Chapter 75 Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Chapter 75

Teng Wenyan, female, 16 years old, elementary school culture, shampoo girl of a third-rate beauty salon in Lingzhou, the province. (free full novel

In such a big city, I don’t know how many of them have no licenses and no qualifications. With a few shampoo pools and two massage beds, I dare to claim that the small workshops of the beauty salons are open in the streets and lanes, and how many drifts are outside. The younger brother of the base carried his bag and hurriedly rushed between the stations. In the low-end groups with frequent movements, the missing ones are normal to the little girl, but even the attention of the neighbors of the slums can't be caused, let alone the alarm.

But Teng Wenyan’s disappearance two years ago, but he remembered it in the police station.

Because she was missing with the small barber shop next door, and the small worker had prepaid for half a month before the disappearance of the worker - 80 yuan is the main motivation for the barber shop owner to spend more than half an afternoon in the police station.

"Unless Teng Wenyan's three words can not find any other information, even Teng Wenyan may not be the real name, because the beauty salon owner has not found a copy of her ID card - who knows if there is any ID card copy Gao Panqing took the materials that the Lingzhou City Bureau just faxed, and some said: "The barber shop worker named Wang Rui has real identity information and can check it down. We have already greeted the local police. The case of two lives, let them do it."

Yan Yan Qin Chuan two heads together, the latter because of continuous smashing for more than 30 hours, the eyes are covered with red blood.

"I see this." Qin Chuan took the cigarette and hoarsely said: "Wang Rui Teng Wenyan both belong to the low-level floating population of the society. It is a high-risk target that is easily targeted by criminals. It is too time-consuming to check the household registration. It is not helpful for the case. It is better for us to concentrate on starting from the city of Lingzhou, investigate the traces of the disappearance of the two on the day of the disappearance, and strive to find the buried bones as soon as possible - that is, the execution place of He Liang, Lao Yan, what do you think? ?"

Strictly holding his arms in his arms, his face sinks like water.

Qin Chuan and Gao Panqing both stared at him. He only heard him suddenly saying, "No, you must find out the background of Teng Wenyan."


Yan Yan said, because only she is not a female student.

Jiang stopped the reminder that the ceremony is usually the external projection of the inner picture. That is to say, when the spades k choose the little girl, it is strictly to use the river stop as the prototype to select the substitute. On the contrary, there is not much demand for the boys, pure It is just a tool for pinning the execution complex.

Both Bu Wei and Li Yuxin are female students, and they are also small girls who are well-behaved and have good grades in the traditional sense. They are in line with the characteristics of students who were in the youth of Jiang Su. Only Teng Wenyan graduated from elementary school and dropped out of school. In other words, the similarities between Teng Wenyan and Jiang Shu are in other respects, and it is likely to be her background.

What kind of family did she come from? Is it violent and insulted?

Which side of the river stopped by the heart of the spades?

Yan Hao’s mobile phone flickered and received a new message: Are you busy? I am at the door of the city bureau and come out to eat.

Qin Chuan tilted his body forty-five degrees: "Who? Are you in love?!""No, an old friend of the police school." Yan Yan returned to the four words immediately, hurriedly put the phone back in his pocket, and pointed to the information in Gao Panqing's hand: "- Teng Wenyan's identity background may be with her. How does Wang Xingye know this? If someone is taking drugs around her, she will be able to pull out the radish and bring out the mud, and take out a litter of drug trafficking."

Gao Panqing’s expression of a stunned face.

"In general, I would like to inform the Lingzhou City Bureau to visit and visit. I will come to eat a meal." Yan Yan’s voice has not fallen, and people have already rushed into the elevator: "I have something to call me!"

Behind them, the two men looked at each other, and Qinchuan finally couldn’t help but ask: "Is he just falling in love?"

Gao Panqing: "..."

The Qinchuan live image was infused with a strong heart called the gossip, and all the fatigue was swept away: "Come here, come!"

The large office of the criminal investigation detachment turned to the south window, the blinds were stretched open, and the two heads rushed forward to join together. Qinchuan even Jinbian glasses were not found by Gao Panqing. After a few minutes, I saw the stern figure hurried out of the city hall door, and quickly walked through the traffic in the excited eyes of the two men, walking towards a silver suv across the road.

