Chapter 90 Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Chapter 90

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Drowsy, sore.

The river stopped open his eyes, and it took a long time to recover from the uncomfortable discomfort. The scattered vision gradually focused on the bedside table alarm clock - 13:45p.

The afternoon of the next day.

Jiang stopped to sit up and was immediately suffocated by a secret pain in a certain place. After a long time, he trembled a little to relax his muscles.

He has been cleaned up and down all over the body, changing a loose short-sleeved white t as a nightgown, the soft texture exudes the smell of sunlight, just because the strict number is too large, so that wearing it is a bit empty. Looking from the diagonal mirror on the opposite corner of the bed, the neck and clavicle exposed between the wide neckline and the arms under the short sleeves are all traced, and they can't be saved for a while.

Jiang stopped gently closing his eyes, sitting on the bed motionless, and was slammed from the waist side silently.

Before Jiang stopped, the physical condition was no more than 30 seconds from being asleep to preparing for a war, but now it is obviously not working. It takes more than ten minutes to regain normality from the vertigo of hypotension. For a long time, he finally opened his eyes again and tiredly, just want to get out of bed and leave the master bedroom, go to the guest to wash a little, suddenly picked up the quilt's hand a stiff.

He had a ring on his ring finger.

It is a seemingly ordinary platinum ring, which is very light and can be seen. It is still very new and does not see any traces of use. In fact, the size of this ring is just wearing the middle finger, but I don't know why it is still on the ring finger, it seems a bit loose.

The river stopped silent for a long time, picked up the ring and gently placed it on the bedside table.

He got up and walked out of this master bedroom full of strong and sturdy breath, and went back to the guest room next door where he had been living to wash his face. When he got up, he looked at his face in the mirror with his face dripping, and there was some confusion in his eyes. It seemed very unclear.

Where is it? he thinks.

For a long while, he shook his head in mockery, turned around and slammed into the sternness of the arm of the door.

"..." The two of them were relatively moments, and Yan Yan did not seem to see Jiang’s empty left-hand ring finger. The handsome face slowly smiled: "Early, Jiang team."

The composition of the jokes in this statement is obviously obvious to the point of owing.

"In the afternoon," Jiang stopped his head and did not lift his face. He wiped his face with a towel. I don't know if it was because of last night, my lips were still red. Yan Yan looked at it intently, until the river stopped washing and tried to bypass him and walked out of the bathroom, only suddenly grabbed Jiang’s hand.

Both of them moved, and they stared at each other in a very limited space.

Yan Yan’s mouth moved and slowly said: “Jiang stopped...”

When Jiang stopped thinking that he was going to say something, he only saw Yan Yan suddenly accepting it again. He smiled: "I made something to eat, come on."Yan Yan is more than "doing something to eat". It is simply moving the five-star hotel's Cantonese-style morning tea into the house. The preserved egg porridge, chicken feet, fresh bamboo rolls, various shrimp dumplings, etc. A dazzling array of people. I don't know when he got up and booked a meal. The porridge is still warm and warm, it is the temperature that can be imported.

"Too much?" Jiang stopped the channel.

Yan Yan took the dishes in the kitchen. "You should eat some food first, and you will go out later!"

Jiang stopped listening carefully, and when he turned his head, he looked sideways into the main bedroom.

- The ring on the bedside table has been quietly collected.

Jiang stopped silently.

"It’s hard to give a suspension of censorship. I have to wonder if the Lu Bureau knows the future and give me the wedding leave in advance." Yan Yan took the bowl out of the kitchen and personally gave the river a preserved egg and lean porridge. "Especially when I woke up this morning, I thought that there were at least a dozen missed calls or hundreds of 80 things waiting in the game. Hey, who knows that only Ma Xiang’s eyes are not long-eyed. I called a phone and just asked the case file."

"Because you left the team to go to work."

"Hey, the team will go to the class every day for half a day. Ma Xiang said that the rest of the work is personally hosted by Lu."

The spoon that Jiang stopped was slightly on the edge of the bowl.

Sternly sitting on the chair next to him, staring at the river and stopping to eat, suddenly asked: "Is it inappropriate?"

Like the Sichuan-style hot pot, the Cantonese-style morning tea is an ace Chinese food that can beat the world and sit on the river. There is almost no problem of unpleasant taste in the human range. Jiang stopped returning to God and shook his head and said, "No, it tastes good."

"Would you sit comfortable with this chair?"

"Ah?" Jiang stopped responding.

Yan Yan seriously said: "Is the chair not too hard?"


Jiang stopped the chopsticks with half of the fresh bamboo rolls and stopped in the air. The face was suddenly stern and stern, and the next second was suddenly severely stunned with lightning and quickly caught up in his arms and forcibly forced him. Sitting on your lap: "Come and come here, sitting in my arms is soft..."

"Strictly your daytime -"

"Come to me to feed you, I have a cage of leeks and shrimp dumplings in a special place. It is good for eating leeks..."

Jiang stopped crying and laughing, hurriedly struggling out from Yan’s arms, and knocked out the green Yingying leeks and shrimp dumplings on his chopsticks. He stuffed a steamed fish belly into his bowl: “Let’s eat more leeks and eat more fish. Your kidney really doesn’t need to make up. Let's make up the brain!"

Shaking his head in a pitiful manner, and sighing at the fish: "Forget it, what you have given me is delicious." Then with worried eyes

I glanced at the river and stopped.

Jiang stopped a serious illness that had been comatose for three years, and he was too lazy to make such a squabble with Yan Yan. He drank a large bowl of porridge and put down a small white porcelain spoon. He felt that he had a feeling of fullness in his stomach. . Yan Yan saw that his face was also okay today, and he no longer forced him to eat more things. He packed up the dishes and said: "You will go out with me and come back at night."

