Chapter 77 Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Chapter 77

Noon the next day. (free full novel


The vacant land is surrounded by a circle of warning lines, but it can't stop the probes and whispers of the square dance aunts. Upstairs in the apartment, the doors and windows of every household are closed, the residents stand in the corridor, and all of them rush down the stairs, and some tempered people have begun to swear.

"Hey, life, killing yourself here, have you considered it for another one, can we save money and use it to afford a house?!"

"I am telling you that the city of Nanyang is the most effective way of fortune telling. Please ask her to see it, or what can I do at night?"


"Let one let you let," Yan Yan passed through the crowd and lighted the documents to the policeman who was on the line. The latter immediately took the cordon and let him wear it.

"Yan Ge!" Ma Xiang greeted him and handed him a glove shoe cover: "You can finally come, here the forensic doctor is packing it!"

Yan Yan took off the sunglasses, and the flesh and blood had been washed up by the heavy rain last night, but the soil still exudes a strong blood. The flies flutter and the minced meat sticking to the concrete floor has dried up. It is faintly visible to see the unclear traces of the white bones and solidification. It should be the brain that fell.

There were three or four Gongzhou forensic doctors on the scene, and the body was almost finished.

"I am embarrassed, I will really pick the time to die." Yan Yan tightened the gloves, two fingers gave Ma Xiang a gap of half a centimeter: "When I got a call from the city bureau this morning, I was hard to bow from the overlord." The land consultant is only a little away."

Ma Xiang said: "No, rely on your beauty and ** to use the overlord's hard bow? Isn't it half-pushing, with a slap in the face, oh... 鸳鸳 鸳鸳 入 入 入 入?

"Well, although the actual situation is like this, I am not allowed to give you a face for the consultant. I am carrying a black pot." Yan Yan raised his chin forward: "Where can I confirm it, forensic?" What did the initial argument say?"

The two climbed up the terrace on the first floor of the corridor. Ma Xiang quickly took out the notebook with the case: "It is basically determined that it fell from the roof of the building. The guardrail around the roof and the corridor along the way have extracted the deceased Wang Xingye. Footprints and fingerprints. Because heavy rain caused great damage to the crime scene, there is no effective evidence to extract other people on the rooftop except for the deceased. Therefore, the preliminary judgments of Gongzhou and the forensic doctors are suicidal. ”

"Fear of sin and commit suicide." Yan Yan laughed, but the smile made people feel cold: "The morning detachment of the city bureau also said so."

Ma Xiangyu around, carefully asked: "What do you think?"

"When the police just started to arrest, they fled the wind and ran out of Jianning under the eyes of everyone. So the magical person, the whole person, exerted all the means, even in order to rush to the field to commit suicide overnight? Yan Yan said faintly: "You have to tell me that this building once lived with his first love lover or the eight-generation single-pass family son, then I will courteously believe this mentally retarded conclusion."They happened to pass the Gongzhou policeman who was doing the inquiries in the corridor. Ma Xiang thought for a long time and decided not to respond. After all, the strong dragon did not fight the head snake, and it would be bad if he was blocked by a person.

"On this door," Yan Yan pushed the building to the top of the iron gate leading to the roof. Cold and cold: "I only proposed the fingerprint of Wang Xingye? It’s really a fool of us."

As soon as the iron gate opened, the mildewed air came along with the salty scent that was characteristic after the rain.

Gongzhou’s on-site inspection staff is doing the final finishing work in the rooftops. In the morning, Gao Xiangqing, who was on the scene with Ma Xiang, is facing them. He wears a dark blue police uniform and has a medium size. About a man in his forties is talking. Probably always paying attention to the movements here, Yan Yan just pushed the door out, Gao Panqing immediately greeted him: "The Yan team is here!"

"Come and come, this is the leader of the Jianning Municipal Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment, who is currently presiding over the work, the Yan team." Gao Panqing turned to the man and smiled at Yan Yan: "This is the first detachment of Gongzhou Criminal Investigation. Captain Qi, we are here to discuss the case."