"I am..." Gao Panqing muttered, "Mercedes-Benz g65, the dream lover of all married men, the soul wife..."

Qin Chuan patted his shoulder: "Prepare the red envelope."


"The only lady who can open a small wife is the wife of the main room." Qin Chuan pushed the glasses and reflected the wisdom of the light: "You have a good brother and eighty."

When the first officer's door closed, the lady in the main room raised her head from the chess: "So fast?"

Yan Yan buckled his seat belt and looked up at the river to stop laughing.

——Strictly, this person is like this. As long as he is willing, when he laughs, all the high-intensity pressures and emotional sullenness of the work can be hidden, but it also includes two hours ago. The cold and heavy suspicion of the heart.

"Is this not afraid that you are hungry?" Yan Yan said slyly. "What do you want to eat? Don't be too far."

Jiang stopped to start the car skillfully and turned the light on the head: "Drink some porridge, and send you back to work overtime."

"Go to the road ahead and change me to drive, do you drive?"

"What can't you do?"

Yan Yushu comfortably went to the vice seat: "Don't misunderstand, there is no trust in this aspect between us, mainly because the family education I received from childhood is that when a man is with his wife, he can't work his wife to drive. ""

Green light is on, big

As the traffic slowly moved forward, Jiang stopped his eyes and glanced at him.

"Peeking at me?"

“No.” Jiang stopped seems to feel a little funny. “I just thought that your education is quite unique. What else?”

"Oh..." Yan Yan thought for a moment, and for a moment he couldn’t think of the thoughts that his old-time mother had instilled in his childhood, which was quite unique to ordinary people, and he said seriously: "The old public car is forced by the side." Can't women count?"

Jiang stopped his eyes and smiled deeply, saying: "Why are you still daring to force it?"Yan Yan also sighed and laughed, and twisted it on the inside of the thigh in the river: "If you haven't passed the door, you will dare to plan for the upper position.

Jiang stopped quickly and turned his legs inward, raising his eyes to observe the traffic before and after.

He drives very differently from Yan. Yan Yan is an old driver in the literal sense. When driving, the whole person relaxes and leans back completely on the back of the chair. Often only the right hand is placed at the lower end of the steering wheel. In addition to the sharp turn, the two hands are rarely used. However, Jiang stopped the upper body and leaned forward. He sat upright, holding the steering wheel with both hands, and raised his head slightly. He looked up at the rear view and side mirror at a frequency of about ten seconds. The driving standard was able to be taken directly to the driving school. Template.

Just two months ago, he was a patient who was inadvertently witnessed a car accident and was induced to have ptsd symptoms. Many people who had suffered a tragic car accident could not drive for a few years or even a lifetime, but he forced himself in such a short time. Overcome psychological barriers.

Yan Yan looked at Jiang to stop, thinking that he should have a strong heart in his heart, and force him to correct his behavior all the time.

But where does this power come from?

Yan Yan finally did his own thing and did not do anything for a few days - let Jiang stop eating the "real" seafood porridge.

Jiang stopped helplessly: "Don't order, wait until you finish eating and go back to work overtime. What do you mean by pushing people into the seafood porridge? What is the meaning of taking a meal for me? What?"

Yan Yan returned the menu to the little waitress until the young and beautiful girl wearing the satin cheongsam left, and then stopped at the end of the river: "What do you say, can I let my wife save money and make a marriage with you?" Is my Yan family door married?"

"Who is married..."

"And I am really open to eat, you can't stand it," Yan Yan said with a good heart: "This topic we close the door at night and then coordinate within the family, ah, hehe."

Jiang stopped immediately and got up: "Attendant! Checkout!"

Yan Yan hurriedly pulled him back in his arms: "Hey, you are joking with you, Jiang team, Jiang teacher, Jiang Dashen... sit down and sit down. This case has progressed today. It is when you are expected to provide clues. Don't make trouble, come back and help me."

Jiang stopped crying and laughing, and was dragged back to the seat by Yan Yansheng. He slammed his shoulders on his side and touched the domestic machine distributed by the city bureau. He called out the recent photos in the album: "Hey, this morning. Found in the Amber Mountain Village, one of Wang Xingye’s secret locations, the original has been handed over to the technical team of the Municipal Bureau for treatment."

