Chapter 79 Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Chapter 79

The dust was flying, falling slowly, and it took only half a day to come up with a sentence: "This potential can be..."

"I used to be there," Jiang stopped patting and stood up, and he had some asthma: "Get the fighting, take the top three in the department, call, call..."

Strictly consider and ask, "Administration or criminal science?"

When the voice did not fall, he received the death ray of the opposite river. Free full novel (

The mantle was not dug, and the upper and lower sides were only two people high. The bottom was covered with empty tarpaulins and covered with empty shelves. It was a bit like the dishes of the northerners. They could only stand up and stand face to face, and they were a little reluctant to turn around. Yan Yan took the lead and climbed down. He flashed the flashlight and looked around for a while. Jiang stopped at the top and asked: "Is there a discovery?"

"..." Yan Yan suddenly waved: "Come down!"

"what happened?"

"No time to explain, come down!"

The river stopped unclear, so I went down to the cellar with my hands and feet. I hadn’t had time to stand still, and I was suddenly caught up by Yan Yan.

"You - uh..."

The flashlight slammed into the ground and rolled two times. The halo reflected the staggered feet of the two, and then the knees and thighs that were closely attached. The friction and wheezing of the clothes were exceptionally clear in the quiet ground. The sound of the shattered water rang when the swallows were swallowed, and the river stopped low and "hmm".

"Don't let me pinch?" Yan Yan whispered, forcing him to press on the earth wall. In a small space, no effort would be enough to stop the river from moving: "I am pinching."


The fields are silent, the glow is dim, and the entangled breathing is heart-rending. Jiang stopped being slightly red and half-opened by his pro-red lips. Yan Yan rubbed his thumb over and over again, and once again bowed his head and kissed him, reflecting the inseparable silhouette.

"You guy..."

"Well?" Severely fangs bite the river and stop the ear, hoarsely said: "What happened to me?"

Jiang stopped to push his hands and legs, and he hurriedly grabbed him: "Don't leave, don't lie to you, really find out! Hey."

Yan Yan is like a juggling act. He picks up the flashlight and squats down and smashes the messy tarps. I saw a group of black scorpions on the shelf, wrapped tightly, and took out one layer after another, only to reveal a square of hard objects wrapped in white paper bags.

Jiang stopped to take a shot and knew what the bricks were like - cash.

"A bit of weight," Yan Yan gestured to him. "There is a word on it."

Jiang stopped bowing his head, and in the light of the flashlight, he saw the words on the white paper bag with a black pen faintly written: picking up Wu Wan.

In the staggered beam, the faces of the two people are a bit confusing. When they are half-stricken, they suddenly ask: "The killer is usually half-kick in advance, and then half-finished after winning the hand?"

Jiang stopped saying: "How do I know that I have never been a killer."

Strictly on the ground, Jiang stopped standing behind him, and because of the limited space, the two were still close together. Yan Yan looked back to Jiang and stopped. His face was a bit weird because of his strong smile. He said slowly: "I didn't expect you to be so cheap in Wang Xingye's eyes, only 500,000..."Then he looked at Jiang’s face and quickly found a sentence: “Nothing, you are worth 500 million in my eyes – 50 billion! You are priceless!”

"Come on," Jiang stopped and couldn't help but smile. He used his knees to top his back: "Pick up and pack up, and this is a discovery."

Yan Yan was not willing to stand up, but also wants to be intimate, but the river that had been prepared for a long time went back to the back, and after a moment of entanglement, he had no choice but to give up and grabbed the scaffolding and climbed out of the cellar.

The fresh air of the summer night came on the scene, and others did not come out of the tunnel. They took a deep breath of fresh air. Just turned back and wanted Jiang to stop the 250,000 cash, and suddenly saw something, and the action immediately stopped.

——The front wall of the backyard wall, the moonlight clearly reflects the shadows of several ghosts, one has already come down, two are kneeling on the wall to prepare to climb down, and a leader is holding a flashlight to sweep around, the beam It was a staleness when it came to the nakedness of the ground and the ground.

Then: "Someone!"


This change happened so suddenly. When I was in the midst of a thousand miles, I saw that there was a gun in the other hand. I immediately guessed the identity of the person who came here and blurted out: "Fan Wu?"

Fan Wu is the leader who carries the flashlight. He was about to pounce on it. He suddenly heard his name being broken and the conditional reflection collapsed. In the one-hundredth of a second of the gap, the river behind him was slammed back to the tunnel, and then he shot and shot on the spot. The gun warned: "No movement! Police!"

