, and she was completely forgotten when she was on her stomach. She sighed with a sigh of relief: "An old man is not serious." Then she secretly returned to the house to find her husband. .

Yan Yan put the mahogany box with four tea cakes into the sundries under the co-pilot, clap his hands and close the door, saying that this can at least allow the river to stop dreaming for a whole year - but according to the style of the river stop, For a moment and a half, I am sure that I will not be able to open the second cake. It is estimated that I will take other cheap tea for a few weeks before I will secretly carry him away and drink it on a night of quiet night. Grinning, then pretending nothing happened.

After all, Yan Yan was still young. When he thought of Jiang’s stop, his heart suddenly launched a fever, and he did not find that his mouth was already up.

"Three uncles and three sisters are good!"

"Hey, thank you aunt!"

"Well, the cousin has grown taller, how much has the final exam been tested?"


Every year is a fixed process, and Yan has been very skilled.

Yan Jia really manages Yan Yanma. He does not participate in business at all. In the future, he is destined to be a shopkeeper for professional managers. All kinds of interest disputes and business dealings are almost impossible for him. The main purpose of his debut at the feast every year is to declare that he is still alive, neither dissatisfied, nor temporarily being swept out by his parents because of the old man. This is enough.Sanchao looked at the other side of the table and said: "Yan Yan is one year old and young, and he should pay attention to his family!"

Yan Yan said with a smile.

"Look at your second cousin has already found a girlfriend, your sister in the lobby is immediately showing up, how do you still single? Work is more dangerous, you should get married early, men must be stable in order to concentrate on career, understand?"

Yan Yan: "Yes is..."

In the past years, every time this time, Yan Yan was killed by a number of elders. However, this year’s strict father had quarreled with the company for two times. He suddenly put his neck on the neck and put it in a strong position. "Who said that my son could not make it?" Home? My son has already talked about the object!"

One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and Sancha was almost shocked.

"The object is also in the city bureau. The work is particularly good, the age is quite the same, and the people are still very handsome! Yesterday I was still cooking at home for us to eat!" Yan Fu calmly showed off in the eyes of the surrounding relatives: "Do not believe that you ask Tsui Cui, is it Tsui Tsui?"

Yan Yan: "..."

Strict mother never lost the face of the strictest father before the person, immediately touched the mobile phone in the shocked eyes, opened the album, and called out the oily prawns, potato stewed beef, tomato scrambled eggs, pork ribs soup taken at Yan’s home yesterday. ... and so on with the addition of 18 layers of filters, the full table of relatives circulated in turn, have joined in, all kinds of courtesy and amazed.

"It's okay, nothing, it's probably about childbirth." Yan mother and the seven aunts and eight aunts humbly said: "But it has already been said that it is good to go to the United States to surrogate three children, both children and children are good! I agree that they have a child who can surname Once……"

All kinds of complex tastes are coming from the bottom of my heart. It is funny or emotional. At this moment, the little cousin of Xiaotangmei, who was screaming and running around, the little daughter who was crying in the next door, and the future sister-in-law who were confessed to the distant house, let his heart stunned. There was a strange desire and awkwardness, even though he could not tell where the confusion came from.

Yan Yan stood up quietly and quit, and left the hall. He stood on the back door porch and took a cigarette. He took a mobile phone for a long time and finally opened WeChat. Countless unread information, when the local red dot is arranged, it is a birthday congratulation from the colleagues of the Municipal Bureau, Wei Deputy Bureau, Ken Li, Qin Chuan, Technical Investigation Huang Xing, Ma Xiang, Gao Panqing...

Yan Yan clicked on the "Last Name", hesitated for a long time, several times the input was deleted, and finally the send button was pressed:


Jiang stopped without replying immediately.

Persuading the sound of alcohol, screaming, talking loudly and yelling at each other from the hall, although privately

All kinds of jealousy and unpleasantness, but when they get together, they are still very hot, like a family.

Yan Yan took the mobile phone and walked aimlessly down the porch. At this time, the sky is already late, the lights are lit on the porch, the water lily in the garden is slightly fragrant, and the night worms whisper in the grass. I don’t know when it’s going to the kitchen door, through the glass window, only See the carefully prepared three-layered cake on the round table. The beautiful silk flowers are like crafts, and the fresh cream is slightly yellowish under the light.Strictly in the heart of the move, picked up the phone and took a photo, sent to the river to stop.

Who knows that Jiang’s reply just came over:

at home.

After the successful delivery of the three-tiered cake under the light, only three seconds passed, and the phone was shaken again.

Surname Lu: Happy birthday.

I will be happy and happy in my birthday every year.

Yan Yan’s heart was hot, and the internal organs were ironed out. The unspeakable Shutan spurted out from every pore in the whole body. The electric squeaky rose from the foot to the top of the head, in my mind. Fireworks that inspire countless joys.

The idea that I can't wait to see that person suddenly broke out like a tsunami. In the life of Yan Yan for more than 30 years, there was never such an urge to be so anxious, and every nerve and even the eardrum shook. ring.

He couldn't even wait for a moment, hurriedly slammed his mobile phone into his arms and turned back to the lively hall. Strict mother is looking around for her son to come to toast, and seeing Yan Yan striding like a meteor. The beautiful face is still smiling, reflecting the full house lights and shining, I don’t know how she is so bright that she is stunned; She was severely held, shouting in the noisy background: "Mom you eat first, I go back!"

