Chapter 87 Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Chapter 87

The next morning, the door of the community. (free full novel

"How does my husband look like?"

Yan father was kneeling in the back seat, and he made a long yawn for the 18th time. He was powerless and said: "The United States and the United States..."

Old and beautiful, Zeng Cuicui - Ms. Zeng Cui looked in the mirror again and again, finally decided that the silk bangs that fell on the forehead were to the left or to the right, and then smashed the red from the cosmetic bag. Mami looked at herself and finally satisfied.

"Walk away, don't be late," Yan said with her elbows and her father, screaming at the meeting with her daughter-in-law, and turned the car down.

At six o'clock in the morning, my father was alive and stunned by his wife, and he made a great effort to climb out of the rear seat. He looked at the east sky and the sun was crying. "I remember that we obviously came for lunch. of……"

"Oh, what do you know, the first time you see a daughter-in-law can make people wait, and many people don't blame!" Yan mother said goodbye to the driver, only to feel that the whole body's pores are all comfortable, and there is no spirit, and get up early in the morning to get the babysitter. The steamed iron dress that had been ironed for eighteen times was evenly flattened, making her seem to be ten years younger than a young man. Even her footsteps were so light that she had to dance. "Moreover, if I have a stomach, I have to follow it. My daughter-in-law who has not met for more than 30 years said, when is the engagement? Can you quit at the end of the year? Where is the wedding? When will the child be born? How many children will be born? Is the month happy? Which elementary school is the child? Junior high school? High school? After going abroad to study, is Harvard or Niu Jian? I can say that he has three days and three nights, three hours early to get what it is!"

Yan father can't cry and laugh: "Your son only said that he is living with people. Isn't that the girl who opened KTV didn't say it, you even called the daughter-in-law?"

"I don't understand the son I gave birth. The higher the tone is, the more unreliable it is. It is really a problem to be able to cover the attitude." Yan mother stunned her husband and couldn't stop smiling: "- I see him. Eighty percent is afraid that we can't look down on the girl, and we dare not speak directly, so we must first cover the ambush with us. If you don't believe, just wait for you!"

Yan father screamed, only to see his wife personally picking up a pair of women and men carefully selected by her, twisting the little fox step and plunging into the elevator of the apartment building.

At the same time, the top floor of the apartment.

The first rays of sunlight passed through the curtain gap and cast on the messy big bed, as if a light golden band of light was extended between the bedding. Jiang stopped his eyes and moved his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes. After a few seconds of short-term confusion, his eyes finally slowly focused and looked down.

The weight across the waist is really... a familiar arm.

He jerked over: "When did you come over?"

Yan Yan’s upper body was naked outside the air-conditioned blanket, and his eyes closed and his mouth closed. He reached out and screamed at the head of the river. He buckled on his chest and said: “Let’s sleep for a while...”The river stopped to catch up, and ran into the fierce chest of the same sex. The whole face was almost buried, and he quickly got out of bed and got out of bed. But his feet have not yet landed, and he was cold and couldn't be restrained from the back. He fell back to the soft big bed, and then he began to turn over and slammed him up.

The two of them took a look at each other and watched for a moment. Yan Yan slowly leaned down and stopped at a distance of less than ten centimeters from the tip of his nose:

"You haven't wished me a happy birthday yet."

Jiang stopped to lean back, although he couldn't pull any distance because of the blockage of the pillow. He didn't find this action but exposed the white throat to the strict line of sight: " will have a birthday tomorrow."

"I have been celebrating birthday since I was a child."

"But you have grown up, you are already a thirty--" Jiang stopped talking and stopped, his face was unpredictable, and he gnawed his teeth: "Happy birthday, strict... I said that you should not top me at this time." It!"

The proletariat spurred its strength and bravely overturned the weight of the bourgeoisie. But before it managed to escape the evil capitalist ruling area, it was caught back by the reactionary forces and turned over. It was ambiguous: "Top One thing, the top one is nothing, and there is no less meat..."

"Great early in the morning! Strict!"

"It’s because I’m early in the morning... I’m suddenly saying that you didn’t respond in the morning, are you having problems?! Let me check it out, don’t move, check it!”

"You have a problem!" Jiang stopped the wolf and said: "You can wake up and try your own plant for three years. It is good to be able to run and jump!"

Yan Yan did not blush: "I have no problem. If you don't believe it, I will prove it to you now. Don't move, let me top again, don't panic, get up, you say that you..."

