Chapter 85 Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Chapter 85

"...Jiang stopped," Yan Yan was a little hesitant, but after a moment of thought, he decided to say it: "I haven't seen it for 20 years, maybe you just haven't seen him, but he has been watching you. (Free full novel ."

Jiang stopped looking up: "What?"

"We found a CD in the old home of Budwe's parents. There are some clips about you..." The time is tight, Yan Yan can only describe the contents of the disc simply, and then: "Enforcement Recorder This kind of thing started to be used in China about seven or eight years ago. From the dialogue in the video, Gongzhou police used it not very skillfully. It may be just getting in touch with this kind of equipment. There are deadlines for saving, usually between six months and one year, and backups will be destroyed beyond this time limit."

Perhaps because of the emotional turmoil after falling into the water, coupled with long-term memories of the past, leading to confusion, Jiang Shu has always been clear and agile thinking, some stagnation, half a sigh of reaction: "...that is, the CD was recorded very early? ”

"Yes, I don't know how this video backup leaked out, but it must be in the hands of the spade k to be later than the time you met him again twenty years later."

The two did not speak for a while, only listening to the length of the night worms, from the distant grass.

For a long time in 20 years, how did the little boy grow up as a means of cruelty and deep concealment, and made Hu Weisheng the drug dealer who was so savage?

What kind of mentality is he in the dark, watching the river stop and become a smuggling policeman step by step?

"Actually, I feel a little bit early." Jiang stopped looking at the collar of Yan Yan's neck, and said abruptly.


"Because of the kidnapping, I lived in the hospital for a little half a month. On the day of discharge, Spades K waited outside the door and said that if I swear I will never betray him, I will take me out of this small place." Jiang stopped laughing: "From the time I remember, my life in the welfare home can't be said to be full and warm... so when he said so, I was happy."

Yan Yan suddenly thought that when he stopped at the entrance of Jiayuan Welfare Institute, Jiang really said, "Many places are like this."

That should not be an empty appease, but he experienced it personally in his childhood.

"It didn't take long for me to be adopted to a big city. That was the first time in my life that I set foot on the land of Gongzhou and was sent to a public elementary school. But at the time I didn't have a guardian. The so-called adoption is just one. In other words, I still live alone in the old-fashioned cabinet building next to the school. For two consecutive years, the living expenses are in the form of cash on the doorstep. After the junior high school, the building was demolished, and I have been living in high school until graduation. ”

"When I was young, I didn't feel that something was wrong. When I was on the office, I was so faintly obsessed with it. When I graduated from the college and was able to investigate my files through various means, I discovered that. The so-called 'adoption' does not exist. The head of the house has lost its connection for many years. As long as the political examination of the public is stricter, I will find that I am basically a black household."The political review was not as strict as it is now, and in some provinces, people are dissatisfied, and the flexibility of the admissions policy is much larger than it is now.

But - even if it is loose, the possibility that the black household will be safely reviewed without any awareness is very small. There should be someone behind it.

Yan Yan pressed his hand behind the river, and the rough thumb smashed his back neck bone, as if passing a warm appease: "If you didn't insist on investigating 'Blue Gold' and didn't find the drug factory, you Do you think that spades k will appear?"

"...I don't know." After a long time, the river stopped exhausting. "But it is meaningless to assume that, as long as the blue gold is circulating in the market, one day it will reveal clues, and I will definitely investigate down... ... no matter how many years or years later, it is doomed to meet the spades again."

When the river stopped entering the public, the fate-like trajectory was fixed.

Yan Yan slightly frowned: "Have you ever thought that the spades k are deliberately making you a policeman?"

Jiang snorted in the nasal cavity, with a touch of guilt and helplessness:

"Of course I thought about it, especially when I found out that someone inside the Gongzhou Public Security System was not clean."

Yan Yan looked down at him: "How do you say?"

"After the incident of spades k, I carefully considered whether I should confess this to my superiors, but I still dare not say the connection between myself and the spades. I am afraid that it is one thing, On the other hand, I was afraid that I would be caught off guard by the murder, so that all the clues would be interrupted. Therefore, after considering it, I selectively told the superior village that there might be an underground poison factory hidden, and the police should take action on it."

"However, it is not surprising that the action was carried out very aggressively, and it could even be described by dragging. There were a few more leaks in the middle. When I saw this situation, I gradually realized what was going on, and when I was waiting for the cofferdam The factory has been abandoned, and no critical clues have been found other than the scrap of benzene | propylamines."

