Chapter 88 Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Chapter 88

If the level of cooking stopped by Jiang, if it is replaced by the same amount, it will be almost the same as the business level of Han Xiaomei as a criminal policeman - rich in theoretical knowledge and less practical opportunities; although there are bright spots, it is impossible to make a full feast on the side. of. (Free full novel.

Fortunately, the sole purpose of Yan is to let Jiang stop in his aunt's heart, not to be surprised by the superb skills of five-star chefs, so:

"The potato stew was good last night, and it was stewed again. I asked them to send the sashimi snow and cattle. The oily prawns are delicious. I called to ask them if there are any deep sea crayfish in New Zealand. The most upscale delivery of two pounds. Ah, tomatoes scrambled eggs! I love it with my dad! The box of eggs at home is thrown, I asked someone to send Turkish imported eggs to your door, you hurry to boil water to prepare hot tomatoes, fast! ”

Jiang stopped: "..."

After half an hour, the doorbell rang, and as the warrior heard the horn of the charge, he bounced and rushed to the gate, moving the box back and forth into the kitchen, all of which were all kinds of high-grade ingredients.

Jiang stopped looking at the kitchen to supply the hotel's raw materials, and the mouth was slightly pumped, and one word could not be said.

Yan Yan once again proved with practical actions that what money can solve is not a thing, and any weaknesses or shortcomings in the practice process can be solved with money.

"No, Ah Jiang stopped. You didn't ask me to pass the beef to the water. I don't want to wash the beef on the tutorial. Would you lose the flavor?"

Jiang stopped the stir-fried prawns, didn't even lift his head, took the strict mobile phone, and turned the page of the "carbon grilled steak" in his new cooking tutorial app to the page of "beef stew". In his arms.

"Oh oh..." Severe smashing, tears filled, and continued to fight for onions.

Strictly boil water, wash vegetables, cut peppers, pick shrimp lines, like a labor worker bee that only flaps its wings, flies to the pool for a while, and flies to the stove. In this life, the strict father of the kitchen did not go to the kitchen door to probe the brain, only to see his son "children" kiss close around the pot, the scene is extremely harmonious, like a TV in the wife of the music, I can not help but feel Thousands.

"You put the pressure cooker in the air, and you will take the bowl of stewed beef out of the pan." Jiang stopped the oily prawns and dripped the sauce for the last time, while he ordered Yan Yan: "The tomatoes are fried eggs and the rice is cooked again." In a few minutes, come back and bring me water, thirsty."

Yan Yan's eyeballs almost fell on the pot of red fragrant squirting prawns, stepping back and forth to the outside table, and brought back the bottle of iced mineral water, and first drank a big mouth, Lijiang stopped looking up. When he grabbed his chin with his hand, he mouthed his mouth and fed it.


The river stopped to prevent the sneak attack, and the spatula raised a large shrimp, and made a parabola in the air, and squatted on Yan. The squadron of the agile squad was not scared. On the spot, he grabbed the shrimp and swallowed it in his mouth.

Jiang stopped his hand and slammed his mouth, and the temple jumped straight: " delicious?!""Well, it's delicious." Yan Yan looked out and whispered, "You are better."

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yan Yan was smug in the expression of Jiang’s blank, and he smashed the oil-exploded prawns out of the pot and took out the small tune.

After a short while, Yan Yan personally sang the dishes and looked at a table of steaming dishes, just like the head of the family, majesticly announced: "Open the rice!"

The strict father and the mother raised the son of the waste wood for more than 30 years. Today, the first time I had eaten the rice that my son had personally made, and my heart was filled with tears: "Good! Delicious!" "Good craft!"

Yan Father looked at the scrambled egg between the chopsticks, and he couldn’t beat it: "Cui Cui - You see this color, this fragrance, I have never seen such a good tomato scrambled egg in my life!"

Ms. Zeng Cuicui was filled with emotions and ups and downs, and she did not even realize that there were countless slots on the screen.

Jiang stopped his eyebrows and couldn't help but twitched. He had to hold up his support and lifted his hand to block his face. Yan Yan proudly glanced at him, that means you see my aunt like you more, then got up and went to the wine cabinet to pick up a bottle of wine, personally gave him a fall.

"From now on you are an adult," said the strict father, who said to the deputy detachment leader, "work hard, live well, understand?"

Yan Yan’s toast is solemn: "Understand."

Strict mother took the hand of Jiang’s stop: "Two people live together in one room, you must get along well, don’t fight, do you understand?"

Jiang stopped thinking that I couldn’t beat it any more, and said that there was a white house to live in and hit the homeowner, so I nodded and said: "Understand."

I don't know if it is the illusion of Jiang's stop. He clearly saw that Ms. Zeng Cuicui's eyes sparkled with complex and gratifying and loving eyes, as if the mother leaning on the bed had looked at the second child she had just killed.