Yan Yan’s eyes flashed slightly, and he heard the clues from the first half of the sentence that Gao Panqing added extraordinarily, but did not say anything, smiled and shook hands with the team.

However, just getting started, he felt unusual.

The other hand is cool and weak, the palm is soft and smooth, and the uniform is very uniform. The surface looks very imposing. It is not like a mature and experienced field police officer. At least the field does not wear police uniforms all day.

"Yan deputy name is a household name in the province of s, how can I not know? Long-term long-awaited." Qi team is not very angry, but the smile is very sincere: "Gangzhou Jianning joint action, we still I’ve been photographed, but in just a few years, things are wrong, and Yan’s deputy is now more and more powerful.”

The meaning in this statement seems to be vaguely said that Yan Yan was only a small one.

The electro-optical stone fire clearly understands why the old man had to emphasize that he "is currently presiding over the detachment work." He couldn't help but smile on his face. He grabbed the team's hand and did not loose it: "There is nothing wrong with people. Is the second detachment of Gongzhou Anti-drugs? At that time, your detachment leader was..."

"Ah, yes, Jiang stopped! Hey, I remember this." Yan Yan met the Qi team's abrupt smile and a shot of the forehead: "You were also under the leadership of the Jiang team. Oh, your Jiang team is amazing, age. I was gently promoted to a superintendent, but unfortunately I sacrificed to the first line of anti-drugs. At that time, the Qi team was transferred from the anti-drug detachment to the criminal investigation, and then step by step to the present?"

The team’s smile has faded out of sight: “There is no need to mention the past, and there is no need to mention the past.” He said with a strong effort: “Come,

Let me take a look at the crime scene. ”In fact, the crime scene has nothing to look at. It is true that a large number of traces have been destroyed by heavy rain, and there is no footprint on the felt, asphalt and concrete that is soaked in rain. Several traces tried to extract evidence such as hair and fingerprints around the guardrail. The team pointed them out and said, "This is where the deceased jumped. The first batch of samples have been sent back to the bureau. After I get the results, I will Will inform the Jianning side."

If you are serious, you can ask: "Jump?"

The team did not say anything.

"The guardrail has one meter, three or four. Wang Xingye is about one meter and seventy-five, and he has a small weight of 200 pounds. Can he climb up?"

The Qi team said slowly: "Theoretically, it can be done. If the death is particularly strong, then... what do you do?"

His voice changed, and he saw that Yan Yan had walked to the side of the guardrail, and his hands were on the bottom of his foot. At the same time, his right foot hooked the top of the guardrail and explored the upper body outward. More than ten layers.

The team rushed forward and rushed forward. Not enough to see Yan Yan, I saw him laughing and jumping back to the ground and taking a picture of the dust full of hands: "I don't think I can actually do it."


Yan Yan beat the shoulders of the team and kissed him half a gray handprint on his stiff uniform: "You look at the team, this person wants to climb over the guardrail and jump down, if there is no pad at the foot, at least Let's do a pull-up first. I don't have to do dozens of things like this. As for Wang Xingye, is this fat man really being lifted up and thrown hard?"

The team frowned on the shoulders of their shoulders: "There is no on-site physical evidence to support this!"

"What about security monitoring in the vicinity?"

"This building was originally a monitoring dead corner. Last night, there was a rainstorm and power outage. Even the street lights were extinguished. There was no detectable clue. Our visually detectives were already nervous, and it would be useless to watch the monitoring again and again!"

Ma Xiang couldn't help but insert a sentence: "In this case, we have built a lot of people to detect people. Is it better to adjust a few people to help us?"

"Sorry, I can't do it." The team shook his head and said that he was very polite, but his attitude was very firm: "Since the case happened in the jurisdiction of Gongju, it should be our Gongzhou sponsor. Even if you want to Take a look at the video, it is also inter-provincial intervention, first take the official approval of the Ministry to say it!"

Ma Xiang’s face was angry when he was on the scene. He had been held down severely before he could say anything.

Out of the surprise of the team, Yan Yan is not the thorns of the public security department of the two provinces five years ago. He was completely irritated and even sighed: "The view of the Qiqi team, this case Should you be guilty of sin?"