The gangster who died again, the first reaction of the police heard that they turned around and fled, and the two men on the wall immediately looked forward to the outside. But they haven't completely smashed out. Suddenly, the footsteps of the house were close. I saw that the thin policeman at the township police station couldn't help but rush in. When I saw the backyard, the situation immediately shocked me: "Is there a gun?!"

Yan Yan suddenly reacted. Now most of the grassroots policemen are not armed with bullets. At most, they will wear empty guns. But this thin man didn’t even dare to install it, he just called it out!

"Run! Go to the rescue!" Yan Yan blurted out.

At the same time, Fan Wu also reacted: "There is only one person in the note! Don't be afraid, want money!"

The two men on the wall jumped down and the backyard suddenly added four more gangsters. The thin police did not wait for the second time, and suddenly took the door!

People often choose only a few seconds, sometimes even a few seconds, when things happen.

Only the subconscious mind is the master - at least when the memories are memorable afterwards, he can only think of one thought in his mind: If I ran, what should I do in the cellar in the cellar?

Jiang stopped without a gun, and he couldn’t run. What’s more, he still guarded the 250,000 yuan. This group of people will never spare his life because Jiang stopped putting his hands on his hands. They are even desperate to kill the police!Yan Yan’s heart was crossed, and the bullets of the other side were escaped by lightning. At the same time, a shot was slammed forward and the bullet was pressed against the sole of the foot to wipe out the shining fire. The light was fleeting, and at the same moment that it disappeared, Yan Yan had already rushed to the front of Fan Wu, who was headed, and said nothing to go!

Fan Wu did not expect this criminal police to dare to single-handedly fire with them. They immediately screamed, and Cangjie was shot at a close range. The ground gun was kicked into the grass with strict and sternness. At this time, another gangster rushed to support, just grabbed the clothes and was sternly grabbed and grabbed his arm, and the sharp shoulders were heavy and heavy, and “squeaky!” immediately broke the other's wrist bones!


However, there was no pain in the fighting. The bloody smell was more irritating to the fierceness of Yan Yan’s bones. After taking the flashlight, he slammed on the side of the body and straightened another gangster who rushed up to the blood!

Fan Wu is angry: "Go! Kill him!"

In the night, two or three people flocked to the guns in the hands of Yan Yan. If it was outside, just trying to take the gun would be enough for everyone to squat for ten years, but at this time the temptation and money of money The fear of catching the gangsters lost their senses. In the chaos, they felt that they were caught behind them. At the same time, the fingers of the gun were forced to open, and the blood rushed to the top of the brain. The teeth slammed the trigger when they bite their hands!



"Blood, blood...ah! There is blood!!"

- Someone in the darkness squats, shaking slightly, and then the body slams into the ground, making a sigh.

The voice couldn’t be heavy, but it was like a heavy hammer in everyone’s mind, and the whole situation froze in an instant. The air solidified for about two or three seconds, and Fan Wu suddenly reacted. The flat ground burst into a sharply pointed tip: "Fast, got his gun!!"

Yan Yan pulled back and retreated, but lost a balance in the three-shot attack. The 92nd style fell off the ground, and immediately the gangsters rushed to grab it. However, Yan Yan’s reaction was also fast. He flew up and kicked the 92nd style, and then he was up to Fan Wu’s face to face a few punches, and he spurted a spit of blood.

"I am your mother!"

Yan Yan has always only beat him, no one beat him, and these beatings have inspired all his fierceness. Immediately after the two gangsters could not pull him, I saw him rushing to the head and knocking down Fan Wu. The two men were fiercely smashed in one place. Suddenly, they did not know what they touched, and they used it to make up their efforts.狠狠一掼——


The metal collided with the human skull and even sent out a burst of echo.

Fan Wu’s eyes widened, and he still maintained the fist-moving movement. The eyes quickly floated up in his eyes, and the scarlet rolled down his cheeks. Immediately after the blood flow from his nose, mouth and even the ear hole, he suddenly became a blood hyacinth.

"Bag, bag brother..." A gangster shook back and took a half step: "You, your head..."Fan Wu's shoulders were shocked, and he had half of his body twitching. He seemed to want to touch the skull that had sunken the small half of it - but obviously could not do it. There was a squeaking snoring in his throat, and his eyes were staring at Yan Yan. It seemed to be full of countless grievances and incomprehensibleness, and then fell straight to the ground.

"The bag brother is dead, he killed his bag..."

Yan Yan looked at the aluminum flashlight with blood in his hand, and some of them did not return to God - obviously this thing was also knocked on his own brain, how to discount the skull?

