Chapter 81 Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Chapter 81

Buwei is like a white algae swaying at the bottom of the river. For a long while, she finally steps into the ward, closes the door with her backhand, and walks to the front of the hospital bed. She sat down straight. (free full novel

This angle allowed her and Jiang to stop looking at each other and face each other - as if a curse was silently lifted, and finally broke away from the bottom-up angle.

She asked: "What do you want me to answer?"

"Although it happened the night before, I think the police have not had time to tell you." Jiang paused and said: "Wang Xingye is dead."

Buwei's face is blank, like the whiteboard has not had time to fill in any emotions. After a few seconds, he slowly and slowly emerges with surprise, accident and a trace of fear: "...what...what?"

"From the residents of a certain community in Gongzhou, they fell downstairs. The body was discovered the next morning. The police are initially determined to commit suicide."

Jiang stopped the upper body and leaned deeply on the back of the armchair. The posture was naturally calm, and the girl was stiff and some of the deliberate straight postures were the opposite. After a long time, Buwei was so reluctant to digest this bad news that could not be said to be sad. He shook his head and said: "...too sudden, I didn't expect..."


Buwei sounded and watched Jiang stop. The latter repeated again in her sight: "I really didn't think?"

"...I don't understand what you mean."

"I thought that you had expected that Wang Xingye would die, when you said in front of Yan Yan that the words 'kidnapping is my uncle'." Jiang stopped slowly, "- or earlier, when you When they heard Yan Yan, they privately discussed that Shen Xiaoqi’s chances of awakening were actually very large, so he decided to take the first step and throw Wang Xingye out of his way of sight...”

"I don't understand what you are talking about?" Buwei's a little sharp voice interrupted Jiang's stop: "It was the kidnappers who forced me to push Shen Xiaoqi down. I told him what was wrong?"

"Nothing wrong."


"But the only thing that can prove this is that Wang Xingye is dead." Jiang stopped seeing a smile, even though there was no friendliness and kindness in the smile: "That is, no one can prove that you are being coerced to kill." Or actively cooperate, or cooperate with the accomplice, or even... from the very beginning, actively and demanding to kill Shen Xiaoqi."

The expression of Buwei is a bit weird. The opposite expressions of fierce contempt and weakness are infiltrated and intertwined, so that the sound is a bit distorted when opening: "Uncle police officer, I am just a poor student, where is offended You?"

"Don't think too much, the normal logic of criminal investigation is speculative." Jiang stopped performance more flatly: "Right, maybe they forgot to tell you, you are not the first victim - we are in a harbor in Wang Xingye I found a note, exactly the file, which recorded the first two girls Teng Wenyan and Li Yuxin. Have you heard of these two names?"

Buwei shook his head in a vigilant manner: "...I don't know.""I don't think you probably know. Teng Wenyan was discovered in Wangzhou City five years ago in Lingzhou. Two years ago, in mid-July, she was kidnapped and killed by another teenager named Li Rui; Li Yuxin is Wang Xingye. Found in Jiangyang County four years ago, in mid-July last year, she and another classmate named He Liang were kidnapped, and then He Liang was killed. Li Yuxin got a serious post-traumatic stress disorder. It is quite regular. You can follow, you have been adopted for three years before you encounter this kind of thing, I feel that three years is like a kind of freshness and exhaustion of the shelf life, once the shelf life is over, there is no value."

It seems that Jiang Shu seems to be very interesting, looking at Buwei smile.

But Bu Wei's white face suddenly became very ugly when she learned that there were two other girls. As the last few words of Jiang stopped, it even became faint.

"Oh, yes. Teng Wenyan is a shampoo girl in Lingzhou City, and Li Yuxin is a county town gimmick who goes out with a drug-sucking mother." Jiang’s smile at the end of his eyes became more and more profound: "--so you see, Nothing is so sad, at least you are not to say, unique."

At the same time, galloping inside the Phaeton.

"If the shelf life is over, there will be no value... at least you are not so unique."

The car Bluetooth synchronized to play the sound of the river stop, Han Xiaomei frowned in doubt, secretly looked at a few eyes, still could not help but ask: "strict, strict team?"

Yan Yan turned the lights and turned lanes. The line of sight stared at the front of the car and nodded to her.