Strict mother asked: "The cake has not been cut yet. Where are you going? Give me the cake!"

Yan Yan casually thought of an excuse: "The city bureau has something to do..."

"If you have something, you will also cut the cake for the aging mother. Do you think that the thing is cheap?!"

Yanmu’s voice greeted the cousin’s cousin’s cousin, who helped push the cake from the kitchen, took his son’s hand, licked his head and cut it in the birthday songs around him, and filled it with silver. In a small dish. The children just took the cake and smashed it. On the other side, Yan Yan immediately put the knife and put the cake decorated with cherries to his mother: "I am leaving!"

Yan mother slammed, and saw Yan Yan rushing up to hug his father, and went out. Yan’s father was all stunned by his son’s sudden enthusiasm. Before he even had time to ask questions, he saw that he did not return to the door.

"You are awkward!" Yan mother followed the door and chased the door. He laughed and said: "Where are you going, drive carefully at night!"

"I know!" Yan Yan started the car, turned the triangle beautifully, and looked out from the window and smiled: "Mom, I love you! See you later!"

The big bang roared and screamed for a long time, and the strict mother stood on the steps inexplicably, while the front yard only left a trailing smoke slowly floating in the streetlights.

At 10 o'clock in the evening, the traffic in the city center was slightly relieved. The commercial area was full of lights, and the half-opened windows were filled with the unique fragrance of the metropolis at night.

Da Ben slowly stopped in front of the red light, Yan Yan casually squinted at the rearview mirror, touched the mobile phone from the side of the door, and sent a voice message to the "surname of Lu": "Guess where I am?"

The input is displayed at the top of the screen, and the few stops are stopped again.

"on the way home?"Yan Yan mouth deepened his smile and did not say anything. Suddenly, the sight of Yu Guang saw a brightly lit cake shop on the opposite corner of the road. Just turned to the corner and turned a corner: "Well, I brought you a birthday cake."

He could almost imagine the look of Jiang’s sneer over there. After a few words, he actually heard the man’s answer with a smile: “Go, slow down, no hurry.”

The red light turns green and the front car starts to start. Yan Yan put away his mobile phone and quickly looked around. He took a few seconds of the right turn lane and quickly turned the lights and changed lanes. He ran a beautiful interspersed, screaming on the horizontal street, then turning u-shaped. The circuit port was firmly parked in front of the cake shop.

A few minutes later, he took the diced cake wrapped in a white paper bag out of the store door, put the paper tray on the passenger seat, was about to start the car, suddenly saw something from the side window, and made a move.

- Just under the red light at the intersection where he temporarily changed his way, an ordinary silver-colored modern stop on the side of the road, neither moving forward nor double flashing, like waiting for someone.

Yan Yan suddenly gave birth to a strange feeling: I just saw this car in the rearview mirror?

This idea is actually a bit ridiculous. The home scooter on the streets of Jianning City is extremely common. It looks almost the same. If you don’t look at the license plate, you can’t tell who is who. However, after all, Yan Yan has been a criminal police for so many years. He has some ambiguity about certain things, such as what shadows swept away from the bottom of his heart.


Behind the horn, smashed and frowned, and stepped on the gas pedal and turned right.

The pause he had just made was only a matter of seconds. No one could see the anomaly. Yan Yan also deliberately did not show any abnormalities. After paying the road again, he always pays attention to the rearview mirror and the side mirror. When he sees the distance of the left lane separated by several tens of meters, he once again flashes a silver body. shadow.

Yan Yan Mei Feng micro jump.

It is that modern.

So clever?

Yan Yan has lived for more than 30 years, and the most unbelievable is a clever word. He stepped on the gas pedal slightly down, and the s450, which had been modified by the engine, made a dull roar and suddenly accelerated.

Line, bypassing the front car and flying through the traffic lights; at the next intersection that should clearly continue to move forward, he turned to the right and turned to the side mirror.

Not far from the silver car shadow, it turned on the right turn light, obviously to keep up!

- Someone is deliberately tracking!

Who is bold enough to follow the car of the deputy detachment of the criminal police?

"Looking for the dead grandson..." Yan Yan whispered a whisper, deliberately lowered the speed, one hand holding the steering wheel, and at the same time did not look at the phone and dialed a phone call: "Hey Ma Xiang? Is there anyone in the bureau? ?"

"Happy birthday to Yange--!" came across the enthusiasm of Ma Xiang: "I am here, I am in the bureau, I am preparing to open black with my brother Qin brother. If you don't see us for a few days, we can die." Up...""I was followed up." Yan Yan interrupted him and looked like a sinking water: "I am now exporting east of Jindao Road near Workers Avenue. The tracker is a silver Hyundai Elantra sedan. I can't see the license plate number for the time being. I Immediately give you a position, you go to the traffic police brigade to lock the target number and counter-track, fast!"

Opposite the phone, Ma Xiang's radiant look was gradually replaced by dignity. When Yan Hao finished the last word, he got up and rushed out of the office door, leaving only a short and powerful: "Yes!"

