Chapter 86 Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Chapter 86

Jianning City Bureau. (free full novel

"She said that the police wanted to catch me, and then jumped. I was prevented from seeing her short-sighted. I grabbed my arm when I rushed. Who knows that she turned me into the river, how can I be such a little girl?" Inciting, when she fell into the river, she could only jump into the water to carry out the rescue..."

Several provincial hall experts sat behind the long table, and each person had a pen and a cup of tea in front of them. The leaders looked at each other with different faces in the smog.

“Rescue?” Wei Wei, as the direct person in charge, sat in the middle of the long table, facing the strict and cold, and said: “From the time when the suspect fell into the water and the searcher arrived, you were lost in the middle of more than an hour. , rescue takes so long?"

In the middle of the room, the shirt was worn in a light blue shirt. The full set of police uniforms was as crisp as new. The four-pointed star flower of the three-level police supervisor was on the shoulder, and the shiny police emblem was displayed on the belt. In stark contrast to this, his face has not been shaved for a few days, although the sitting posture is quite good, but the expression is obviously not so respectful and serious, and even a little indifferent.

"I said that many times over the Wei Bureau, it really takes so long. Do you know how urgent the Sanli River is? The people who are used to swimming in the wild may not dare to go, plus the complicated undercurrent conditions, the twists and turns of the river, and the rescuers. I don’t cooperate. The water temperature in the big night is so low. You really want to go back and forth in the swimming pool for 50 meters and then go straight to the shore?"

Wei deputy bureau slammed a tea pot: "You are small -"

Provincial Department Expert: "Cough!"

"Rabbit scorpion." Wei Wei gently and graciously received the last few words, gnashing his teeth: "When you find Buwei on the river bank, why not report the command center in the first time? Why not apply for support by radio before launching? ”

"I really don't have time to lead!" Yan Yan's sincere sincerity, said: "Wu Wei was very excited when she was discovered, so I can only stabilize her as soon as possible. If she reports to the command center, she may even have her case. I won't explain it, I jumped directly. After that, I watched her jump into the river, panic and take off my pants and shoes, and I really didn't have time to get the walkie-talkie in the car. In the end, it was my fault. I was too confused. I am willing to accept the education and punishment of the organization."

Wei deputy bureau angered: "Is there any use for educating you now! I have said that I am not allowed to handle a case alone, and I am not allowed to handle a case alone! You count the number of rules that you violated in this case, and you are educated. are you coming?!"

Another provincial department expert opened and muddy: "Hey, Wei, don't burn fire. The rules are correct, but we all know what the first-line case is actually..."

Yan Yan was relaxed on the back of the chair. When several provincial leaders led down or looked away, they quickly sneaked a face to Wei’s deputy bureau.

"You!" Wei's deputy bureau was stunned by this daring little rabbit.

"I know that I know," Yan Yan immediately followed up with good deeds: "I violated the rules and violated the regulations. I am willing to accept all investigations and penalties, ah."Wei Wei took a deep breath and continued to sing a black face. Suddenly the door was opened, and Lu, who was carrying a big tea pot, and another old leader with gray hair came in.

"Liu Hall is here," several provincial and provincial experts have stood up and stood up: "Liu Hall!"


If there are still people who are guilty in their hearts, now they are really convinced - no wonder the Jianning City Bureau, the surname of Wei’s old man, is thunderous and heavy, and the three churches have a few rounds of trials, half a word of punishment. Not mentioning. It will be good to reincarnate. The richest man’s only son, in violation of a discipline, can personally invite the provincial party committee Liu Hall...

"Go back and say, go back and say, change the brothers together to drink." Lu Bureau smiled and sent several experts to the door, and used his eyes to signal Wei's deputy bureau to send them, and then closed the door.

With a bang, the entire small conference room was left with Yan Yan, Liu Liu and himself.

"Let's talk." Lu Bureau slowly turned back and said: "Your dad and Liu Hall said that you wrote a million-word check at home these two days, meticulous, familiar with me. Come back, let us listen."