"That... Why did the land consultant say that Teng Wenyan and Li Yuxin were adopted for three years? You didn't write it in the notebook that Wang Xingye found?"

Yan Yan said: "Disintegrate the other's psychological defense."


"Buwei's change is not caused by a deep enthusiasm in her heart. Although we don't know what the source is, it is definitely related to a certain characteristic of her. Your land consultant deliberately misrepresented the description of the first two victims. The all-round fuzzification and unification of all kinds of uniqueness of Buwei is a way of targeting her psychological defense.

Han Xiaomei, who seems to understand and understand, forcibly wrote these words in his mind and repeatedly pondered.

—— Indeed, Buwei has a kind of dexterity, softness and pity that is inconsistent with age. This unique temperament is rare in many experienced adult women.

However, these uniqueness suddenly became extremely fragile and difficult to maintain when she faced the river stop. It seemed to be an invincible weapon and met the nemesis in nature.

"Wang Shushu is usually in the field, I don't know what he is doing." Buwei looked down and stared at himself.

The white hand resting on his lap: "I don't know what the police uncle wants to say, do you want to catch me? Can I ask a lawyer?"

"Nobody wants to catch you, I said it is just to find you to answer the question." Jiang stopped the very comfortable sitting position, the left hand pressed the album on the thigh, the right hand was inserted in the trouser pocket, and suddenly the voice turned: "- Do you know why the mastermind behind the scenes has designed three kidnappings for three consecutive years?"Buwei sounded lightly: "I have told the uncle of the police officer, I thought that Wang Shushu just wanted money."

"If you want money, don't raise them for three years, and you can't afford it by yourself."

Buwei does not say anything.

The sun is projected into the ward from the glass window behind her. Even if it is against the light, the hair is soft and oily like silk, and the skin is white and shiny. It is just sitting in a nightdress, and the whole body is exposed. Invisible exquisite, elegant and fragrant.

No matter how old or poor the natural capital is, no such artistic fragrance can be derived from innateness. The day after tomorrow, there must be countless money and money to spend on the details that are invisible to the human eye.

“Wang Xingye is just a hacker,” Jiang stopped. “There is a behind-the-scenes ambassador behind him, a person who really enjoys writing scripts, deducting plots, and only kidnappings can satisfy his inner guilt; you are his actor. But not the only one."

Step by step, sitting on the side of the bed, the spine seems to have a stick: "...I don't know who you are behind the scenes."

Perhaps the air is too stagnate, and it may be that she has stimulated her in this stalemate. After a few seconds, Stephan finally couldn’t help but look up again and again:

"But even if the kidnapping case is just a scene, is there really a so-called 'unique' actor?"

"Of course." Jiang stopped the attitude is still very dull, as if I did not feel the little acupuncture in the girl voice: "But things have come to this step, you still need to know what to install with me, small girl?"


Jiang stopped the handbook of the book "Starry Sky Art" and gently dropped it on the bedside table: "You usually study the astronomy very hard."

The album was Bu Wei's. As the corner of the book collided with the bedside table, the girl's heart suddenly fell into the abyss.

"I am different. I hate astrology and constellations, which are neither practical nor reasonable. If someone dares to show them with these mysterious learnings, they will basically be left out of the cold, or even ignored." Jiang stopped smiling: "Look, this is the difference between me and you."

Downstairs in a residential area, Phaeton quickly stopped, Yan Yan wearing a headset across the car, suddenly stopped.

Both Han Xiaomei and Ma Xiang stopped behind him, and their anxious eyes focused on Yan. I saw him holding the headset in the same direction, and he whispered for a while.


The ward is filled with suffocating smell of disinfectant water, and the ceiling and walls are pale, reflecting a large ray of light without temperature.

If the expression of Bu Wei is just not good, it is enough to call it cold and gloomy. I don't know how long it took, she was suddenly given life like a rusty machine, twisting her neck and squinting at the river: "So?"


"So what do you want to do now, Lu, Gu, ask?"Jiang’s right hand, which was inserted in the trouser pocket from the very beginning, finally came out - a tiny synchro monitor was pinched between the fingers. He casually found a pen, rubbed the tip of the pen, and opened the cover behind the monitor, then removed the battery and swayed in front of Bud.