The huge wooden bed was not slammed by the two people, and the sound of the squeaking sounds, the air-conditioning blanket wrinkled in the kicking, slowly fell to the bed, hanging on the thick light-colored wool carpet.


The river was buried in the pillow, and the neckline of the t-shirt was pulled down by the shoulders and neck, giving a slight gasp. Just then the doorbell suddenly came from the outhouse - jingle!

Yan Yan suddenly looked up.

In the direction of the main bedroom, Zhentian music was sent. It was a tablet computer with intelligent control access control. Yan Yan hesitated between opening the door and not being at home. After three seconds, he decided to go to him. He leaned over and grabbed the t-shirt that Jiang stopped.

"Someone, somebody!" Jiang stopped his elbows to try to block the enemy's arrogant offensive, panting and saying: "Your parents are coming!"

Yan Yan is like a male wolf who has been hungry for a few years. An arm stops the river and squats in his arms. He hoarsely said: "I can't, you can see this for nine, they have to go to noon..."

Dangdang! Dangdang!

The doorbell is unyielding, jingle! !

Last night, when I was stunned, I suddenly touched the cell phone that I brought when I was in the bedroom. I was shocked by the fact that you wouldn’t pick me up. Yan Yan stayed for a few seconds, finally screamed desperately, grabbed the phone from the bedside table and saw that the call was:

mom."- Son!" There was a warm voice from Ms. Zeng Cui over the phone: "We are here! Open the door!"

ten minutes later.

The door slowly opened in the air that was heavy to almost solid, revealing the expressionless face with a stern hair and a toothbrush.

The mother and the child looked at each other across the door frame, and Ms. Zeng Cui said coldly: "Ten minutes."

Yan Yan mouth vomited a string of toothpaste foam.

"I waited for ten minutes in the early morning." Ms. Zeng Cui took a little watch and said one word: "- unless you tell me that you just made a villain with your daughter-in-law, otherwise your mother will now Acting!"

Strict father and son, I can't save your expression, hiding behind him, Yan Yan turned a restrained white eye: "If your son is only ten minutes from beginning to end, should you change the family law?"

"..." Strict mother instantly smashed the top, deep in thought: "It makes sense!" Then a slap in the face, and excitedly and carefully into the door, even the high heels have no time to change, they have long neck Looked in the porch, happy tail has a little shake:

"Oh my daughter-in-law, let me see my baby grandmother... woman?!"

In the living room, I have already brushed my teeth and washed my face, and changed my shirts and trousers. I was bending over and putting a plate of fruit on the coffee table in the living room. I was caught off guard and slammed into the eyes of the mother, and then two. The human movement has solidified at the same time.

Strict mother: "..."

Jiang stopped: "?"

"You, you are..." Yan mother trembled.

"Oh, Auntie." Jiang parked the fruit plate and got up politely. "My name is Lu, I just transferred to Jianning, I am sorry to disturb."

Strict mother's hand caught two unconsciously in the air, and then supported the strict father who came in later. Both husband and wife had the same look of thunder on their faces. In the quiet air, they only listened to the strict toothpaste. The snoring of the foam.

Jiang stopped finally felt a bit strange: "Strictly?"

Strict mother turned back and asked in disbelief: "... son?"

- This is what you call cohabitation?

You are shy and replied that you are living with someone now, and asking your parents to be mentally prepared. What is your so-called psychological preparation? !


Yan Yan, with a toothbrush, looked at him, his mother, his captain of the river, and looked like a torch. He scratched his head and said: "I am... I have already said it? It’s almost what you know. That way." Immediately after the ducks slammed into the bathroom, there was a cry of drowning in the face of crazy mouthwash.

The inexplicable atmosphere once again enveloped the living room, even if Jiang stopped to think about it, I felt vaguely what was not so good at the moment.

But holding the last trace of "Shen Yan is at least a 30-year-old criminal investigation deputy, certainly not so unreliable" hope, he still coughed if nothing happened, tempted to make a gesture to the sofa:

"Strict Uncle? Auntie Aunt? Do you want to...bubble tea?"

Strict mother: "You don't have to bother with trouble..." and then sneak into my husband.Yan father wakes up like a dream: "No trouble, no trouble..."

The couple carefully bypassed the coffee table and sat on the sofa. Both of them were sitting in the end of their lives. They were not very normal. They stared straight at the face of Jiang’s stop, as if to see a flower from his face.