Yan Yan did not dare to lean in the chair, and quickly got up: "Liu Hall, Lu Bureau. I am embarrassed. I ignored the organization discipline and various regulations when I handled the case. My improper handling in the critical moment reflected the usual The wind discipline is not in place..."

"You got it, you got it. This is back." Liu said with a smile and let him stop: "Xiao Yan, you are young, but you can also be a criminal police officer who has been working for more than ten years. How did you commit such a basic?" What's wrong?"

Yan Yan did not mention it.

"Fortunately, this case has not been announced to the public. Bu Wei has no family members. Otherwise, the minors will participate in the kidnapping and sin, and there is no law enforcement recorder. The public opinion of this matter can be difficult to control. If it is more difficult, The criminal suspect was a teenage girl, Yan Yan and a single male policeman who was alone in the police. In this regard, he said, "Liu Hall rushed to Lu, and his fingers were in the air twice: "That can be Fangren!"

Lv Bureau immediately pointed to Yan Yan, and he was unceremoniously located two times - Liu Hall is not directly stern and stern, and can only be transferred through the Lu Bureau. The three men form a perfect relationship with the rock-paper-scissors.

"Fortunately, we have a complete chain of evidence." Lu Bureau said, "Fan Wu and his accomplices accounted for two criminal facts: First, they were hired by Wang Xingye, attempting to kill the victim Li Yuxin; second, there was no way to go under the police pursuit. Knowing that his family brother Fan Zhengyuan had hidden 250,000 cash paid by his employer, he took the risk to come back and steal it. The result was severely met by them. In addition, the fingerprints of Buwei were extracted from the cash of Fan Zhengyuan’s bag. Identification is also finished

On the right front, you can prove that Fan Wu’s confession of Fan Zhengyuan’s being hired and murdered...”

"Lao Lu is doing a great job." Liu Hall nodded as he listened and praised: "This file is sent to the procuratorate, and they can't say it."

Lu Bureau waved again and again.

"But I still don't understand something," Liu said, frowning. "You said that the little girl gave Fan Zhengyuan 250,000 yuan. Who is going to be assassinated?"Yan Yanran looked up.

Sure enough, Lu Bureau also nodded in a heavy position: "It's hard to say. Fan Zhengyuan's series of crimes, we are really in the hands of him, only he is attacked with a gun, then he is killed and killed. On the highway, but if I get the conclusion that Buwei or Wang Xingye instructed him to swear by this point, it seems to be far-fetched."

- Of course not a thorn.

The target of Bu Wei’s murder is Jiang Shu.

Yan Yan's face is full of humility and sensibility of the younger generation. In the actual palm, he has already sweated. He only listened to Liu Hall and touched his chin. "It is really far-fetched, especially after he is ruined... Xiao Yan! If I don’t believe in your character, it’s up to you to leave Fan Zhengyuan slaughtered. It’s quite neat and hahaha—”

Yan Yan: "..."

Liu Hall probably realized that this whispered sentence was not funny, and he touched his nose slightly: "This way, Lao Lu. This matter must start with Fan Zhengyuan's contact with Wang Xingye, and trace Wang Xingye as a drug dealer. On the line. We have reason to believe that Wang Xingye has close ties with a drug trafficking group active in the border in the early years. Go back and write a plan to go to the ministry, and strive to set up a task force to follow the clues."

Lu Bureau thought it was, and it continued to sound.

The two of them were there in the cold of your words, and Yan Yan quickly patrolled the two old leaders on a fat, thin face, coughing and raising his hand: "That - the task force leader I can do it, go back tonight and write a detailed plan, please review it, I can still..."

"You?" Liu Guan looked at him and thundered: "Do you know what level of this cross-border drug trafficking organization is?"

Strictly started.

