Chapter 83 Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Chapter 83

Yan Yan did not wait a long time, a police car came from a distance, and slammed on his side. (Free full novel.

Gao Panqing’s greatest advantage is to execute every strict instruction in a faithful and sly word, and strictly call him to bring it “in person”. He really stopped himself by carrying the river, and the car has not stopped. Just lower the window: "Yan Ge, I just heard from the table that there is a public telephone booth near the Red Star Road subway station. I found that the little girl suspected of Buwei had made a few calls there. Then we are not..."

Oh! Yan Yan pulled the door open and pulled the arm of the river to pull him off the car and put it into the Phaeton that he opened.

"You should first explore the situation, focus on the hospitals, schools, and places where Bu Wei usually lives, and her good friends." Yan Yan’s instructions are simple and clear: "Once you find clues, please contact the radio at any time. Act without authorization."

Gao Panqing said: "Yes!" Not yet fully landed, only to see the Phaeton slammed away, leaving only a sly tail smoke.

When the river stopped and had to buckle the seat belt, it was pushed back by the inertia when the vehicle was started. Then I saw the strict front of the eye, the left hand put the steering wheel, but the right hand reached out and explored his trouser pocket, accurately touched the sync monitor, long press to open.

The small indicator light flashes a few times and returns to silence.

——The battery soaked in concentrated brine is really consumed.

When Jiang stopped this, he buckled his seat belt and smashed his shoulders because of violent drag. The tone was not shocked: "What?"

"Where is Buwei?" Yan Yan did not answer.

Jiang stopped saying: "I am not Buwei, how do I know..." The voice did not fall and the whole person slammed forward, and it was severely and violently stepping on the brakes!

哔哔 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后 后

"Where is Buwei?"

At 6:30 in the evening, the setting sun is gradually slanting, and the half of the sky is dyed orange. The torrent of school after school scoured the city center, the dark car membrane isolated any peep, but the outside world can still be clearly seen from the car.

The student of the backpack, the housewife in a hurry, the couple holding hands from the sidewalk, cast a curious look on this seemingly ordinary but extraordinarily spacious black mass.

Jiang stopped to look down, and he raised his head and asked: "You don't think I hid the little girl?"

The emotions on Yan Yan’s face do not show the slightest anger, but each word is full of oppressive power: “You are deliberate.”

"You don't want her to say more to the police, so it's designed - you just want to let her go."

The mobile phone constantly vibrates in the debris trough, and the reports from all walks of life continue to come: traffic police, patrol special police, public security brigade, city bureau visual inspection... but there is no breakthrough confirmation message. There were countless large nets laid out in the sea of ​​people, but the little girl in a white floral nightdress was like a small fish, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Everyone is busy and busy, everyone is looking for her.

No one noticed the arrogant confrontation in the corner of the city."What do you want me to do, Yan Yan?" Jiang stopped finally spread his palm, as if there was a little helplessness: "Buwei knows who I am and knows who I am. Even if she let her go, she can't Inspire any storm, because this is already abandon for the spades k; but if she is handed over to the police, do you know how many lie she will say that she can't verify if she doesn't know the truth? If you are me, What would you do?"

Every word of Yan Yan is like quenching ice: "So you handed her over to the spade k to kill it?"

"No." Jiang stopped. "From the moment she fell to the police, the spades k disappeared completely and completely from her world, and never appeared again. Of course, Buwei himself may still I didn't find this, so she just called the few calls near the subway station that were not supposed to be answered."

Strictly squinting at the tip of the eye, it seems to be extremely harsh and rigorous to measure how much authenticity of his words, half a sigh slowly: "Why do you understand the spades k?"

Jiang stopped just making a sound, suddenly squatting his index finger, it was a simple and powerful squeaking command.

“Remember the time we met the spades k on the roof of Hu Weisheng’s home?”


