Chapter 76 Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Chapter 76

After a few minutes, the phone was shaken, and a gloomy, fierce and young face appeared on the screen. (free full novel

Jin Jie, male, Burmese. The name does not guarantee the truth, the age is not known, between about twenty-six and twenty-nine. In his youth, he was a local gangster. He has been swaying to many gangs for many years. It is a well-founded crime to collect money in the black market boxing to kill opponents, illegally hold guns, smuggle ivory, shoot war to kill military police, and sell large quantities of drugs. and many more.

Five years ago, the armed police seized a batch of seas on the China-Myanmar border. Because most of the drug dealers in the crossfire were killed on the spot, two other criminals were killed. However, the cofferdam was not 100% complete, because one of the drug dealers was a ghost. In the case of being smuggled by five or six armed police soldiers, they seriously injured two people and retired. The armed police company searched the carpet in the jungle. It has been gone for three days.

According to the drug dealer, the young man was sent to supervise the escort. The role was that in the course of transportation, someone dared to hide the goods or gold. He was responsible for the execution of the shooting. No one in the entire smuggling team knows his real name. He usually calls Jiege according to the habits of Chinese people, or "Bai Jie" according to the customs of the Burmese. Only one leader of the transportation team once called a "square piece j".

Since that time, this person has gradually disappeared in Myanmar. According to the Burmese military police, he has already died on the border between Myanmar and China. Who knows how much the local military police have collected drug dealers.

It seems that this person has not only died, but even sneaked into China.

"Party j-" Yan Yan rubbed his chin and said: "If you order in the order of playing cards, this person should be the third person of the spade k drug trafficking group?"

The five-star hotel restaurant is elegant and airy, and the air is fragrant. The waiters occasionally go back and forth without any noise, and there is a very small clinking sound in the distance.

Jiang refused to use the spoon to gently stir the bowl of leftover seafood porridge, and said with his eyes: "Should!"

Yan Yan gently snorted: "No."


"The number one boss and the third person of the transnational criminal group, the two men went to Hu Weisheng's rooftop to search for a package of 'Blue Gold'. Is it too courageous, or is it too long? There will be some other reasons. ""

Jiang stopped and said, "How do I know?"

He looked up and the two looked at each other in midair. Half a river stopped his hands and said: "You assume that these are meaningless. How do you know that these two people are just courageous? The police rescued the abandoned road that night." At the time, there were only two motorcyclists on the surface to rescue the party j, but in fact there was a whole drug dealer team ambushing in the distance. It’s hard to get the fire together.

"I have recalled it many times afterwards," Yan Yan interrupted. "I think on the rooftop, they don't seem to be backed up."

After a quiet period, Jiang stopped silent for a moment and finally said: "Then we can only speculate that when the two of the spades k and the square piece J boarded Hu Weisheng's rooftop, they were very sure that there would be no police."- They have insiders and they are well aware of the police investigations.

In other words, it is really an accident for them to stop this with Jiang Yan.

"Will the sample of the package that Hu Weisheng hides is not the same thing as the 'Blue Gold' circulating on the black market?" Yan Yan suddenly said: "So they must take away the samples of the package immediately, or even take the hands of others? ”

When he just exported, he realized that this hypothesis was not established. The confession of Ding Jiawang's drug-making gang has already proved each other. This package of samples is that Hu Weisheng has stolen from the big goods, and its chemical composition should not have any special features.

Strict thinking can't be slightly diminished - if the importance of the blue gold sample is not reflected in the chemical composition, but in other aspects?

He tried to recall the scene that took place on the rooftop. Through the fog of memory, he saw the pack of drugs that he had in his hand at the end of the river. Just when an unusual impression quickly emerged from the depths of his mind, his mind was taken by Jiang. The stop was interrupted:

"You are asking this now, is it to prove that this Chinese ethnic group in Myanmar is not a square piece or what?"


Jiang stopped pointing to the phone screen and said, "He is."

Yan Yan returned to God and jumped.

"Do you remember that I said before, after discovering the existence of the new fentanyl compound blue gold, have I independently investigated this huge drug trafficking group? Several different informants have mentioned the existence of this Burmese to me. I guess Perhaps because of the anti-social personality and the similar age, the spades k are very reliant on this younger brother and bodyguard, but I am not sure whether he is the second or third handle under the spades k—in other words, I don’t know him. Is q or j."