"This is not a general cross-border drug lord. The new fentanyl compound that you seized in the case is not only in the southwestern border of China, but also in Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam. Even the United States and Mexico have reported relevant cases. Even if it is established. The task force came to handle this matter, which was also a serious case handled by the Ministry of Public Security." Liu Hall patted Yan Yan’s shoulder and smiled: "Your words, or honestly write me a check and hand it to the hall. The notice criticized the criticism, the suspension of the review and suspension of the review - no matter how the process is going, your dad said, resolutely cooperate with the organization's handling opinions, let you go home for a month's leave... match."

Yan Yanran said: "A month of suspension of review?"

Lu Bureau smiled and he gave him a gesture.

"No, the body of our remaining detachments, and the Wei Deputy Bureau is also older -"

"Old Wei has no opinions, Laoyu can postpone the sickness time." Lu Bureau Cixiang said, "Go home to check and reflect on breeding, see if you dare to violate discipline next time."

Yan Yan: "..."

"Oh, yes," Lu said that he suddenly remembered something: "The audit verification work of the warehouse for the destruction of contraband is going to be halfway through. If you have nothing to do, take time to help them move the boxes, so as not to waste. A little strength."

"Oh, but I..."Yan Yan’s argument is still not finished, Liu Liu’s big hand waved: “Where, it’s so set!”

The suspension of censorship is a new thing in the harsh criminal police career. Even five years ago, he and the city bureau did not suffer such punishment because of the problem of personal second-class work.

There is no reason for him, and the criminal investigation is lacking.

No one is missing this year. The forensic department’s slightly technical forensic doctors have to give lectures on two business trips in two days. There are fewer and fewer medical students who graduate from the public. The technical investigation requires qualifications and diplomas. However, there are only so many technical criminals who can be tested each year. people. In the view of outsiders who do not understand the situation, criminal investigation should be a less hungry post, but in fact, the grassroots police turn around the criminal investigation, it is also a rotation of the police station and the branch office, not to the city bureau. Coupled with the fact that the heart of the team has gone from bad to worse in the past two years, all the work inside and outside is strictly savvy, and only Wei can be presided over the work under the Wei Bureau.

When people go to middle age, they are full of wolves, they must support the old ones, and they must take care of the small ones. It is the strict daily work state.

"Well," he said. "I will be a holiday."

Yan Yan grabbed the police uniform jacket on his shoulder and rolled the left and right cuffs to the elbows, revealing the tight arm muscles and watch, and the other hand took the sunglasses and put on the handsome face. Wherever he went, he seemed to be carrying the bg of the crime film of the American drama. The tornado was scraped off the steps of the city hall and slammed into the door.

The g65 roared and started, and it was fascinatingly merged into the evening peak traffic.

咔哒 ——The fingerprint door lock of the high-end apartment is automatically opened.

"Don't eat western food, what Western food to eat. Call a chef to come over two bowls of burdock noodles, to be fat and thin, fresh and good burdock, put more coriander; last time your chef's hand-salted tender bamboo shoots are good, cool and refreshing. The small dish is not too spicy to hold four dishes..."

Yan Yan hangs his coat on the porch hanger and turns around on the phone, suddenly stunned.

There is a tableware on the restaurant table, a plate of fresh green garlic stir-fried with oil, a bowl of steaming potatoes, stewed sirloin, in the air

The air is filled with warm fragrance. In the kitchen, the hood and the boiling water are coming out, and they are lively and friendly, as if they are going to the bottom of the pot.

“Zhaodongjia? Hey?” The restaurant manager opposite the phone shouted on the phone. “What more do you want, I have finished this?”

"...No, nothing is used." Yan Yan dreamed and muttered: "Your wife, I have personally cooked here today."

Yan Yan hangs up the phone and looks into the kitchen.

Jiang stopped wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt at home, cotton trousers and slippers, standing sideways at him in front of the stove, holding a noodle in his hand, just about to go down the pot.

"Come back? Wash your hands and prepare to eat." Jiang stopped his head and did not lift the road. "Tonight, eat tomato and egg noodles."

