Chapter 78 Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Chapter 78

"Is there a murder in the 701 or a sinister case?" The first reaction of Yan Yan was this. Free full novel (

Jiang stopped the cigarette and swept him. It seemed a bit helpless: "Nothing."


"First of all, you have to know why some things seem so simple, so irrelevant, but others are not willing to tell you, although from any point of view, it is an answer that is innocuous despite leaking." Jiang paused, Said: "Because the truth is always intertwined. The truth of this society is like a crime. As long as a small horn is opened, experienced criminal investigators can dig deep into it and put countless loops inside. Excavated in the eight layers of hell, especially you."

"A strong criminal capital as the background, presided over the provincial public security criminal investigation work, and at the same time has a strong criminal case of the first line of criminal police - the above three conditions are very troublesome, let alone you have three points? Who can guarantee Your status is very stable, and you won't get sick. If you run like a raging tank on the battlefield, who can control the situation?"

Yan Yan was a little bit confused by these rhetorical questions, and immediately pointed to himself: "I look like a person who can get sick at any time?"

Jiang stopped picking his eyelids and staring at him, sighing.

"Hey--" Yan Yan did not believe in taking a breath. "Then tell me what happened in 701, why Qi Sihao did not dare to continue to investigate the incident of Wang Xingye falling, I promise not to break the casserole and ask the end."

Jiang stopped bowing and played the ash. The action was very subtle. Then he said: "This is not what I found out, but what I heard. The person who told me this took a big risk because it The time occurred three years ago after the explosion of the Gongzhou Plastic Factory."

- Yan Yan instantly stopped.

What time is it?

How did the river stop hearing?

"After the failure of the operation, an investigation team was set up in the office. The first task was to investigate the undercover 'rivet' risk to the police. The report on the location of the drug dealer was true. The police confirmed the line before the action began. The red heart q was transmitted to the rivet through some encryption method. After the rivet was sacrificed, the investigation team got his electronic equipment. After a series of complicated decryption, tracking and positioning, the technical team narrowed the scope to the community, and then This building, the last row is 701 rooms."

"That is, if the message received by the rivet is indeed from the red heart q, then it was originally sent by the red heart q in the room 701 of the apartment building." Jiang stopped suddenly looked at the smog in the smog: " Next, do you think that if you can lock in the various populations of the community from the monitoring, you can find out the red heart?"

According to common sense, this is indeed the case. Modern criminal investigation work relies on all kinds of surveillance cameras, so it often leads to a large number of task-setting tasks. It also illustrates the boring temperament of the daily criminal investigation of criminal police in one aspect.However, Yan Yan knows that since he asked this question, it means that the Gongzhou investigation team did not follow this road.

"Because of the monitoring, I found that some of the vehicles in the fascinating neighborhood were registered under the name of private companies, and these private companies have inextricably linked with the families of different levels of officials: some are far-fetched, However, some of them are unclear. If the monitoring time is further taken away, there are several predecessors in the community who have even entered the ranks of Dagu, even including the deputy mayor of Gongzhou who just retired at that time, Yue Guangping."

Yue Guangping - Yan Yan suddenly remembered who he was.

Wei's deputy bureau once said that Yue Guangping was the only one who insisted that Jiang stopped to die after the bombing, and may even be hijacked by drug dealers. Therefore, he advocated taking the lead in rescue operations!

Jiang stopped without seeing Yan Yan’s unpredictable face. His tone of voice was always plain: “These people and cars have their own reasons for entering and leaving the community. For example, visiting relatives and friends or passing by, etc., is unfortunate. Fortunately, even if the investigation is so difficult, if the scope of the review covers the entire community, it is not known how many sensitive and subtle relationships will be exposed in broad daylight; but if only for that building and Room 701, The monitoring conditions at the time could not be done."

"- Of course, the investigation team three years ago has many other clues, and it is not necessary to focus on the pressure to check this community." Jiang stopped talking and said: "There are few people who know the inside story." Therefore, this clue is gradually disappearing. You should have participated in some work outside the investigation team in order to know the relevant issues."

