Chapter 84 Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Chapter 84

Yan Yan blurted out: "Be careful!"

The accident happened too fast. He only had time to squat on the river and stop at the foot of the river. At the same time, he hugged the stone pier and stopped the river to stop sliding. Free full novel (

However, in the blink of an eye, three people who were originally on the river bank had one and a half suspended in the air. All the weight was tied to the hand that was holding the stone pier, and it was solidified.

"I am a liar...but there is only one sentence that fools you." The weight of Buwei's fall made Jiang stop overwhelmed. Every word was exhausted by the teeth: "That is the sentence, what is your name for me?" It doesn't make sense. It's not like this. From the very beginning, you are just yourself in my eyes, it has nothing to do with me, it is not my shadow."

Bu Wei raised her head. She had only one elbow and was tightly held by Jiang’s right hand. The weight of dozens of kilograms made Jiang’s white nails sink into the flesh.

"The spade k is a lie to you, no matter what he said to you, it is a lie to you. You are too small, and you have been distorted by a lot of ideas when you don't have time to see the truth, but as long as you come up... ”

Jiang stopped feeling that his center of gravity was tilting outward by one centimeter and one centimeter. The cold sweat slanted across the cheek from the corner, because the teeth were too hard and the face was bruised:

"As soon as I come up, I will tell you, Buwei, everything that happened in the past few years, all-"

Step by step finally responded, and her soft laughter came from the wind:

"You might as well wait for the following, tell me together."

At this time, the balance has reached the end of the strong, and the other hand of Buwei slammed the arm of the river and slammed him down.

Yan Yan lost his voice: "Stop!"

The river stopped to force outward and slid. In a flash, the heart almost stopped, and the brain was blank. When the reaction came, he was already holding the river and stopped his ankle. Most of the body explored it, in a thousandth of a second. In time, it has stopped the weightlessness of the situation -

Then, Buwei was like a broken kite, falling straight into the river from a metre-high dam!


The splash of water splashed and reflected in the depths of the river.

Above his waist, he was completely vacant, and the river was whistling, blowing people could not achieve balance, and even the prominent stones on the river bank could not reach. Jiang stopped standing and gasped, and suddenly he screamed: "Strictly! Let go!"

Yan Yan gnawed his teeth: "You fuck..."

"Let go!" Jiang stopped humming and humming: "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hide you!"

Yan Yanyi, Jiang stopped suddenly to force his hand to open, just in the gap between the blink of an eye, the whole person fell into the river with Buwei!

"I am!"

Strictly speaking, this pain is from the heart of the lungs, it is really true than the 24k real gold. He climbed up and smashed his trousers and took off his shoes. He didn't think anything in his head. He jumped across the river bank and jumped out!

The river rushed to the surface and instantly plunged into the eardrum.

Yan Yan spit out the bubbles and floated out of the water. He took a deep breath and another fierce plunged into the river.Fortunately, in the midsummer season, the river was not too cold at night, and the speed of the sighing was very fast. In a short time, he felt the water flow in front of him, so he stepped up a few steps and struck up to meet someone.

- That hand shape is clearly Jiangzhan.

Although Yan Xiao was mixed when he was a child, he was the only richest man in the family. In order to prevent the kidnapping of this kind of dog blood story, he still received the necessary skills training such as snorkeling, racing, and survival in the wild. The technology of stopping swimming in the river is not bad, but the water is definitely not as good as the semi-professionals. It is taken from behind, and the water is splashing and leaning against the shore.

"" The sturdy shirt is close to the chest muscles. With the violent respite, the river is forcibly dragged to the gravel beach under the river bank, holding his chin and opening the bow to the face. I took a few shots. This force is not too heavy, but it is not light. The river stopped forbearing and couldn't resist it. Finally, it spewed out a few mouthfuls of water in the throat.

"Cough and cough!..." Jiang stopped leaning on the rough stone beach, his face was so sullen, and he was wrapped in his arms by the strict force sitting across from him.

"Are you crazy, this waters dare to jump in the middle of the night?!"

"I just caught her in the water," Jiang stopped coughing and hoarsely: "It’s just a little bit, just a little..."

Severely slammed his back.

"She has money, and told me that I plan to go south to work. I guess she will contact the spades in the future. Although she will definitely not be able to contact them, she may be able to fish through Jin Jie and more of her associates... ...I didn't think she was actually directly..."

I don't know if I am emotional or have a lingering heart. The river stops and is wet and cool, and the trembling is very powerful. Yan Yan clung to his palm and let him hold most of his weight on himself. He sat on the bank of the river almost half-a-half, only listening to the wind and the sound of the water roaring away from the river. Disappeared at the end of the distant plain.