Yan Yan lived for more than 30 years. For the first time, he felt the feeling of a man who was newly married Yaner coming home from work at night. He licked himself and didn't feel the pain. It took a few seconds to almost confirm that he was dreaming."What are you doing?" Jiang stopped looking up, and looked at him up and down a bit, and immediately found that Yan Yan was wearing a police uniform today, his eyes could not help but settle for two seconds, then smiled and looked down into the pot.

Yan Yan ghost asked God: "...What are you laughing at?"

"It's nothing."

"No, you just laughed, what are you laughing at?"

Jiang stopped using chopsticks to spread the noodles: "I have nothing to say to you."

"You obviously look at me..."

"Go with the dishes," Jiang stopped. "Don't think you can sit there and wait for nothing."

Yan Yan slammed the sound and said: "It will make people call." Then put down the bag, changed clothes, and went into the kitchen to take the tableware spoon from the disinfection cabinet. After affixing to the river, he whispered: " It doesn't matter if you don't admit it. I know that you just watched me handsome and laughed... Hey!"

Jiang stopped from the pot and stuffed a piece of egg into his mouth: "Go eat your meal."

Tomato egg noodles, first use a fresh tomato to cross the knife, boil the soft water, peeled off the cold water, stir fry a thick sauce with a little oil; half-boiled eggs are poured into a piece of fried, fresh egg noodles In tomato sauce, put a little salt, sugar, chicken, then add water, season with crushed shallots and parsley, and finally a few drops of sesame oil.

Bright red tomatoes, bright yellow egg pieces, green onion coriander, and finally a bowl of bright and delicious noodles.

Yan Yan’s meal is like a wind and a cloud, and the fat and tender burdock screams and kills a large bowl of noodles. It’s too good to say anything. He got up and went to the kitchen to add a bowl. When he came back, he solemnly said: "Value."

"What value?" Jiang stopped a spoonful of soup and asked for soup.

"The whole system notified the criticism, and the suspension was suspended for one month." Yan Yan's index finger swayed in the air and pointed to the sea bowl in front of him: "It's all in this side."

Jiang stopped laughing and clipped him a chopsticks and asked: "Is it regret?"

Jiang stopped his eye sockets, his eyes were long, his nose was straight, his lips were thin, and his face was a little inhuman. Many people thought of him as a rational professional, but cold-blooded criminal investigation expert. So when he was wearing home clothes, sitting in the heat of the food, and with the fluffy air that had just been washed and dried, the huge contrast created an indescribable charm.

Yan Yan’s eyes were not staring at Jiang’s stop. Suddenly he did not answer and asked: “Have your life ever benefited from beauty?”

"No, what do you think all day long?"

Yan Yan ate the piece of beef and smiled: "Then you have it now."

After Yan Hao’s work, he lived alone from his home. The reason why he is still alive now is that his own steel-like stomach has taken up most of the reasons. The hard work of the door chef and the cleaning aunt has also contributed.However, according to the meaning of the river stop, only two people ate a meal at home, and used the bowl of the melon and jujube, so there was no need to trouble the cleaning staff to come to the door to wash, and piled up in the pool for an overnight look. Therefore, the first-level police superintendent Jiang team personally took the greasy dishes to the kitchen for cleaning, and took the dishcloths carefully and stood by him. After washing one, they took it and dried it, then put it into the disinfection cabinet. It’s neat and tidy.

At this time, the sky was already dark, and the kitchen was lit with lights. The two stood side by side, only to hear the TV in the living room, and I didn’t know what variety show was being staged. The space in front of me was only squeaky.

"How delicious is your cooking," Yan Yan whispered in Jiang’s ear and said, "Is there any professional learning before, is it going to be made to anyone? Well?"

Jiang stopped to avoid the side: "I live alone, do not learn to cook, do you eat takeaway every day."

"Who has eaten other than me?"

"No, it's you."

Severely sceptical eyes: "Really?"


"Cheat me."

"You, this person," Jiang stopped washing a four-figure hand-painted large porcelain bowl, and forced it to Yan Yan: "You are angry when you tell the truth, and if you tell the truth, you suspect it is fake..."

Yan Yan took a hand and grabbed his hand: "Don't move, the water splashed on the sleeves, let me wipe it."