At the end of the Workers’ Avenue, the farther away from the downtown business district, the fewer vehicles on the road. On both sides of the s450 window, the street lamps and trees swept back smoothly and quickly, and looked at the rearview mirror with stern eyes. Only the front lights flashed again, and the silver car followed.

Who is it?

What do you want to do?

He doesn't usually drive this s450. Who knows if this is his car?

The various questions on the surface quickly fell silent, deeper in my heart, and some terrible speculation loomed.

However, Yan Yan did not have any horror, or that he had been mentally prepared in the subconscious, and did not feel a slight surprise when things really happened. He soon led the Elantra to rush through three green lights. Until Ma Xiang’s phone rings again: “Hey?”

"Yan Ge I just contacted the traffic police brigade, and the nearby traffic police and patrol officers immediately dispatched to intercept. You should pay attention not to leave the current sub-bureau jurisdiction, and do not reduce or increase the speed, we will arrive later!"

Yan Yan spit out a word: "Okay." Then hang up the phone, go to WeChat, click on the top dialog box, close to the mouth: "I suddenly remembered that a material was left in the office, I have to go to the city bureau It may take a little late to get home."

At the same time, on the apartment sofa, the screen of the mobile phone reflected the brow that Jiang stopped slightly: "You are..."

But immediately he swallowed the words back and re-sent a voice, this time there are only four simple words:

"Drive carefully."

--Drive carefully.

The tone does not have any fluctuations of just four words, but I don’t know why I let Yan Yan’s heart glimpse.

I just found out that when I was being tracked, even in some of the more dangerous and thrilling situations, I have never had such a weightless heart in my heart. It seems that Jiang has already felt what it is.

He didn't explain much more. He closed WeChat back to the address book, and then continued to fly forward and dialed Ma Xiang's phone again. At the same time, he looked up at the rearview mirror. After a few seconds, his pupil suddenly collapsed.

The tracker disappeared.

He is in the middle of a two-lane straight road, flat and bright front and rear, with excellent visual conditions. The rearview mirror can see at least 200 meters behind it without any hindrance, but there is no shadow of the silver modern car except one or two taxis and small trucks.

"Yan Ge!" At this time the phone was connected. Ma Xiang eagerly asked: "Are you still on Jindao Road? I have already departed from the city bureau!"

"...he is gone."

Ma Xiang did not respond: "What?"The s450 slowed down and ran across the long street, stopping slowly under the red light. Not far away, the vans and taxis in the other lanes stopped, and then the air was flat and flat, and the ghost-stalking tracker had quietly lost sight.

Yan Yan’s voice is mixed with a touch of cold, and he said: "He suddenly gave up."

The red and blue lights were lit in the distance, and the nearby police motorcycles were rapidly approaching Jindao Road. The background of Ma Xiang is noisy, and the buzzing sound of the turn signal is rushing to the scene.

Corresponding to this is the long and heavy silence of the two of them.

- Trackers are poorly crafted, skilled and unhealthy, and can't even hide the trail. However, the people who come here can choose to give up decisively at the same time when the police are dispatched. The sensitivity of the sense of smell and the precision of the time are just a deep thought, and they feel chilly.

"... don't worry about Yan Ge," I don't know how long after, Bluetooth finally came to Ma Xiang's deliberately depressed voice, with a hint of worry: "I will inform the traffic police brigade to pick up the monitoring on the Workers' Avenue, no matter what the other party is." People, they will be able to put out the license plate number."

Yan Yan took a breath, and the neon lights in the night sky of the city passed through the window, reflecting his hard-faced cheeks, a shadow in the corner of the lips, and the other half hidden in the deep darkness of the compartment.

"Do not let too many people know about this matter, especially the Lu Bureau and the Wei Deputy Bureau." After a hard time, he said: "Be careful."

Then he hung up the phone.


Forty minutes later, the apartment building community.

S450 drove into the gate of the community. Before entering the garage, I saw a familiar figure standing under the street light. Yan Yan immediately stopped to lower the side window: "How do you wait here?"

Jiang stopped right

The hand was inserted in the trouser pocket, the left hand was holding the phone, and I didn't know how long I had stood. His expression was always calm and there was no change, but somehow, when he saw him, he felt that he seemed to be slightly relieved.

"Let's go down and walk." Jiang stopped habitually moving his shoulders, and the joints made a long slack and then slack, but he didn't seem to care: "Are you okay? How to delay so late?"

It was true that there were so many seconds, and Yan Yan looked at him, and he gave birth to an impulse to put all the things out.

But at the same time that the words "I was followed" were exported, another scene suddenly appeared in his mind, as clear as it was happening at the moment - it was actually in the bathroom yesterday, Jiang stopped using it. With his arm, his lips seemed to tremble slightly, and he said softly for a while: "You will regret it..."

- Will I?

Or do you already know that I will?

The short-lived impulse was suddenly slammed back by a more powerful force, and it disappeared instantly. Yan Yan looked at the river from the car and slowly smiled. Then he reached out from the window with such a smile and shook his slightly cold fingertips.

"It's okay," he said softly. "There was no material in the office, so it was delayed for a while."

Jiang stopped half of his eyebrows and twisted slightly."Come on the bus and bring you a cake." Yan Yan leaned into the door of the vice seat and motioned him to come up: "Go, let's go home together."