"It's useless, I can't save it." Yan Yan is simple and powerful in his ear. "The rescue in the water needs to be rescued, but she just wants to take you to die."

The river stopped shaking and nodded. After a long time, he leaned against the stern and hot arms and barely calmed down.

"The spades k." Suddenly the river stopped without warning, and the voice was still hoarse after the immersion: "He is particularly good at inducing this kind of anti-social tendency in his nature, or his mind is not fully developed, easily tempted by power. Young man. This is his natural, from childhood, he has this talent, not only for Buwei, but also for me...also..."

"I know." Yan Yan said, "You and the Spades K are the first victims of the real serial kidnapping, are you?"

The river stopped silent for a long time and nodded.

"Which year did it happen, it was fifteen or six?"

"……Do not."

Yan Yan slightly bowed his head and was on the line of sight of Shangjiang. He saw his little bloody mouth and smiled shortly: "It was when I was ten years old, when I first met the spades k."

Yan Yan’s heart was slightly surprised.

He can guess that the two people knew each other very early, but did not expect it to be so early!"I was abandoned at the entrance of the welfare home from a young age, not this welfare home." Jiang stopped unable to raise the chin in the direction of Jiayuan Road in the distance: "It is a foreign country. In that year, everyone's living conditions were generally bad, and they were backcountry. I am not as fashionable as I am now, I grew up to ten years old in a welfare home, and I didn’t study very much. When I was fine, I ran wildly and wildly. Until a summer evening, I met a look on the bank of the river. A boy of almost the same age, dressed in a special style, plays the violin against the water..."

In the early summer evening, the red sky was full of clouds, and a well-dressed boy stood on the side of the river in the countryside.

If this scene is handed over to the big director to shoot, it will definitely be a very romantic and poetic, maybe still very beautiful scene. But I don't know why, maybe I know what happened later. This picture makes the sorrow of the heart feel a grotesque chill.

"I have never seen this little boy in a nearby town. I feel very rare in my heart. I guess he may be a young master of a wealthy family. Later, I peeked a lot. I found that he often played the piano in the abandoned theater. So nice, so I sneaked out of the welfare home, ran a few miles to the theater, and hid behind the scenes on the second floor to listen to his performance."

"I came to a friend when I came and went. I thought it was a friend." Jiang stopped laughing and laughing: "I blame me for committing Taiji. I have a strong curiosity since I was a child, and I can’t hold my own hand."

Yan Yan was holding his hand, his palms clinging to his palm, and he heard the words on his back.

"How did the spades introduce him to you at the time?" Yan Yan asked.

"Eight|90-year-old child, what introduction is used, I can't even remember the fake name he compiled... It should be called Kaikai or Keke. Anyway, I didn't think much at the time. With a new friend, every day, I stupidly sneak out and play, and occasionally I can’t eat enough in the welfare home. When I am hungry, he also brings some snacks and snacks to me.” Jiang stopped to raise his hand to block Your own face, "Don't watch."

Yan Yan but gently and toughly took his hand and looked straight at the pale face: "So when you encounter kidnapping, will you try your best to protect your little friend?"

Jiang stopped to bury his head and clicked a moment later.

"The spades k is not the kind of drug lord who started from scratch. On the contrary, his family's family concentrated on the three elements of money, background and crime. I also learned later that he was sent to the country because the family was involved. The mutual poisoning of the big drug lords was actually to evade the disaster, but I did not expect that I would not escape the fate of being kidnapped. I also brought me."

"... Is the whole kidnapping process the same as that of Bu Wei and Shen Xiaoqi?" Yan Yan whispered.

Jiang stopped his head and buried it in his chest. From a slightly higher angle, he could only see the black hair that was still dripping, and a small white cheek, which reflected the light of the distant streetlight.

"Yes," the semi-晌江 stopped in a difficult way."At the time we were trapped in the valley, he also had a high fever. I could only go around looking for water. I was so thirsty that I couldn’t dare to drink blood... I didn’t think much. I felt that if I died, I should No one cares. But he must be a young master with parents and relatives, like a fairy. If only one person can live, it is worth living."

- A 10-year-old child is thinking like this when he is on the verge of extinction.

Yan Yan was too rough from an early age, and he did not pay careful attention to the so-called gap between the rich and the poor or the class threshold. But at this moment, more than twenty years ago, an orphan from the ravine was self-defeating and cautious, but whistling through time, and squatting on his mind.