——A few kilometers away, the sound in the headset suddenly disappeared, and it was slammed tightly, and then the mobile phone sent a shock of new news.

The news came from Jiang: No battery.

"..." Yan Yan was amazed, hesitated two seconds later: I immediately rushed to the hospital?

The dialog box shows that it is being entered, it disappears after a while, and then appears to be entering.

But the response to Jiang’s stop came with only one word:

it is good.

"There is still about half an hour after the police arrived." The ward in the ward stopped the mobile phone and casually put it back in the trouser pocket: "Want to talk about it, little girl?"

The soft, gentle, stepping hair suddenly burst into a cold voice: "Do you not know what my name is?"

"I know."

"Why do you always call me a little girl?"

Jiang stopped to look at her interestingly: "Because the name is the code of the individual as an independent individual, it has a special meaning, hope, and uniqueness, and you are obviously just a mass-produced marionette. You are not the first. One, not the last one, this world will not have any shortcomings because of your departure, but it is just a shadow for me. So what is your name and what does it have to do with me?"

The hand that Buwei rested on the thigh suddenly clenched, and the back of his hand burst out!

"Let's guess it." Jiang stopped without seeing her eyes flashing with cold flames, lazily scattered: "You met that person three years ago, are you?"

Step by step slightly raised his face and looked "I want to see how much you know".

"You have taken drugs from your parents, so your family is in dire straits, life is embarrassed, and you may often be beaten because of all sorts of small things. At the age of 11 or 2, both parents died of poisonous deaths. The childhood that was not so happy was even worse. You may be sent in. The welfare home, or the people who are under the fence, no matter what kind of experience is enough to let a child taste the world cold prematurely

warm. You think that this desperate and unfair life will continue into adulthood, but I didn't expect to soon have a chance to dream. I was thirteen years old, you met an adult man, very rich and polite. There may be a so-called gentleman's demeanor that allows you to live a little princess-like life in a fairy tale. ”

"Of course, when you start your sin, you fall in love with him."

The river was stopped, and the palms on the armrests on both sides were spread out.

And Buwei's teeth bite the lower lip tightly, twisting ten fingers together.“Extraordinary beauty, excessive early wisdom, various family shadows in childhood, and blind worship of negative things such as cruel and violent criminal powers, these factors create your extremely sensitive and extreme personality. So when you find yourself just At the time of the shadow - you may not have thought that you are not the only shadow at that time - and you are deeply immersed in self-pity and become a pitiful waste, you decide to take the initiative to seize the fate, so you look for Got Fan Zhengyuan."

Jiang stopped the upper body and leaned forward slightly, staring at the eyeballs of Buwei: "If you are older, you may be exposed to more difficult elite killers. They are cold-blooded, cruel, expensive, and well-trained. But you are still too small. At this age, this identity, Fan Zhengyuan is already the upper limit you can reach, even though in the eyes of our adults, he is too weak to be vulnerable, and the incident is not unexpected. ”

"...What about that?" Buwei involuntarily leaned forward, forcing himself to stand up against the river. "It’s just that I’m not lucky. I will learn from the next lesson. Lu - Shu - Uncle."

Jiang stopped not to care about her name. "A daring sigh is enough for you to be punished. Where is the next time?"

"What disciplinary, I don't even know what you are saying -"

"You know, little girl." Jiang stopped leaning back into the armchair, his expression was unsatisfactory: "Otherwise, why both Teng Wenyan and Li Yuxin both kidnapped in mid-July, only you are at the end of June?"

Bu Wei is not clear, but she is a girl with a keen mind and a high IQ. Jiang stopped her to instinctively feel some very bad things.

"...What about the end of June?"

"The so-called ritual, or the test of the little girl to you, will only happen in mid-July every year. Because all this commemorates the day of mid-July many years ago, the story is from 8:09. The moment the sun sets, the moment begins."

"Do you think that as long as you perfectly reproduce every detail and every conversation that happened in the past, you can pass this test and change from poor shadow to the Lord? - No, what you have experienced is not a test but a punishment. Before the official drama was opened every year, the puppets performed an insignificant rehearsal performance in the background."