"Fast, run..." A small gangster screamed and screamed insanely: "Their backups are coming, run!"

The little man jumped up and ran backwards, chasing his legs and chasing: "Stop!"

The moonlight flashed from the clouds, and at the same time, another round-headed gangster slammed into something that was not far away. He didn't think about it, and immediately grabbed it and grabbed it. When he first got started, he was ecstatic. It turned out that Fan Wu was shot by Yan Feifei.

His reason has completely disappeared, and he immediately pointed his gun at Yan Yan: "Stop, give me a stop!"

The voice did not fall, Yan Yanfei flew down a small man, rolled up and got a right uppercut, and the suspect was too late to fight against the nose and nose. Immediately, he pulled out his handcuffs from the back of his back, and then he smashed the two small hands with two hands and five, and he only listened to his ears before he could hold it.


Burning through the ears, Yan Yan suddenly looked up, and the pupils tightened when they boarded.

He is facing the muzzle of the black hole in the round head!

In just half a second, it is like the world's solidification. The round-headed hands are armed with guns against the stern, the eyes are congested, and the fierce light is shot.

If he still has a half-normal thinking, then he should turn his gun and run away, the farther the better. But this time the desperate fierceness, the resentment that has been set, and the gambling psychology that has been stimulated by blood have already Occupy all the minds, he only felt the creaking in his ears, the back molars bite, and the trigger was tightened when he was strict.


The bullet swayed through the night sky and brought a long bloody flower.


The screams sounded intermittently, and the round head was held down.

The ground kept rolling, and the guns had already flown out of the wall. Yan Yan looked incredibly along the gunshot. In the night, he saw the river stop standing a few steps away. He couldn’t hold a gasp with a single gun.

The moonlight is clearly reflected on his side, and the skin that is soaked in cold sweat reflects the gleam, and the lips are completely gray.

- His eyes are closed.

The little man didn't know where to come from, and he got rid of the unprepared sternness and went crazy outside the backyard wall. When I said that it was too late, the wall slammed out another figure, and the volley landed quickly and stepped forward. When I jumped up, I kicked it and kicked it. On the spot, I pushed the little man back and forth again; then the little man hadn’t climbed up yet. It was the metal handcuffs that wrapped the wind and the wind, and the two smashed him and almost squirted the incisors, and they screamed.

The murderous man was murderous, and he stepped on the little gangster on the ground, and rubbed it on the ground. Then he looked up and said: "Strict team! Lu consultant! Are you okay?"

That really is the backup that was called by the thin policeman - Han Xiaomei.Yan Yan just wanted to respond, and I saw that Jiang stopped like awakening from a nightmare, and the footsteps rushed to this side.

-- Yan Yan doesn't know what he thinks. It may be just a brain sigh, or the moment of life and death just experienced gives him an opportunity to inspire some inspiration. The phrase "we are fine" is suddenly swallowed back, immediately He lay on the ground without a word.

"...strict team?" Han Xiaomei is not clear, "What happened to you?"

Jiang stopped his footsteps.

"Strict team?"

Jiang stopped his face and there was no trace of blood in his face. He almost slammed and slammed into the front half of his body. Under the moonlight, he saw only Yan Yan’s eyes closed, and most of his face was covered with blood.

"...strict," Jiang stopped to test his breath, and he did not notice that his fingers were shaking tremblingly: "Are you awake, strict?"


"Strictly! Don't be kidding!"

The end of the river stopped the tone and he was torn apart. He couldn’t help but hold up the upper body and use the force to block the forehead wound. It is clear that the blood is hot, but he is trembled like a soak in the ice water. Every word is screaming with teeth. "Strictly, wake up, wake up... call an ambulance ,call the ambulance!!"

Han Xiaomei was also panicked. When the phone just touched it, she fell to the ground. She threw herself on the floor and madly touched it.

Yan Yan’s consciousness is scattered: “Jiang and Jiang stop...”

"Don't sleep, don't sleep!" Jiang stopped the eardrum roaring, and he couldn't hear what he was shouting: "Strictly look at me! Look at me! Don't sleep, beg you!"

Yan Yan slightly raised his head and seemed to want to say something. Jiang stopped immediately and looked down. He only listened to his whisper in his ear: "So you... in the end... marry not marry me..."

The expression of Jiang’s stop became very blank.

"This is my last - cough and cough, the last wish, please be sure to promise... oh hahahahahaha-"

Yan Yan finally couldn't help but laugh. He didn't laugh twice and touched the wound. He was so inhaled and laughed.

The river stopped.

Han Xiaomei also stunned.