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X2, oh, Amitabha Buddha 哒 x2, aging mother is rabbit x2, can be in love cat x2, landscape x2, anti-bone x2, rose crystal x2, sprinkle cream x2, shes, ehere! X2, solid spring and autumn x2, string breeze x2, passenger line Changan x2, sleeping orange x2, small sun x2, is the source is not round x2, willing to rush to the moon x2, nax2, small building blowing jade x2, A piece of rag x2, Jinghong x2, cherry blossom roof x2, 22151 eight 45x2, Lin Xiaoxuan x2, rice rice meal x2, Cantonese style burnt treasure x2, criminal investigation detachment first police flower x2,13540311x2, gardeniax2, Lun Sub x2, good mood always x2, nine x2, water from ice Qing Yu x2, kar2002x2, soup soup x2, Wu Zhiya cut big flicker x2, comic actor 001x2, 24436 eight 5 eight x2, 19376654x2, sin country x2, I don't know what name to take x2, arrogant x2, valley chlorine x2, deadex2, nnx2, wasabi mustard x2, pumpkin is a good melon ~ x2, hundred miles x2, swim, swim, swim on the shore x2, 棽麓x2, love reading虞姬x2, sakix2, seven insects seven flower cream x2, nine nine long x2, Feng Ye repair life x2, cute Xu beautiful x2, pear Yao x2, the rest of life less color x2, aprilrx2, shax2, pond fish thousand three x2 , crispy crispy crispy x2, lilierx2, danniax2, Chuci, how are you so handsome x2, white land x2, Xiangxun x2, brother Biox x2, snow seller x2, y荼蘼x2, feliit Yx2, Liu Chengyin x2, involved in the boat x2, and crisp and sticky x2, cloth cloth snow x2, knowing the world x2, - dust mites - x2, no rock x2, taking x2, son cold x2, subject to encounter x2, fiShblx2, sleep a summer x2, dinner x2, Si Xiaonan's sugar bowl x2, salted fish 璇 nine ultimate evolution qyx2, fork x2, 271 eight two eight 02x2, today's weather is really good x2, azure x2, thousand x2 , Wang Qing Che x2, Yu Yu x2, Xiao Fenghuang Mimi x2, the coolest cool skin x2, Suining x2, Zhi Xia Xia x2, Huacheng x2, An Zhijun x2, Mrs. Chu Ci x2, freely happy x2, Miss Bai Jiejie X2, sugar ball ball ball x2, umbrella repair - today sugar is x2, cat sugar x2, human disqualification x2, more than zero x2, halogen egg porridge porridge x2, long song laugh x2, xx2, yiyix2, qqx2 Hongyuan puts the square chess on the bed 啪x2, the first star sweet x2, the super crazy madness x2, the glutinous rice burger meat x2, the Mumu Zhaozhao x2, the snow x2, huxx2, the stop is the police flower x2, _bk丶夕x2, Yu Lanchuan x2, yangx2, 溟yuanx2, dahx2, juuirx2, 颂 颂 x2, xniex2, 鸾 鸾 x2, an stream x2, 咏辰 x2, raccoon cat and white rabbit x2, beljrldx2, lyx2, bikax2, gx2, Bomb x2, special acid squid x2, jurdanx2, vvax2, item x2, ancestral x2, a little cute x2, happyvir_x2, Sakura x2, Fanfan van x2, _sanx2, Qingjin x2, Ruo x2,白小九x2 Shijingshan Zhao Huolong x2, x2, pear love watermelon melon x2, ????????x2, skeletal x2, dubleshellx2, ten spring x2, time x2, mountain x2, boss, to plate sushi x2, ex2, A What x2, x_ boat x2, white five, your cat lost x2, geese book x2, orange true piano most cute x2, deep cloud x2, yxqx2, was arrogant Buddha dust x2, blue rain temple chief abbot X2, alvx2, desert island x2, Linyu. X2, Haiyan x2, cranberry pudding pudding snowshade x2, do not eat white do not eat x2, ah cat 喵喵喵 x2, curtain roll starlight x2, babybex2, 彖安x2, sakura 丶 sauce x2, cultivation of literary chef x2, Yin Qilei x2, see your cat expression package x2, wind withered x2, laughter breeze x2, group fan sang x2, side x2, sex this empty mountain x2, night moon cat x2, akashi. Sx2, I am nine years old. X2, mountain sunx2, Mu deep deep x2, 杦松x2, ice cream first mouth to you x2, dadax2, ammonium x2, a small x2, white night will be extinguished x2, A Luo ah x2, night rain annoyed x2,Silver is crawling all over the place, Ming Shou, the sky is empty, the pie is a cake????, the hurricane prays for the blue flower compound, the heavenly chessboard, a little fairy, the cockroach, the cloud 亓18, the monarch, the big hair, Jiang Yan, Su sui, Rui Rui, 哎呦 feed, flower 景景, 丿红尘丶寒月, 253209八2, raccoon sir, 晔晔晔, light eyebrow smile, greasy greasy, Xu Xia, 19257946, candy q ~,l,Yu Tian Wang Mumu, anl2jaky, A Banyan, Liu Yan, sally, monkey 叽 ,, april, tan 贱 特, Si Xiaonan's milk powder can, nitlee, Nishino, Sakura, Nanfeng not competing, siyi, Chao Yu , 褚小白 _, blue sky empty, ten years, 17 eight 4102 eight, flygpig, lemon Meng, Zhou Tianxing combination gunner, rice beans, Zheng Rong, green tea stem, ednesday, the bad boy of the Chi family, dream のHey, yeah, you stand!, one, the south of the city, the fragrant scent, squatting, playing all remember to eat late at night, a cage of fried omelet, 瑛嘤嘤嘤, Wang Dake, 珏 ,, outside the wall, turn over Salted fish, flower jun, eat too much beans, flowers and flowers, phoenix four, guhanye, Xiaoyan, poetry hops, one minute autumn, no, no, wife They are all human treasures!, yjlve, Xiashicheng, 18-year-old girl, Yuxin?, sudden hope, vegetable, Yuanchen, Chen Xiaoshuang, 345330, Wenyan smoke, lemon, lemon, innocent, love male Still love