Jiang stopped and didn't know what to say. He had to sit on the opposite side of the coffee table. He just habitually overlapped his legs and suddenly felt that it was not suitable. He pretended to adjust his posture and put his feet down. His hands were on the thighs. Concentrate on the bunch of bananas in the fruit bowl.

Three minutes passed and the living room was silent.

"..." Strict mother probably couldn’t endure the funeral-like atmosphere. After thinking about it again and again, she finally got the courage, raised her hand and took the banana and handed it over, greeted Jiang’s doubtful eyes, revealing a cautious and friendly A very reserved smile: "Small land to eat... eat bananas."

Jiang stopped the conditional reflex: "You eat, you eat."

"Oh, don't be polite, you eat what you eat..."

"No, you eat what you eat..."

"Mom! He doesn't eat!" Yan Yan, who is naked, looks out from the bedroom direction: "He doesn't eat any yellow fruit other than orange mango and yellow peach! Don't eat bitter gourd! Don't eat eggplant! Don't eat Carrot! He is not good, don't feed him!"

The moment the air blew almost exploded. The only idea of ​​Jiang stopped was to immediately rush into the house to block the stern mouth, or jump into the ground from the air.

"Oh, that's it." Yan Mu seems to have done the wrong thing, auntie, put down the banana, and find a step for each other: "Don't eat well, don't eat well, bananas are too high in sugar. It’s unhealthy to eat.”

Jiang stopped immediately: "Yes, yes, indeed."

Silence once again shrouded this small space, and everyone thought about it in the same place: Why should I discuss the sugar content of bananas when I first suspected that I was a child?

"Cough!" Yan father bluntly clears his throat and forcibly squeezes out his smile that he thinks it is very harmonious. "Where are you from Xiaolu?"

Jiang stopped hesitating for half a second and quickly replied: "Jiangyang County."

Yan father pointed to the bedroom: "How do you know that..."

"Oh, we are police school classmates."

"You this year……"

"Two years older than Yan Yan."

The strict father and the mother simultaneously made the "Oh-" mouth shape silently, but the inner thought activity was: Didn’t look like it? !

Jiang stopped sincerely: "It is really two years old."

The couple said in unison: "Mature is good, mature is good."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"That," Yan said, tempted to ask: "What is your parents doing?"

The couple looked at the river and stopped. The inner activity is actually: What are you doing, mainly because your parents are "prepared for their mentality"? !

Jiang Shu is a person who barely watches TV. He has not seen the relevant experience of the future in-laws in his life. Therefore, although he feels that this problem is very weird, he still replied truthfully: "I have never been a parent since I was a child. ""

Yan’s strict mother once again silently: “Oh-”Yan Fu: In case he is my daughter-in-law, at least we don't have to deal with the family members in the future, we can!

Strict mother: In case he is my daughter-in-law, at least my son does not have to risk being interrupted by the other parent, unfortunately fortunate!

Jiang’s gaze was on the face of Yan’s husband and wife, and his inner doubts could hardly be suppressed. Just when he couldn't help but want to knock on the side and explain it, Yan Yan finally washed his face and washed his head. While rubbing his hair with a towel, he walked back to the living room and squatted to the river to stop: "Dad! Mom!"

In the blink of an eye, the three eyes are stabbing at the same time. The rich meanings in the eyes collide and collide in the air, and the sparkling fire shines.

Severely chopping his mouth and coughing, pretending to see nothing, stretched out his gift bag: "Hey, what is this, my birthday present?"

Strict mother could not stop her, and her debt collector’s son had already handcuffed the watch box—one for his son’s birthday present and one for his daughter-in-law.

Under the eyes of the public, it was impossible to turn around. When the time was right, the mother only felt that her head was big.

"This, this is..." Yan's tail sounds a bit vain: "The two watches that were taken last year can make a pair. I want to see you for the first time... I saw Xiaolu for the first time, and there is nothing I can do." So, just..."

Two tables can be made into a pair.

... make a pair.

Jiang stopped watching the Karazha Cross lg on the wooden pair of boxes, and the facial muscles were a little stiff. This expression appeared quite rare on his face, but at the moment he had no intention to cover it up and blurted out: "No, wait for Aunt Aunt. It may be a bit misunderstood. You should listen to me first-"

"I can explain!" Yan Yan can't wait to interrupt.