"After you hit the killer named Ajie into the corridor, I climbed onto the roof and saw the spades k with the guns and followed the corridor. Afterwards in the hospital, I told you that I saw a scene that could not be explained, but you were then I only care if I see the face of Spades K, but I don’t ask what the scene is."

Yan Yan slightly leaned into the body, so close distance, both of them can only stare at each other's eyes.

"What is that?" Jiang stopped quietly.

Yan Yan extended his right hand, slowly untied the second and third buttons of the river to stop the shirt, and then pulled down the side of the placket, revealing the straight shoulders:

"When you fell down the stairs, the dislocation of your left hand was not treated in the hospital afterwards."

He paused and said: "It is the spak k to pick you up."

The color of the river stopped changing, and he raised his hand to stop the strictness, but he was pressed back when he had an action.

"From Jiangyang County to interrogate Li Yuxin, you know that the 'executors' are just your substitutes. Then you told me that from the perspective of the spades k you are not betraying the whole organization, but Betrayed him this person - this is also completely lying."

"The truth is that in his opinion, he betrayed you."

"So what is the relationship between you and the spades k, and even this drug trafficking group?" Yan Yan thumb shoulders

The red dragonfly on the nest, looking directly at the eyes of the river stop: "--have entered the room 701 where the red heart has been waiting, even the rivers, teams, and longs who have left fingerprints on the inside of the door frame?"

Jiang stopped suddenly blinking a trace of suspicion, regardless of the block, forcibly grasped the strict wrist: "What fingerprint do you say?"


"Who told you that I went in and out of Room 701?"

Jiang Su’s suspicious expression is not like a fake, but Yan Hao has not answered yet. Suddenly the radio rang: “All pay attention to the whole attention. The visual inspection determined that the target was found near the Dongping subway station. Repeatedly, the visual inspection was confirmed at Dongping Subway Station. Find the target nearby!"Yan Yan slammed his hand and grabbed the radio: "I am going now." Then I pulled the hand brake and stepped on the gas pedal.

But then, his hand was once again seized by Jiang: "It’s too late, she obviously took the subway after the call!"

Jiang stopped to look forward halfway, this action made him and Yan Yan stare at each other, the air has undergone subtle changes in the stalemate. He did not let go, and Yan Yan did not show any signs of compromise; probably so silent for a few tens of seconds, Jiang stopped finally looked up and shouted:

“From the Hongxing Road subway station to the Dongping subway station, the bottom station is called Sanlihe. There is a social child welfare institution called Jiayuan. There is a transition period between the death of the parents and Wang Xingye. It should have been spent in this welfare home, where it was the first time she met the spade k."

Yan Keshi's cold and hard facial contour finally moved, but did not reduce the doubt: "How do you know?"

"...because I also encountered Spades K in that year."

The sunset came in from the front window of the car, and the side of the river stopped almost half of the face melted in the light, while the other half was cold and dark, and smiled at the stern look, even though it meant a little self-deprecating: "No doubt. At this point, if I dare to continue to conceal you, can't you wait for the Gongzhou police to find the door?"


The Jiayuan Social Children's Welfare Institute is a place that cannot be found even with Baidu maps. Because it is located in the suburbs, it is too far and too remote. From the Jianning city center along the No. 3 line through the suburbs, in the end, the Sanli River and then down, this facade mottled and rusted welfare home is hidden in the corner of the vegetable market; the small vegetable sellers in the evening are full The rotten leaves, fruit skins, chickens and ducks, and the crowds of the baskets are scattered, and then the iron fences in the corners are unobtrusive.

The faded "Jiayuan Welfare Home" five words and poor animal pictures are printed on the signboard, reflecting the last glimmer of the sunset, infinitely ruined and desolate.

"Come here, come." The old man's eyes narrowed his eyes and pointed to the two-inch unlicensed photo of the baby in the phone. He said ambiguously: "When I did not collect the booth, I saw this little girl go far." - I also looked at the door a few times. Did she stay in this courtyard? Then I don't know, the house in this welfare home was rented out early, leaving a facade still there."