male, group 叽, tomato nickname tomato, the author kissed the lychee and then, 19, Xiao Yuliang, clouds fluttering, small banquet wearing floral clothes, long time, Gege, angel + a, a strange stone, ayaa , als, yjqer, 2 8 03 8 6, desert sand like blood, you ah, ah ah ah ah ah, Kang Gongzi, Fang Jinda baby. Sijun, control pigeon, 捃, ​​huu, stop the little baby, 97 蓿 蓿 Qingyan, Ning and light, the world March, thousands of rivers have thousands of rivers, warehouse clerk, floating warm, cat lick, Lolo Nai, 6362, Auntie. , 莫虚梧, naniay, a thousand bun, la la la, Xiao Hei is a tangled procrastination, for Zhan, paruparu, 缭 - -, 小叶叶, every day, want to vacation, nuts, 沧海桑田拈花,术昭,当市, uhi, 念鱼丸子, 25204396, 唧 唧 唧 老 老 老 老 老 老 老 厥 厥 厥 厥 厥 老 len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len len Magenta, Yunmei de Mummy, 22, Sinan's strawberry biscuits, rice madman, Chuchu Chuci's little cute, Tara Umala, 1776 eight 314, 柃, rabbit rabbit bald soil, amulet, Yu Wenzhou Like, flower, Xiao Yu rain, Wang Jiu natural volume, 愔 ~, worship Chu · Xueba · Ci, thin rice, floc, floating, can not float, Gege auspicious, white spirit, fish and fish , 零零柒, 719463, Li Li, you spend, you can't forget the words, rui, Jane, subaruru, peanut blueberry sandwich, I am very quiet, warm heart, rotten cat, too much Special, Huai Shang weak, p big meat, round, sound, a salted fish, Da Yuan, Anzi , Qiuqiu, Qingbei, sadrhappy, Fuxi, wind and rain, white, rain, and gums, section canoe, n rotten peach, mainly look temperament, Jiu Shu, 20739966, soft Chengzi, 263 eight eight 79, this life is short of sugar, ae, Suyu, Pinglu Chengjiang, 呜 wow wow, **Yu, La Lalan, the clouds in the wind, rumors, eve of the moon, horror when the rain, the little fairy selling drugs, the shadow of the morning fox, the eternal ferry, the lime Yu Yu Yu, 19344 eight 24, Wen Yuqing, yi, sstyle, Takasugi Lianyin, Nancheng, car and again, jker, white for a long time, Li Dajiu, Susu, I love 蚆n匚匚, the moon, bones, green, learned today , 7, straberries, Yu Ye, lazy supremacy, idpnttt, Junyi, Lun, cat-loving fish, Xiaoxianyu, fish, Yunyun, aber, vivi, magical girl Jessica, Ala Ala, Baling County corpse, andy, strawberry cookies, cute pigskin, my Chu Ci and Si Xiaonan ah, Qiao Mumingyue, 梶, Meng Meng 提, tiramisu ra, Wenling girl, waiting for you Come, 10aaaaa, q, knives, and the treasurer, non-fish, aunt. , night beans, cockroaches, the anger of single dogs, fy, hot magic fairy, peach blossom, willow 卯卯, tdsll, if you can laugh to Changshan. ,vlivia, the small ball of the Teman family, the water is cool, the heart is mindful, non-fog, Xihe 19,77, Gu, mountain painting, one night rain, sleep flower, Xiaojing, 27012035, yan baby, 暮二姐, Hey, Gu Xiaoju, love me, give me Jinjiang coins, dust lights to the night, sweets in the Central Plains, 27031314, Yuanwen, fake noodles, sad, soy milk fritters, think about it and think about it -- ~, I love to eat chicken legs, you made it, 濑名轩何, in the next 2a, _ I wash the bowl for Chu Ci, 2 8 5405, when the rain, stacked small stack, my city rabbit sister, of course, the little girl, In April, listening to snow, Wang Houyingzi, ye, a peach, suephi, biuuip, gxlily, Luo Jiuyu, shredded tofu, I stopped for a second, 25259693, Sanji Qingfeng, Mo Ronghua, camel monkey , do not ask the return date, frost fall forest, delight_b, 泠 ten er, mystery, trak, Qi Junyi, unnamed Yan, u want ehuyi, Gu Fei, Cong Wei, Su Shi, 33, spring, attempt Weiyang, Qin Moqiu, ht, salty marshmallow, Zhu Zhengting's sweetheart, red mud, Qin Jing saa, 245750, the top of the fish, arpenter, the moon under the white, rain, indifference, Ginger mustard, 幺儿, 酒,露从白 tonight, oh oh, yixiu11, a pit of bean curd, Yunmei, every day is a book shortage, today is also a waste person, tki, half a meter, Mulan, water cloud Mu, jug pot pot pot pot, Mo language Yi Yi, kiwi milk, bunny, kikiisd, I love Kobe, sle, mat seats, light Xiaoran, tii, a little mad, big ebony, star 霰, Buddha Look at the ball, he is beautiful, long, fighting, high-spirited cabbage, Philippine, Mu Yi, 蚑 蚌, fish millet, Du Shimei ah, you want to skip the rope, the fresh little angel, the fence, the purple ,sashii 君, 蓝凝歌,费嘟嘟,jklife,locomotive car,July rhubarb,Qingxi,candy,a dream--super college level boring, thankful for a long time, Aguo, Shen Shen, rock flower weed, 260 eight 4601, Mo Shang Sang, eat chicken tonight! , cranes throwing, 寇 风 wind, 22 eight 36259, Qingyuan, tu, Chen trace, Shun Xiaomi, big hoe, look back, 632 eight eight, Lulu, 33, circle a circle, profit, syndre,咩喵~, Susu, Shishi, cloudy, infusion needles pulled out by Tingting, enh, siuk want ee, Sudis, lsslisa, Louyu, Cangjie cold song, initial heart __eunhee, two mushrooms, compassionate Ci, Yunshan Ice Spring, eat more ice cream, spring mad fish, admiration, Mo Yi Zi, Zi Yan, 叽叽 coconut, kk, Chu Ci is my wife, Britney Spears, Ding Wangwang, Su Shizhi, disillusionment, Hand speed up people Yu Wenzhou, a Xiao, touch the big, promote Ejiao, Zhizhi, Jiajiazi, black