Jiang stopped to put down the white porcelain spoon, indicating that the waiter had taken the porridge bowl that had only one bottom left, and then licked the mouth with tea, and continued: "If I want to destroy this group, I must first I figured out its internal structure. But it took a long time, because the movements of the spades and the Burmese were too difficult to determine, I couldn't even get any image data... until there was a codename 'rivet' Undercover, finally succeeded in breaking into the group."

When the rivet was mentioned, the sound of the river stopped for a moment.

Yan Yan looked at his eyes from the side, no urging.

"The information of the 'rivet' helped me to determine the red heart. There was another person." After a while, Jiang stopped finally taking a strong breath and hoarsely said: "In summary, their division of labor is like this, the spade k remote control all decisions, red hearts q is responsible for some of the plans to be implemented, and the party j ensures that everyone is loyal.

The two places will execute the order of the spades k, and at the same time have the power of supervision, aftermath, punishment and other crimes. Many bloody crimes have his presence behind the scenes. ”

"It seems that the participation of the red heart q seems to be the lowest?" Yan Yan suddenly asked.

Jiang stopped raising his eyebrows: "Because the rivets have said that she is a woman."

Yan Yan did not expect this, and he stopped."The rivet is a very good and very courageous undercover. Once it was a straight line of contact with the red heart, many of the newspapers passed to the police were stolen from her." Jiang stopped his mouth and picked it, though it was a laughing look. But it doesn't look like a smile: "Including the drug deal when Gongzhou Plastic Factory exploded three years ago."

—— Gongzhou Plastic Factory explosion case!

Yan Yan’s face changed slightly.

The pot of tea that came up before the waiters was already very cold. Jiang stopped like a bitter bite, and drank the green tea in the cup. The two of them were silent for more than a minute, and Yan Yan finally figured out the clues and asked: "The line report from the rivets three years ago was wrong, or there was a traitor who vented the letter to the red heart, which led to your... ...the police’s actions have been wiped out?"

When he just exported, he realized that he had just asked Jiang to stop the most sensitive issue in his life.

Jiang stopped his palms and coughed a few times, waved his hand and said that he was fine, then looked up at him, his eyes sparkling with a hint of sorrow: "--I want to know who the traitor is, and now I will sit here with patience. ?"

That sarcasm is not like sternness, but it is aimed at himself.

Yan Yan didn't know what to say for a while. He only listened to Jiang and stopped talking like himself. He said, "If you don't kill them completely, how can you put all the secrets of this drug trafficking group into the world?"

Strictly speaking, the mobile phone text message sounded, breaking the silence of this magical obstacle. He opened the news and got up. "I should go back. The visual investigation finally found the clues of Wang Xingye in the public security surveillance. You guess how this fat man escaped from the police?"

Jiang stopped looking up and saw Yan Yan gnashing his teeth: "I am awkward, I am riding a bicycle!"

"..." Jiang stopped to grab the g65 key: "I will send you back."

But when he didn't get up, he was pressed back to his shoulders: "You just drank cold tea, it's not good for your stomach, you have to warm it up." Then I waved to wait for the waiter: "You have good porridge." At the end of the soup, I picked up the warm broth without a little oil on the oil, and the bill was signed for me."

Jiang stopped and asked: "Do you still work overtime tonight?"

Yan Yan turned his head and smiled uncomfortably: "I can't sleep alone?"


"Oh, one," Yan Yan leaned down and whispered in his ear: "When the case is broken, I promise to sleep with you every night."

The waiter happened to look back and the mouth grew into a font. The river stopped facelessly holding the forehead. Only Yan Yan signed the order and took a taxi back to the city bureau.

Until his figure disappeared completely outside the store door, Jiang stopped slowly to let go, staring at the fresh and clear soup in front of him, and the calm face was a bit confusing in the heat.

The waiter was standing far away from the seat of the seat and sneaked at the handsome man who could not see the age.

Jiang stopped to notice the curious sight, but he was too lazy to react.Just like the movie presses back and replays, he flashes through every scene and every line in his mind. The soul seems to be stripped of the body and suspended in midair. The outermost angles will change the most subtle light and tone. Repeatedly pondering until you are sure that there are no imperfections.