"Come and come, drink and drink." Yan father patted his son's shoulder, and stood up again to personally give his wife "baby" a shallow half cup of red wine, satisfied with the whole table: "all corners, and beautiful, good !it is good!"

Everyone toasted together, Jiang Gang just felt that something was wrong, he was forced to touch the cup with a hard and hard hand, and the dinner table was filled with a harmonious and intimate atmosphere.

Yan’s father had been banned for a long time by his wife. He finally found a reason to be justified with his son’s “relative drink.” The father and son blew two bottles of Maotai after they had finished eating. Strictly, this policeman who has been bound by the five bans of the Ministry of Public Security has not had a good drink for a long time. The amount of alcohol is far less than that of him. Half a bottle goes down to face immediately; the unruly father still wants to find a daughter-in-law to blow, and his wife is wearing high heels. One foot, waking up most of the time.

Yan Yan pushed his father with his hands: "No, no, five.

More than ten degrees, he is not good enough to drink, I am coming to me. "I can't help but say that I grabbed the bottle and drank it.""You can't drink any more. There is a father who must have a son!" Ms. Zeng Cuicui stunned her husband's back coat collar, took a glass of wine, and held down the river to stop and make a phone call. The driver waiting for the downstairs came up to clean up the mess. Yan Fu is still clamoring to talk to the "Comrade Xiao Lu" for two cups to talk about the heart, and his wife dragged his ear to the door and dragged it to the door: "Talk about a fart, your son has drunk like this, do you want to put them both down?" ?! Go home after eating!"

Jiang stopped immediately to wear shoes and said: "I will send my uncle aunt."

Yan Yan sat in a chair and sipped cold tea with a big mouth. He said: "I - I also go, I didn't - didn't drink too much!"

Strict mother and crying and laughing, slyly rewarded his son with a slap, and took the hand of Jiang’s stop and turned and went out, leaving the two fathers and sons to help each other.

The property is expensive and has a strict management. There is no one on the afternoon. The Yan family’s car is parked outside the gate. All the way, he only listens to Yan Yan and shouts: “Hey, Mom, what are you doing with him? You pull my dad. Hey, you pull my dad!" He said that he was drunk in the hands of the old lady who was drunk, and took back the river to stop, forcing the two brothers to carry their shoulders.

Yan mother just opened the door, couldn't help but turn back and poke on the head of her husband's red heart, biting her teeth: "How did I marry you like this animal?!"

Yan father has a big tongue, clutching his wife's hand: "Children, my heart is happy today... you married me for so many years..."

Strict mother is too busy to break free, and another finger pokes on the head: "How did I give birth to you such a trouble?!"

"Walk away," Yan Yan slanted on the road, one hand in the trouser pocket, the other hand on the shoulder of the river, indifferently looking at his young mother: "Hurry home, on the road Don't delay, don't look at me often, don't go home with my dad, ah."

Strict mother anger said: "It is better to raise your head than to raise your head! Xiaolu, let you bother, I will come back to see you later, we have nothing to worry about, I will remember to come and play at home!"

Jiang stopped being afraid to recruit more words, and he was only polite and nodded, and sent Yan Jia’s aunt to the car. When I saw the car starting, I suddenly lowered a slit in the window, revealing the face of the mother.

"Mom, what do you want to say?"

Strict mother hesitated again and again, took out the mobile phone and quickly sent a text message, strict phone jingle.

"I will remember to read my news!" Yan Muzhen, and then turned to Jiang: "Xiaolu, thank you today! I must remember to see me and his dad next time!"

"..." Jiang stopped his eyelids and jumped involuntarily again. He couldn't help but reiterate his own pure friendship with Yan Yan. The car suddenly went away, leaving only a tail of smoke.

"What did the aunt send to you?"

Strictly touched out the phone to open, the screen shows the latest WeChat from the old and beautiful:

Live a good life, support each other's trust, two young people should pay attention to moderation! Your mother.

".................." Jiang stopped suddenly furious: "You didn't explain it to your parents at all?!"Yan Yan hurriedly grabbed his mouth: "Hey, hey, I am dizzy, I drink too much..."

Yan Yan drunk and leaned on the river to stop, and walked back along the long-distance forest road. He is like a human-shaped sandbag with a lot of alcohol. Every time he steps, he drags his foot and shamelessly presses most of his weight on the shoulder of the river. He still mutters in his mouth: "I told you My parents are ready to recognize your daughter-in-law. You didn't see how much they like you, it's my idea to cook at home, don't hurry to thank me?..."

The river stopped cold and cold: "You have deliberately brought them together from the very beginning?"

Yan Yan: "Oh, that's not there..."

"You haven't talked about anything, is it that the two have been privately indefinite?"

Yan Yan was proud of himself. He just wanted to boast that Haikou said that it was not a good thing. It was just a matter of life. As a result, he saw the face of Jiang’s stop and immediately hugged his head: "I have more headaches, I can’t walk. And save the life..."