"Shen Xiaoqi and Buwei swear that they must repay her after they go out. This detail is the same as that of the year, because the spades k have said so. Maybe his original words are heavier than Shen Xiaoqi, and what is swearing that this life will always be a brother. It's like a TV series, but I can't remember it for more than 20 years."

Jiang paused and smiled, staggered and looked at the river.

But the moment was severe, but the heart felt a sense of what the river was thinking about - he couldn't remember it, but he always remembered it very clearly.

It is because he is too clear, so he is even less willing to mention.

"After you are still saved?" Yan Yanwen asked. "The so-called mineral water is..."

"What water, there is no bottle of water at all." Jiang shook his head and shook his head. "The so-called betrayal of the spades k is another metaphor. After we were trapped for several days, the dehydrated high fever was injured and almost reached the limit. The spade, their family's buddy finally traced to the valley. At that time, my consciousness was not clear enough. I only felt that someone was calling 'catch the rope' on the top of my head. I subconsciously reached out, but the spades k action. Faster, suddenly pushed me from behind, grabbed the rescue rope first, and I watched him being smashed up."

"They left you?!"

"This is not the case." The river paused and said: "But it really happened for a long time, even the sun went down... Only someone pulled me up."

It’s been an understatement now, but for a boy who is seriously dehydrated and dying, the joy of hoping for hope and the desperation of a fleeting moment, and the waiting for a few hours alone, are unimaginable to many adults.

Yan Yan’s lips moved, but he didn’t know what to say. He only squeezed out a sentence: “The group was at that time...”

"I don't want to save me." Jiang stopped gently, "I know."

The thin moonlight passes through the clouds, reflecting the rivers, plains, and mountains and rivers further afield. Jiang stopped silently closing his eyes, and when he opened it, he seemed to see a similar night, and it was also the same cold and quiet moonlight, crossing the simple frosted glass window of the township hospital -

Lying on a small bed, he opened his eyes and saw the familiar figure standing against the light in front of the bed, holding a small bouquet of wild fruits in his arms.

The two children did not speak. After a while, the little boy standing suddenly asked:

"I pushed you, can you remember?""..." Xiaojiang nodded.

"do you hate me?"

Jiang stopped thinking for a moment and shook his head.


The high fever made Xiaojiang stop talking and faintly hoarse, and said quietly: "Because that is your family. They should save you first, it should be."


"I don't have a family."

The little boy finally moved. He carefully placed the wild fruit in his arms on the bedside, then picked up his feet and leaned over Xiaojiang to stop his ears. The voice was soft and firm in words:

"I am your family."

"From now on, you share my wealth, status and authority with me. You are my only brother."

The wind swept the earth from the depths of the sky, through the mountains and rivers, the plain railroads, and the vast lights of the city, blowing sharp whistle, spinning and dancing straight to the end of the horizon.

Jiang stopped a slight sigh, and was immediately slammed into his arms, palms pressed hard against the wet black hair behind his head.

"So you grew up with Spades K?"

Although it is a question, but the tone is a gentle statement, in fact he is ready to accept any answer.

To his surprise, he felt that Jiang stopped in his arms and shook his head: "No. I still remember that I told you that in the early years I traced the new fentanyl compound 'Blue Gold' when it was already The abandoned village drug-making base suffered from the spades k, and he was pointed at his gun?"

Yan Yan certainly remembers that it was when they returned from Jiangyang County to Jianning that night, when Jiang stopped being forced to climb the window and pulled out to drink, it was only true that the authenticity was still open to question.

"That is true." Jiang stopped as if he had seen through his mind, and his eyes slightly smiled: "That was the kidnapping incident. After 20 years, I first encountered the spades k in adulthood..."

"So now you know why after the secret investigation was exposed, he killed the few informants, but agreed to let me go, and even promised to cooperate."

There was a torrential rain outside the factory, and there were countless pale blue ghosts in the depths of the darkness. I couldn’t see the shimmering gaze at the end, as if the wildfire danced in the eighteen layers of hell.

"Twenty years have passed... but I have never forgotten you."

There was a violent impact in the heavy rain in the distance, a slamming sound, one sound, another sound - it was a gunshot.

The fingers that stopped on the side of the river could not stop tremble, but he forced himself to calm down and slightly raised his head, although this action might affect the cold muzzle on the temple:

"So, do you want to kill me now?"

"No." He heard that Spades k smiled: "You are my only brother, always. My wealth, status, authority, everything in the world, can be shared with you..."

"Just like twenty years ago, you shared the spring water, the wild fruit, and the rope that saved the life."

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