The team sank for a few seconds and nodded: "There is really no evidence that he is not committing suicide."

Even Gao Panqing is so old-fashioned that he almost sneaked out of his mother--Which is sick in the middle of the night and ran to this to kill, isn’t it a blink of an eye? !

However, Yan Yan did not get angry, or even snorted, and found two soft Chinese from his pocket. The team finally hesitated after a while and thanked him."The brothers of our criminal investigations are working hard all day, and it is really hard work," Yan Yan said as he helped him to smoke.

The Qi team spit out the cigarette ring, his face slightly eased, indicating that the inspectors continued to do their work, and immediately waved to let Yan Yan and his party follow him down the stairs.

"Yan Laodi," Qi Qi sighed with a cigarette: "Some things are not me who can be the master, do you understand?"

Yan Yan only smiled and did not speak.

"I also heard about the serial kidnappings in your province in the past two years. It is said that Wang Xingye is still daring to buy a murderous policeman. Isn’t it mentally retarded, you should know that there is only one dead road after being arrested, the procuratorate The court will not let him go. Such a sinful prisoner is consciously dead, and it is not a normal and reasonable thing to commit suicide."

"Moreover, I will tell you the words of your heart." The Qi team leaned down to the side of the building and sighed: "This person died, saving you the trouble of Jianning City Bureau? Confession, file, evidence chain Civil compensation, going back and forth with the procuratorate... If I were you, I would sneak out at night with a quilt. I have been working overtime for more than a dozen people for half a month, oh! Now, I can close the case!"

- Indeed, the mastermind Wang Xingye died, and the accomplice Fan Wu and others could not run far. After grabbing the grandsons who attacked the police, they would make a fight in the dead, and maybe they could also test the underground black workshop where they bought the guns and bought bullets.

As a dead person, Wang Xingye couldn't speak. No matter how improvised and smeared it was on the final file, he could only cooperate with the police.

The so-called worry-free and worry-free work is simply perfect.

"The words are like this," Yan said with a smile. "But we still have a pair of victims whose bodies are not found where they are buried."

"Oh..." The team just wanted to say something, and suddenly the voice paused.

The four of them walked down the corridor and went through the seventh floor. Yan Yan sharply narrowed his eyes. When he saw the team turning around, he looked at the home on the right hand without any attention. It seemed to be deliberately paying attention to what.

Strictly squinting at the corner of his eye.

At the end of the corridor, the door of a house was open, and the criminal investigators wearing uniforms flashed.

"What's going on there?" Yan Yan looked like he asked, "I found the witnesses?"

"Oh, no, no." Qi Qi quickly said: "The family had reported a robbery in the first two days. It happened to be on the scene today and I saw it together."

Strict eyes must be fixed, only see the team in the stair railing

The color of the fingertips on the top is slightly changed, as if the force was used.

The details that are difficult for ordinary people to notice, directly put the house number of the household into the heart of Yan Yan - 701.

"Into the room robbery? So cleverly rushed in these two days?" Yan Yan followed the team, the pace kept, and the side down the floor was careless: "That can be well looked up, in case of the inside story with Wang Xingye What about it?"The team was haha, didn't speak. Until the group went out of the corridor, came to the Jianning police car outside the police line, and saw no one around, he patted the shoulders of Yan Yan: "Strict brother, I will just say it, this case is really no insider. ”

Yan Yan’s face was slightly smiling and his ears were listening.

"If Wang Xingye is not dead in this community, or even if it is not this building, then we can try to risk and go down again - but now it seems that this case is characterized as suicide, not only for you, for me, It’s good to be good at the top, and it’s better than the disadvantages for the whole picture.”

Yan Yan eyes condensed.

Ma Xiang and Gao Panqing behind him also stunned.

"What's in this building?" Yan Yan asked immediately.

The team shook their heads and did not speak.

The silent air spread slowly around, passing through the crowd not far away. Several cars written by Gongzhou Public Security surrounded the open space, and the forensic doctors could see the black plastic bags coming and going.

