Chapter 80 Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Chapter 80

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Yan Hao put a gauze on his head and took the analysis and inspection report to the table.

The Zenith revolving restaurant invested by Yan Jia is fragrant and piano. When the private room door was closed, the low-key laughter conversation outside the door was completely isolated. Only the top of the floor-to-ceiling glass window was pushed open, and the sound of the birds was heard in the high-altitude wind.

They returned to Jianning at three o'clock last night, and Yan Yan was directly sent to the ambulance by the branch. After learning that the deputy detachment leader was attacked by Fan Wu and other gunmen, most of the city council leaders were sensational. Lu Lu went to the hospital in the middle of the night. When he arrived in the emergency room, he still wore slippers at home, even his body tea. The cylinders didn't have time to take them.

The police center did not make it clear. Everyone thought that Yan Yan had been seriously injured. Who knows that the deputy detachment is a man of the monster level, and the forehead is so hard, but it only bleeds and smashes. Brain. He sat in the emergency room and hanged the water and reported to the Lu Bureau about the search results of the criminal Fan Zhengyuan's family. He submitted 250,000 cash stipends, and then, according to the consultations on the road, he took a shot and tied the guns. I arrived at Han Xiaomei’s head.

Han Xiaomei was very upset. Fortunately, Lu Bureau only looked at her a few times and nodded. Nothing was asked.

Strictly responded to the old bureaucrat who was swindling like a fox, and coped with the aunt who came to hear the news. He was asleep at the hospital until noon the next day. The deputy detachment of the resurrection of blood was washed, shaved a beard, and replaced with well-dressed shirts and trousers. It was like an elite actor who made a domestic eight-point file to the crime drama of the US drama, and it was completely new from the inside out; I took the technical investigation report and sneaked out to find the Jiang team to eat.

Jiang stopped to have eaten, with steaming coffee and afternoon tea cake in front of him, frowning and receiving the report: "Cosmetics?"

"Yes, cosmetic ingredients." Yan Yan devours a plate of Italian lobster noodles and sighs with a long sigh of relief: "Technical Detective Lao Huang said that the test results are exactly the same as those of their departmental girls."

Jiang stopped nodding, took a coffee and took a sip, and suddenly he was suspiciously asked: "But how do you know, have you used it?"

Jiang stopped licking his mouth and slammed a few times. "Yang Mei used it."

"The relationship between you and the other is not a hair curler, it is a thrush pen, you should not use the same bottle of facial cleanser?"

"..." Jiang stopped helplessly: "Wang Mei was an informant in Gongzhou, once in the nightclub emergency delivery line newspaper, there is no pen at hand, it is using eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Later she probably had a spy war The poison of the film, the eyebrow pencil and lipstick are used every time, and the color code is changed according to the reliability of the line report..."

Yan Yan solemnly said: "Don't do this next time, based on my experience in criminal investigation work for more than ten years, she wants to seduce you."


The two of them had big eyes and small eyes. The semi-晌江 stopped to finally click on the report: "I will admit the lipstick part, but the eyebrow pencil is not necessarily. At most, it can only be said that it is a woman who can hand over the money to Fan Zhengyuan."Severely opened his eyes: "Red heart q?"

Jiang stopped what he was going to say, and the box door was knocked twice, and then a young man looked into the head with an expression of "disturbing".

"Ma Xiang?" Yan Yan had some accidents: "How are you here?"

Jiang stopped beckoning to let him in: "I told him to come over - something brought?"

"With the belt, I also specifically found a computer." Ma Xiang put down his shoulders, nowhere to call the waiter to eat something to eat - anyway, his strict brother's restaurant, he is not the first time Come, order a bit safe and daring. When he finished the order, he let the waiter go out and brought it to the door. Only then did he pull out the hard disk and the computer from the bag in the eyes of the doubtful doubt.

Yan Yan asked: "You two are doing this, carrying me sneaky?"

"I asked Ma Xiang to find your technical team and copied some things from Wang Xingye's computer. On the way back from Jiangyang County to Jianning last night, I called in front of you and Han Xiaomei could testify. ”

"How come I don't have an impression?"

Jiang stopped cold and cold: "You were burning gibberish at the time..."

"Ah, yes," Yan Yan suddenly thought: "Is it my time to plan to go abroad for a honeymoon?"

The river stopped faceless.

"Yan Ge," Ma Xiang said with a dignified expression. "According to what I heard on the phone, it is not that you are not a good-looking figure. You don't know if you can give birth to two children."

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped to open the computer, inserted the hard disk, and a small number of folders on the screen jumped out of the folder.