robe Mage Bunny Lei, white ghost, called sister, six money, Lancome, Shen Xiaoyu, sanka092 eight, Xuanzang, Zhongnanshan On the monastic road, my family has a library, Songgang Yeyue, I heard that the little fairy loves to learn, the evening, the night, the gs, the night half of the Yiwenlu, elstreet, addicted to the male color, sinking the millennium, saai, 263406, Huaihuai you take the bow Oh, Chang'an under the moon, Shi Yu, Chunshan Lane, Feng Weiran, a visitor, the power of the strong man, I, I, and I The raccoon slave does not go out, 2,800,656, what is the name, 2,664,346, Fangtang, Jia Fugui, today, Jia laughed, flower sparse, 琇剑琇uv West, Lin Guyuan, Cassifa 9, empty and laughing Glorious, the sea is wide and the quilt is quilted, the quilt is rolled up by Xiaonan, the meat ball is rolled up, the sky is immortal! The maple leaves are falling, the lotus is small, 216692, the waltz of the beans, kauki, Xixin, Tunxi, 4sythia, Tongtong, Weng Ning, 2.5, Lin Zhihui, the boat has passed away, 27932 eight 44, upside down, One heart to sweet 叨叨, 多宝花胖, 山有木兮木有枝, raising rabbit's Xiao Xie, 芸子然, voice control, tomato scrambled eggs fried acne, no recruit, suspect x, leg hair, 260717, Greetings, Jiuqiuqiu, angels don't smile, Wu Xie's big wife, kua, season up, egg love, blue fall, nh, altar dream, cloud shadow, Sinan small volume, sugary ~, one flute Wind, A-color, xiaqian, oasis, 晏 Hengyang girlfriend, saa, ku, on April 1st, but for the sake of the king, why should light blue red, Shen Fansheng, turbxy, Su Fengzi, nameless river, white 芪, 蒘, A尧阿,七小中也,22163477,白鸟,一星烽火朔云秋~啾,盐莲子,妙货货,和羡,柒玖,三月流,听风撸2八6374八4,qy , strange, small flower 唧唧叽, 276 eight 9752, Shaoxing Xu Beihong, you are the human April day, iya, Han's dishwasher, sixteenang, Wen Gu, 2574 1369, Shi Lezhi's flower demon, Jinguang Yaoyao, soft and soft eve, ey, blue fall unparalleled, 柒柒, Ba Labra, pea princess river stop, millennium, no name sweet, rahel flow, Chu River River, 趴趴, Ai Ai's crotch, 2671912 eight, the breeze has been scattered, nna, Jiang Zaiyu, erern, 26596956, Zhao Zhao, Qiu Juxin girlfriend, n, Qu Yulin, the small follow-up of His Royal Highness, Yokohama, vegetarian wine, warm calcium, ad calcium, Qing 19, the content is only visible, water Flowing years, tasteelly, Ai Xi, Lulu Lulu, Mingqiu, moon brown, earth hee, only hate the long silk, Bao Ge, 24779091, first time, white forever love Mogo! Yuan Yuan is also sparse, complete, windy, Chengmu, Muzi's rose, indulged in fairy, a group of leather A Ding, temporary docking, big moon and a half, fish running, Wu Yi, a bit of a small ginkgo , Mo Ye, casually simple, kae, Lin Zizhen, is. , Wang Tieniu, Dad, Si Xiaonan on the tip of the heart, 26354 eight 90, refined white sugar, Wu Renren, Xi Yuan ak, old He Xiansen, Ai, Demi, Si Xiaonan, keyl, sorrow, cat half fairy, Shan Qiaozi , morning wind, Zhao Zhao 钊, to the author of the chrysanthemum, 妲妲, citrate citrate, Jing Qiong, nine songs, wow ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, glass heart, far travel is the pleasure of the adjutant, Gone with the Wind, _, easy to predict every day, Moxi, the ball, the wedding team wanting to eat cookies, the Africans with temperament, the fox face peach, the flying small Koji, the lattice sauce, the hen, the rolling sugar snow Ball, fish, cheese milk cover, 27790932, small eighteen, auntie, Xie Yu children, Wu ha ha ha ha, biubb, 磕 磕 deer's face, pumpkin small far egg, hairy, slightly cool, waste wood, eat one Quilt, Yun Zhao, 27757541, Sichuan, Mu Yi, 30, l, 荏苒, stop the cloud, laugh, do not learn to have surgery, 瑾 satin, Momo, Shang Zi Xin, Xuan Yin, | ▍ memory in My heart ゙ _, a bottle of heavenly cola, 266334 eight 5, Nafir Tali, I love meat, Bi Heki wants, is not revered , confirmed the eyes, Nanzhu one, Xue Xiaoming, South has trees, Su Shi, Basil people, Bai Ze, Tang Shu, yai, the president is not an iceberg attack, book resignation, chicken wings, brother, crossing, squatting, thousands of miles Stay, Gu Yu, Emma, ​​Haha, Bamboo Craft, there are insects in the jujube!, sister nail, fne, rik, Zuo Qinghe, light tea, rain, Fusu, fiber song, Lin Hao, Zhuo Su Ruo, 蚑, 双离, 独吊桥头, 幽亚,猫样,抚歌,九魇天下,哈哈哈哈哈哈,题湖,伊观情瘦, no chopping Cui Si, attacking meal, Jiangluo , Qu Shuaibi, charge conservation, learning time is less than eight hours, Geer ah Geer, 瞳の住人, Li Wei, Minghe Gongying, Heiyou, Chuci & ap; Han Yue, Shaman, 25157675, Qing Li, Mu Luo, 195541, Gu Beihao!, 蝼, 哆 哆唷 木, wood, leaf, fxfxfx, april~, wood, thousand shadow, ┛皮卡皮卡丘, 悦生, heartshe, gentleman-like micro, wood three is cedar, cloud Hidden sunset, 20075549, swaying, crane, 2 eight 716076, 25260615, rtnei, billowing, ki cattle, in the river state, Cheng Tuantuan, Bai Doudou 0 eight 22, Tang Yan, bergamot, Nima, Wanfu Mo enemy, super like you, in the second language, all without boundaries. a, Chao drunk, 25264573, rl, Yue sauce, dead, Golden Bell, 25345762, the mines of the adults above!Thanks for the expression pack x30,

