Chapter 82 Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Chapter 82

"Good Yan Ge, yes... We are already on the way to the hospital, and I am calling you. (Free full novel)

Gao Panqing hung up the phone and painted a car with the "Jianning Public Security" logo. He rushed to the hospital.

"I don't believe your ghost..." In the ward, Buwei couldn't stop shaking, even though she didn't realize it: "This is not a punishment. I am highly hoped that I am..."

Jiang stopped and shook his head gently. "It is Wang Xingye who has high hopes for you."


"You and Wang Xingye think that the ultimate goal of this ceremony is to pick out the final substitute, but in fact you have misunderstood. He just wants to design a scene that is 100% fully restored, and then puts children like you. Put it in this situation, see if you encounter various choices in desperate circumstances, will you make the same reaction as the year." Jiang stopped silent, suddenly asked: "You let Shen Xiaoqi swear to you. ?"

- The dark sky is overturned, and the phoenix tree burns like a flame. In the face of life and death, the tears of the young heartbreaking are still in the ear: "If we go out alive, I will repay you!"

"I will repay you in my life and will protect you!"


Buwei's chest undulating, slowly nodded.

Jiang stopped: "But many years ago, this vow was for me."

Although I knew this fact for a long time, when I heard it, the girl’s fingers couldn’t stop twisting, and the bones burst out with a crisp squeak.

"Knitting, extortion, blood, escape, desperate protection and oath, both are on the verge of death until they are saved... Wang Xingye should tell you all he can hear. The guy probably thought that if you passed the 'test', He can also follow the chicken dog to the sky." Jiang stopped laughing and said: "But unfortunately, there is a detail Wang Xingye can not find out because of death, because that person will never let others know."


Jiang stopped in the contempt of the twilight straight hook: "It is betrayal."

The beautiful eyes of the girl are mixed with unspeakable mistakes and doubts.

Isn't that the bottle of mineral water? She thought to herself.

"No, no. All the details of the kidnapping were completely re-enacted, except for mineral water - because there has never been this bottle of water."

"It was the time when the rescue finally came. He took the climbing rope and pushed me out."

The air with the smell of disinfectant water seems to have become a kind of liquid, icy and creeping through the nose, the respiratory tract, and even every alveolar.

"In fact, I have forgotten this detail until the police on the scene told me that I found an empty mineral water bottle and only tested the DNA of Shen Xiaoqi. At that moment, I suddenly realized that it was over twenty years ago. The strength of the push has not disappeared yet, but as the years have passed, it has become more and more awkward and painful, so that he does not even want to look back at his weakness and betrayal. He can only create a bottle of mineral water that has never appeared before. To make it a substitute for betrayal imagery."Jiang stopped to sit up straight, ten fingers crossed on the chin, and looked at Buwei with great interest: "Like you are my substitute, a fig leaf -"

"You can only be yourself, and you can never replace anyone, even if that person is dead."

The face of Buwei is dead, the skin is so cold and gray, and there is no ups and downs in the chest.

Jiang stopped looking at his eyes, and his breath seemed to be very pity: "If I were here, you would wait for the police to arrive, cooperate with the investigation, and fight for a light sentence. After all, you have been abandoned, and you are isolated and helpless. Find him again."

He stood on the armrest and seemed to stand up. But at that time, suddenly a shadow cast in front of him, and then the voice of Buwei was cold and crisply screaming at the top of his head:

"Do you want me to wait for the police here?"

Jiang stopped his lips and flashed an imperceptible curvature and raised his eyelids.

The two men looked at each other at close range. Buwei raised his hand and touched his fingertips from the side of the river. Then he bowed his head and said softly in his ear: "You really know a lot, but I also know something about you." What about it... Is it? Uncle Lu, who woke up on the 53rd bed?"

In the hospital corridor, suddenly a few plain clothes forced out the crowd, and everyone went straight to the ward and pushed open the door!

The next second is hoping for Qingdun to live.

The air was empty, the bed was spread out, and the bottle was suspended in midair—no one.

The beautiful girl has disappeared cleanly, as if she had never existed before.

"She ran?" The residents downstairs, Yan Hao hanging the handlebars, the action suddenly stopped.