Yan Yan did not control for a while, and his voice changed: "The welfare home that eats the state finances rented the house privately? What about the children in the courtyard?"

The old eyes of the murder of the guards slammed into the body, and shook back in a vigilant manner: "Children? I usually don't touch children."

Yan Yan still wants to say something. One hand grabbed his shoulder from behind and forced him back. Then he only listened to the river and whispered in his ear: "A lot of places are like this, don't ask." ”Yan Yan ignored him, forced to breathe the air of bad breath, fish and shrimp, only barely calmed down the mood of boiling, turned and touched the mobile phone: "Hey old, inform the traffic police brigade of Sanlihe District, give me Jiayuan Road food The surveillance video in the market, Buwei came here half an hour to an hour ago!"

Although Lao Gao was half-step late, he also rushed to the Sanlihe police station. Therefore, the on-site cooperation was very quick. He called the phone back in a short time: "Is it safe to be near Jiayuan Road?"

"What, is there a message?"

"Buwei's mobile phone just turned on, WeChat brushed out a dozen dollars, the recipient is a black car. We have already let the traffic police stop the driver, he said that it really carried such a little girl, ten minutes ago Sanliheba is close to the car under the Xuxu Bridge."

Yan Yan stepped on the gas pedal: "Let the detective Lao Huang continue to locate the mobile phone of Buwei, I will pass!"

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Xishan coveted.

The two sides of the river were originally industrial land. Now many factories have been treated because of excessive pollution discharge. The abandoned factory walls are semi-collapsed, and large areas of open space are covered with grass. Strictly away from the road on the bank of the river, the roads of the remote and desolate roads are opened, and the time near the Xuxu Bridge is already dark. The empty crows of blue sky shrouded the earth, and the river came from the end of the twilight. The Iron Bridge rushed toward the plain at the end of the line of sight.

Hey! Hey!

Yan Yan suddenly stopped, vented two horns, and his hands were deeply inserted into his hair.

"...It’s useless to whistle like this," Jiang stopped sitting in the co-pilot and said faintly: "If she doesn't want to see you, what should I do if I hear the movement."

Yan Yan’s repressed voice is full of anger: “What do you say?!”

Jiang stopped answering, took out the cigarette case from the sundries, and smoked the cigarette, and the flame flashed on the face.


The compartment was filled with the faint fragrance of nicotine, and he looked at him with a stern look. He suddenly realized that this was the first time that Jiang stopped smoking.

——In the past, Jiang stopped to see him pumping, and he only wanted to open one, and he would only take a few mouthfuls before the cigarette butts burned out.

Jiang stopped to look up deeply,

Spit a cigarette, the white mist filled the gap and couldn't see what he was. I saw the line from the bridge of the nose, the lips to the chin facing the last point of the sky. The slim and slender neck extended all the way to the placket, and the collarbone was sag. Dark blue and cold shadows.

"She is nearby," Suddenly the river stopped low.


When I just exported myself, I regretted it because I felt that my voice was not as cold and tough as I was. However, Jiang stopped seemingly unaware of it. His mind didn't even seem to be here. He only smiled at Yan Yan shortly: "Follow me."

Jiang stopped the first to get off the bus, striding toward the river bank against the wind, and hesitated for a moment, and slammed the door to follow.

At this time, the sun has completely gone down, and the street lamps in the distance have followed one another and extended to the end of the horizon. In the farther direction, the vast expanse of heaven and earth is endless, and only the Chang Geng star is shining brightly.The river stopped holding the cigarette, and each foot stepped on the soft grass. He saw the figure of the little boy in the sky traversing the field, running along a similar river embankment, his black hair fluttering in the air, his back facing him to a certain forward in the dark.

"I am coming late today! I have to help and do a lot of work!"

There was a carefree child voice in the wind.

"It's ok."

"What are we playing today? Do you want to swim? Or do we go to pick dates?"

"All right."

"Do you play the piano? Can I listen to you playing the piano?"


"The river stops."