"If you have a hard time, you can't say anything about it." Yan Yan made a slight meal, and the words turned: "But even if I understand the difficulties of Qi brother, I have the old man of Jianning City Bureau and even the provincial department. Go back. How do you tell them about it? When we come to the case, we will be able to take care of it."

His words are soft and hard, and they directly carry out the old fox Lu, which is very tricky in the entire southwestern public security system, as a shield. It can be said that it is very level--but who knows that Qiqi only laughed and waved his hand. : "Lv? It doesn't matter, this is what you mean."

He said that he made a phone call in the stern suspicion, and he was connected a few times. He only listened to him "hello": "Lv old? Hey, I am Xiaoqi. As you told me, Yan deputy Come here, let me tell him personally."

Yan Yan frowned and took over the mobile phone, and sure enough, he only listened to the sound of the peace of the Lu Bureau: "Strictly?"

"Hey, I am in Gongzhou to see Wang Xingye’s case..."

"Fear of committing suicide."

Strictly tightening the hole instantly.

"If you have seen the situation, come back immediately." Lu said slowly. "Remember the details of the scene and let Ma Xiang take a few more photos. If there is a sample, bring it back. Other things don't have to be thought about now. No matter what happens, leave a clue and say it later."


Lu Bureau interrupted him: "Wang Xingye died too much."

Strictly live.

"Return to Jianning immediately, the team still needs you to preside over the work."

The phone opposite the phone stopped abruptly, and the Lu Bureau hanged up.

"Yan Laodi, you are indeed a river to Raptors, but there may be some things, Jianning did not tell you clearly." Qi team smiled and took back his mobile phone, shouted: "In short, Wang Xingye's behind the scenes Just hand it over to us, and you can close the case early, it’s good for everyone – ah, that’s it.”

The Qi team also looked like a decent portrait with Gao Panqing. When the forensic doctor came to look for it, he went away with the opportunity.

When he left here, Ma Xiang was unable to hold his breath at the moment: "Yan Ge! We are now..."Yan Yan raised his hand to stop him, looked up, and took a deep breath. This action made all his boiling emotions forcibly flattened, and then he turned to Ma Xiang and Gao Panqing. His face was calm and he could not see the slightest abnormality: "Then I will return to Jianning first."

Ma Xiang wants to stop talking.

"More photos, smarter, if you see the hair and nails on the ground, you can pick it up." Yan Yan looked down at the back and immediately lowered his voice: "When you don't have another person, go Look at the 701 of that building."

Ma Xiang did not respond, and Gao Panqing, who was older, immediately understood and handed him a clear look.

Yan Yan nodded and strode out of the open space and got into the silver g65 that was parked on the side of the road.


The door was closed and Han Xiaomei in the driver's seat immediately turned back to worry: "Strict team you..."


Yan Yan can no longer restrain himself, punching his back in the front passenger seat, and immediately punching his teeth is a punch.

The next second his wrist was stopped by the river - hehe!

"Even if you squat another hundred times, even if you have removed the car now." Jiang stopped grabbing his hand and said, "What's the use?"

Yan Yan’s fist finally loosened a little, and the hard knuckles were intertwined.

"Drive," Jiang stopped.

Han Xiaomei did not dare to stop in the same place and quickly launched the off-road vehicle.

"I didn't even see the body." Yan Yan finally said, his voice was low and hoarse: "When Fang came out this morning, Fang Zhenghong said that he was suicidal and committed suicide. I also sneered at him two times. I didn't expect a few hours of work. Even the Lu Bureau has insisted that Wang Xingye is jumping off the building... Is it good for everyone? Yes, a prisoner of death is dead, but this is good for everyone?!"

Han Xiaomei didn't dare to sing in front, and didn't even dare to look in the rearview mirror.

Jiang stopped in the back seat and played chess on the lower line, and did not answer.

Yan Yan finally turned to him: "Who is the grandson who is surnamed Qi?!"