"Yeah." Jiang stopped sitting in the tea room of the hospital, holding the phone in one hand, and holding half a cup of warm water in one hand: "She suddenly started screaming and undressing, I can only quit immediately from the ward to find Nurse... It’s my negligence for a few seconds."

There is no sound for a long time, only a vague breath.

"Know it." Yan Yan’s voice rang again, and it was slightly chilly: "We found some clues in the old home of Buwei. Now I immediately inform the bureau to carry out the arrest. You are not waiting for me in the hospital."

The call was interrupted.

Jiang stopped the phone on the table in the pantry, then took out the battery from the half cup of concentrated salt water in his hand and put it into the tap water to wash away the salt. He took a piece of paper towel and wiped the outside waters dry, so he calmly and resolutely put the battery back into the sync monitor.



The Jianning City Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment, the police have all got up, and the screams of sternness are far and near:

"Immediately send people to Wenyi Road private hospital to protect Shen Xiaoqi, in addition to long-distance bus station, subway station, high-speed rail station, security patrol special joint defense, all major shopping malls broadcast and surrounding traffic monitoring are all transferred out!"

"A little girl who is conspicuous and wearing a nightdress is not far away. There must be witnesses near the hospital. I will immediately send out people to touch me!"

Yan Yan stood in the middle of the big office, his voice and expression were so gloomy as if he could screw out the water:"Buwei is likely to go to see a very dangerous criminal with bodyguards and firepower, that is, the mastermind of serial kidnapping. All field agents must apply for a gun, and immediately contact the radio support after the target is found. Act without authorization, remember!"

Numerous hurried steps out of the corridor, Yan Yan turned out of the office, touched the phone and quickly sent a message to Gao Panqing:

Where is the land consultant?

A few mobile phones slammed into the ground, and Gao Panqing’s reply came. Yan Yan had not had time to open it. Suddenly he stepped up and looked up. He almost hit the person in front: "Oh, Lu Bureau -"

Lu Bureau waved his hand and said nothing. Slowly said: "I saw the disc you found out from the Buwei family."

There is no abnormality in the surface of Yan Yan, but the actual heart is very unexpected.

- Such a clueless item that is temporarily not a physical evidence, as long as it is recorded in the action record after being returned to the bureau, and then stored in the criminal investigation detachment. The management inside the detachment is actually not so strict. Sometimes it may be thrown into the drawer of the criminal police. When the case is detected and the report is closed, it will be rushed to find out.

So why did Lu Bureau deliberately go to see the CD? He should not know the existence of this disc.

Has he been concerned about all the action records of this case?

The face of Lu Bureau is always round and unrelenting. The eyes are not big, and they are getting smaller after the age. But the small but very concentrated, swept to Yan Yan, asked: "What do you speculate about this matter now?"

Yan Yan reacted: "Oh, I still don't understand Buwei this little girl..."

Lv Bureau held a large teacup with a hot air, and the other hand was behind him. He slowly said: "Where do you want to understand?"

Yan Yan’s opening made a sigh: “Is... who gave the law enforcement record to her. Why did she want to see the dead Gong’s squadron’s squadron’s squadron stop? Is there any relative relationship between her and the Jiang detachment? I wonder if I will wait until I catch the pace, and then I will dig deeper from this aspect..."

Yan Yan never knew that his own nonsense was so good, and he really mixed his letter. I saw the Lu Bureau and nodded while listening. It seemed to be quite serious. I reached out and helped the reading glasses that quickly slid down the bridge of my nose.

"There are so many in total, and other people have no idea for the time being." Yan Yan took a breath and said: "As for Buddhism, it is one of the victims, accomplices and even masterminds. It is still not good for the time being. Only Fan Zhengyuan is waiting. The cash fingerprint and handwriting identification results came out."

The Lu Bureau decapitated, and seemed to be sorting out the rigorous ideas. He nodded a little later: "very good, very sophisticated."

Yan Yan modestly smiled cautiously.

"I was worried that you would be mad at Wang Xingye's fall. In Gongzhou, you will be sinned. When you get offended, you still have to go to Laowei to pick you up, so I want to remind you when I talk. At that time, I used Qi Sihao’s mobile phone, so I didn’t say much about it. If I estimate it well, Wang Xingye should be ruined. It’s just because of the 701 room in the building, so Gongzhou’s side is not good. ""Yan Yan squinted and appropriately made a horror: "What room 701?"