I don't know how long it took, the waiter boredly studied the delicate tassels on the curtains, and suddenly saw the good-looking guest move - he picked up the spoon that had been left for a long time, and finally he slowly drank slowly. A hot soup.

"Sir, may I help you change a bowl of hot?" The waiter hurried forward to ask.

Who knows that the guest only shook his head, even a "no need" is not awkward, so a spoonful of spoons finished the cold soup.


Late at night.

The clouds are rolling and the wind is whistling. A flash of lightning passed through the night in the sky above Gongzhou. After a few seconds, the thunder thundered across the sky, and the downpour torrential rain poured down.

On the roof of the apartment building, the iron gate was pushed open.

A pudgy man wearing a dark green raincoat squatted, and the rubber-filled shoes filled with water stepped into the mud and made a creaking sound. However, he did not care about the wolf, who was already covered with a folded umbrella. He was half-squatting on the roof that was rained by the rainstorm, and finally found a shelter from the rain that could barely hide. Go on, wipe off the sweat and water on your face.

"Small 婊|子,小娘皮..." He took off his rubber shoes and poured out the water inside. He whispered, "Do not kill you, wait for Laozi to kill you..."


Another round of lightning accompanied the thunder and the earth shook, and the world was instantly bright.

Wang Xingye’s movement suddenly stopped, and the whole body’s blood suddenly became ice, and his face was white and white like a living ghost.

- On the open space in front of him, I don’t know when he was standing seven or eight people in black, hooded, and his face and hands were hidden behind the poncho, like a zombie crawling out of the grave on a rainy night. He is surrounded by the middle.

"...No, no," Wang Xingye climbed his hands and feet, and his body fat and fierce trembled: "Go away, you dare not do it here, you dare not... go away! Go away!!"

A low-pitched voice rang from behind the crowd: "Why?"

"Zombies" are sideways, the center of the rooftop, Ajie right hand holding a gun, left

The hand held a black umbrella, and there was a man in black with black pants and a black face. He seemed to look at Wang Xingye with a smile.

Wang Xingye’s eyes will not move when he touches the other side. Then he trembles and almost dislocated. The tone is difficult to say: “I can’t... spare me, spare me... impossible...”

“Why don’t you dare to do it here?” The spades k were very elegant and even reproducibly repeated.

"Rao me!" Wang Xingye screamed and screamed: "I didn't want to kill that little girl! Really! Jiangyang County hit the police car is my fault, but that is just for self-protection! Last year that surnamed Li Shantou has seen me! I beg you to spare! Forgiveness!!"

Wang Xingye climbed and rolled on the ground, and wanted to hug the thigh of the spade k. He was thrown into the mud by Ajie.The spades k slowly crouched down and looked at the fat man who was holding on to the painful breath. He smiled and asked, "Have you seen the policeman?"

Wang Xingye was as gray as he was dead, and he nodded in a battle.

“What is your opinion?”

The surname Wang Na fat man did not expect him to ask this question. After a few seconds, he reacted. His mouth was funny and he couldn’t know what he could say: "I...the view...the police...I don’t know if he is..."

"Look," said Spades K. "You can't say anything without a word, let me have any reason to spare you."

The spades k stood up in the horrified horror of the fat man and walked forward. Several "zombies" immediately stepped forward to hold Wang Xingye, who was rolling around the ground, forcibly dragging to the railing on the edge of the roof.

Ajie hurriedly caught up with the umbrella and whispered, "How to deal with it, big brother?"

"Fear of committing suicide."

Ajie immediately turned his head and made a look, and his men would leave.

"What about the big brother, what about the other finishing touches?"

The spades k passed through the roof of the night rain and came to the entrance of the black hole. They didn't care about the rain on their shoulders: "The police will help us to make it clear."

Ajie nodded.

"Let the right people do the right things, it's much safer than anything else." Spades k smiled and said, "Go."

A few minutes later, I couldn’t reach the apartment building under the five fingers. The two men walked out of the corridor and walked towards a quiet black car waiting not far away. Ajie stepped open the rear door.

The spades k leaned over and drilled in. At that moment, the two men screamed in the wind, and a figure fell straight from the top of the building, instantly becoming a splash of flesh and blood.


The door was closed and blood was spilled on the window, and it was immediately washed by heavy rain into a reddish-twisted mist.

The car started to drive to the distant road, and the red taillight disappeared into the night. After a long time, the streetlight finally lit up one after another.

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