"how?""Birthday." Yan Yan smiled: "Although I don't think it makes much sense for a man to have a birthday after he is 18 years old, but every year there is a family of relatives who want to get together, except for the name to help me celebrate, of course. There are still some other... After all, my aunt gave birth to me, and the business stalls were so big."

It may be because Yan's usual performance is too simple and grounded, and it is completely unrecognizable to any dog's bloody grievances, so when he said this, Jiang stopped looking at him with an accidental look.

Yan Yan was afraid of misunderstanding and quickly explained: "But my task is just a bright show in the past, saying that I am still alive, calling on relatives to unite and love to live in harmony, and then eat and drink and come back. You will not ask me if you come with me. Just saying that you are my friend is over, my parents will not talk about anything, rest assured."

Jiang stopped hesitating for a few seconds in Yan Ke's unstoppable gaze, and slowly said: "But... I am quite tired today, will you say it next time?"

"We can just come back in a circle and it will take ten minutes."

Jiang stopped or shook his head: "Your relatives of your family must have a wide range of visits. I am doing this now, or avoiding such a crowded occasion is better, forget it."

Yan Yan’s eyes seem to be somewhat disappointing.

But the advantage of Yan Yan as a 30-year-old adult is that he can quickly control his emotions, so he nodded and answered his sentence: "It is also." Then even smiled and waved and said: "Then you Rest at home, I must come back soon."

Yan Yan said that he must go home early, but he did not go out early. He grinds and smashes the tableware, drags the river to the main bedroom cloakroom, opens the front blind blind special equipment wardrobe, pulls out each shirt in front of the upper body, and repeatedly asks for the opinion of Jiang Shu: "Shuai? How is this?"

Jiang stopped saying: "handsome, handsome."

"What about this?"

Jiang stopped his hands in the pockets of the parents' pants, but he said: "It's also handsome, handsome."

Yan Yan heard nothing. He is naked|Naked in the upper body. For many years, the first-line work and the exercise to maintain the body shape is perfect. The dress is thin, undressed and fleshy. It threatens to stop the river to the corner of the cloakroom, bowing his head and asking: "How is this so perfunctory?" Did you say that in bed last night?"

"..." Jiang stopped his face a little hard to detect, but he was still calm: "What did I say last night?"

"You hold me, my husband is so handsome, it’s so beautiful, my husband is the best in the world..."

Jiang paused and laughed, and tried to pull a few centimeters away from his head. He solemnly said: "It doesn't matter what your clothes look good."

Yan Yan was already preparing to give him some lessons, but he did not expect the Jiang dynasty to say this in his mouth.

"So don't wear clothes and go," Jiang stopped and couldn't help but say, "Then everyone knows that you are the best in the world."Yan Yan had not had time to start, and the prepared Jiang stop had slipped out against the corner of the wall. In three steps and rushed to the main bedroom door in two steps, Yan Yanfei, who was reacted, flew forward and took it back to bed. A few times, the handles and feet were fixed, and forced into the squatting arm and screamed: "You give me back! I see where you run?!"

"I was wrong, I was wrong..." Jiang stopped and struggled and asked for mercy: "When you do, you look good, don't frame me..."

Yan Yan grabbed Jiang’s waistband and wanted to go down. He was caught by the latter and could not succeed. The two men twirled on the big bed for a while, and finally stopped by the river and claimed that "pain and pain" was over. Yan Yan was like a male tiger who was not hungry and quickly hungry. Jiang stopped watching for a while and then said: "I have two days... I am tomorrow... I will give you a great one tonight."

Jiang stopped being suffocated, the black and white eyes were covered with water, his cheeks were slightly red, and the black hair was cluttered on the white sheets. He smiled and said: "You roll me up!"

Yan Yan can't afford it, bowing his head and groaning constantly, like a prey in his arms holding a fresh and delicious taste. For a long time, he finally got up and unwillingly got up and muttered: "Why don't you want to eat more leeks..."

Jiang stopped the deterrent and made a gesture: "You don't want to try again?"

Yan Yan broke into the cloakroom, and finally changed his clothes, and grabbed the hair and came out. He really didn't sincerely want to dress up to see relatives. He stopped Jiang to stop such a display object. He only changed the ordinary pl shirt and jeans, and he wore a steel watch on his hand. Young, there is a block in the eyebrows can not stop, just caught in the love of the Maozi young man.

Jiang stopped sitting in the living room drinking tea and playing Go, looking up at him like this, the light red corner of the corner seemed to want to laugh, and immediately turned back and expressionless.

"Why are you laughing?"

"It's nothing."

Yan Yan snorted and said: "Pro-one kiss one..."

Yan Yan bent down in front of the sofa, grumped and grabbed the river to stop the chin, and exchanged a long kiss with a lemon mouthwash. It was not until a few minutes later that he reluctantly separated, staring at the eyes of Jiang Shu, and then kissed his eyelids.

River stopped

The eyes, feeling the warmth of the breath from the end of their eyelashes, at the touch of a point.

"You have finished drinking my wife's tea, and I want to lift my pants and run," Yan said whispered.

The river stopped snoring, calm and calm, and the ears were a little red. This time, I finally couldn’t push the pot to the innocent Han Xiaomei.

"I will bring you back at night, ah." Yan Yan couldn't help but smile: "The old Tongxing film that was photographed at the time had five cakes."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"But I only have one wife," Yan Yan smiled and blinked at him. When Jiang stopped to answer this sentence, he turned and left the house.

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