Lu Bureau drank the chrysanthemum tea, and picked up the layers of eyelids from the big tea pot: "Qin Chuan knows something, he didn't mention it to you?"

"Qin Chuan?" Severely suspected.

The Lu Bureau seems to be aware of what it is, and puts it in a wave: "The rumor of the anti-drug mouth" is that after the explosion of the Gongzhou anti-drug operation scene three years ago, a task force was set up on it, and it was found that an electronic command from the drug trafficking group was from that Room 701 of the residential building was sent out. Later, the task force comprehensively investigated the community, but found that there were many contacts with the above, especially from the various traces collected from Room 701, and found a printed inside the door frame. The fingerprints belonged to the Changjiang River’s anti-drug detachment at the time.

It seems as if a lightning strikes the internal organs from the spine, and when it is severe, it stays:

"...Jiang stopped?"

On the road under the Gongzhou viaduct on that day, the river stopped holding the cigarette in the hand, and the line of sight naturally fell in the air: "If the monitoring time is further distanced, there are several predecessors of the Daxie level in the community. Even including the deputy mayor Yue Guangping who just retired..."

He did not mention the fingerprint in the 701 room.

- Is he not aware that the task force has found it there?

Or did he intend to conceal the fact that he had entered and exited Room 701 from the very beginning? !

"Well, I went to the next check and messed up, so I finally gave up this clue." Lu Bureau drank tea, suddenly found something, and looked suspiciously: "What happened to you?"


Yan Yan’s expression couldn’t stop being a bit ugly, and Lu’s hand raised his hand in front of his eyes: “You’re fine, how do you mention the captain of the river, you lost your soul?”

Yan Yan’s enthusiasm returned to the gods and concealed the nose. “Nothing, it’s a little tired, and I didn’t react...”

Lu’s doubts nodded and accepted this explanation. “In short, Wang Xingye’s affairs were temporarily characterized as suicide by sin, but all clues and files were archived. If there is an opportunity later, it should be thoroughly investigated. This little girl is very important. After grabbing her, I must thoroughly dig out all the confessions. I have a hunch that she plays a very important role in this series of cases. It is even possible that there is something wrong with the kidnapping and drug trafficking gangs. Known connections."

He said that Yan Yan listened to "Hm, ah".

"When we work in public security, the body is the capital of the revolution. Even if you are young and strong, you can't overdraw the capital for the next few decades." Lu said, for a moment, he said: "When you move this case, you Have a rest with several hosted agents, and take care of this injury, ah."

Yan Yanqiang smiled.

Lu Bureau's one-handed teacup was back behind him, slowly turning out of the criminal investigation detachment and heading to his own office.

After a few steps behind Yan Yan, he went out and saw the end of the corridor at the end. A familiar figure was waiting there slightly. After seeing Lu, he quickly greeted him.

- That is Qinchuan.Yan Yan raised a hint of instinct in his heart, but did not think much about it. While walking quickly from the other side of the aisle down the stairs to touch the phone, I saw the unread news from Gao Panqing:

We are in the process of monitoring the hospital. It seems that we have seen the land consultant in the ward tea room. What is strict secretary?

Strictly adjust the number of Gao Panqing and press the dial button.

Jiang’s fingerprint appeared in Room 701 of the apartment building.

According to the reverse positioning of the drug dealer information received by the rivet, it can be concluded that the instruction of the red heart q was issued from the apartment building 701.

This seemingly complicated, actually simple and rude logical relationship is like a squeaky serpent. Under the seemingly calm appearance, a circle wraps around his internal organs.

"Strict team."

"The Yan team has not gone yet."

"Strict team..."

A lot of people greeted him along the way, sighing and sighing with enthusiasm, and couldn’t see the inner clues from his expression.

“Hey, Yan Ge?” At this time, the phone was finally picked up. Gao Panqing said loudly in the busy background: “We just watched the surveillance here in the hospital. There is no breakthrough discovery for the time being. Is there any city bureau? Find the clues of Buwei? We are next..."

"Bring the land consultant."

Gao Panqing thought that he did not hear clearly: "What?"

"I am waiting for you from the opposite side of the city bureau." Yan Yan repeated in a word: "Don't tell others, you personally brought me to the land consultant."

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