"From that time on, I knew that some people on the upper level were deeply infiltrated, and it was a very polite statement that Spades K sought cooperation from me - because even if I don't want to cooperate, I must do things according to the instructions of the superior. The result is the same for spades k."

Yan Yan’s face did not reveal a hint of coolness in his heart: “But you are not the kind of person who is sitting still...”

The river stopped moving, slightly raised his head, and revealed a very faint smile to Yan Yan in the moonlight: "Yes, I am not."

"So you planned the cofferdam of the plastics factory and thought of giving him a surprise?"

Jiang stopped his body and was thinner than the average person, but because of the maintenance and fitness, it is a powerful and resilience. Later, after three years of coma, his health has basically been ruined. Now the thinner has no physical tension in his youth, just thin and weak.

But in the less strong body, there is an indescribable force that is hard to break like a steel bar.“I spent a lot of time planning the coffers, including reverse penetration, stealing information, secret investigations, etc. I know that once the action is exposed, the spades will know immediately that I am not an obedient partner, waiting for me. It’s natural to say what’s going on; so if you want to come, you’ll have to go through it thoroughly. If it’s going well, it’s even possible to pull the spade k down.”

"In the long reverse osmosis work, I gradually approached several undercovers of the Gongzhou Anti-Drug Corps. One of them has a long-term inner circumference. I still don't know what he is calling. I only know the name of the name, and his code name is 'rivet.' '."


Yan Yan's cheek muscles were slightly tight, and he knew that he had finally touched the name - this is the deepest part of the heart of the river, and the undercover policeman left a thick ink.

"The penetration of the anti-drug mouth is highly confidential: the periphery is subjected to rotational pumping modulation, which has considerable randomness; and each inner circumference is fixed to correspond to a direct contact person. The name, background and kinship of the inner circumference are not displayed in the public security. In the system, only the corresponding contact person knows. This kind of confidentiality mechanism causes many police officers who are sacrificed in undercover work to wait until a few years or even ten years before they can reveal their identity. It can be said that it is a purely dedicated group, and the rivet is one of them."

"Compared to other undercovers, the rivet has a kind of trait that I really appreciate, that is, the professional level of caution - perhaps it seems weak in the eyes of outsiders. His self-protection consciousness is extremely strong, and the handling of intelligence is very flexible. Sometimes, I even prefer to let go of some crimes, and I don’t want to take the risk of being suspected by drug dealers. Of course, this is not the quality we openly encourage, but I personally compare..."

Jiang stopped talking and stopped, and Yan Yan nodded to him and gestured to understand.

"So several undercovers were suspected to be exposed. Only the rivets have been lurking very well, and even have the opportunity to come into contact with the red heart. The 1009 project three years ago - the case of the plastic factory smuggling scene was planned by the red heart q A key drug deal with a large drug deal is the rivet passed to the police."

Yan Yan’s heart was moved, remembering part of the situation that Wei’s deputy bureau once told himself: “——The rivet has sent an encrypted mail to the police. After decoding, is the drug and illegal armed possession hidden in the ecological park base?”

The river stopped looking down and nodded.

Yan Yan’s heart flashed countless kinds of speculations. He knew that the problem was very cruel, but he still asked:

"...So why do you temporarily transfer the police force to the plastics factory before the start of the action?"

The line report from the rivets is very clear. The real drug trading place is in the ecological park. The plastic factory is just a trap of careful disguise.

As long as there is still a bit of reason in Jiang’s stop, he should not send his teammates personally into the dead hell where several tons of strong explosives are buried.

The dark night shrouded the sky, and the crescent moon was hidden in the depths of the dark clouds. The reeds swayed in the distant rocky beaches, like countless ghosts that were swaying in the dark night."...the police force is not temporarily transferred, but it is already in the plastics factory. The command car on the side of the ecological park base is just a bluff." Jiang’s husky voice finally rang: "Because I don't believe the truth of this information." Sex."

Yan Yanran was shocked.

“Before the start of the operation, I determined through various channels that ‘rivets’ have been sold to drug dealers by insiders.”

Jiang stopped the upper body and turned back, and opened a little distance with Yan Yan, and buried his face deeply in his palm. His white nail tip reflected the light in the moonlight, and the night blocked the shivering:

“After the rivet exposure, I urgently formulated the opposite plan and took full control of the plastics factory trading site with the elite police force. But at the same time of the operation, I suddenly learned that more than 80 kilograms of drugs were found at the ecological park trading site. I realized at that moment... I realized..."