Gasubarux1 eight,

I have three small **x9, rolling ball x eight, crossing the dust robbery x6, 葳蕤珞x5, Ah no to the beautiful girl beauty throwing thunder x5, Su a card _ all retreat _ good frustration ah x5, Chuci Waistline x5, Ye Xiyu x4, Devil's Wish x4, Warm wine boiled blue and white x4, Double Xuan delicious x4, Separate bridge head x4, Luhan flower x3, _aa green x3, Ruix3, Silk map x3, beljrldx3, Wasabi Mustard x3, Du Shimei, do you want to skip the rope x3, full fish x3, Zhu Zhengting's sweetheart x3, cool as I 嘤嘤嘤x3, Mimi cauliflower x3, fold into wine x3, little cute Jiji is not me x2 ,redred`x2,淼淼x2, think one page x2, Want Want Wangwang Cai x2, Yuege songs songs x2, 苡逑x2, wine squat x2, peppers x2, Yunmengyun deep x2, gems 匣X2, mint night bell x2, bai03x2, my most cute x2, Su Shi x2, your brother's president special help x2, xniex2, group fan sang x2, nothing is stupid x2, aikx2, rich x2, Louyu x2, Yuxuan x2, 蚆2幌吕x2, 涩x2, 怀萤x2, a black pen x2, eldyhsux2, sweetheart x2 in the Central Plains, anhrx2, white bird x2,