"...that is who told you these insides?" Yan Yan finally could not help but ask.

Jiang stopped silent for a moment and said: "Yue Guangping."

"What is your relationship?"

Jiang Shu seems to feel a little funny, although there is no smile on his face: "He is a hand-drawn old boss, who rescued me from the spade k after the explosion. What do you think we should be? ”

Yan Yan thought about the electric turn, and chased after him: "If the investigation team did rescue you, why did the official leave no record, the file says that you are in the explosion?"

The smoke that the river stopped was not touched except for the first two. It was basically that it gradually burned to the end. He put the faint red dot on the trash can and put it off. He smiled and said: "Have you promised that you won't break the casserole?"

Yan Yan is a bit sloppy.

"Whether Wang Xingye climbed up the building himself or was coerced, he would be too dead." Jiang stopped throwing cigarette butts into the trash can, lazily said: "We all know to kill him.

It must be the spades k, but the scene is handled, no one can catch any clues to check down... I think Wang Xingye did not think before his death, the psychopath of the spades k, really dare in that building Let's kill people on the roof. ”


Han Xiaomei wants to get off the bus and doesn't dare. One person stays in the big g cab, it's a bit like a needle felt.Why did the Yan team suddenly get angry? Why are the land consultants tit for tat? On the surface, it seems that Wang Xingye could not go down because of the fall of the building. In fact, even she can see that the real contradiction exposed between the two disputes can be far more than that.

Lu consultant - no, she corrected the person in her mind - is the captain of the river.

Almost no one can be found on the intranet. Even if there is only a single word in the system, it is nothing more than a captain who is in command of misconduct, or a suspected insider who is suspected of betrayal. The former is stupid and the latter is a shame. No matter what the truth is, it is enough to make the top management indifferent.

But Han Xiaomei feels that it is not the case.

An idiot who misunderstood the life of his teammates, will not rush to the scene to lock up the suspects in the first time of the sniper attack, and chasing after hundreds of kilometers without losing the target vehicle; a traitor who betrayed by drug dealers to betray the police will not At the moment when the impact occurred, she ordered her to be an insignificant internship in the car, and went out alone to face the wicked gangsters and rushed to fight for time.

"Even if everyone is squandered, at least I can secretly keep a little bit of my own thoughts." She thought, "as long as I don't say it."

Suddenly, the ringtone that was especially familiar was heard in the back seat. Yan Yan did not bring the mobile phone when he chased it. Lu gave him a call back.

Han Xiaomei’s resolute revolutionary consciousness was just a moment of screaming, and suddenly turned to look at the back seat, and desperately looked out the window, just three seconds in the “Let the phone ring until it broke” and “Hold the phone and go to find The Yan team "has clashed between the two hundred and eighty, and then realized that these two choices are clearly different. After the phone was broken, the Yan team came back and thundered, tearing her into pieces of small fish. .

"Hey...hey," Han Xiaomei finally trembled in the moment before the ringing automatically hangs up. "Hello, Secretary, I am a trainee of the Yan team..."

On the opposite side, Lu said calmly, "Oh," asked: "How are you strict?"

Han Xiaomei went to the soul and said, "Go to the bathroom!"

"Are you coming to Jiangyang County?"

From Jianzhou back to Jianning, it is indeed going to pass through Jiangyang County, but they have not yet released Gongzhou. Han Xiaomei dared to lie with the director, but he had to be vague: "Well, it’s coming... but the Yan team has been in the toilet, that... it’s been a long time...”

The phone is silent for a while.

"Let's do it." Lu Bureau did not move, said: "But Jiang Yang County's investigation of Fan Zhengyuan has progressed, or you and Yan Yan said let him first squat, continue to pull in Jiangyang County?"


After ten minutes, continue on the Mercedes-Benz g.