Ma Xiang’s dish came, sitting on the other side of the table with his legs crossed, and Yan Yan moved the chair to the end of the river. I saw the screen full of Dangdang, full of Japanese, English, traditional z text and meaningless characters mixed with each of the straight men, so that Yan Yan suddenly raised a sense of intimacy.

"...Although I can't speak Japanese," Yan Yan held his chin in one hand and pse, deep in the thought-man sculpture. "But thanks to the teachers of a few artists, the pen, the 30th road, the human waste industry." I still understand what the words mean... What are you doing?"

Jiang stopped sliding the mouse down, swiftly swept through the swaying a piece of title, then suddenly a meal, clicked on a "painting exhibition related" folder.

"This surname Wang is also strange. The folder where he specializes in the film is still stuffed with exhibition materials. It is not too troublesome to find it in normal times." Ma Xiang was confused when he ate: "I still say that he is special.

Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, do not forget to take care of the teachers when you work? ”

Jiang stopped saying: "No."

Under the exhibition materials folder, all the pictures imported by the digital camera, Jiang stopped to open the first one, zoomed in - followed by serious surprises, a pair of female feet showed him in a very impactful posture. before.

“This is a private exhibition of Wang Xingye,” Jiang stopped turning the album down one by one. The constantly changing screen image gave a faint light in his eyes: “It’s Wang Xingye’s inability to declare it, only hidden in the computer. A unique hobby that you secretly appreciate..."

He paused and said, "Footfoot."Apparently, Ma Xiang did not actually read it in the folder when he copied it. He was stunned with Yan Yan on the spot.

"How do you know that he has a foot fetish?" Yan Yan reacted with amazement.

Jiang stopped sighing. "Remember that when Wang Xingye just fled, did you search his residence in Jianning, and found a bunch of women's socks of various colors?"

Ma Xiang said: "We then asked a few of his guns and friends, and the women who had all the socks were all named..."

"Do you think that he kept these socks just to show off his mind?" Jiang stopped the question and stopped Ma Xiang: "No, collecting shoes and socks is one of the typical external features of foot fetish, but it caused me at the time." This is not the point of attention, but another point: the ages of the women are concentrated between thirty-four and forty."

Yan Yan pinched his chin: "I noticed it at the time, but I think it is only because he is a middle-aged person and prefers the opposite sex of the opposite sex..."

"I don't like it, it's sex. You pay attention to all his paintings." Jiang stopped repeatedly clicking the drop-down button, and the countless feet on the screen kept flashing: "These feet have very distinct commonalities: painted bright nail polish It is not slender and small, and even favors fullness and age. It is extremely difficult to change a person's sexuality. For a small sex person, only satisfying psychological needs may cause physiological impulses—that is, only mature, A woman who is full and nailed with nails can induce Wang Xingye's physiology. You still don't understand what I want to say?"

Surrounded by silence, Ma Xiang even forgot the food, a piece of cut beef was not sent to the mouth on the fork for a long time.

"...Step by step." Yan Yan muttered. "Buwei said that Wang Xingye had been sexually harassing her for a long time. She was almost strong. She was violent..."

Jiang stopped: "This is impossible. Wang Xingye's own moral standards are quite low. If she has such a strong obsession, she will definitely steal her shoes and socks - but Ma Xiang just said that his family All women's collections have been claimed, and there is no one for Bu Wei."

Ma Xiang lost his voice: "The little girl is lying!"

"When I saw the words "When I picked up Wu Wan", I felt that I was too neat and tidy. It was not like Wang Xingye could write it, but it was just a feeling. Later I saw the oil wax of the handwriting. The texture is too delicate, unlike the crayon and like an eyebrow pencil, it has this speculation."

Jiang stopped the computer and slammed it, and immediately looked up at Yan Yan: "The reason why Fan Zhengyuan was killed may be speculated, but there is a paradox here: If Fan Zhengyuan’s murder is disciplinary, why hire him? Wang Xingye, who killed me, was safe and did not receive any punishment. The only explanation was that Wang Xingye had nothing to do with this matter. Fan Zhengyuan received the private life of a female employer."

Ma Xiang is inexplicable on the side: "What? Hire him to kill the land consultant?" But no one cares about him."... This female employer can reach out to Wang Xingye's people, and can bypass Wang Xingye's private contact with the killer..." There are countless vague doubts in Yan Yan's mind, and finally become a complete logical line: "Is it true? ......"

Jiang stopped to say the two words: "Buwei."

The box was silent for a moment, and the beef on Ma Xiang’s fork slammed back into the plate.

Yan Yan suddenly grabbed the phone and stood up, bypassed the dining table, stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and dialed a phone number:

"Hey, Han Xiaomei, did you last night to go to the hospital to accompany Weiwei this afternoon?"

Opposite Han Xiaomei did not know what to answer, Yan Yan Shen Sheng: "You listen, don't ask why, now go help me do something."