——The first three pages of Wang Xingye’s note on the screen of the mobile phone.

The three girls squatted on the river in a red background with the same color. Everyone had a tender but delicate facial features, holding a pair of black and white eyes. They come from different places, have different surnames, different experiences and backgrounds; they seem to have no connection except for the victims, but only strict know that under the secret placket, there is one in their shoulders. Cursed red dragonfly.

If three girls are lying side by side, it may be that they are less than two inches apart.Jiang stopped looking at the mobile phone, and he couldn't see any emotion on his face. He only slightly picked up the pupil. After a long time, he finally knocked on the screen with his thumb: "How does the girl named Teng have no address?"

At this time, the porridge noodles they wanted were all coming up. Yan Yan used a white porcelain spoon to stir the four-digit porridge of the bowl, and he evaded the information of Teng Wenyan and the situation of the small flower arm. Said, did not mention the details of the river stop photo found in the notebook: "The focus of the investigation now is Teng Wenyan's life background, to find out the connection between her and Wang Xingye. Wang Xingye is a drug hacker and contact People, with him as a center, radiated a network of crimes involving drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder, killing, etc. We can't just confine ourselves to this kidnapping case, but to fight the entire criminal network."

Jiang stopped to look at him: "Wang Xingye's criminal network is obviously beyond the scope of the province. You want to put him all in Jianning City? Is it so motivated? Hehe..." The voice was not dropped. He was fed severely. A spoonful of seafood porridge.

The taste of the seafood porridge is really worth the price, and the fragrant smell can make people swallow their tongues. The river stopped being caught and prevented, and was repeatedly fed several times by Yan Yan. Only then did he wave his hand to block the next wave of offensive: "Let it go down, let me come..."

Yan Yan blinked back. The five-star hotel restaurant is luxuriously decorated, and the lounge has consumer requirements, so there is no one around. The moment he waited for the waiter to turn his back, he had a porridge. He leaned over and quickly fed the mouth to the river. The delicious taste mixed in the back and forth between the lips and tongues, and he swallowed it unconsciously.

The waiter turned around and severely slammed his tongue on the river and immediately slammed it on the river. He immediately sat up and straightened, and his face was full of seriousness, as if nothing had happened.

"..." Jiang stopped from the cheek to the roots of the ears, and the waiter was very diligent: "Do you want to add ice water to the two gentlemen?"

Yan Yan smiled and said: "No, he is not hot, it is too exciting."

The waiter was unclear and went away in confusion.

Jiang stopped his head and used a napkin to wipe the corner of his mouth: "The sky is bright and sunny..."

"The official servant has actually publicly swayed the good-looking women and men here." Yan Yan said, "I have to go back to work after the tuk-up."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"If you don't work, how can you completely destroy Wang Xingye's criminal gang?" Yan Yan slyly glared at him. If he pointed out: "If you don't completely kill the surname Wang, how can you approach the spades k? All the secrets of the drug gang are all in the world?"

I don't know if it is a stern illusion.

"What's wrong?" Yan Yan did not give him any reaction time, and asked sharply.

Jiang stopped his hands and maintained the action of taking a napkin. Only the first half of his face was exposed, and a pair of black eyes were clear and stern. Just as Yan Yan waited for him to make an excuse to cover up, he only saw him raise his chin to the mobile phone album and put down the napkin. The whole face looked as usual: "I am watching this girl."

It is Buwei.

"See what she is doing?" Yan Yan asked with a smile.Jiang stopped frowning and seemed to have no feeling of strict voice. He said: "I feel that she is not the same as Li Yuxin and Teng Wenyan."

- It is not the same. After all, Buwei is the only girl who looks like him in appearance, and is called a two-billion-dollar girl by the spades.

Did he find out? Severe cheek muscles are involuntarily slightly tightened.

However, the next moment, but only listened to Jiang stopped: "Because only she is laughing."