“After investigation, Fan Si’s hometown was in a village under Jiangyang County. He went back to the village before the incident. Now the local police and the security officer are arranged to accompany us to conduct the search?” Yan Yan suspected: “You are sure that Fan Si is not Fan Wu?"

Han Xiaomei nodded while driving.Yan Yan explored the upper body and stared suspiciously at the front row Han Xiaomei: "You can hear it clearly. Fan Wu’s gang has weapons and bullets. If you hit this group in front, I will take you with this. The car is old, weak, sick, and disabled." Then he turned to Jiang: "Pregnant. How can I fight?"

Han Xiaomei: "..."

Jiang stopped immersed in the world of chess, and did not lift his head: "He said that he is wrong, I am old and weak."

"But I am not pregnant?"

Jiang stopped and said: "Then you have to pay attention, I see that your waistline seems to be a bit thicker recently."

Han Xiaomei is wronged: "..............."

Yan Yan suddenly received a new text message. He picked it up and looked at it. Some puzzled: "Wu is the science article in the criminal investigation group that the young man in the criminal investigation group has been suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time?"

Han Xiaomei immediately retracted her head and did not know what to put.

The so-called Jiangyang County subordinate villages, there is still a considerable distance from Jiangyang County. Because the Tiangao emperor is far away, the township police station has to manage several vast hills. Therefore, each village has separately set up a public security director who is not in the establishment. The internal role of the village is to solve the problem of today’s dog biting the western chicken and tomorrow. The sheep of the family ate the grass of the North House; the external role was to use the advantage of the local people to cooperate with the police station of the police station when the "major event" occurred.

Such a search, for Yan Yan, is a smooth way to go, for the local police station and the security officer, it is really a rare event in a few years.

Lu Bureau has already greeted Jiangyang County, and probably deliberately succumbed to the "time is urgent, let our criminal investigation deputy support to get back to work as soon as possible," so when they rushed to the township police station, Chang has personally led a thin middle-aged policeman to wait in the doorway.

I didn’t have much time to meet, and I didn’t have time to drink. Yan Yan gave two people a soft pack of Chinese, bid farewell to the director, brought the police who couldn’t see the eye to the car, and then drove all the way to the village. The mountain road is extremely difficult to walk. When the village entrance is dark, the local security officer is collecting watermelon from his own melon field, sitting on the tractor and waiting for them, while shaking the big fan and rubbing his feet.

Yan Yan let Jiang stop the co-pilot, and he sat in the back seat with the thin policeman. All the way to the east and the west was already familiar. He patted him and said, "You go.

Tell the grandfather, I said that I knew that I had to work hard in the middle of the night, and I didn’t want him to be busy. I quickly took us to Fan Si’s house. I bought all the watermelons in his car. ”

The thin-minded policeman had to be a human being, and opened the window and said to the director of the mud leg in the local language. As a result, the director was very pleased to hear it. He immediately said that he had a long knife from the back.

Yan Yan: "...?!"

Strictly conditioned, he reached out and touched the gun. The policeman stopped him: "You wait, you wait, he is going to give you a cut!"Yan Yan can't laugh and cry: "What to eat, the sky is dark! Tell him not to cut it - hey, or cut it, our friend who is very expensive and has no problem at night. Eat it. Come to the consultant to eat a piece of melon to solve the thirst..." said the sweet and red watermelon that was taken by the director of the public security, and handed it to the river in the eyes of Han Xiaomei.

"Want to eat?" Jiang stopped whispering.

Han Xiaomei nodded.

"Come on," Jiang said, "I will cut it out when I finish it."

Han Xiaomei was inspired by infinite encouragement, and launched the g65 to keep up with the tractor of the former security officer.

The village turned off the lights at night, and the mountain road was really out of reach. Even if the headlights of the front of the car were shining, they could not penetrate too far. At this time, the local people’s advantages appeared. The tractor didn’t know how many laps it had, and finally bypassed the nine-curve and eighteen bends, stopped in front of a certain slope, and the security officer rushed back and slammed a few times. .