The calm and hoarse voice of Jiang’s statement was very nice, but it was horrible at the beginning of Buwei’s voice, but it was more terrible than the most vicious curse:

"……I do not believe……"

"8:09." Jiang stopped the play and the smile on his lips deepened: "If you put it in mid-summer in July, it will be the day when the day will be done, and the night will start, representing the carefree youth time by the long and dark punishment. Replace. But what is it at the end of June? It’s already dark, and the person who wrote this script has gone. Do you really think that he will care about how much effort and effort you have made to pass this so-called 'test?' Not for you, you are already an exiled pawn.""I have not been banished! Impossible!" Buwei hurried up, but the physical position did not make her prevail. On the contrary, she seemed to be rushing to the cold abyss: "Don't talk nonsense, you count What?! You are just a..."

Jiang stopped a sentence to nail the nervous girl in place:

"So why have you received any instructions from that person since the police found out that they were hospitalized?"

"..." Buwei's eyes widened, and the blood on his face faded.

"He ignored you, and you were abandoned." Jiang stopped looking at her and seemed to have a little pity: "This is the punishment for the substitute to destroy the Lord."

The dilapidated rusty security door was pushed open, and the air with a strong gray mold smelled in front of it.

"Be careful, we have no evidence." Yan Yan pulled Han Xiaomei, "Ma Xiang is outside, if you look back, if you search for something, you will go back to the office to make a search warrant."

This is a typical old-fashioned layout house. On the left side of the door is a kitchen full of sundries. It passes through a small entrance and enters the low dining room, and then passes through a wooden door to the hall where the wire bed is supported. The wire bed is almost ready for adults to huddle on the side, but it is conceivable that it is the place where Buwei sleeps when he was a child; the east side of the hall is connected to the bedroom of the adult, the old desk, the wooden bed, the large wardrobe with peeling paint, and several hanging on the wall. Ten years ago, the wedding photos of the inferior background in the photo studio, the background color has faded, and the faces of a couple of new people were all messed up by the watercolor pens. The fierce and cluttered strokes clearly flashed the maliciousness from the children.

"This place... It should be the home of her parents when Buwei was a child. It seems that no one has lived for a long time." Han Xiaomei looked down through the bedroom door and looked around with his eyes open: "Weird, why is she still? Carry the key with you?"

The harsh voice sounded from the outhouse: "Because she has recently returned."


Han Xiaomei screamed out of the house and saw Yan Yan in front of the video projector in the hall.

- Everything in this room is grayed out, only the projector is slightly new, and there are obvious signs of being wiped. Strictly turn on the power, the screen flashes fluorescently, and then the disc 匣

With a click, the disc that was not removed before the last power cut was automatically retracted.

"What is this?" Han Xiaomei was curious.

Yan Yan did not answer, but inserted the disc into the projector and pressed the play button with the survey glove.

The old house is not well lit, the room is old and dark, and only the faint fluorescence on the screen will make the face of the face unclear. The first thing that came out was the snowflake and color band produced by the inferior optical disc during digital quantization. Then the picture flashed, and the fingers that were enlarged to the entire screen appeared in front of Yan Hao and Han Xiaomei.

"Do you use it?" Someone said on the screen.

"Not very good."

"The button doesn't stop, it's hard work..."

The picture is constantly shaking, and then the focus is extended.The background turned out to be an office of a public security bureau. A young man wearing a light blue shirt, a badge and tie, and a cuff on his elbow was sitting at the spacious desk and keenly raised his head as the camera swept over. Then, reaching out and blocking his side's handsome face.

“Take the Jiang team!” someone shouted after the picture: “The car is waiting for us downstairs!”

The young man sorted out the case file and got up and smashed the police uniform on the back of the chair. It may be the reason why the uniform pants are quite straight. He walked up to look like a long leg. When he passed the camera, he frowned slightly; the white cheeks, the black hair, and even the frowning movement became more and more dense. The eyelashes are clearly on the screen:

"Close first, start taking action and then shoot."

Han Xiaomei opened his mouth and couldn't speak, and stumbled on the sofa.

And Yan Yan straight hooked on the screen, clenching his teeth, as long as the heart is slightly pulsating, it will jump out of the throat -

This video is a law enforcement recorder of the Gongzhou detachment that year.

Buwei once hid in this dilapidated old house and watched the rivers that mimicked the movements and looks of the younger times.

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