Hospital corridor.

Han Xiaomei hung up the phone, took a few deep breaths and turned and pushed the door of the ward.

The sun is very good, projecting from the clean glass window, the girl's cheeks are white and tender and almost transparent. When she heard the sound of pushing the door, she looked up from the book in her hand and smiled at Han Xiaomei. The pink lips turned into a very beautiful arc: "Sister, are you coming?"

Han Xiaomei also laughed, trying to make himself look at the eyes of Buwei: "I just came over from the office and happened to meet the doctor, about the cost of follow-up treatment..."

Buwei put down the album, a little worried: "What does the doctor say?"

"Don't worry, you are a minor victim, and the basic expenses are reimbursable." Han Xiaomei quickly said: "But there is one thing we can't take for your idea, that is, the medication for follow-up and hospitalization during this time, the doctor said There are several options to choose from, of course, the price of each program is definitely different - you know, hospital."

Buwei said quietly: "I don't have much money, I can leave the hospital now..."

"The doctor said that it is best to talk to your guardian." Han Xiaomei is determined to look at her, but the tone is very natural: "I told him that you have no guardian for the time being, but it is already a big girl who has the opinion, you can find it yourself. The doctor will make a decision after consultation. What do you think?"

The clear, bright, long-formed eyes of Buwei fell on Han Xiaomei's face. After a while, it seemed to be a little relieved. "Well... can I do it myself?"

"If it doesn't work, I can only let the bureau try to inform other relatives. Do you have other contacts before your parents, can you also have a cousin?"

Sure enough, as soon as I heard this, Buwei immediately put down the album: "Sister, I still go by myself, I can do it myself. Is the doctor in the office?"

Han Xiaomei nodded and smiled.

I don't know why, maybe it's a psychological effect. It is obviously a little girl who is very loving and affectionate and can naturally get along the other two days. Suddenly, it seems that there is an indescribable change in the language. Every move can take away the ward. Thin oxygen makes it hard to breathe.

"The doctor who usually raised the house, you know, surnamed Li." Han Xiaomei looked at Buwei out of the ward, and suddenly added another sentence: "You can find him directly afterwards."The girl turned back and thanked Han Xiaomei seriously and pushed the door out.


Han Xiaomei maintained the action and the whole person was in place.

After three seconds, suddenly it was like turning on a switch. She stepped forward and opened the door with a slit. She found her head and determined that Buwei was standing at the nurse at the end of the corridor. Then she immediately closed the ward door, pulled up the curtain on the glass of the door frame, turned and slammed into the locked bedside table, and found two hair clips from the police trouser pocket, smashed into the keyhole and twisted a few times. .

The bell rang and the lock cylinder popped open.

The red bag of Buwei was quietly placed in the bedside table.

Han Xiaomei’s every heartbeat involved the flesh in the eyes of her nephew. As she kept looking back at the movement of the ward, she trembled and pulled the bag and turned it over. After a few, she finally touched her and explained her. Looking for something -

A bunch of room keys.


"Dr. Li has an operation. It is very important to come back from work. Are you looking for him?"

In the nurse's station, people came and went. Buwei was still wearing a white floral nightdress, and his hands were politely overlapped in front of him. He suddenly said that his face suddenly changed.

“Is there any question to ask a doctor?” the head nurse looked at her with concern: “Would you like me to call you?”

"..." Buwei stepped back half a step - but that was only a half step. Then she seemed to control her emotions, her face smiled slightly, and nodded to the head nurse: "Nothing, thank you sister, then I will wait tomorrow!"

"Hey, you..."

The head nurse still wants to ask, the girl has turned and walked through the corridor. She came to the front of the ward and reached out and pushed the door open without hesitation. The strength of the road even made the door panel scream in the air.


A tall, thin, quiet figure is facing her, sitting in an armchair in front of the bed, and gently flipping the album in one hand.

The pupil of Buwei suddenly expanded.

"Hello, I am Lu Chengjiang consultant of Jianning City Bureau." Jiang stopped working on the album and went back: "I hope you can answer a few questions."

Jiang’s gaze and the girl’s eyes are opposite each other. This side-to-side angle makes them look at each other’s most half-faced silhouette. It is clear that in the midsummer season, the air seems to have condensed into the most stinging hail, crawling from the tail vertebrae to the back of the brain.

Bu Wei’s breathing became a little bit rushed, but Jiang stopped as if she was unaware of her, and looked at her slightly to the hospital bed, saying:


At the same time, the hospital is downstairs.

Han Xiaomei rushed down the steps, panting and holding his knees, just looking up and looking around, a Phaeton silently stopped in front of her from the crowd.

The co-pilot window lowered, revealing a stern, cold face: "Get on the bus."

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