"Qi Sihao, Gongzhou Anti-Drug

The second team members, the performance is not outstanding, the character is relatively mediocre, the economic conditions are not very good, and they are stepping on the work step by step. Jiang stopped a horse and said: "But it is precisely because of this character that after the reorganization of the second detachment, he was promoted to the criminal investigation port to be a deputy, probably the advantage is obedient. Six months ago, the captain retired, he was righted up. Got a bit. ”

Yan Yan suddenly asked: "How do you know?"

"Slightly inquire about the news that can be heard, why don't I know?"

The river parked the mobile phone and looked at each other with Yan Yan. The buildings and viaducts on the side of the street swept through the windows on both sides.

"..." Yan Yan looked at him and asked: "Lv said that Wang Xingye died too much. The surname Qi also said that if he did not fall from the building, this matter can be risked to check down. - What happened in the apartment building?"


“Is it related to the household 701?”

Han Xiaomei could feel the air in the back seat as if it had been drained by a vacuum machine. The low pressure forced the blood to slam the eardrum and let her not even turn her eyes.For a long while, she finally heard the Jiang stop. No, the voice of the Lu consultant sounded up, even though it was like a ignited blast on the medicine. “Before questioning, why not think about the concealment of others first because of the timing. Not yet?"

boom! !

The shock from the back of the passenger seat was so obvious that even Han Xiaomei almost jumped up!

At the same time, the ringing tone suddenly sounded, and the sharp domestic mobile phone bell was like an invisible sharp knife. At the same time, it pierced Han Xiaomei's poor eardrum.

Fortunately, after the next moment, the volcanic volcano did not break out. Yan Yanqiang’s voice of self-restraint sounded: "Hey, Lu Bureau?"

"Are you on the road?"

"at me……"

"Good." Lu Bureau calmly said, "I just came to confirm that you really left the scene."


Toot - beep - beep -

The phone hangs up, and the serious problem is stuck in the scorpion.

Yan Yan did not delay for a moment, and then dialed back, but this time the ringtone automatically hangs up and no one picks up.

If it is normal, it may not be so impulsive, but at the moment, Qi Sihao’s blatant ridicule, the concealment of Gongzhou’s anger, and the anger of not doing the case are all in the heart of Yan’s deputy detachment – ​​he is a veritable super rich after all. The second generation, look at the local taxation and various talents to introduce investment poverty alleviation projects, not to mention the provincial bureau of the city, and even the provincial party committee must give a few points, the temper in the bones is daily and then low-key and easy to get rid of.

This time he went on the spot and slammed the line number of the director's office in five or six times. Until the eighth time was the ninth time, the other party finally picked up: "Hey..."

"Why can't I investigate this case?!" Yan said with anger: "I don't care what happened in that building, now my criminal suspect is dead! I have to get the approval in the department to investigate!"

“What is going on?” The Wei’s deputy bureau’s inexplicable answer came from the mobile phone. “Lue went to the provincial office. I saw his office phone ringing, and he took it by.”

Yan Yan: "..."

"Are you kidnapped with a gun? Come back to me, we have to go this afternoon..."

Yan Yan broke the phone.

No one in the carriage, Han Xiaomei was frightened. At this moment, the navigation sounded at the right time: "After one kilometer ahead, turn right to Hengshui Road exit, the next viaduct..."

Jiang stopped and said: "Wait, don't turn."

Han Xiaomei just wanted to change the light and change his voice. He only heard him say, "Go straight ahead. After five kilometers, turn right at Guangzhi Road and turn right."

"But it will go around for a while, and the traffic is not too..."

The tone of Jiang’s stop was slightly aggravated: “Go straight.”

When Jiang stopped talking, he was always calm, but his words were slightly heavy, and he revealed the toughness that the superiors could not refuse. Han Xiaomei was immediately slammed back to turn right, but did not go forward, suddenly only listened to Yan Yan cold ice: "turn right!"


"I told you to turn right!"

Han Xiaomei stole the rearview mirror and saw the river stop frowning: "I know this road, you listen to me, go forward."

"But the Yan team..."The river stopped waiting for the opening, and said coldly: "Go ahead!"

The navigation sounded again: "Three hundred meters ahead, turn right to Hengshui Road exit, continue to travel north for 23 kilometers through the Martyrs Cemetery -"

"I told you to turn right and you heard no?!" Yan Yanran got up: "Lighting!"