Yan Yan’s early years of police school graduation was assigned to the police station, and the drunkards who had been fighting for ugliness were much more experienced. They practiced a superb acting with superb pains. The face of the painful expression was very vivid, and even the passers-by had turned their backs and shouted. : "Ma Ma! Look at the long-legged uncle, he is so sad, he is sick!"

Yes, this long-legged uncle’s brain is indeed ill--Jiang stopped holding a stern hand, calmly striding a meteor, and forcibly pulled him back home before Yan Yingdi pushed the disease to the peak of acting.

The home has been cleaned up by the driver of Yanjia, and the floor has been dragged over. The dishes are all washed and lit, and they are neatly arranged in the disinfection cabinet. Jiang stopped the sternness of Yan to push the sofa, and closed the door with his backhand, he looked down and changed shoes.

However, he just pulled his foot out of the flat shoes, and suddenly he heard a breathing sound behind him, followed by a fiery embrace, and turned him back, and turned to press on the wall: "Jiang stopped..."

The pace of the river stopped was unstable. One foot was still in the shoes, and the other foot was wearing a sock and stepped on the cold floor tiles. Only when it had a slight inhalation, was it severely shackled. The kiss with a strong scent of wine sent to the throat with the tip of the tongue, giving a slight illusion. Jiang stopped raising his hand and was slammed on the wall with his palms. He slid down the wall and groped. Trying to reach into the back of the jacket.

"..." Jiang stopped his teeth and grabbed the strict wrist. He just took it away: "You drink too much, give me a break..."

"Don't." Yan Yan stared at him from a close distance, his eyes sparkling, and the depths of his pupil seemed to flash two small flames: "I can't stop drinking too much."

After a pause, he said: "And we have already worshipped the high church, and it is not worthless, we can enter the room."

Jiang stopped talking without saying a word and turned away. Before he took two steps, he was struck by the back of his body. Then he turned around and was swayed and pressed to the sofa. The large leather cushion suddenly squeaked.The two overlapped, and even the tip of their noses were rubbed together. Yan Yan narrowed his eyes and said: "We are already the official love of Ming Road, don't move me to the top, don't move..."

The sofa cushion squeaked regularly with his movements, and Jiang stopped his ears to heat up and whispered: "You just pretend to drink more alcohol and go crazy!"

"Yes." Yan Yan stressed that "in ancient times, when husbands and wives were married, they all wanted to drink."

Jiang stopped for a moment and immediately overthrew him. He sat up and said: "Who is married to you?"

He hasn't turned over to the ground, and his body is firmly sturdy and strong on the back of the sofa: "Why are we not married?"

"I have already said..."

"That's OK, whatever you want, or I am getting married, are you going to fight?"

Jiang stopped his expression a little solid, and then came up with an indescribable and ridiculous look. He pushed the Yanke back down the sofa: "Oh, don't get drunk. I'm going to give you a cup of tea, you drink a little." The hot water lay down to rest."

"I didn't get drunk! I..." Yan Yan was not willing to roar after him: "I just drank too much! Drinking disorder! Is it illegal for adults to take a kidney?!"

Jiang stopped only to hear his nonsense, and went straight into the tea room.

Strictly hate and hate sitting in the living room, I don’t dare to pursue it forcibly. I have a lot of thoughts in my head, and my elbows are placed on the thighs. This posture makes the muscle lines of his shoulders and shoulders very distinctive under the shirt. Heavy breathing ups and downs.

The river stopped in the pantry.

The switch cabinet door is aware of the movement of the cable, the footsteps, movements, and even breathing of the river. A little bit of movement has become extraordinarily clear, as if it is directly scratching on the sensitive nerve endings, so that the strict and difficult to control the male hormones With some kind of impulsiveness, hopping and hopping.

He held his breath, but the fire spread across the blood vessels and gradually became unbearable.

We have saved each other's lives in the most difficult moments, and we have been lying in the same bed for the night, hugging each other and even kissing. Why can't we go further?

We have even seen and recognized our parents, why can't we go further?

Yan Yan looked up and saw the last half of the bottle of Maotai on the table. The ghost made a poor hand and took it. The sputum was slammed up and down, and the bottom of the bottle was completely drunk.

The fiery alcohol enters the limbs along the throat, and the secret flame is accompanied by timidity, and it screams and burns. Yan Yan casually slammed the bottle on the table and got up and walked into the tea room. On the head, he saw Jiang stop and face him, bending over and taking out a colored plaid mug from the lower cabinet. From the point of view, the lines of the waist hips and long legs are incredibly obvious.

"I said how are you..."

Jiang stopped straight and got up, suddenly grabbed his hand with the fullness of alcohol, and pressed his back to the wall.

It is very common in daily life to strictly slap this slightly aggressive little action. Jiang stopped without responding immediately. He only turned against the wall and asked: "Are you drinking again?"Yan Yan did not answer, twisted his elbow back, and gently kissed his slightly wet palm in this position.

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