Wang Qingche, Yan Qingxuan, Mingzhi, Evensky, and so on, a thousand years of rain break, superbaek4, not methyl, irrelevant to the wind and the city, discretion, glass, see your cat expression pack, swim, No two Kang, mountain painting, phase, complete, Qingxuan is always my wind division, ekiray, ta flavored octopus, Sichuan, irra, 25204396, Ruo Heng, Ai Huai's cherry tea, a little cute , Shen Yu, fish, cotyledons without songs, Xiang Yu, Yu Shu, Li Xianxian, a store manager, Qing Yi, earth hee, neon feathers, koala on the beach, auntie, 尼泊尔, Nepal, Han's dishwasher The first bite of ice cream for you, puffer fish, scorpion, long-term, Qiuju new girlfriend, aunt to eat fish, hennn, delicious fruit, first 霁, raccoon cat and white rabbit, Huai Shang weak, p Big meat, cultivated literary chef, do not know what name to take, color sandalwood, only for you, ignite, non-fish, Igne ne, lheta, firefox order, 25264573, l, 19193 eight 93, the freedom of Nice Doctrine, 21943161, oh, kill the pig, moon white, Jiang Zai, black feather 萱, four hair, blue bridge spring snow, give a chestnut, 2420007 0, kixiao, Lingyang, and jade, Lingyou Angelica, this life lacks sugar, blame, Yang Xiaoyan 704, the end of the night, the evening mountain river, the golden devil, dah, the demon under the raincoat, stunned, stay Duck, Camellia,?, Ticking, Little Drill, Stop Cloud, Ed, Mrs. Chu Ci, 661200, not arrived, Voluo, fox cat and wolf, love reading Ji Ji, Nguo, also decided, fish and fish, not sweet, mourning pot, 22210447, bergamot, Su Wenchuan, eleven, a word, Glass heart, the first Qing, the seventh layer of dreams, 20739966, mainly look at temperament, iya, ★ wish Zhu Jiang live harmonious, cherished, sweet and sour abalone, Su sigh, Huaihuai you take the bow Oh, Mu Yi , klian_tsijun, the car and again, the five flowers are not meat, sber, teeth township, this fish is not fresh, Baling County Shenku, Qi Jun, eat chicken tonight! , akashi. s, forced to be kind, no chapter updates! , burdock, v-vy 槿瑟, hle, little maid, sitting watching the clouds, Ye Yinzheng, big food, gxlily, squatting in the wind, knowing the sea, drunken, passing, taking the sun The round, stop, white moonlight biubiubiu, old Shao, sunny sunny, heroes, jker1219, three things, one night rain, eleven, sudden hope, 265735, white five, your cat is gone, Xiqiao, biyak, the most beautiful meet you, the grenade of the adults of the three thousand mountains x1 above the forest!

Thanks to heartshex11,

Chu Ci's waistline x eight, Yunmengyun deep x7, stunned heart x6, warm wine boiled blue and white x6, Ah no to give beautiful girl beauty thunder x5, cool as I 嘤嘤嘤 x5,

Ikasx4, 淼淼x4, a gold plain sugar x3, Nishizawa sevenx3, aikx3, gold seventeen x3, mausoleum angelica x3, nine drunk brothers protect you x3, more songs songs songs x3, dust lights to night x3, 啃 stone Rabbit x3, 苡逑x2, Chuci & ap; Han Yue x2, mourning pot x2, Nanhai swim pig x2, coconut stew Ji x2, gasubarux2, love Huai's cherry tea x2, nickname x2, Louyu x2, capsule x2 , suephix2, 槿槿x2, Qingxuan is always my wind division x2, a salted fish cream x2,After the rain, morning, stardt, Ed, Zhuangdao, Su Shiyu, Su sigh, also decided, mountain coating, Su Shizhi, hahahaha lying sickness, small falls, sakura, xia eggs, lemon Yu Yu and Yu, Mimi Caihua ,|▍Memory in my heart ゙ _, Qin Yu 瞳, warm, stop the cloud, hereesdaisy, wind grotesque, proud day brother to protect you, Jane, v-vy 槿 婉婉, 婉婉, 紫 猫, your brother President special help, Nangong Huang's nephew, Xuemo, 朔间辞, He Wei, mixed rabbit, ★ I wish Yan Jiangzhen life harmony, netizen Xiaochu, Chuci I love you, have Junjun, full fish, this life Lack of sugar, you first, i009, pea princess stopped, check, oh oh yeah, Liu Muzhen, Shanzi said that he is not big, small phoenix cup, mouth musk, (̇▽ ̇, Lu Sanwei, deprfundis There are two cats of Rachel!, the wine is gone, the wood is the cedar, the feast of affection, the white bird, the sprout, the two orchids, the white five, your cat is gone, the white Huai, the ute, the dream Micro, invincible, Du Shimei, do you want to skip rope, white land, persimmon, warm porridge, Mei Yanchuan, 26599916, xnie, white spiced, south More than you adults rocket!

Thanks to the rabbit of the round brother who is familiar with x3, the sea sang 拈 拈 spent x2, did not find x2, white land x2, ax2, rui, fy, Chu Chu Chuci's little cute, aik, ★ wish Zhu Jiang live harmony, mausoleum tour Angelica, oasis, letter, apple, bamboo bamboo, the shallow water bomb of the adults above!

Thanks to Huaihua for a tonne x46,

傀喵Expression pack x11,

Yan Jiang p pushed x5 in his life,

Chu Ci's little sugar dress x3,

Chujia Xiaojinhua khx2,


Jane x2,

Mint dumplings,

Nine drunk brothers protect you,

The second child is determined to become a bss,



Tooth township,

Sexual empty mountain,

Warm wine, blue and white,


Deepwater torpedoes of adults above the oasis!

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