Everyone brushed their eyes, Yan Yan's expression was extremely calm, but the foot was forced to step on the river under the coffee table, rushing to the kitchen Nunu mouth, handed a "my aunt, I will fix it".

Jiang stopped the brains of a well-defined brain, and said what is the situation? What do your parents want to give to the pair? What did you say to your family?

Yan Yan nodded in a few invisible places, that means you don't care, give it to me!

Yan’s strict mother watched the two of them rushing, and finally Jiang could no longer stand it. He hurriedly dropped the phrase “I went to boil water to make tea” and fled to escape, so I didn’t even return.

As a result, his forefoot entered the kitchen, and Ms. Zeng Cui, the hind foot, smashed her son's collar and gnashed her teeth: "Strict, sly!"

Severely hold her hand: "Mom!"

"You tell me again what is your relationship?!"

"Mom, listen to me!"

Seeing Ms. Zeng Cui's murderous expression, if the river stops, it is estimated that the next stern deputy detachment will be taken to the hospital by the mother.

"Mom, we are really together. Your son is almost like this in your life. You can learn more about the American surrogate institution. One hundred and two hundred thousand and six hundred and six hundred identical twins are really not born." The baby can still have a child with your surname. My dad doesn’t mean that when I was young, you were old and wanted to change my surname?"Strict father was glaring at his son, and immediately turned his head and focused on the floor, successfully creating a sense of sight passing by soy sauce.

Ms. Zeng Cui: "..."

Yan Yanqing really cuts: "I don't care. I started to crush him five years ago. I have always been blind to each other for so many years. I know that I am destined to be with him in this life. So if you are determined by your old age, If you want to be a good fight, my son, I can only be alone, but I am still alive. From then on, I will not read the world..."

Strict mother was disgusted: "Speaking!"

"I took the initiative, he was shy, and did not intend to formally determine the relationship between the two." Yan Yan glanced at the kitchen and sneaked down the voice: "So I lied to him that you don't know anything, he thought you only He is my police school classmate..."

Yan mother glared at him, probably within the heart of the first 10,000 times seriously considering whether to put this son back into his stomach to re-create it.

"What is this Xiaolu doing?!" Yan mother asked coldly from her teeth.

"Oh, you don't want to ask anymore - people are criminal investigation consultants from the public. It is a first-class police superintendent for several years. It is said that it is transferred to Jianning. In fact, it is only temporary assistance for a while. How do you still be a crime?" Suspect?"

Whoever expects the mother's look not to relax as he thought, but more dignified: "Is the position higher than you?"

Yan Yan solemnly nodded.

"..." Yan mother worried: "You are really in love, are you not under the rules?!"

Yan Yan almost sprayed out.

"That, please," Jiang stopped to look out from the kitchen and carefully inserted it: "Black tea or green tea?"

Strict mother has already let go of the hand of the son’s collar, and quietly and elegantly sat on the sofa. If nothing happened just now: “No trouble, no trouble, we can do anything!”

Jiang stopped to look like he was still sceptical, and nodded his eyebrows and turned back to the kitchen.

Yan Yan side finishing the collar and complaining: "Mom, this person is really..."

"I tell you a rabbit, a donkey, a child." Yan mother eyes fast, once again grabbed the strict neckline, a word warned: "If you dare to sell for strength, I will deprive you of inheritance, a hundred years later All your aunt’s property is donated to charity, letting you roll out of your home for the rest of your life to drink the northwest wind..."

In the end, I still love the sturdy father: "Cough and cough!"

"Do you have opinions?!" Yan mother snarled.

Yan father succumbed: "No opinion, no opinion..."

"There is no unspoken rule, Mom, where do you want to go." Yan Yan dissatisfied. "Does your son look so crushed? You didn't see how gentle, diligent, and arrogant you are in front of me. Shun? Last night, he also gave me beef stew and tomato egg noodles to eat.” Speaking of brushing out the phone to open the album, the photo was taken before the dinner last night.

The suspicion of Yan’s mother’s eyes was finally slammed, and her husband’s head was tied together, and he looked at the bowl of potatoes and stewed sirloin on the map."In short," Yan Yan said, he said, "He can't do without me. I can't do without him. We have been at any stage to talk about marriage. More importantly, we have already slept. If you start to abandon it, then he will be heartbroken and go crazy. You don’t want your son to sleep, and the scum man who doesn’t recognize it is right? So look at the rice cooked rice, you still give me The biggest support and blessings."