"Hahaha, hahahaha...oh!"

The heart-wrenching laughter came to an abrupt end, and I saw Jiang stop with one hand and pick up the shackles. He slammed his fist on the handsome face, and then he got up and walked back in the sigh of sigh. It is.


Ten minutes later, the Mercedes-Benz was on the big car.

"I was wrong. I am still not wrong. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it. I was a little dizzy at the time... oh my treasure, still angry? Or do you want me to punch me again? Come here, here, Awkward."

Yan Yan octopus like a river to stop posting, but still not dense, Jiang stopped suddenly turned, leaving him only a cold back.

Han Xiaomei snorted to eat watermelon at the door of the car, spit out two seeds, and said: "That!""Hey, I said how is this child like this? Adults don't know how to persuade, but they are still igniting on the side?" Yan Yan immediately turned the spearhead and took a picture of Han Xiaomei's head: "Eat, eat, eat, I know that I have eaten. Just now, what happened in the backyard, you just arrived, why don’t you wait for me to be cool with your land consultant, and then go slowly to go through the game?"

Han Xiaomei filled his mouth with watermelon: "I heard that the policeman called the life-saving brother and immediately ran away! This big night is going to climb the slope, and it is necessary to detour. Is it easy to find the scene?!"

The "big brother of the police called the life-saving" is looking up and raising the foot with the director of the public security, lifting the bodies of the two suspects out of the backyard, and putting the round head and the small man wearing the scorpion into the car, screaming and laughing. Fortunately, the night blocked his red face.

"No brother, don't blame you." Yan Yan used his towel to look at his forehead full of blood and said: "You don't have a gun, you can't resist it. It's a gimmick."

The thin policeman accompanied and laughed: "I, I am going to clean up the money and bullets in the backyard..." and then sneaked away from the hot old face.

When the outsiders walked here, Yan Yan immediately relapsed, and despite his own blood, he smiled and stopped the river to the door. "Let me see our squad Jiang team, Jiang police. Governor, Jiang Meiren... Come here, I can’t do it wrong? Can’t you dare to do it again next time? Hehe...”

Jiang stopped being squeezed in the corner of the back seat, simply avoiding it, and finally couldn’t help but anger: "Strictly!"

Yan Yan immediately: "Hey?"

The two of them looked at each other in a narrow, dimly lit car, suddenly and severely.

Quickly kissed Jiang’s eyelids and whispered his lips to his lips and asked, “Is still angry?”


"Don't be angry?"

Jiang’s forehead’s forehead was slightly twitching, and few of them finally squeezed out a few words from the gums: “ did you grow up to the point where you haven’t been killed yet?”

Strictly proud: "I am handsome!"

"Strict team, Yan team!" The thin policeman hugged with 250,000 cash and panted: "I moved in, your money!"

Yan Yan immediately opened the land consultant, and it seems that nothing happened: "What my money, you said this - don't put the car back, the two people in the back box are dead. Come to put the money When driving, let the land consultant hold his redemption money when he will go back. Is your car at the police station already on the road?"

The thin policeman did not understand the stalk of the redemption money. He stayed stunned: "In the end, our director has notified the superior unit and will come with the car personally."

Han Xiaomei licked the watermelon at the door of the cab, and wiped the sticky hands on the police trousers. He looked up and down the neck and looked at the 250,000 that was wrapped in paper. "It doesn't matter, I haven't seen so much cash in my life."

Yan Yan said: "Then you are really pitiful, and Yan Ge decided not to let you be so pitiful. So, after returning, we can pick up one or two million cash from the bank, or three or four million... ”"And then?" Han Xiaomei asked with expectation.

"Then I will give you the shadow and save it again." Yan Yan smiled slightly: "Otherwise, what do you want?"

Han Xiaomei almost turned out a shocking white eye.

"..." Suddenly the river in the back seat stopped to look around, frowning, and forced the cash to the back seat.

“Hey?” Han Xiaomei is not clear: “How come the land consultant?”

"Give me the handle."

The river stopped picking up the flashlight that was turned out, facing the four words directly above the white paper bag. The "Wu Wan Wan" strokes are scribbled but the fonts are neat, and should be written in a hurry. The writing is very light and light brown; if you look at it with great effort, the light brown marks falling on the paper will fall. A bit like a crayon.

"Do you make up?" Suddenly Jiang asked.

Han Xiaomei unexpectedly said: "Not too... occasional, what happened?"

Jiang stopped eating his fingertips on the "Watching Wu Wan" and frowned. "I always feel these four words, a bit like the eyebrow pencil used by your little girl."

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