Han Xiaomei was helpless and couldn't stop stealing.

“A hundred meters ahead of the Hengshui Road exit –”

"Look what! Look at the light and turn right!!"

Han Xiaomei, who was in a hurry, turned the steering wheel at the last moment, and the g65 screamed and screamed, and whistling two lanes. In the horn of the horns behind him, he rushed down the Hengshui Road exit.

“One and five kilometers ahead, the Martyrs Cemetery, continue to travel north for 23 kilometers.”

Han Xiaomei’s heart jumped wildly, and for a long time, he couldn’t afford to look back. Just as she sneaked into the rearview mirror, she suddenly shot her shoulder: "...ah!"

The river stopped calmly: "Stop by the side."

Han Xiaomei was not clear, so he slowly stopped at the viaduct, and the car was opened without stopping the door completely. Then Jiang stopped and did not return.

"Land land, land

consultant? ! ”

Han Xiaomei slammed down the window, followed by a double-eyed squat - she saw Yan Yan and rushed down, three steps and two steps to catch up with Jiang, one hand on his shoulder, forcing him to turn After passing, the two stood face to face in the empty shadow under the bridge.

Yan Yan asked in a word: "Are you so afraid to face more than a dozen caskets in the front cemetery?"

The traffic on the viaduct, the horns, the shock of the subway bombing, and the secular hustle and bustle of the huge city were all isolated by the empty bridge hole, which became the blurred background sound of this scene.

It was only raining the night before, and the muddy water mixed with sand under the bridge hole was flowing everywhere, and the undulating floor panel bricks were undulating.

After a long, long time, Jiang stopped saying: "Yes."

In the darkness, he raised his head slightly, his cheeks were pale and cold, and his eyes shimmered: "Are you satisfied?"

Yan Yan cheek muscles pumped a bit, but before he even had time to react, I saw Jiang stopped and walked forward.

His pace was a little trembling, and the ground was wet and muddy, so he did not walk very well. When he stepped on a raised floor tile, his feet smashed out of the dirty water, making him a little embarrassed, and subconsciously reaching out to the stone wall with moss.

Then he suddenly lost weight and was shackled from behind him.

Yan Yan screamed, holding his hands in his arms, striding through the passage, not even care about the dirty water soaked the custom-made shoes and trousers until they left the bridge and came to the slightly flat ground. He only stooped down and parked the river.

"..." Jiang stopped yet, and suddenly stopped.

I saw Yan Yan half-squatting on the ground, took out the men's handkerchief from the trouser pocket, swayed at random, wiped the river to stop splashing the dirty feet, and pressed the wet trousers along the side, handkerchief Try to absorb the excess water, and then carefully roll the part of the trousers wet with both hands.He couldn't see his face from the perspective of Jiang Shu, only to see the back of the head of the black hair, and the tight shoulders under the shirt line.

Then Yan Qi got up and threw the handkerchief, stood by the garbage bin, and lowered his head to smoke.

The silence lasted for a few minutes, and the ambiguous voice rang: "Sorry, I shouldn’t make you angry, I didn't mean it."

Jiang stopped his breath, and then he walked up to the front and stood shoulder to shoulder with Yan Yan. He touched the cigarette from his trouser pocket and hooked his finger.

Yan Yan took out a lighter and gave him a point. The two faced each other and almost licked their noses.

"..." Jiang stopped and spit out the white mist, and the clear and cold face finally had a illusion of ease, hoarsely said: "I can't get back to face them."

This is actually very ominous, and Yan Yan glanced at him on the side.

"On the way to Gongzhou, I have some guesses about Wang Xingye's death, but I can't say it because I can't be sure. Until I heard you talk about the attitude of Lu and Qi Sihao, combined with my vagueness around this neighborhood. The terrain memory, I really can confirm this."

Jiang stopped licking his mouth and coughed a little. He was alert and watched. He carefully patted his thin and straight back, but then he was stopped by the river and gestured to nothing.

"You are too tempered, but you guessed it," he coughed. "It’s 701."

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