"Jiang stopped!" Yan Yan hugged his shoulders and almost forced his whole person into his arms: "Wake up!"

Jiang stopped his footsteps and found that he had already reached the edge of the river bank.

The feet fell a few meters, the river rushed through the sharp corners in the night, reflecting the dawn point - not far from the front, a girl in a white dress with hair sitting on the bank of the river, facing the river, red | Naked feet hanging in midair.

That is Buwei.

The girl heard the sound, turned her head, and her eyes were straight at him, and suddenly the pale face was strangely smiling:

"What are you doing, don't you promise to let me go?"

Yan Yan looked at the river to stop - Jiang stopped his face is not much better than her: "What you told me is that you will continue to go south with money."

"...Southward." Buwei muttered like a nightmare. "But where can I go? I have nothing... nothing."

She sat high on the river bank, the night wind was fierce, her hair was scattered, and even the laughter was broken: "I called him, but the number became empty, he really didn't want me. Is it? Am I doing something wrong? I obviously have been asking for myself as he hoped. Is it not good enough for me?"

The end of the river stopped a little bit of sadness and seemed to want to say something.

But Yan Yan holds his hand and gently tightens it, which is a hint of stopping.

"That surnamed Wang told me to accept the 'test', I took Shen Xiaoqi to the Tianheng Mountain. I pretended not to know the naive tricks of those children - what are they doing? I have never been with those idiots. A person in the world, even if they are not smart, I have a way to hook Shen Xiaoqi into the mountains. The ridiculous boy took me around in the woods, and I was pushed by the opportunity to fall into the pit. Broke my arm, I took the opportunity to record his screams..."

In an instant, I clearly understood that it was no wonder that when Shen Shen’s mother received a blackmail call, she heard Shen Xiaoqi’s sharp screams as if she had been beaten. It turned out that Buwei was recorded and handed over to the kidnappers!

"I tried to take him to the phoenix woods... it was really hard." Buwei smiled, and was a bit self-satisfied and sly: "But I know that the plot was so hard, so I should restore it all." Because 'he' wants to see a reenactment! Sure enough, Shen Xiaoqi said that he wants to repay me, even this vow has completely copied the original script, can I not do it well enough?"

The plot of the year, the original script.In just a few words, suddenly the stern eyebrows jumped lightly.

"It’s strange that the police came too fast, and they all blame Wang Xingye for the few people who are stupid and stupid!" Suddenly, the pace of Buwei became extraordinarily sharp: "They should take the process of the criminal punishment, let 'He' witness the killing of Shen Xiaoqi. But the few little sisters said that time is not enough! Also said that the police are coming soon! In a hurry, I can only push Shen Xiaoqi down the hillside - as long as he dies, I will pass the test smoothly, I can really replace you. People!"

The last few words were sharp and sharp, and Bu Wei climbed up from the steep and narrow river bank and stopped at the river.

"..." Jiang stopped shaking his head slightly, Zhangkou seemed to want to say something, and did not know where to start, half a sigh of laughter: "But you don't even know what kind of person I am..."

"Shut up! I almost succeeded, just a little!" Bu Wei's roar is called hysteria: "I blame the few shards and timid, smelling the smell of the police and scaring the soul, I dare not take me. Going? I even pushed me down the hillside and tried to destroy my mouth! If it weren't for them, how could I not be executed?! How could I be abandoned?!"

In the roar of the roar, Yan Yan finally understood the truth about the abduction and confusing of Tianzhangshan.

Bu Wei should have been like Li Yuxin, who took over the knife from the black robe masked man and died Shen Xiaoqi. However, Qinchuan had already brought people to the vicinity of the phoenix forest. The policeman who was getting closer and closer gave the kidnappers a sense of urgency, so he decided to simplify the execution process.

Shen Xiaoqi had to be pushed to the heights, and even did not have time to check if he was really angry.