The wind blew through the sound of rustling in the reeds, the sound of the river rushing, the sound of the distant train passing through the railroad tracks... and the entanglement of the backsliding back in time, mixed with the rush of the scene and the screams from the headset.

"...The two groups are ready to go, repeating the two turns and the b group is ready..."

“A point sniper group is in place and the field of view is good...”

"The firepower is all in place, the command vehicle is commanding the car! Is it intrusive?"

"Please call the command car, is it a breakthrough?!"


No, don't break in and withdraw all -

Quickly withdraw all -

Jiang stopped ten fingers deep into the hair, and even the scalp felt the tingling caused by the nails. But even with strong remorse and pain, it is impossible to reverse the established orbits that have already occurred in memory, as well as the tragic facts of flesh and blood.

He heard his voice say to the microphone:

"The b group broke into the door and acted!"

All the details are repeated in the nightmare, and even the time of the phone is accurate to the minute and second. Jiang’s soul floated in the air. He saw himself wearing a wireless headset three years ago sitting in the command car, frowning at the satellite phone, and then picked it up – he could even recall himself.

What are you thinking about: At this critical moment, what is the important news on the ecological park?

Yes, he didn't know at the time that the ringtone was actually the singing of the devil.

All tragedies and sins have opened a real high tide at that moment.

"Jiang team! Good news! The scene of the ecological park base is over!" Someone on the phone said excitedly: "We have seized a large number of drugs, we are sorting and weighed and ready to be shipped back to the city!"


The satellite phone came out and fell to the ground.

But Jiang stopped to hear nothing and could not feel it. All the air in his lungs seemed to be evacuated for a moment. For a few seconds, he didn't know if he had a voice. When he realized it, he found that his throat had shouted completely hoarse:

"The action is cancelled, all retreat -"


But it is already too late.At the same time that the radio resounded through the plastics factory, the fire rushed into the sky, and the waves crashed over the roof. The explosion knocked over all the police cars around the scene!

"The Jiang team is back!"

"Stop him!"

"Not good, the Jiang team rushed in!"


The wall of the fire collapsed and collapsed, burning in all directions, and even the eyes were burning. The river stopped standing in the sea of ​​fire that could not be seen, as if from the moment he had not been able to get out of this heartbreaking purgatory.

The siren sounded screaming, from far to near.


"Jiang stopped," Yan Yan grabbed his shoulder and whispered: "Wake up, Jiang stopped!"

At the end of the distant railway, there are vague red and blue spots in the night, and the sirens are looming in the sound of the river.

-- Jianning police, who searched along the banks of the river, finally arrived.

"I was tied from the scene of the explosion... I have been blindfolded for a few months and I was detained at a certain drug-making site. I can smell the smell of nearby chemicals, but I can’t tell the geographical environment. I don't know what's going on outside... I thought I would die there several times."

Jiang stopped to inhale in a hurry and forcibly calmed the emotions. The two wrists were forcibly seized and forced to open, revealing a red eye:

"Until one day, the spades K said that they seized the undercover police who tried to escape, and I knew that the rivets did not escape at the end."

Yan Yan stared at him whispered: "At that time, Yue Guangping was organizing police forces outside to rescue you."

"No, it is to save the rivets." Jiang stopped bitterly correcting, "I am a traitor in their eyes."

"..." Yan Yan wants to comfort something, but can't say a word.

Jiang paused and smiled palely: "It doesn't matter to me, but unfortunately one thing is that the police came too late. Before the rescue operation was officially started, the spades took me to the place where the rivets were held. Gave me a gun..."

Yan Yan can almost guess what happened next, and could not help but change slightly.

"...he said that as long as I kill the rivet, I can leave, otherwise I will die with the rivet."

Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and tried to look up.

He didn't say a lot of words, and Yan Yan could feel it. But even the most determined and tough people, there are scars that can't be touched and can't be looked back. Blood is carved deep in the soul, and there is no other way than to let time slowly heal.

Yan Yan reached out and hooked his back neck and slammed the cold blue cheek: "Are you pulling the trigger?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head.

"Have you killed the rivets? Jiang stopped and looked at me." Yan Yan pulled his face and forced Jiang to stop looking at himself: "It doesn't matter, no matter what happens, it doesn't matter, are you killing the rivets?"