"Do not rub, let go and carefully hit the bowl..."

"When you wipe it, there is nothing to wipe it."

The water was still open, and half of the chopsticks were washed in the pool. Jiang stopped forcibly, and Yan Yan was as unwilling to let the wolf, who was very hungry. He pulled the river and stopped his right hand cuff and fell halfway. Yan Guang’s eyes suddenly saw the scars on the inside of his wrist.

If it is a cut wrist, the wound should be parallel or criss-crossing, indeed

There will be no clear bite marks.

Yan Yan eyebrows violently jumped, but his face was not revealed.

Jiang stopped not paying attention to his look. He took his hand back and took the big porcelain bowl and took it into the disinfection cabinet. The cheeks were not easy to detect the reddish, cold and cold: "You just beat the bowl just now. It!"

He turned his back to the pool, did not see the deep and uncertain look, the next second only felt the waist was suddenly tightened, and then the height of nearly one meter nine was forcibly attached to the back, and he was placed on the glass door of the disinfection cabinet. on.


"Hey, hey," Yan Yan bit his ear and whispered, "Let me top two, hehe."

Jiang stopped suddenly and hard, but before he could break free, he was severely stunned and slammed a few times. The vertical sterilizer that is taller than the person makes a creaking sound, so that even the TV sound of the living room can't be covered up. The ear that was stopped by the river is red and hot, and one word can't be sent out. He grabbed his hand and twisted it behind him.

"Strict... strict!"

The sound line that the river stopped and converges smoothly changed its tone on the final tail, but it was more tightly buckled to get rid of the wrist. The dishes in the struggling cabinets slammed down and the sound was crisp and deafening. The river stopped the machine and turned around in a small space, and frowned and said: "Strictly!"Yan Yan: "Pro-one one..."

When the river stopped, it was easy to change one side. When the hand that was holding the strict hand had not been pushed open, it was pressed on the glass door again. The lips and tongues were inseparable and entangled in the warm yellow light.

"...I said that you are tonight..." Half a river stopped finally making a hoarse and annoyed voice. Unfortunately, the over-emphasized annoyance did not cover up the red cheeks: "...have you taken the wrong medicine?"

The light came from behind him, and he narrowed his eyes, staring at the end of the river and stopping the red lips because of the kiss. He suddenly whispered his head: "My parents come to be a guest tomorrow."

The river stopped slightly, and suddenly there was a hunch that was hard to say and not so good.

The two quietly looked at each other for a moment, and the atmosphere that was slightly more delicate than kissing and suddenly infiltrated. The variety show on the outside TV did not know what happened. The deliberate applause and laughter became extraordinarily awkward and embarrassing.

"Strictly," Jiang stopped hard and gave his eyes open. He said: "Do you want to consider more..."

"I said what you are thinking about!" Yan Yan suddenly let go of him, turned and walked to the pool and laughed: "My parents came because my day after tomorrow is my birthday, hahaha -"

Jiang stopped really, and saw Yan Yan laughing and grabbing the chopsticks, washing under the faucet, his face looked sly.

"..." Jiang stopped responding, could not help but laugh, and shouted with his hand.

"Reassure that I have already greeted them. I said that a friend of a police school had just moved the work to build a house. The dormitory was not ready, so I stayed for a few days. They usually work too busy, come and have lunch. "It's not what you think." Yan Yan screamed and raised his sword, deliberately looking up and down the river: "Hey, you are looking forward to this, oh - can't wait to see the in-laws to change the fee?"

Jiang stopped and said: "I see it is the father-in-law." Speaking of picking up the dishcloth, the volley was thrown to Yan Yan, and he went back to the bedroom.

Yan Yan watched his figure disappear into the door of the guest, his hands licking the chopsticks, his face was not smiling, but his eyes had already sank one by one, until the deep pool was cold.

For a long while, he finally closed the faucet and stood up straight. He didn't know what he was thinking, and his thick eyebrows were tightly locked. Gd1806102

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