Buwei thought that she had completed the so-called test, and she would be taken by the acquaintance to the side of the spades, but she did not expect that the kidnappers would not even be able to retreat themselves, let alone flee with her incomparably weak.

So they may be arbitrarily arrogant, and perhaps the spades k gave acquiescence and even hints; in short, they did not risk taking the bv from the police's eyelids, but tried to kill her on the spot, simply and rudely pushed down the cliff.

Therefore, when the police finally rushed to the phoenix forest, both Bu Wei and Shen Xiaoqi fell to the bottom of the hillside, but in fact the kidnappers have used the familiarity of the terrain to escape.

The river stopped hard and said: "He abandoned you, do you want to abandon yourself?"

There is no guardrail on the river embankment, only the stone pier, and there is a chain between each two stone piers, so as to move forward along the river. The location of Buwei Station is high, the chain can only stop her calf position, the girl's crumbling figure is fragile and crazy in the evening wind: "You shut up! What do you know?! I have nothing at all, this world is Some rotten people! Rotten people!! If I don't make it by myself, I will never have anything! Like those who are poor and have no future without a future!!"

"But you! It's so easy to take away what should have belonged to me! If it is not you, I have succeeded, I have successfully returned to him!!"

"Buwei," Yan Yan suddenly said: "Don't stand there, go closer inside."The height of the chain is simply not enough to stop her, as long as Bu Wei accidentally falls at any time. However, Yan Yan’s reminder did not have any effect. The girl’s eyes turned, and she looked at Yan Yan and provoked a trace of a charming and provocative smile: “You don’t have to say it, fake, you just want to catch me back to the cross. ""

Yan Yan’s answer is very calm: “You are still under 16 years of age at the time of the incident, and you are not fully criminally responsible. Coupled with factors such as youth loss and adult instigators’ instigation, the court should be lightly sentenced, according to me. The experience of handling the case should be a three-year cap. Your life is still very long, far from complete, or stand close."

The smile of Bu Wei suddenly expanded, and the arc was full of malicious malice: "Is my life still not finished?"

Yan Yan brows tight.

"Yeah, in the eyes of your hypocritical and wasteful adults, as long as you don't die, you won't be finished." Buwei's voice went down, his head down, and he stared at the river from the bottom up: "So 'He' gave up on me, isn't it in your eyes? All the things that should belong to me have been stolen by this despicable villain, isn't that what?"

"Those are already..." Jiang stopped shaking: "Those things that are sinful, money that is blood-stained, things that are abnormal... I shouldn’t belong to anyone..."

Yan Yan suddenly looked at it, and was shocked to find that Jiang stopped really shaking.

"Buwei," he opened his mouth, and the tail was mixed with obvious trepidation: "Are you looking at me, isn't it as good as you think? Don't be the shadow of anyone, just be yourself, live bright and not." Okay? You are still so young, you don’t even know that the idea he instilled in you is actually wrong..."

Jiang stopped simply could not conceal the incoherence of the local language. He could only live in his mouth and force his own eyebrows to calm down his emotions.

"The liar." Buwei was cold and cold. "You are a liar."

She moved half a step outwards. This is really even the heel of the heel, and the center of gravity is slanting outwards. Yan Yanran goes up two steps: "Buwei!!"

"I am already dead." Buwei seems to say to himself: "He has abandoned me. What is the significance of my stay in this disgusting world?"

Then she looked up in the haze and looked at Yan Yan with a smile, her eyes flashing with a delicate and malicious:

"But even then, you don't want to catch me."

Yan Yan Kong suddenly tightened -

The skirt of the girl skirted the arc in the air, and the whole person fell down the river bank!

It's almost faster than lightning, not even the speed that the human eye can see clearly. Afterwards, no matter how serious the memories were, I couldn’t figure out why I was still half a step slower.

The river stopped like an arrow from the string, and between the electric and the stone, the flying flutter caught the arm of Buwei in midair.


The river stopped heavily and hit the ground. The inertia caused the upper body to slide out of the river embankment, and it was suspended in the air.

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