As if the air had solidified into ice and another thread broke, Jiang’s answer finally trembled and ooze out: “”

"Not me...not..."

"You killed him." The spades k smiled and whispered from the ear: "Remember, he died for you."In the opposite corner of the "cell", the figure curled up, but the eyes were bright. Although Jiang stopped not wanting to watch and didn't want to hear it, he did see it. The eyes that looked at the muzzle clearly wrote two words, and the same two words were repeated repeatedly.


Shooting, Jiang team.


Everything left in the memory, Jiang stopped a bite to reverse the muzzle, but before he even had time to aim at himself, his hand was forcibly caught, and he turned back to the front, and then the index finger was pressed and buckled. trigger!

The gun rang.

"He died for you," the voice repeated over and over again in the brain.

"No one will believe you anymore, no one wants to hear you say anything, and the crimes and judgments so far have been written at the very beginning of the story-"

"Everyone wants you to be a traitor, or where does justice come from?"

The siren is getting closer and closer, and the flashing beam of the flashlight is clearly on the other side of the river.

"Everything can't be explained to anyone, because it doesn't make it clear. The adopters who brought me out of the welfare home, the tuition and living expenses of the middle school for several years, the political review materials when I was in college; how did I get from drug trafficking? The group escaped, why didn't it be killed, why the bullet test to kill the rivet is exactly the same as the trace of my barrel... None of the countless doubts can explain clearly, my file and even the whole life can be found everywhere. The spade k is inextricably linked."

"So if I am you, Yan Yan, I will not believe a word in all of the above."

Jiang stopped the white mouth slightly upwards, although the eyes were full of bloodshot: "Yue Guangping died, the rivets died, all the details that happened after the 1009 plastic factory explosion, except for the spades k, I only know." Even if you are willing to listen to me, I can't tell why my fingerprints will appear in the door frame of room 701. If I were you, the safest thing to do is to hand over the person to the police."

A few flashlights gradually approached, and the searchers shouted faintly.

Yan Yan Meifeng violently jumped.

what should I do? He thought.

I believe him?

Jiang stopped free from the stern arms, his body was a little shaken, but he still stood up with his teeth:

"Jiangyang County Hospital, you asked me why I refused to tell the truth. In fact, what I said to you is all true, but I have concealed part of the inside story. The reason why I hide it is not because I am afraid that you are involved in this drowning, but Because I don't believe you."

Yan Yan whispered: "I--"

But then he was interrupted by the river: "I can't convince myself that you have nothing, because I have nothing to do with it. If you sell me out one day, this one Life may not last until the day of returning to Gongju."

Jiang stopped and smiled bitterly: "But I still need to live alive, or so many people are dying, and who is going to ask for this blood debt?"

The barking of the police dog is getting closer and closer with the wind. At the end of the bridge in the distance, the rush of colleagues appears under the streetlights.Yan Yan looked backwards and then decisively went to pull the river to stop, wanting him to kneel down to reduce visibility, but Jiang stopped forcibly withdrawing his wrist and stepped back half a step.

The dark clouds cover the night sky from a distance, and the salty water vapor on the banks of the river is getting heavier and heavier. They are so high and low, and they look at each other. Jiang’s face is pale and expressionless, and a clear silhouette is drawn in the dark night.

Finally, Yan Yan asked: "What is going on now, what forces you to finally believe in me?"


"I am afraid that I am really telling you indiscriminately, so I have to do it for a long time? Or are you finally willing to blink a little and see what I have done for you?"

After a long time, Jiang stopped slowly and said: "...I can see everything you have done..."

His eyes are still calm. He always has the means to forcibly suppress all weakness, remorse, sorrow and pain in a very short period of time, so that the dripping blood is deposited in the bottom of his heart, so that the backbone that supports the soul is scarred but difficult to break, and always goes forward.

"I have never had a family relationship with my parents. I have never experienced the love between men and women. I have never even made any friends. Even my friendship is quite scarce. If someone is closest to the position in my heart, that person is you. ""

He paused and looked at Yan Yan: "But I can't let myself respond to this feeling... I don't want to lie to you."

Strictly nailed his nails to his palm, and gasped in a low and violent rush. He heard the snoring of the police dog running not far away.

"So strict," Jiang stopped coldly and said, "Do you want to hand me over, you decide."

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