Three two-inch unlicensed photos, Li Yuxin no expression, staring intently at the camera - it was because Wang Xingye pressed the shutter moment, she knew that her mother was taking drugs, and she knew who was taking pictures of herself, that cold The expression is followed by resentment and alienation from the mother.

Teng Wenyan was cautious and fearful, and her shoulders were carefully shrunk – it was because she only had elementary school culture and came out to work early, knowing the hardships of life. Regardless of the way Wang Xingye approached her and took this photo, she felt nervous and fearful of offending Wang Xingye.

Only Buwei is laughing.

The smile is not obvious when you look at the corners of the mouth, but in addition to the corners of the mouth, there is a kind of hard-to-describe look that penetrates from the bottom of the girl’s eyes layer by layer, and can’t stop it, just like the deep sea pearls are even placed. In the dim, you can exude a gentle glow that artificial pearls must not have.

Under what circumstances did Wang Xingye take this photo for her?

What is behind the camera when shooting, makes her smile so happy?

"I saw it." Yan Yan did not lift the side of the meal. "But this situation is more complicated. First, when Wei Wei was photographed, her parents had passed away for some time. Wang Xingye was adopting instead of The identity of the persecutor appeared in her life; secondly, she was the youngest, 13 years old, not the age of the governor, and it was different from Teng Wenyan and Li Yuxin, who were 16 or 17 years old."

Jiang stopped staring at the smiling face of the girl on the screen of the mobile phone, closed her eyes, and opened it a few seconds later, and returned the phone to Yan Yan: "She laughs so I don't feel well."

"Hey, I was going to go to the hospital tomorrow morning to talk to her. Are you coming?"

"Why are you calling me?"

Yan Yan did not say anything, nor did he mention the strange performance of Buwei in the hospital several times. He picked up the octagonal from the fried cow river and threw it on the table. He smiled and stopped to raise his eyebrows: "You have just passed the door and have not yet received the testimony. Can you let your husband visit the female victim? ?"

Jiang stopped taking a deep breath: "Strict deputy detachment, I must..."

The voice did not fall, the phone rang, it was Ma Xiang.

Yan Yan erected an index finger, smiled and undoubtedly gestured to Jiang to shut up his mouth, and his face was full of four words "I have the final say."

"Hey Ma Xiang, your land consultant is sitting on my thigh and sprinkling, what's the matter?"

"The light and the sun are swaying, and Lu Shiye has publicly tuned our official servants. Is it a moral distortion or a humanity sorrow, or is it strict for you to solve the case?" Ma Xiang slammed the door and walked with the wind: "To betrayed Hurry, in the unlikely event that the grandson of Wang, who is surnamed Wang, is unfortunately arrested, there is no reason to sell your beauty for more than 30 years!""I am, you are not testing the party nature of being a people's policeman. We still can't catch Wang Xingye." Yan Yan asked: "What are you doing, there are clues in Jiangyang County?"



"When I did Ding Jiawang Hu Weisheng's drug-making case two months ago, on the night of the operation, a sniper detonated the scene of the scorpion, and after the comprehensive ballistic recovery, security monitoring, eyewitness testimony, and blood traces on the scene, you let the technical team rebuild. 3d picture of the suspect's face, handed over to the provincial office for data tracing..."

Yan Yan interrupted him: "I don't mean that the provincial office can't find it completely, can you only get it in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?"

"The department gave a matching result, just down to the city bureau." Ma Xiang paused and sold a Guanzi: "You guessed why the provincial department could not find this person?"

Strictly rubbed his phone against his ear and frowned.

He could feel the gaze of Jiang’s stop from the side and stare at himself, but he did not see it, the middle finger tapped the edge of the table. After a moment of indulging, a certain guess gradually became clear in my mind, and I could not help but breathe a sigh of relief:

"...he is a foreigner?"

"Yes!" Ma Xiang said helplessly: "For a long time, the turtle son is not a Chinese. He is a Chinese in Myanmar. Because the murder smuggling has left a large number of cases in Myanmar, his mother is a professional recidivist!"

"Take his case information." Yan Yan took the opportunity to make a statement, followed by a purely succinct sentence: "Exactly your land consultant is

Let him help us see, maybe he knows other clues. ”

The fingers that stopped the river on the table were slightly shrunk.

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