"If you can't open it, you have to rely on people to go." The police gave Yan Yan a translation: "The back is the house that Fan Si lived in the village that year."

"Well, trouble him to take us over." Yan Yan took out the banknotes from the wallet, and there was no specific number in the dark. The thickness of the touch was almost the same as that of the police, and he was handed over to the uncle: "Han Xiaomei Waiting in the car, the land consultant will follow me, remember to bring the survey box."

The professional melon farmer and amateur part-time police officer sold a whole tractor of watermelon. It was not refreshing and the footsteps were extraordinarily brisk. He took the other four police officers to climb the slope and took a long and winding road. I came to the brick house surrounded by a broken wall and it was this one.

"Nobody?" Yan Yan confirmed it again.

The director of the public security wow wowed his hand and the policeman translated it. "He said that Fan Si left the village many years ago. He occasionally came back a while ago. He was in a hurry. He didn't say hello when he met people. He stayed there. In the small backyard, the next day, the village is not big. If there are new faces, the whole village can know that the whole village can be known for less than half a day. Fan Si can't sneak back without anyone knowing."

Yan Yan said that of course I know that Fan Si can't sneak back. He can't die anymore, even if he is back, it's a ghost. But in this year, the ghost is far from terrible, even if he becomes a ghost, he will come back to death. Going to the spades k, what about the people's police?

So he sent the director of the public security, touched the black and the river to stop wearing good shoes and gloves, so that the thin policemen stayed outside the yard and jumped into the house.

This is a typical rural home building, the glass is ragged, the walls are covered with cement, and the flashlight is taken around, only to be described by the walls of the family. Yan Yan pushed open the squeaky wooden door, stopped his elbow and stopped the river, whispered: "Hey?"


"Are you afraid of ghosts?"


"If you are afraid, you can hold your husband's hand to seek comfort, hehe."Jiang stopped staring at the strong, muscular, and handsome man who had spent a lot of money and time in the gym at first sight. I didn’t know what to do, and looked down at the arm that was thinning a circle. Thoughtfully raised his eyes.

Yan Yan sneered at him: "I said that you don't have to be self-sufficient with this school..."

The voice did not fall, Jiang stopped suddenly holding the torch to the tip of his chin, letting the light shine from the bottom up on his white face, rushing to the sinister sinister tongue.

Yan Yan: ".................."

Then Jiang stopped and turned away with no expression.

The three brick houses are as empty as they are, and there are no axes, drugs, gun bullets or anything that can become a physical evidence.

- But this is definitely not right. Fan Zhengyuan has not returned to his hometown for many years, but he came back once before the assassination of the river. According to the logic of normal criminal investigation, he either came to pick things up, or he came to hide things, and he would never have to sneak in nothing.

Yan Yan turned a few laps in the hall and thought about drilling out of the house. He only listened to the backyard and learned about the cable. The sound of Jiang’s stop came: "Hey!"

"Hey what to feed, you will be asked to go out later." What is the name of the gentleman you are married to? Do you want to say 'his surname Wei'?" Yan Yan flashed his flashlight and walked around the bricks with a deep foot. The tiled house went to the backyard and saw the river stop facing him, kneeling on the weedy land, and seemed to be lifting something from the ground.

"Hey, this position is quite upright. What is this?"

"..." Jiang stopped not knowing whether it was because of excessive force and how the sound heard was a kind of gnashing: "The cellar..."

Strictly embarrassed.

"What are you doing? Come and help!"

The mantle was covered with slate, and the flashlight was inserted into the waistband of the waistband. He reached out and held up the other end of the slate, but he did not immediately lift it up completely. He maintained the action and stopped the corner of the river: "Do you want to help?" ”


"Give it a pinch?"


"Otherwise, you will pinch me." Yan Yan also turned to his body.

Jiang stopped to know where the small universe broke out, hands together, bang! The slate was smashed and smashed, revealing the tunnel that only one person could pass underneath.

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