Yan Jia and his wife face each other.

Although I had already had some hunches and even prepared my mind, when things really happened, I still had a psychological impact on my aunt.

"Uncle, aunt," Jiang stopped the tea tray and came out of the kitchen.

Yan Yan immediately gnawed his teeth to kill his aunt than killing the chicken, and then turned to meet the front, could not help but said that he had taken a heavy tea tray from the river and secretly passed a "I got it" look.

Taking advantage of the brief gap between the back and the sofa, Jiang stopped the voice and asked: "What the hell is going on?"

"It’s their own thoughts, no problem.” Yan Yan’s hand gestured at the tea tray: “The explanation is clear!”

Jiang stopped nodding and relaxed a little. He said that his lifelong events are estimated to be a problem for his aunt. It is no wonder that when he meets a man, he thinks his son will come out... even though their son is already outside the cabinet. It is.

"Ha ha……"


The strict father and the mother probably never dreamed that their first daughter-in-law tea was such a scene, and the smiles on both faces were a little distorted. Fortunately, Ms. Zeng Cui is not an ordinary middle-aged and old woman. She is a person who has seen a big face in business. Although her inner and complex feelings are almost overflowing, she is still strong and laughs and asks: "I said... I said Xiaolu, are you still used to living here?"

Jiang stopped to suspect him: "Ah, live habitually, and take care of it."

Yan's father sipped a tea in his throat and stalked his neck and swallowed.

"It’s good to live habitually. It’s good to live habitually.” Yan’s mother started, and she repeatedly asked: “Do you usually have a good relationship?”

"..." This question asked Jiang to stop his eyelids.

"It's really okay." Jiang paused and aggravated the tone: "Although we are only old classmates during the police school, and have not seen it for five years, their friendship has always been good."

He was shy and solemnly emphasized his parents again with his eyes.

Yan’s mother-in-law’s recollection of the gods reminded her son that “he did not intend to confirm the relationship between us for the time being”, so he smiled awkwardly: “If you have good feelings, your feelings will be good. Come to Japan, ah.”

Yan father forced the tea cup into her hands: "Drink tea, drink tea."Yanjia parents sat side by side on the sofa, drinking tea in unison - not the old Tongxing Pu'er tea, the old Tongxing Pu'er tea cake has been stopped by the river and only a little bit of the last fingernail is left. . Fortunately, Strict mother is now only full of the white paper "Research on Legal Issues of Gay Marriage". The contact information of California's major surrogate companies is flashing in her mind. At this time, don't say tea, give her a bottle of wine. Mom mixed with vodka and she could fill it with no change.

"This," Jiang paused and opened his mouth and asked: "I heard that in order to celebrate the birthday of Yan, the meal seems to be at noon..."

He just wanted to say if we should go out now, otherwise the atmosphere is too embarrassing, and then the following words are severely stepped back: "Yes, we are at home at noon. You didn't say that you want to be in person yesterday. Do you have a handful of rice?"

The strict father and the mother looked up at the same time and were uniform.

Jiang stopped: "..." When did I say this?

"It’s not easy for the old people to come and go, don’t go outside, they’re hot and crowded. Let’s eat at home. It’s just that I will give you a hand and filial piety.” Yan Yan grabbed the river and stopped. Hand: "All said

The birthday of our children is the hardship of our parents. It makes more sense to cook our own food. Are you saying that? ”

Jiang stopped in the two look of the opposite look and quickly pulled out his hand: "In fact, I will not do anything..."

"Nothing, doing more and doing less is a matter of mind. The most important thing is that I took the opportunity to learn from you to cook, and later I will respect the old man. Are you saying yes?!"

Strict father and mother seem to suddenly open the door to the new world, and can't wait to agree: "Yes, eat at home!" "Health at home!"

Jiang stopped: "...............?"

Jiang Su was inexplicably stunned by Yan’s parents, and his eyes were stunned. His lips trembled twice. He didn’t bother to speak out in front of the elders, and then he was slammed into the kitchen.

"I said that you are strict with you -"

When the river stopped and had to ask questions, it was stopped.

I saw Yan Yan pulled out an apron from the door of the cupboard and put it on his body. He grabbed Jiang and stopped his chin and forced it to align. He whispered to his ear and said: "You cook, I lay down my hands. Performance depends on the meal, understand?"

The captain of the river squad was caught off guard, and the hand of the policeman was forced to put a spatula and a question mark.

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